Fortunately, Tianlong people provide a lot of life essence,Only then can I live well。

Think before and after,Leo said:“I can tell you a message,This news can help you solve the current problem of artificial devil fruits!”
Brother Ming suddenly widened his eyes,This day,He was really surprised too many times,This Leo seems to know everything。
Even the research on artificial devil fruit has stagnated。
They just got some information about the Tianlongren,There is a way to make it,They don’t have。
I have to solve it all by myself。
Opening a piece of paper,Guess the rest。
They don’t have the ability,Lack of a strong scientist。
There are very few scholars in the world of One Piece,Not to mention scientists。
Everyone pays attention to strength first,Who would go to school,Even focus on research。
“what do you know?Do you have this information?”
Brother Ming suddenly thought,Leo knows a lot,Does he still know the manufacturing materials of the artificial devil fruit?
If there is information,Then they are very relaxed,After all, it’s easy to draw a gourd。
“You are thinking about fart,How could i have that kind of thing!”
Oda didn’t tell me how to make artificial devil fruit,How would i know。
“Then what can you help me!”
“I know who can help you make artificial devil fruits!”Leo Dao。
Ming was surprised too many times,Not so surprised this time,But calmly said:“this one?”
Leo looked at Ming,Does this guy already know?

“Oh,Right,Then you help find food,Listening to her, just。”Chu Deirers changed。

Said that the dead deer carefully looked at Huang Rong,Slightly considering:“Say……Everyone is so familiar.,Do you want to wash?、Change makeup?In Luoyang City,Still safe?”
Huang Rong said and said:“what?You actually admitted that I was a male dress.?”
Notice,Surprise is“Recognition”,Instead of“see”。
After all, if you have exposed it for a long time,White skin exposed from occasional water,There are still some habits,It is not difficult to see that she is a male dress.,Mainly people who see the first time,Can play a confusion。
“I thought you have never been uncovered.,It’s ready to take a shower.,What misunderstood deliberately?……If you can’t think of Chu? You are not this kind of person.!”Huang Rong Yisheng。
Chu Deman:???
One time,Chu Deirers have some don’t know if it should be a praise.。
But really“Stupid”Way to make Huang Rong,Is a mustken,Will only be seen,When it is a heart attack,Fortunately, the Chu Deirers start from the beginning,I didn’t play this kind of thought。
“kindness?Gentle,Do you know before??”Chu Deirers looked confused and unlasty。
Looking at the Chu Deirers,Mu Yizhen disliked white eyes:“How can I not see?!”
And the wooden is clear for some reason,Before it was previously showup of Huang Rong,Although the wood is clear“Atrium”、“Male dress”Huang Rong,Hold some subtle hostility,But Huang Rong is still a crying of his own,Successfully got the sympathy of Wumeiqing。
Use Huang Rong’s words,Just, she don’t want her.,I have to find someone to hit her.……
Guo Jing,Will definitely persuade“There will be no such a,There is definitely wrong”,However, the wood is clear——The same parade!
So Mu Yizhen began to be very related,Uncomfortable to Huang Rong not only a good thing,There is no good thing for men.。
Chu Deirers are not afraid that she will take Huang Rong to,木 婉清 情 情、IQ,How is Huang Rong again?“Be taught”Look,Essentially Huang Rong is playing with her……
“After that, you will accompany the yellow girl to buy your clothes.,I am going out.。”Chu Deiren。
Mu Yuqing immediately saw it in dangerous:“You won’t be to go before and to let the fox,Listen to the gang of the piano?”
Chapter 171 Green bamboo lane
“Listen to the piano?It’s really going to see it.,But probably not playing the piano。”Chu Deirers feel,Your own strength,It seems that it does not attract holy aunt,Mainly goes……If the Shenggu is indeed in the green bamboo lane,That kind of non-smoke is likely to be,Already reached Luoyang,I don’t know how to see my friends.。
“Are you so straightforward??It’s not black now.!”Wooden and Qingqing asked。
“Waiting for the black dry?What do you misunderstood??I am going to the green bamboo lane.!”
“kindness?Is Luoyang to take the green bamboo lane??”Mu Yuqing remember,Should be called“Fireworks”Talented。
“Do you have a lot of green bamboo lanes around the land??But I am going to go.,Green bamboo in the place where,There is a friend if in Luoyang,Perhaps you are there……Saying the green bamboo lane in other places,What?”Chu Deirers looked confused。
Welcome the eyes of Chu Deirers,Mu Yuqing does not help but face a red road:“Who、Who knows?!”
Chu Deirers are inevitable——I have never heard of the mixed rivers and lakes.,“Green bamboo lane”What is the representation of the black name??
However, I saw that Mu Yuqing pulled Huang Rong to leave.,Chu Deirens have not asked,But go out alone,Listening to the location of the green bamboo lane。
Green Bamboo Lane is in Luoyang City East,Still very famous,But people in Luoyang City know,Green bamboo spleen,In addition to occasionally inviting some friends who look at the eyes,Whether the rivers and lakes or ordinary people,Not welcome。
Even with the people of the rivers and lakes,Not too,In the original, Wang Yuanba’s reaction,Golden knife is not recognized green bamboo。
Green bamboo workers and let go of our teachers,Put in the big rivers and lakes,That is, all kinds of education、Persi worship,The argument is a teacher of the Master of Green Bamboo.,So, although the green bamboo worry is a lot of,But also called Ren Yingying“aunt”。
Theoretical green bamboo is also the people of the Sun Moon God,But it is completely my line.,After the Eastern is unbeaten,Green bamboo is basically only contacting the Shenggu。
Usually, Yingying also has a large part of time.,Is hidden in the green bamboo lane,Chu Deer estimated,Qu-non-smoke is also very likely here,I haven’t seen the little girl in half a year.,Chu Deirers are also ready to entrust the obligation of guardians,Go and see if there is any Yingying teaching。
Hear the location of the green bamboo lane,Chu Deiren came to Chengdong Yidong Road,The alley is still just a constant life.,But go to the depth,I only see a bamboo forest……
Although Luoyang is now there is no country,But it is also the big city.,Especially Wu Sangui’s base camp,Don’t know,Only see this seems to be the land of the wild bamboo forest,And the roots of the bamboo are maintained in winter, there is no leaves in the winter.,Indulgent……Green bamboo、Or is the holy,Real 壕!
Mushing number,Come to the depths of the bamboo forest,Chu Deiren has not encountered anything,However, the middle is actually found in the bamboo forest.——I want to say someone to report,And the host owner also knows someone.。
Since no one blocks,Chu Deirers guess,I have already recognized myself.,There is no more confident in my heart.,The holy girl is also here.“Hide”。
But just at this time,A burst of stereo:“What is the person?!”
The sound sounds old and hoarse,And the Chu Deirers of Jingjing Road,Hear this voice,The reason why is surrounded by stereo,Not like yourself,Use a logo,It is largely dependent on“organ”——Is the bamboo tube that uses the surrounding hollow,Come to vocalize……

Xia Jian pulled Baili,Squeezed in,Then close the door。This VIP room lives up to its name,If the big room,There are three TV sets side by side.。In front of the large coffee table,Crowded with men and women dancing wildly。

Xia Jian and Bai Li suddenly went in,No one seems to notice。So as not to attract the attention of others,Xia Jianbian and Bai Li also wriggled with these people。It’s just that the two of them have been standing in the corner,Dare not take a step forward。
suddenly,With the exclamation of everyone,A shirtless man was carried to the coffee table。This guy has an inch flat head,Blurred and fierce eyes。
He is not very tall,It should look like a meter seven。It’s just that his muscles are very developed,Fist,There is a strong wave from all over。He seems to be less than 30 years old,Is he Wu Xiong?
In an exclamation again,A barely dressed girl was carried to the coffee table by everyone。The girl is on the table,He rushed forward without thinking about it,Which man hugged tightly。
At this moment,The violent music stopped abruptly,A strong voice said loudly:“ladies and gentlemen!friends,Tonight is our 24th birthday, Miss Lina,Male Goth is hosting a birthday party for her,I hope everyone can have fun”
This person’s voice just fell,Violent music sounded again。Everyone jumped crazy again。Xia Jian just decided,Which woman hugged on the coffee table is really Wu Xiong。
Just when everyone is happy,The door of the private room was pushed open suddenly。Someone shouted:“Mr. Li!”Hey!This sound is like the scene when the emperor arrives in a costume drama。
The music stopped abruptly at this moment,The lights are suddenly bright。Walked in from the door, a man in his early thirties,Tall man。He was led by two yellow hairs,Walked towards Wu Xiong standing on the coffee table。
When Wu Xiong saw this person,Hurriedly jumped off the coffee table,Rushed up in two steps,Stretched out his hands and said:“Thank you brother Li for joining us!”Wu Xiong holds the hand of the visitor,Laughed while talking。
At this moment,Squeeze someone from behind Wu Xiong,He is Huang Qiang who met Xia Jian and the others today。I saw this guy grinning with a big mouth:“Always can come here,Brothers really have a light on their faces!”
“Don’t just stand and say kind words,And you,Put on your clothes quickly。Not sleeping now,What to take off,Really indecent”Someone said,Actually took two shots on Wu Xiong’s sturdy back。
Wu Xiong laughed so he brought the clothes and put them on quickly。Wu Xiong blushed after getting dressed,He laughed:“Everyone knows Mr. Li,Some people don’t know Mr. Li,Let me introduce to everyone”
“He is Longdong GroupSTLi Yueming, Vice President of the branch。Don’t think Li is always a deputy,But his real power is more powerful than the righteous。So everyone is optimistic,I’ll follow Mr. Li from now on,Guaranteed to make a fortune”Wu Xiong may be drinking too much,It’s still a bit wrong to say this in such a situation。
as expected,This person is Li Yueming Xia Jian is investigating。I saw his brow furrowed,Said to Wu Xiong a little bit displeased:“I’m here to celebrate Lina’s birthday,What are you talking about?”

Feel the tempting fragrance, MissBa Jin couldn’t help but pick up a piece of barbecue and put it in his mouth。

“Miss Ba Jin,I didn’t say to provide you with food,Pay for food!”
Ba Jin heard Leo’s words,Throwing away the barbecue suddenly:“Damn capitalist,Actually want to cover my money。I, Ba Jin, have only made money,Want to make my money,Don’t you think!”
Leo smiled:“random,Then you can solve the food problem yourself!”
“Humph,I made it myself!”Ba Jin walked out angrily。
Leo doesn’t care,But simply greet Weibull,Then walked back to my room。
Pick up a phone worm。
First86chapter Inform Zefa
Leo picked up the phone worm in his room,Soon Zefa’s voice sounded on the other side。
“Is it Leo??”
“teacher,it’s me!”Leo spoke quickly。“teacher,I want to ask you something,Have you practiced sea soldiers recently??”
“Oh,Your news is very well informed,Just yesterday,The executive sent me a document,Let me lead a team to Zeliboya Island to catch a group of pirates,As a practical drill for the new barracks!”
Hear Zefa’s voice,Leo took a few breaths。
“What’s wrong, Leo,Why do I feel your breath is so unstable?I need my help because of difficulties?”
Leo quickly suppressed the throbbing in his heart,Then speak:“No,I’m just a little weird,Who on earth is asking you to conduct actual combat drills?”
“I don’t know this,It’s nothing like the usual actual combat drills. Don’t go.?This time the pirate is not strong,It’s normal naval recruit activity, right?!”
Zefa doesn’t seem to have any special thoughts,Because the actual combat drill is every two or three months,Very common activity。

Xia Jian went downstairs in frustration,He really doesn’t know where to find Guan Tingna。If Guan Tingna didn’t go back to her grandma,。He rushed to find her now,This will virtually scare Guan Tingna’s family。

How to do it?Xia Jian drove the car,Walking slowly on the road,I really can’t think of any way to deal with it in my mind。
But at this moment,Suddenly a car rushed up from behind,Fiercely,Forced to stop Xia Jian。Xia Jian was full of fire,He couldn’t help but press the car window,Yelled。
I didn’t expect a person to jump from the opponent’s driving seat,She is no one else,It’s Lu Wanting。Xia Jianyi saw this woman,It’s big with a sharp head。
“Yo ha!Shibei three days,Admiring。Xia Jian will scold you,What did you call me just now?”Lu Wanting hands on hips,A posture to fight。
They dominate,The cars behind can’t pass,Honk。Xia Jian has a look,Busy with a smile:“Get out of the way first,I’ll apologize to you again”
“It’s almost”Lu Wanting laughed and jumped into the car,Moved the car to the side,Give way to others。
See this little witch,Xia Jian really can’t help her。The two drove the car to the parking lot on the side of the road and stopped。Xia Jian just opened the car door,Walked to Lu Wanting’s car door,Asked a little unhappy:“What do you mean?Don’t do my car on the road?You are not afraid of something?”
“Alright!Xia Jian is not so bad。See you driving a car on the road,May I remind you?”Lu Wanting is also a donkey temper,She stared and got into Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled,Said a little helplessly:“I am in a bad mood,What should you do just go?”
“You must be in a bad mood,Because your little lover ignored you。Is it because of this?”Lu Wanting suddenly lowered her voice,Chong Xia Jian said with a smile。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Eyes widened and said:“I am married now,Don’t make jokes like this in the future”
“You really married?No wonder Guan Tingna is so angry when I talk about you,I want to tear you up”Lu Wanting said,A little relieved smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked quickly:“Have you met Guan Tingna?Where is she?”
“What do you mean?Isn’t she looking for Guan Tingna?!”Lu Wanting looked puzzled,Asked a little surprised。

Qiao Anan pouted,Said:“I followed your advice,Changed all those clothes before,Just one sentence is not bad,This will send me away!”

“My advice?What do i suggest?”Xiao Fan asked without knowing it。
“You said let me change my dressing style,Didn’t you say that my previous clothes were too ostentatious?”Qiao Anan said。
Joan’s mention,Xiao Fan remembered it,Because of Fourth Master Huang,He did tell Qiao An’an to ask her to pay attention to her dress,Don’t seduce people casually。
But I didn’t expect Qiao An’an to actually take this sentence to heart,And did it。
“Forget it,I won’t tell you,One piece of wood,I am leaving!”Qiao Anan finished,Turn around and walk out。
After arriving at the door,Stopped suddenly,Turned,Said to Xiao Fan:“thank you,since that day,Fourth Master Huang never harassed me again!”
Finished,He left Xiao Fan’s office without looking back!
Xiao Fan shook his head,A woman’s heart is really elusive,After a few words,Never give myself a chance to speak,Then left。
Forget it, just go,I’d better read the information quickly!
But I haven’t waited to see the information,The office door rings again。
“Come in!”
Hear the sound inside,Xia Qing opened the door and walked in。
“Xia Qing?How did you come?”Xiao Fan asked。
Xia Qing said:“Is such that,I called me just now in the summer,I came here to thank you!”
Xiao Fan smiled,Said:“You don’t have to worry about it,It’s all trivial!”

Wang Shaoxiao doesn’t need to say anything,The complacency on his face is obviously almost too concealed。

For a long time,My brother Lu came to the Shenzhen Vocational College to stand for me!With his appearance today,From now on, Wang Shaoxiao will be in Shenzhen Vocational College,Can definitely walk sideways。
really,Everyone looked at Wang Shaoxiao’s eyes again,Has completely changed。
This fat man can have friends whose wealth is so exaggerated,Has far exceeded the level of students,Became an awesome existence。
Especially when you think of,School starts next year,This fat guy will drive a Porsche to school,Many girls present could not help but feel a little hot,This fat guy is actually quite nice,Good personality,If you develop with him,It’s not impossible!
The funniest brother Zeng,This will have completely forgotten the cynicism I just made,He took the initiative to run to Wang Shaoxiao’s side,Nod and bow,So affectionate。
“Wang Shaoxiao,Awesome!You friend,Will he really give you a Porsche?”Brother Zeng smiled。
Wang Shaoxiao learns from someone,Shrugged,Smiled:“Ah!From small to large,He hasn’t said nothing!See you next year,I’ll take you for a drive!”
Talk about it,Wang Shaoxiao looks ignorant,Happily patted Brother Zeng on the shoulder,Like the boss caring for the little brother。
There was a girl next to seeing the virtue of Zeng Ge,Really upset,Said sourly:“It’s great to be rich!I still prefer talented boys。”
When Wang Shaoxiao heard this,,I laughed so hard that I narrowed my eyes,Hugging Zeng’s shoulders with a smile,Low channel:“Do you know what my buddy does?”
Brother Zeng is nervous,And shook his head curiously,Made the light blink。
“Haha!That kid made money by writing when he was in high school,There are still several magazines under my hand!”Wang Shaoxiao said half-truth。
What he said,Ge Zeng was immediately excited,Yelled:“what!Great!That’s amazing!I can also write something,When the time comes, Mr. Wang will recommend him a lot!”
“Ok,We are buddies,Easy to say!Easy to say!Let’s talk about this again next year。Ugh,The dust in our school is quite big,My car gets dirty when it comes。”Wang Shaoxiao smiled。
“understand,I know!Next semester,The car wash fee for your car,I have all inclusive!Proper!”Brother Zeng is already red at this meeting,Bite the bullet and posted it up。
This shameless conversation between the two,Especially Zeng Ge’s cheeky face,It really made the students next to me sick。
And the one who was robbed of the limelight,President Tong who even flew off the cooked duck,After a long pause,,I walked to my bodyguard with a gloomy expression。

“That’s what the headhunting company said。”

Chen Geng nodded:“Is there a resume?,Give me a copy。”
“some。”Rosemary said,The one who faxed a headhunting companySAERelevant resume of the company’s vice president is handed over to Chen Geng:“I took a look,This guy has very good abilities,Especially in terms of engineering supervision ability can be said to be second to none,Served as a supervisor in many large projects in Europe。”
It really is。
Just look from the resume,This is Michelle·Deborah’s guy’s resume is really glamorous,So glamorous and even participated in the transformation of the Eiffel Tower,From this point on,This guy’s abilities are enough to meet the needs of Fernandez。
Do you think the headhunting company is worried about giving this guy’s information to Fernandez?,Cause Fernandez to bypass itself and directly contact their target candidates?
This kind of worry is unnecessary。
Fernandez can indeed do this,But in fact no company will do this,If Fernandez did this,Will immediately become a blacklist for the entire headhunting industry“VIP”,Don’t even think about finding the talent you want through a headhunting company.,Even affect the company’s credit。
So it’s not just Fernandez,In Europe and America,Almost no company will choose to bypass the headhunting company and directly contact the target person because of such a small intermediary fee.,Unless you didn’t get help from a headhunting company in the first place。
After thinking about it,Chen Geng spoke:“But from the resume,This guy’s abilities are really fine,It is notorious for not being French enough to be lazy and troublesome……”
The mess with the French,He hurts a bit,if possible,He really doesn’t want to find a French real estate project leader……Can’t find from the US,Even if you find someone from Germany or Sweden。
Concerns about my boss,Rosemary expressed his understanding,But the reality is very helpless:“French people are really troublesome,But for the time being there is really no suitable。”
“How about this,First look,”After some meditation,Chen Geng finally spoke,He gently rubbed his eyebrows:“You first contact the headhunting company,Make this Michelle·Deborah came to China to meet us,We have an interview with him,If this guy can’t,Let’s find a way。”

“Thank you for coming to support,But those of us will not drag you back on the first and second teams!”

Han Yuxiang lowered his voice,The dissatisfaction between the eyebrows is not very obvious in the dim environment。
I heard the words of Xiang in Korean,Xing Tao was stunned,I knew I was wrong in the Korean language Xianghui,But don’t know how to explain。
The third team is the little brother of the criminal investigation team,Just established,Whether it’s case handling experience or manpower,All lack,So this joint operation,Only then will Xing Tao and an old detective named Zhang Yi from the second team come to cooperate with the operation。
Does not mean to discriminate,As a team,Everyone wants safety first。
“Our captain is a bit strong!”
Yan Jun smiled and explained to Zhang Yi next to him。
But Xing Tao likes the Korean language in the police force,Who wouldn’t know??
Open secretwww.jinhanyong.dense,Everyone says nothing。
Zhang Yi smiled at Yan Jun,Means I already know。
Short episode,Everyone is back on alert again。
The latest news from the headset,Korean Xiang is the same as everyone,Are waiting for the words to act in the headset。
Remember the poison silentlylThe number of traffickers,Firearms,Station location……
Suddenly Xing Rufeng called for action in his earphone,All the police ambushing filed out,Loudly“Policemen”,“Don’t move”Endlessly。

Advice to them,Take care of them,So these things are actually mutual,If you really treat each other sincerely, then all the warmth will be remembered,And there will be no other conditions。

Or suspicion and suspicion happen,So they are all mutually,Xiao Fan treats them both well,The two of them are good to Xiao Fan,So these things are actually natural,And there is no purpose or benefit at all。
Both of them really want to do,So it is actually the most precious memory for both of them,Hope to pass this opportunity,Let the two of them truly feel the affection。
The two of them have not felt the real warmth since they were young,But when I came to Xiao Fan,I thought it was hellish destruction,Or you can only rely on your own ability to do what you want。
I didn’t expect Xiao Fan to give them,The greatest warmth in the world,At least the greatest warmth in their personal world,So they will repay Xiao Fan with their best ability。
I will never doubt Xiao Fan easily because of some trivial things or because of some episodes.,In that case, they really don’t know Taishan or they really don’t know what to do.。
So actually Yiming and Chu Yao can really understand distractions sometimes,To know what he wants to do,That’s why Xiao Feng calls them two of his best assistants。
In fact, the abilities of Shen Lin and Su Ran have been continuously improving over the years,But the two of them always owe something,Sometimes it may be immature,After all, it’s not that Yiming and Chu Yao stayed with him for so long。
So in fact, Xiao Fan didn’t have any partiality to the four of them,For the four of them, they are treated as their own siblings。
But sometimes Yiming and Chu Yao deal with tasks to make Xiao Fan more satisfied.,So many things are not as complicated as they think。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Two Return home
After a day off,Yiming and Chu Yao’s spirits are much better than before,Both of them are in good condition,So Xiao Fan can relax and let them continue to do some other things。
Actually Xiao Fan didn’t want to squeeze them,But the country does accumulate a lot of things,Although Shen Lin and Su Ran can handle part of,But it can’t handle it all。
Because the two of them really have a lot of things they can’t really get started,Still needs constant experience,Xiao Fan and Chu Yao know this。
So the three of them will not blame Shen Linglin and Su Ran for not helping them or blame them for being lazy when they go out.,But in fact, everyone knows that some things are clearly divided。
If the two of them really understand what they should do,They will not be lazy or do not do some things they should do,They know this well,So they are very clear about these things。
I won’t be suspicious,Let alone blame each other,That’s why they can get along,So that we can always live in peace,And love each other very much,After Xiao Fan returned to China with Yiming and Chu Yao。
Shen Lin and Su Ran also knew they were back,The two of them also sighed,After all, they know that the task this time is also relatively onerous,If you deal with Yiming and Chu Yao yourself,May really be overwhelmed。