Chu Deirers said,Sit down,Gathering the gathering of the gathering of the enlightenment, the Zhou North Army will enter the stateful state anytime, anywhere.,Thirteen old have also been embarrassed。

I was very surprised when I found it.,After all, although the world’s strange people,They have today’s achievements,Also less different from ordinary people,But so“abnormal”When you really see!
Under the state,Chu Deirers will wash the mario“Ten step kill one person”Integrate
Wash、“Ten step kill one person”And supersonic swords!
Sure enough, Chu deer from the perspective of the supersonic speed sword,Come to understand this fifth stone room,Again“Refresh”A look at the sea“Ten step kill one person”badge,Thereafter“wash”,Can be washed out of supersonic swords。
When I saw the Chu Deiren opened her eyes,There is a lottery,Thirteen old people also move in the heart,Asked if I asked it。
“This skydock, this sky, this mystery, I probably understand the truth.!”Chu Deirers also have some exciting。
“Not understanding of the mystery,Instead, this is the same as this?”Xiao female history pays attention to the word of Chu Deirers,A little quirky。
“good。”Chu Deiren nodded。
“Isn’t it a natural grow??”Ghost children wide。
Yu Zi teeth is a bit anxious asked:“That can have a method of crack?”
“This is also a little clique。”Chu Deirers heard words。
See own look,Thirteen old hearts are somewhat lost,Old finishing、Nature can see“Zhou Beijun”This is the words that cope with。
But still,At least the first time some people say,Know yourself this day“Consider”!
Chu Deirers have been confident in the heart,This day, authentic pattern is a“Connector”,The reason why countless rivers and lakes、Peerless master,I feel deeply unspeakable.,Not because it itself has more mystery,But it can condense all the military will will。
Essentially is not an omnipotent“teacher”,But an efficient“meeting room”
It is precisely because there are too many masters to enlighten,This makes it look at anyone,Be high!
Suddenly Chu Dee
Rongshou will?This function seems to be a little familiar
Chapter 961 plan
“Two brother,what happened?”Dog hybrid watching Chu Deirers。
Dog hybrid sensation,Chu Deirers now feel very dignified——Before he thought that the second brother is universal,Never feel,What is worried about bother?。
The fact is also true!
Even if you are in the Heroes Island,I’m also in the dark,Chu Deirers have always believed,I have the thighs of the four brothers.……
However, now Chu Deirers suddenly confused.——Heroes are not right,This skydock function……Isn’t it my consciousness??
Can’t say it exactly,It is also closely related!
Chu Deiren’s conscious sea,Can pass martial arts,“Read”Among them, the creator martial arts will——This is the secret or transcript、Is copying or original,As long as the full reflection of martial arts,Chu Deiren’s consciousness,It is possible to take it into the Wudo will of its creator.,And can be combined……
Compared to below,Heroes of the Tiandao Digital Road,It is the same as the martial art.,Constantly read it,And integration、Integrate!
Chu Deirers are the Wudo will read the creator.,Not a person,for example《Congenital strength》Read,Yes“Wang Zhongyang created《Congenital strength》The Wudo will”,Not“Wang Chongyang’s will”。
And it is when it is fused,Pull up the corresponding military will“seminar”。
Heroes island is the will of real-time mobilization.,Wusong will,Constant open debate,Let everyone inspiratory!
Read before thinking,Chu Deirers in the final stone room,Just use“Integrate”Function,Tiandi Digital Terrier is faintly hidden……
Chu Deirers also hesitate——It is because of your own consciousness.,Similar to the ability of the Heroes Island Drawing,So only resonance,Or……The two itself is related,So the ability is similar?
If it is the latter,Then the Budan’s crossing itself,Is there any association with the knight island??

Fortunately, Tianlong people provide a lot of life essence,Only then can I live well。

Think before and after,Leo said:“I can tell you a message,This news can help you solve the current problem of artificial devil fruits!”
Brother Ming suddenly widened his eyes,This day,He was really surprised too many times,This Leo seems to know everything。
Even the research on artificial devil fruit has stagnated。
They just got some information about the Tianlongren,There is a way to make it,They don’t have。
I have to solve it all by myself。
Opening a piece of paper,Guess the rest。
They don’t have the ability,Lack of a strong scientist。
There are very few scholars in the world of One Piece,Not to mention scientists。
Everyone pays attention to strength first,Who would go to school,Even focus on research。
“what do you know?Do you have this information?”
Brother Ming suddenly thought,Leo knows a lot,Does he still know the manufacturing materials of the artificial devil fruit?
If there is information,Then they are very relaxed,After all, it’s easy to draw a gourd。
“You are thinking about fart,How could i have that kind of thing!”
Oda didn’t tell me how to make artificial devil fruit,How would i know。
“Then what can you help me!”
“I know who can help you make artificial devil fruits!”Leo Dao。
Ming was surprised too many times,Not so surprised this time,But calmly said:“this one?”
Leo looked at Ming,Does this guy already know?

Xia Shuyue lowered her head,not talking,Stand still。

The luggage in Wang Sulian’s hand fell to the ground,Xia Shuyue finally couldn’t hold it anymore,I hugged my mother and cried,“mom……I……Woo woo……”
“What happened,Don’t cry。”Wang Sulian gently patted Xia Shuyue’s back,Comfort daughter。
Xia Kewen heard the sound,Come out of the bedroom,Bring my daughter’s luggage into the house,“Shuyue is back,I will cook a few more dishes。”
Xia Shuyue wiped her tears,Shaking head,“Forget it,Not done,Eat。”The food on the table is ready,Xia Shuyue’s parents were preparing to eat,Xia Shuyue washed her hands and sat down。
Wang Sulian went to the kitchen to make a bowl of dumpling soup,“Drink more soup if you are pregnant,Need a lot of nutrition。”
Sha Kewen does not speak,Drinking alone,Xia Shuyue didn’t dare to look at him,Just lower your head and spoon the meatballs in the bowl to eat,Drinking soup slowly。
“The kid in my stomach belongs to Zhao Luo?”See Xia Shuyue finished the soup,Wang Sulian asked。
Xia Shuyue nodded,Did not speak,I dare not look up at my parents,Continue to eat food。
“Zhao Luo didn’t come back with you?”Wang Sulian asked again。
“He is busy,did not return。”Xia Shuyue answered in a low voice。
“When are you going to get married?”Wang Sulian looked at her daughter。
Xia Shuyue’s hands stopped in the air,It took half a minute to say,“mom,I do not want to get married。”

The black mosasaur wearing a silver dragon armor can break through everything with extreme brutality,The earth and rocks are no different from bubbles,Candle Dragon has no time to escape,Was hit on the dragon horn!

The silver dragon horns are quite sharp,Directly hit the chest of the dragon。
But even so,The black tyrannosaurus is still attacking fiercely,I saw that candle dragon with a broken chest was worn on the dragon horn,Be topped on the faucet,Being pressed on the ground。
Scaly,Rotten meat,The wound on the chest is even more exaggerated,From the ferocious and majestic candle dragon just now,Until now a rotten lizard covered in blood,As a top dragon,Was crippled to death by a superior dragon!!
Outside the river battlefield,Those students who were waiting and watching had their eyes widened,Eyes full of horror。
And the black tyrannosaurus did not intend to leave a way for this candle dragon,It grabbed the rotten dragon from the debris,Then he held the neck of the candle dragon and the tail of the candle dragon in full view!
“Tear it!!!!!”
A rage,Zhulong was torn into two parts,A burst of plasma,The internal organs slipped out from the fracture,The scene is bloody to the extreme。
Discard the half of the tail,Black Mossaurus can’t stop his anger,It opens its mouth,He bit the candle dragon’s head with a fierce bite,Then chew among the black fangs!
“Teacher Bai Yishu,Why are you……Ah!!!!”The student in purple and black clothes is asking for help,Who knows that his dragon’s head has been bitten off,Was swallowed by that violent black dragon。
Dragon is dead,The backlash formed by Lingyue is like countless poisonous spines,Stab the whole body of this student,Pain is definitely ten times more intense than physical torture。
His facial features are twisted together,My muscles twitch wildly,The pain made him paralyze on the ground and scream,As if I was bitten by life!!
“Self-inflicted,Can’t live!”Bai Yishu coldly said to this student。
As long as not blind,You can see the extremely bad behavior of that candle dragon。
Since it’s a college competition,It clearly stipulates that it is not allowed to attack the Dragon Shepherd,Just now, the candle dragon can obviously attack the black tyrannosaurus,But straight to Zhu Minglang,And that bite,It’s totally killing!
Bai Yishu can indeed stop the Black Tyrannosaurus from gnawing off the head of Candle Dragon,But he didn’t do that。
Not a three-year-old child,What you do should bear the consequences!

Director Qiu looked at Donglin,Ignore him,But walked straight to Bai Li,He smiled and said:“Sorry Secretary Bai,We are late”

Bai Li just about to speak,A black Audi drove to a stop behind Xia Jian,A middle-aged man in a black suit got out of the car,It looks like this person is almost 50 years old。
“what happened,Why so many people?”Middle-aged man frowned,Yelled with an upset face。
Zhang Donglin rushed over in two steps,He smiled and said:“Mr. Sun!These two people ran here to make trouble,Not only forcibly occupying your parking space,And provoke these people,Our security guards were beaten several times by him”
“Since the police are here,Just take it away!”Sun Xuefeng’s arrogance,Don’t ask anything about it。Xia Jian couldn’t help being furious,Is this the general manager??
Bai Li stepped forward,Shouted:“Mr. Sun Liubu!”
First2204chapter Surprise
Sun Xuefeng stopped,He looked back at Bai Li,Asked coldly:“who are you?do we know each other?”
Sun Xuefeng’s arrogance and rudeness completely angered Bai Li,She raised her voice and said:“It doesn’t matter who i am,The important thing is,This is Vice President Xia of the group,ComeSTBranch investigation related matters”
“Vice President Xia?Sorry!I don’t know that the group has such a vice president”Sun Xuefeng’s words hurt。And when he said this,Both eyes just floated on Xia Jian’s body。
Bai Li is angry,Said coldly:“The manager of a branch of the group must not know about it,Here are the autographed documents that Dong Luo sent you”
Bai Li said,Opened briefcase,Pass the relevant information inside to Sun Xuefeng’s hands。Sun Xuefeng looked at these documents,His face also became gloomy。
“Mr. Sun!Immediately convene a meeting of all management staff of the branch,One person cannot be less。Especially the deputy captain of the security team must be there。In addition any can not be absent,Otherwise, let’s resign”Xia Jian finally spoke,He said these words,Shocked everyone present。
At this time, Sun Xuefeng felt the seriousness of the problem,He hurried over in two steps,Reach out and say:“I’m sorry, Mr. Xia!This happened suddenly,Besides, we really haven’t met”

Xiong Yongji only told Xia Jian that his son likes to go online,Other than that, no useful clues are provided。Xia Jian drove to the city,First drove the car to Xiping Agricultural Trade Company。Since the greenhouse in Xiping Village has been put into production,So the first floor is officially open,Parking is impossible。

Xia Jian saw through the car window that Murong Sisi and Wang Huimin were busy,So I didn’t say hello,Drove the car directly to Yao Junli’s convenient hotel,These security guards all know Xia Jian as a friend of their boss,So there is no problem with how long he parks,Not to mention fees。
“President Xia!Our boss just went upstairs,Did you make an appointment??”When the lobby manager saw Xia Jian,Greeted me with a smile。
Xia Jian responded,I really went to find Yao Junli。Although Pingdu is not big,But let him find out how many Internet cafes there are in total,Then he really can’t do it。
Yao Junli saw Xia Jian suddenly came to her,She is happy,Surprised again。She asked with a smile:“Mayor Xia!You are a state official,You should say hello before you come to me,I’m ready“
“what!I am hired,Still work,So I won’t mention it again“Xia Jian was laughing,Sat down on the sofa。
Yao Junli made tea for Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“Your words don’t count,The last time I was in the provincial capital, I clearly said I was leaving,But you?Appeared in Dongsheng Group the next day,what do you mean?I want to see Hu Huiru?Still obsessed with your old club?“
“Hi!How do you know everything,Did Hu Huiru tell you??“Xia Jian took a sip of the tea Yao Junli made for him,Asked with a smile。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“A friend hosted a banquet in the provincial capital,Hu Huiru and I were invited。She might be drinking too much someday,So you told me about your going to their group“
“No wonder!Ugh!I ask you,Do you know what happened to the two police officers??“Xia Jian suddenly remembered this,He couldn’t help but ask。
Yao Junli shook her head hot and said:“do not know,The police never came to us,I didn’t specifically ask,Do you know what’s inside?“
“There is a person named Sun Yao,You don’t know!“Xia Jian asked quietly。
Yao Junli listened,Asked very surprised:“how?Did you offend him?”
“I can’t talk about offending!”Xia Jian said lightly。
Yao Junli took a breath and said:“I have heard of this person,Is a senior cadre。In the provincial capital, both black and white will let him,So you better not offend such people”
Yao Junli is not very familiar with this person,Xia Jian turned the topic around:“I came to you today,Just ask us which of the largest Internet cafes in Pingdu?”
“Hey!What are you doing?I want to open an internet cafe, right?!I can tell you,You can’t do this,Be your official!”Yao Junli said and laughed。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“I want to find someone,He should be fooling around in the internet cafe,So come and ask you where are the big internet cafes in Pingdu?Or it’s hard to find”
“I don’t know much about it,But I will give you an idea,Find a taxi driver,Let him hold you,It’s almost after a lap,This is the best way”Yao Junli said with a smile。
Xia Jian nodded,Took out the phone,Flip。Found out the phone number of his classmate Gao Qiaoli,She shouldn’t be wrong about this matter。


Chapter Thirty-Two: Opening up the God Plane
having said so much。”Beirut laughed:“I believe you should already feel the power of faith。The main god depends on the power of faith,Of course there is also the ability to create planes rooted in the main godhead,It’s easy to blend the five kinds of laws。What you have to do now is to become Dzogchen as soon as possible。”
“correct,You must pay attention。”Beirut says:“Augusta must be reported,Although it was me who robbed the Lord Godhead,But you refined these three main godheads,I’m afraid he won’t let you go,So it’s better not to enter the highest plane。”
Lai nodded,He was mentally prepared for this。
“correct,Lord Beirut,I have two things I want to ask you for help。”Wright says。
“what’s up?
“First thing,The legendary god of death can also be resurrected,My family and friends.”
Beirut touched his beard,A little embarrassed:“Wright,I know this too,But we are both trapped in the Magnolia continent,Just a few small things,The resurrection of the dead requires a high price even for the general dead god,I’m afraid I won’t be willing。According to the legend, the Lord of Death can be resurrected without any cost.But her status is too high,I can’t speak to the next god。”
“I will find someone to help you ask about this.But don’t hope too much。unless.”
“Unless I beat Augusta,With this strength, those dead gods naturally dare not not give this face!”Wright knows,For resurrected loved ones,Actually he doesn’t have much desire。
Although his biological parents died miserably,But after all, I haven’t really seen,Moved there,Feelings are not too strong。
He has a deep affection for his adoptive parents,But adoptive parents and sisters naturally live to the end of their lives,Not too much regret。
If it can be resurrected,Not being able to resurrect him is not too worrying。
“What about another thing?”Beirut asked。
“It’s about my teacher Cromwell。”Wright says:“My teacher went to hell,I am not familiar with the hell side。I was planning to go to hell to explore,unfortunately。。。”
“Leave this to me。”Beirut says:“In hell,I still have some face,I will ask the Lord Xuefeng for help。But you,Hurry up and practice,Actually what you need to do most now,Is to open up the plane of God,Use this opportunity to open up the plane of God,It can also promote strength。”

“Bright。。Ming Daoyou!”The ancestor of Xiaoshan saw that Ming Dao who was good at formation suddenly appeared,Kill four bugs easily,Even more surprised,But also with a little guard。

of course,Just a guard,After all, the insect beast that the opponent kills easily,He and Junior Sister are desperate。
So strong,Really want to kill them,It doesn’t take much effort at all。
But what surprised them even more was Li Ming’s shocking strength—In the eyes of Xiaoshanzu,Can easily sweep the four beasts,The strength is probably close to the world, right。
“Ming Daoyou,Did you break through the world??”Yan Yuzuxian couldn’t help but ask。
Although Li Ming’s breath is still at the level of the ancestor god,But the world wants to hide strength,They don’t think they can see it。
“Haha!”Li Ming slipped past this topic and didn’t talk about it,But asked:“You brothers and sisters are in trouble【Kushinzo】?Gain a lot!”
There is a bitter smile on the face of Xiaoshan Zushen,“indeed,Fellow Ming Dao rescued Junior Sister and me,The treasures I got are given to fellow Taoists!”
Li Ming is also welcome,Earn 30 Chaos Spirit Liquid。
to him,The eternal gods we just got are worth 20,000 Chaos Spirit Liquid,But there will be no more than 30 parties。
Anyway, Chaos Spirit Liquid is always used。
“Fellow,The specific location of the Jiuzhang,Can you tell me!”
“can!”Xiaoshan Zu God did not hesitate,“But I also ask fellow Taoists to take me and my junior sister out of this cave。”
“Row!”Li Ming agreed,Anyway, the location of Jiuzhangzang is there,Won’t run away,“You go into my cave。”
Nine limits outside Tibet,Two figures look at each other!
“Blood larva,You passed this time!Actually did it on two juniors。”Talker,But in a green robe,The handsome chaos fairy,Between the eyebrows and Yan Yuzuxian are somewhat similar。
“Over the line?Let’s talk to you Red Lotus Sect Master。Xuantian Fairy!”The god of the bloody world coldly looked at the chaotic fairy on the opposite side,“how,Not save your two younger generations。”
“I’m not sure to save people in front of you!”A circle of water and soil surfaced around the chaotic fairy,“Stop you here,They are expected to escape。”
“Stop me,You think you can do it!”Bloody World God yells,The blood-red energy formed around him swept towards the Xuanzhu chaos fairy。
The fairy body of the mysterious chaos immortal dare not resist,A spell shot out,Water and soil intersection,Form a mysterious gray puppet giant,A punch to the Scarlet Vortex。

The atmosphere suddenly became lively,The captain and others could not help standing up to prepare a toast,But Li Tianchou was the first to stop,“Come back this time,Just want to see everyone,Yuxing can have today,I really can’t do without everyone’s efforts。But one thing is clear,I am no longer a family member,You can’t call it that again,This little request,Promise not?”

“it is good,I’ll call you Boss Li from now on!”The captain shouted immediately,Anyway, heartless,How come the excitement。
“Li boss!”
“I called you Boss Li!”
The loud shouts made Li Tianchou dumbfounded,He gave the captain a fierce look,Continue,“Since the toast,Let’s respect the elders first,I wish Uncle Hao and his wife good health,Live younger。”
“it is good!”
“Twenty this year,Next year twenty eight!”Everyone clamored again。
The old couple got up happily,Drank a full glass of wine,Holding Li Tianchou’s hand with unfulfilled meaning,I want to say something nagging,But unfortunately,The guys who came up to toast were pushed aside。
Li Tianchou can only come and never refuse,Brothers must drink the wine,Even if you get drunk on the spot,This is the inherent tradition of the old Yuxing people,He still clearly remembers the first time he went to Caijiayuan,Uncle Hai once gave him the power。
Now things are not,It’s a pity that Uncle Hai left。
Round of toasts,Tossing for half an hour,Li Tianchou’s face blushed and his neck was thick,At least a catty of wine,But the strange thing is that the mind is so clear,He noticed that the two of them didn’t move.,One is Xiao Song,A Qi Baozhu。
Xiao Song is sitting at the main table,It seems to be satisfied just by looking at it with a smile,But Qi Baozhu is still different and lonely,Only when Li Tianchou’s gaze came over,Only slightly raised the wine glass in his hand,Then look up and clean。
Li Tianzhen doesn’t mind,It’s also a toast,Then drink it all,If Qi Baozhu wasn’t this character,,It’s not in his memory‘Small steel column’Up。And he vaguely felt that this guy seemed to have something to say,But now is not the occasion,Have time to talk to him。


Qingyun Patriarch’s twenty-one sword,Not only reaching the extreme,And when the sword is issued,Suddenly turned into three parts,Every one is seven swords,Go straight to Chen Xiu。
This swordsmanship,It’s one of Qingyunzong’s unique skills。Sword light,False and Real,Even the person with the best eyesight,Never want to see it through。
Facing the death threat of Bloodthirsty Sword,Chen Xiu was willing to stop it with scale armor,May know,The speed at which I took out 21 scale armors from the space bag was not as fast as Patriarch Qingyun’s 21 swords.。
Personally,That cut off the tip of the gun。
“Ding ding ding ding ding””
Grandmaster Qingyun’s fast sword hit and chased with the spear head,There was a rapid noise。These rapid noises are connected,It feels like only one sound。
Although Chen Xiu blocked the twenty-one sword,But also by the continuous impact of the twenty-one sword, it was directly knocked out of the hall,Fall to the ground。
Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue played while also paying attention to Chen Xiu’s movements,Seeing him alone is not an opponent of Master Qingyun,Is shouting:“Chen Xiu,Run fast!”
“I ran,what would you do!”Chen Xiu shouted with loyalty。
“you’re so dumb,Qingyun’s goal is you,You ran away,He chases you。I have a chance to escape!”
“Oh,Makes sense!”
Chen Xiu got up on the ground,Panic and run away。
Patriarch Qingyun heard the conversation between the two clearly,But I knew I was chasing Chen Xiu,Can only abandon Ge Hong,But relatively speaking,Chen Xiu is more important to himself,Killing Ge Hong doesn’t make any sense to his seizure,I had to chase Chen Xiu away。
Ge Hong saw Qingyun ancestor chasing Chen Xiu,Liu Dunyue retreated with a sword,Said sharply:“Surnamed Liu,Your master is gone。Is it rare that you really want to fight with me?!”
Naturally, Liu Dunyue won’t just make an oral promise from Master Qingyun.,Fight with Ge Hong now,It’s natural to step aside。