Qiao Anan pouted,Said:“I followed your advice,Changed all those clothes before,Just one sentence is not bad,This will send me away!”

“My advice?What do i suggest?”Xiao Fan asked without knowing it。
“You said let me change my dressing style,Didn’t you say that my previous clothes were too ostentatious?”Qiao Anan said。
Joan’s mention,Xiao Fan remembered it,Because of Fourth Master Huang,He did tell Qiao An’an to ask her to pay attention to her dress,Don’t seduce people casually。
But I didn’t expect Qiao An’an to actually take this sentence to heart,And did it。
“Forget it,I won’t tell you,One piece of wood,I am leaving!”Qiao Anan finished,Turn around and walk out。
After arriving at the door,Stopped suddenly,Turned,Said to Xiao Fan:“thank you,since that day,Fourth Master Huang never harassed me again!”
Finished,He left Xiao Fan’s office without looking back!
Xiao Fan shook his head,A woman’s heart is really elusive,After a few words,Never give myself a chance to speak,Then left。
Forget it, just go,I’d better read the information quickly!
But I haven’t waited to see the information,The office door rings again。
“Come in!”
Hear the sound inside,Xia Qing opened the door and walked in。
“Xia Qing?How did you come?”Xiao Fan asked。
Xia Qing said:“Is such that,I called me just now in the summer,I came here to thank you!”
Xiao Fan smiled,Said:“You don’t have to worry about it,It’s all trivial!”