The premiere of the episode Dracula, created by the team Detective Sherlock

The premiere of the episode “Dracula”, created by the team “Detective Sherlock”
Recently, the drama “Dracula” created by the team of “Detective Sherlock” (hereinafter referred to as “Shenxia”) released the first trailer, which will be broadcast on the BBC again on January 1 next year and will be launched on January 4.Netflix.There are 3 episodes in the play, each episode lasts 90 minutes.The story is inspired by Bram Stoker ‘s classic novel of the same name, focusing on “Vampires that make evil sexy” Dracula, about the 1897 vampire town of Transylvania, Dracula, the vampire CountVictorian London started.Danish actor Krass Bon (“Extramarital Affairs”) as Dracula, “God Summer” screenwriter Mark Gatiss (Mark Gatiss) and Steven Moffat (Steven Moffat) asThe playwright, Paul McGuigan, director of the first and second seasons of Detective Sherlock, is one of the directors, and the other two directors are Johnny Campbell (the first season of “Western World”) and Damon Thomas (“Killing Eve in the first season).Actors Mark Gattis, Sasha Davan, and Jonathan Aris, who have participated in the “Detective Sherlock” series, will also play roles in this play.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Longzhen Editor Wu Longzhen

Jeremy Lin’s drama set a new season high, thanks to teammates for creating opportunities after the game

Jeremy Lin’s drama set a new season high, thanks to teammates for creating opportunities after the game
Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team beat Guangzhou tonight, Jeremy Lin scored 36 points, personal bloom hit a new season high, the team also got the season’s highest 109 points.Jeremy Lin felt hot and made a sensational season high.Figure / Osports Jeremy Lin scored 10 points in the starting less than half a quarter, becoming one of the keys to the team’s monopoly tone.In the first half, he made 7 of 8 shots with 20 points and 6 assists. Shougang played quite smoothly on the offensive end, leading by 59-30.In the second half, the Guangzhou team strengthened defense against Jeremy Lin. He frequently hit the free throw line in the third quarter. With more than 4 minutes left, he scored a personal 30th point and set a record of 28 points.For personal performance, Jeremy Lin believes that it is important to win without a team, and more importantly, his teammates have opened up space for him, creating many opportunities.Jeremy Lin successfully “captured” an away game tonight.When he was making a free throw, the cheering group organized by the home team shouted “air ball (three non-stick)”, but responded that it was “MVP”.Jeremy Lin was not disturbed. He made 14 free throws and made 36 points. He also had 8 rebounds and 6 assists. His performance was comprehensive.”If you can choose a way to represent Shougang, it starts from the defense and uses the power of five people to attack. This is a very beautiful game.Today everyone is very defensive, and my teammates have been communicating with me on the court.”Jeremy Lin concluded.

National Olympics Asian Cup final list: Huang Zichang loses Liu Ruofan

National Olympics Asian Cup final list: Huang Zichang loses Liu Ruofan
Beijing News (Reporter Xu Xiaofan) The U23 Asian Cup is about to start. The Chinese National Olympics announced today the final list of 23 people. Huang Zichang lost the final round and Liu Ruofan took the last bus.Hao Wei finally chose Liu Ruofan.Photo / Osports announced a preliminary list of 25 people before the Olympic Games expedition to Thailand last month.The competition system stipulates that only 23 people can participate. The coaching staff finally decided to exclude Huang Zichang and Deng Yubiao.The Air Force and the AFC official website have revealed the list of 23 Olympic primary candidates. At that time, Huang Zichang’s name was still listed, and Liu Ruofan and Deng Yubiao were lost.However, at the last minute of submission, Liu Ruofan replaced Huang Zichang and has already set out to return to China.Almost all the players on the list are the “standing army” since Hao Wei took over, including 6 players from Shandong Luneng.It is worth mentioning that Zhou Junchen, the 19-year-old has only recently “jumped” into the Olympic Games, causing him to be expelled from the country because of violation of discipline in the national youth team.In this competition, the National Olympics and South Korea, Iran and Uzbekistan are in the “death group”. January 9, 2020 will usher in the first group match with South Korea.Goalkeepers for the 23-member National Olympics: Chen Wei (Shanghai Shanggang), Li Guanxi (Shandong Luneng), Zhang Yan (Jiangsu Suning) Defenders: Tong Lei (Zhejiang Greentown), Wei Zhen (Shanghai Shanggang), Zhu Chenjie (Shanghai Shenhua),Zhao Jianfei (Shandong Luneng), Feng Boxuan (Guangzhou Evergrande), Yang Shuai (Chongqing Sway), Jiang Shenglong (Shanghai Shenhua), Dili Murati (Chongqing Sway) Midfielder: Huang Zhengyu (Guangzhou R & F), Huang Cong (Shandong)Luneng), Duan Liuyu (Shandong Luneng), Hu Jinghang (Shanghai Shanggang), Chen Binbin (Shanghai Shanggang), Zhou Junchen (Shanghai Shenhua), Zhang Lingfeng (Jiangsu Suning), Chen Pu (Shandong Luneng) Forward: Yang Liyu (Guangzhou Evergrande),Zhang Yuning (Beijing Guoan), Tian Xin (Shandong Luneng), Liu Ruofan (Shanghai Shenhua), editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Chen Diyan

Gaga will always be a small character, no matter in music or film

Gaga will always be a small character, no matter in the music or film world | 夜 问
Answer: C was born on March 28, 1986 in New York. Her original name was Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germainota, but most people still remember her stage name.In 2008, she released her first studio album “The Fame” officially debut. In addition to music, her unique and eye-catching “fancy dress” made her continue to make headlines.In more than ten years, she has sold thousands of albums and singles.Now, as a singer and a multi-identity actor, she has become one of the most influential women in the world today.She has 11 Grammy Awards, 3 British Music Awards, and 13 MTV VMAs trophy. In 2016, she also won the Golden Globe Award for starring in the American drama “American Horror Story: Hotel”.”Successfully played the lead actress Ai Li, she even won the 91st Oscar nomination for best actress, and won the best original song award.But Lady Gaga’s first show in the film and television series was to play a dragon role in the third season (2001) of the classic American drama “The Sopranos”-Girl 2 by the Pool. The number of plays is so small that if the audience blinks, it mayWill miss.Later, she made a guest appearance in the third episode of the third episode of “Gossip Girl” (2009). In the play, the protagonist Blair used a personal relationship to invite the hot Lady Gaga to the school for a private concert.In the movie “Machete Killing” (2013), she still has no independent role, she is one of the skins for the killer “Chameleon”.In the fifth season of “American Horror Story” (2015), she played a countess, using blood and sex to maintain youth and health, charming but dangerous.Gaga has given us too many miracles from the initial running suit to the protagonist, from the unknown little role to the famous female singer in the world, from the inferior girl to the confident big woman, expecting her to get better and better.

Is the helmet stock turned off?Pioneer has fallen after rising, some listed companies shouted don’t sell helmets

Is the helmet stock turned off?Pioneer has fallen after rising, some listed companies shouted “don’t sell helmets”
After the mask fire, the helmet fires.Affected by the policy budget, the helmet has quietly become popular recently.According to ‘s big data, since May, motorcycle and electric vehicle helmets have received widespread attention from consumers. The search volume has reached 8 times the same period last year, and the cumulative increase in turnover has also been close to 400%.Especially in Jiangsu, Henan, Tianjin, Yunnan and other regions, the turnover of helmets is more than 10 times the same period last year.The A-share “helmet concept stock” also came into being and ushered in a surge.However, due to the skyrocketing helmet prices and other reasons, the relevant departments quickly shot.On the afternoon of May 20th, the Ministry of Public Security’s Transportation Bureau official micro announced that the Ministry of Public Security is closely monitoring the price increase of electric bicycle safety helmets, requiring all regions to steadily promote the “one helmet and one belt” safety maintenance operation, and actively cooperate with market regulatory authorities to strictly check pricesIllegal behavior.Affected by this news, on May 21, helmet concept stocks have been declining across the board.The growth of the hot stock of the helmet fire concept, National Science and Technology, Nanjing Julong, Double, Double, and Triple Boards recently, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security deployed the “One Helmet and One Belt” security guard operation, requiring the public security and transportation departments around the country to strengthen publicity and guidance and enhance people’s awareness of safety helmets.After the announcement, local governments responded.Since May, helmet sales have skyrocketed.The price of helmets is also rising, almost overnight, and the price increase of helmets has become a hot topic among the people.With the heated speculation of the helmet concept, the stock market quickly responded.According to iQicai data, there are currently 7 helmet concept stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen, namely National Technology, Nanjing Julong, Sanfu Outdoor, Yizumi, Jihua Group, Topstar, and Xinri.From the market opening on May 18 to the closing on May 20, the total market value of these seven stocks increased incrementally by about 30.5.6 billion US dollars, of which, National Science and Technology and Nanjing Julong each received three daily limit.National Technology is mainly engaged in low-carbon, environmentally friendly polymer materials business, supply chain management business, auto parts business, etc.Sauna, Yewang noticed that National Technology “has already produced helmets”.At present, some helmet raw materials on the market are ABS, PC, etc. National Science and Technology modified engineering plastics have modified ABS, modified PC and other materials, but these materials are not directly supplied to helmet manufacturers.In 2019, National Technology ‘s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 2595.740,000 yuan, an average of 53 a year.23%, according to its performance report, there are 5 reasons: investment in the newly established Dongguan National Wanquan Shoes Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Guoli New Materials Co., Ltd., Guangdong Guoli Tongying Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other holding subsidiaries, becauseAt the initial stage of establishment, the initial expenses were reduced and the production capacity was not fully released; in 2019, due to the commissioning of the second phase of the headquarters and the expansion of the business scale, the depreciation expenses increased compared with the same period of the previous year;The layout and the increase in capital demand led to an increase in interest expenses; non-recurring income decreased compared with the same period in 2018.In the first quarter of this year, affected by the epidemic, National Science and Technology was in trouble.The situation of Nanjing Julong is similar to that of National Science and Technology. At present, Nanjing Julong’s helmet raw material products are only sold in a small amount, accounting for a small proportion of its main business income, and will not affect the operating performance.Before becoming a member of the helmet concept stock, Nanjing Julong ranked among the mask concept stocks. From the performance point of view, Nanjing Julong increased profits last year and did not increase revenue. In the first quarter of this year, it was also affected by the epidemic.In addition, Nanjing Julong also publicly stated recently: “Since mid-May, the market demand for polypropylene melt-blown materials (mainly used in masks, protective clothing, filter materials, and medical and health industries) has shown a trend.”” Helmet concept stocks fell across the board today. Nanjing Julong’s announcement declined somewhat. The madness of stopping the helmet market triggered a heated discussion among the people, and it quickly attracted the attention of relevant departments.On the afternoon of May 20th, the Ministry of Public Security’s Transportation Bureau official micro announced that the Ministry of Public Security is closely monitoring the price increase of electric bicycle safety helmets, requiring all regions to steadily promote the “one helmet and one belt” safety maintenance operation, and actively cooperate with market supervision departments to check pricesIllegal behavior.Affected by this news, on May 21, it replaced 7 stocks across the board and ended the closing on May 21. Nanjing Julong and Yizumi’s daily limit fell, and National Technology’s single-day decline also exceeded 5%.In fact, on the evening of May 20, National Science and Technology and Nanjing Julong issued an announcement “Clarification”.National Science and Technology stated that “the company currently does not produce helmets; currently the helmet raw materials on the market are ABS, PC, etc. The company’s modified engineering plastics have modified ABS, modified PC and other materials, but these materials are not directly supplied to helmet manufacturers.The average sales revenue and profit ratio of the company’s modified ABS, modified PC and other materials are not expected to have a significant impact on the company’s performance.”Nanjing Julong said,” At present, the company’s helmet raw material products are only sold in small amounts, accounting for a small proportion of the company’s main business income, and will not affect the company’s operating performance.”Xinri shares replied to investors on the interactive platform:” In the end, currently the company’s helmets are sold outside and sold as one of the company’s electric two-wheeled vehicle accessories. Dealers can buy them. The sales of such accessories account for a relatively small amount.”And” As of now, the company does not have a helmet production line, and the company does not manufacture helmets for electric vehicles.”In addition, Sauna and YeeNet have noticed that there are also many listed companies that have been questioned by investors on the interactive platform whether they are operating or involved in the helmet business. Therefore, Canaan Technology, * ST Haiyuan, Disen, * ST Southeast, XingyeTechnology and other listed companies made it clear that “the company has no equipment and technology for making helmets”, “the company’s products do not involve the production of helmets”, “the company and its subsidiaries have no helmet business”, “the company’s products do not involve helmets”, “currentlyThe company has not yet cooperated with helmet manufacturers “.Will helmet concept stocks catch fire?Although the helmet took over the mask in May, and the melt-blown cloth class became the current hot commodity, but from the perspective of the stock market these days, the popularity and durability of the helmet concept stocks are not as good as the previous mask concept stocks.And melt-blown cloth concept stock, then, helmet concept stock will be hot?New Times Securities believes: On April 21, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice to deploy the “One Helmet and One Belt” security guardianship operation.As of June 1, 2020, “check and correct motorcycles, electric bicycle drivers and passengers do not wear safety helmets and riders and drivers do not use seat belts”, which will drive the helmet industry chain demand outbreak in the short and medium term.”Every year, the number of electric bicycles exceeds 300 million, and the number of motorcycles is 67.65 million.At present, the national helmet penetration rate is extremely low. It is conservatively estimated that the production and sales of helmets will not exceed 50 million per year, increasing the helmet demand gap or exceeding 300 million. Assuming an average price of 100 yuan / piece, corresponding to 30 billion market demand.”New Times Securities analysts said.However, there are also voices in the market that “the demand for helmets and masks are significantly different. The demand for masks comes from the spontaneous consumption of consumers. Before the epidemic is over and the output does not meet the demand, the consumption of masks is urgent and irreplaceable.”Although the helmet of a safety helmet is very important, people still cannot form the awareness of the helmet. Therefore, the demand for helmets needs to be guided by policies, so the helmet may only bring short-term hype.”Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Source Fund Company, believes that helmet concept stocks are conceptual hype. This short-term speculation may not be strong. It is recommended that investors look at the long-term and focus on sectors and stocks with good fundamentals.Sauna, Ye Wang editor Yan Weijia proofreading Xue Jingning

Shi Yudong, NPC deputy: recommended to strengthen nutritional intervention for primary and middle school students

Shi Yudong, NPC deputy: recommended to strengthen nutritional intervention for primary and middle school students
During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress, Shi Yudong, a representative of the National People’s Congress and an employee of the R & D and Innovation Department of Mengniu Group, suggested that strengthening nutritional intervention for primary and middle school students will affect the physical fitness and intellectual development of the younger generation, help reduce the risk of disease for a generation, and increase their adulthoodThe quality level, the boots have a long-term impact on social and economic development.Legislation guarantees the promotion of nutrition improvement projects. The “Healthy China 2030” Plan Outline clearly states that the national health literacy in 2020 will be increased to 20%, that is, 20% of people have the ability to obtain and understand health information and use this information to promote their own health.Shi Yudong believes that the figure of 20% means that the previous national expectations of nutrition are still insufficient, so it is imperative to incorporate health education into the national education system.At present, conventional nutrition improvement projects with increased promotion efforts include the “Rural Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students” and the “National Student Consolidated Milk Program” in poor areas.Shi Yudong believes that the above two projects have played a great role in improving the nutritional health of students in poor areas, but there are still deficiencies in the coverage, sustainability, effectiveness, and funding of the project.The benefits of students in the “Compulsory Education for Rural Students’ Nutrition Improvement Program” accounted for only 31% of the students in compulsory education, and the number of students covered by the “National Student Shared Milk Program” accounted for only 12% of the total number of primary and secondary school students and children in pre-school education in the country.Therefore, it is urgent for the state to increase national income to national strategic objectives, systematically plan and implement effectively in laws, regulations, financial budgets, and practical operations.Shi Yudong believes that it is appropriate to start with children, legally guarantee the development of nutrition education and the promotion of nutrition improvement projects, and provide protection through student nutrition legislation.He suggested promoting student nutrition legislation, dividing the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the National Health and Health Council into the legislative system to clarify the responsibilities of the relevant departments; the government regularly formulates student nutrition meals and conservation plans;Promote the development cooperation and exchange of the student’s catering system, and promote the development of a series of student nutrition career.Improving the management of the national student nutrition intervention organization Shi Yudong also suggested improving the management of the national student nutrition intervention organization, effectively implementing the “Guidelines for Student Meal Nutrition” issued by the National Health and Welfare Commission in 2017, and avoiding the “high oil and low calcium” of student meals in some areas, especially in poor areasProblems such as outstanding phenomena; perfect the implementation plan of nutrition improvement plan for compulsory education students in rural areas and expand the coverage.”During the implementation of the plan, there are mainly the following problems. One is to replace the group of children who are covered by preschool education. The other is that in some regions, the improvement of nutrition is understood as a free lunch in the implementation of the policy, reflecting that the child is not full and eats.The problem is not good; third, some regions cannot guarantee daily intake of high-quality nutrients such as milk and dairy products during the implementation, which violates the original intention of the nutrition improvement policy.Shi Yudong believes that in poor and backward areas, especially in cities and counties with too many compulsory education students, the implementation of the student nutrition plan has put pressure on the local finances.Therefore, enhancing the support of the central and local governments for student nutrition improvement programs will ensure the continued and effective implementation of nutrition improvement program projects.”It is recommended to provide special support for the promotion management, quality supervision, and effect evaluation of the national” Student Retired Milk Plan “, to reduce the promotion tax and high-speed tolls for student milk production enterprises, and to promote the continuous and effective implementation of the national student retirement milk plan.”Shi Yudong said.Sauna, night net Guo Tie Picture source included by the photo editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Baoqing

The animated movie Mr. Miao premieres, Zhou Shen sings the ending song

The animated movie “Mr. Miao” premieres, Zhou Shen sings the ending song
Sauna Night News On December 22, the movie “Mr. Miao” premiered in Beijing.The film director Li Lingxiao, the chief producer Yi Qiao, the producer Liu Min, and the ending song singer Zhou Shen collectively attended.The movie “Mr. Miao” will be released on December 31.Zhou Shen, Yi Qiao.The picture comes from the official Weibo movie “Mr. Miao” which took four years to produce. Although it is a dark adult animation, there are also many warm places.Producer Liu Min said that “Mr. Miao” actually conveys a warm core, hoping that the audience will gain the power of warmth in thinking.Ending singer Zhou Shen said that in the brutal “Mr. Miao” world, Ding Guo, Yin Feng and other protagonists are facing greed and fear in their own way, fearless adversity, and moving forward bravely.At the scene, Zhou Shen also sang the ending song of the film.The film “Mr. Miao” is the first big screen work directed by director Li Lingxiao.In production, the film “Mr. Miao” has more than 1600 shots, including more than 30 fantasy scenes.In order to present the smoothness and excitement of the ultimate battle, its mirroring and production have been polished for more than six months; in design, the film conveys the contradictory emotions of female hero Yin Feng through the ink expressions on the front and back, and also joinsSuzhou commented on the martial arts to convey the fate of the characters’ fate.It is reported that each character of the film has its own background music. In order to achieve the fit with the plot, the music and the film are produced simultaneously.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian

[Can pregnant women eat boiled fish]_Boiled fish_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat boiled fish]_Boiled fish_Pregnancy_Can I eat

During pregnancy, pregnant women gradually absorb the nutrition of their mothers due to weight gain, which will cause pregnant women to produce morning sickness. Many pregnant women will have some changes in their dietary tastes in the early stages of pregnancy. Many pregnant women will choose to eat more heavy-tasting foodTo prevent morning sickness, can pregnant women eat boiled fish during pregnancy?

Will pregnant women eat boiled fish that will affect food development?

1. Sometimes the taste will change during pregnancy. It is okay to eat once in a while, but after all, hot things are easy to get angry. After drinking, remember to drink a lot of water and cut a pear after dinner.

2, pregnant women can eat boiled fish, but try to eat less spicy, because the baby will feel uncomfortable in the belly.

It doesn’t matter if you eat it once, it is better to eat less, because it is easy to get angry.

3. Eat as little spicy food as possible. If you especially want to eat, eat less or drink less. It’s no problem, but you must remember to keep it in moderation.

4, pregnant women with boiled fish is best not to eat, because boiled fish oil is too much, too much fat is not good for the fetus, pregnant women eat more oil or high blood pressure will affect the diet, it is recommended that pregnant women eat some rich in vitaminsFood C is good for eating green beef because the beef is rich in iron, so it will not cause anemia.

5, pregnant women’s diet should be light, avoid eating boiled fish so irritating or greasy drift.

Boiled fish uses a lot of oil, and some bad businesses will repeatedly test the oil, so that we will not be good if we eat too much, and it will get angry if we eat too much, which will affect the possibility.

The unique taste of boiled fish makes it easy for people to ignore the intake of other foods while eating.

One of the side dishes in boiled fish is vegetables with bean sprouts.

Long-term consumption leads to imbalanced budget nutrition.

With the spicy fish meat, most people will consume excessive amounts of cola and beer, which will cause them to feel addicted, which can also replace the spicy feeling.

However, these beverages should not be excessively doped by the human body.

Cola is very high in sugar and contains irritating properties such as caffeine.

Excessive beer intake, the alcohol contained in the liver will increase the burden on the liver, causing a slight accumulation, severe obesity will result in obese liver.

[Home-boiled yellow croaker]_Yellow croaker_How to burn_How to burn

[Home-boiled yellow croaker]_Yellow croaker_How to burn_How to burn

Yellow croaker has high nutritional value and good nourishing effect. Yellow croaker has a very delicious method. Home-made braised croaker is more common. Now let’s take a closer look at the delicious home-made croaker practice.Spleen and nourishing qi and appetizing digestion.

First, the main ingredients required: yellow croaker accessories: pork seasoning: ginger, shallot, garlic, salt, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, water starch, coriander, chicken essence, broth production method 1. Wash the yellow croaker to remove the five internal organs and cut intoFlower knife, pork cut into slices, ginger, garlic slices, green onions cut into green onions; 2, sit on the pan and pour the oil, after the oil is hot, put yellow croaker into the pan and fry until golden brown, pour the green onions, ginger, garlic slicesStir-fry, add vinegar, cooking wine, broth, salt, sugar, chicken essence, and soy sauce for 15-20 minutes; 3. Sit on the pot to ignite, leave the remaining juice in the pot, add water starch and add coriander.

Second, braised yellow croaker, a piece of yellow croaker, 450 grams of Beijing onion, ginger, and minced garlic 1 teaspoon each seasoning: 2 tablespoons of wine, 3 tablespoons of raw soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, 1 teaspoon of sugar, water (dashi)1/2 cup 1.

Heat oil in a frying pan, add ginger slices and fry until golden brown and remove 2.

Add yellow croaker and fry over low heat 3.

Fry one side and fry until golden brown. 4

Fried yellow croakers are ready for use5.

Put another oil pan, add two tablespoons of oil, add cold garlic and minced ginger, and scallion and white scallion. 6

Mix the seasonings and set aside.


Add the fish to a frying pan and pour in seasoning 8.

After boiling over medium heat, turn to low heat and simmer until the soup is thick.

Third, edible yellow croaker, sweet and flat.

Can strengthen the spleen and qi, appetizing digestion.

Treatment of loss of appetite, lower profits, insomnia, palpitations, forgetfulness.

[Cold potato eggplant]_Cold salad_How to make

[Cold potato eggplant]_Cold salad_How to make

There are many opportunities for people to eat salads in summer, and salads are more conducive to cooling and make people more appetizing. Among them, salad potatoes and eggplant is a very good choice.
Potatoes can be simply chilled or cooked with eggplants, but both ingredients need to be cooked with heat, especially eggplants, which may take longer to cook, and potatoes can be cut into shreds and simmered in hot water.
Brief introduction of potato and eggplant coriander is also a traditional Chinese medicine, also known as “Hu Zhi”, “芫荽” is a solution of Xin Wen, if the rash develops can help rash.
It can also help digestion and qi, which is also helpful when eating bloating.
Cold chills and pain, stagnation of food and food stalled, coriander helped digest the hot summer climate, steamed eggplant and potatoes mixed with egg sauce and parsley to eat, appetizers and digestion.
Potatoes are rich in potassium, and one potato a day prevents sudden heart death.
It is especially suitable for the elderly and children to eat, because it is steamed, it won’t get angry, and the taste is soft and waxy.
材料茄子2条,土豆2个,鸡蛋3个,生抽或者大豆黄酱(不是普宁豆酱是东北的大豆黄酱),白糖,香菜10颗 香油(可有可无)做法1、土豆洗净,不用Peeling can be divided into two for fast ripening.
2. Put the two eggplants and potatoes in the steamer for 15-20 minutes. If it is a pressure cooker, steam for 10 minutes.
3. Put the oil in the pot, heat the oil and stir in the beaten eggs, pour in the yellow sauce and a small amount of sugar.
(If you have green peppers, you can put some green peppers) 4. Fried egg sauce, or release soy sauce, the amount is more, put a little sugar.
Add soy sauce without sauce, slightly more, add a small amount of sugar 5, mix fried egg sauce with steamed eggplant and potatoes.
6. Pour the parsley cut into sections and mix well. You can add salt and add a few drops of sesame oil according to your taste.
Tip 1. The egg sauce should be slightly salty, because it’s mixed with steamed eggplant potatoes.
2. It is recommended to put more coriander.
3. The hotness of the freshly steamed potatoes and eggplant can blanch the parsley to 5-6 minutes.
4 做炸酱和酱油类的菜都要放少量糖,是为了中和豆制品的苦涩5 如果喜欢肉酱可以按照如下方法做肉酱:材料 五花肉适量 姜 蒜 大豆黄酱 八角1颗 糖适量1 五花肉Diced, not chopped 2 Put a small amount of oil in a hot pan and wait for the oil to warm, pour the pork belly and stir fry until it changes color 3 Pour in ginger and garlic and continue to sauté 4 Pour in yellow sauce, add an appropriate amount of water, add an anise 5 When the sauce becomes sticky, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and you can add MSG or chicken essence according to your taste. 6 Note that when fried pork, if pork belly has skin, pay attention to protective measures, otherwise there will be oily skin on the face.scald.
7 The sauce will also splash during the frying process, so be careful not to burn yourself