Chu Deirers said,Sit down,Gathering the gathering of the gathering of the enlightenment, the Zhou North Army will enter the stateful state anytime, anywhere.,Thirteen old have also been embarrassed。

I was very surprised when I found it.,After all, although the world’s strange people,They have today’s achievements,Also less different from ordinary people,But so“abnormal”When you really see!
Under the state,Chu Deirers will wash the mario“Ten step kill one person”Integrate
Wash、“Ten step kill one person”And supersonic swords!
Sure enough, Chu deer from the perspective of the supersonic speed sword,Come to understand this fifth stone room,Again“Refresh”A look at the sea“Ten step kill one person”badge,Thereafter“wash”,Can be washed out of supersonic swords。
When I saw the Chu Deiren opened her eyes,There is a lottery,Thirteen old people also move in the heart,Asked if I asked it。
“This skydock, this sky, this mystery, I probably understand the truth.!”Chu Deirers also have some exciting。
“Not understanding of the mystery,Instead, this is the same as this?”Xiao female history pays attention to the word of Chu Deirers,A little quirky。
“good。”Chu Deiren nodded。
“Isn’t it a natural grow??”Ghost children wide。
Yu Zi teeth is a bit anxious asked:“That can have a method of crack?”
“This is also a little clique。”Chu Deirers heard words。
See own look,Thirteen old hearts are somewhat lost,Old finishing、Nature can see“Zhou Beijun”This is the words that cope with。
But still,At least the first time some people say,Know yourself this day“Consider”!
Chu Deirers have been confident in the heart,This day, authentic pattern is a“Connector”,The reason why countless rivers and lakes、Peerless master,I feel deeply unspeakable.,Not because it itself has more mystery,But it can condense all the military will will。
Essentially is not an omnipotent“teacher”,But an efficient“meeting room”
It is precisely because there are too many masters to enlighten,This makes it look at anyone,Be high!
Suddenly Chu Dee
Rongshou will?This function seems to be a little familiar
Chapter 961 plan
“Two brother,what happened?”Dog hybrid watching Chu Deirers。
Dog hybrid sensation,Chu Deirers now feel very dignified——Before he thought that the second brother is universal,Never feel,What is worried about bother?。
The fact is also true!
Even if you are in the Heroes Island,I’m also in the dark,Chu Deirers have always believed,I have the thighs of the four brothers.……
However, now Chu Deirers suddenly confused.——Heroes are not right,This skydock function……Isn’t it my consciousness??
Can’t say it exactly,It is also closely related!
Chu Deiren’s conscious sea,Can pass martial arts,“Read”Among them, the creator martial arts will——This is the secret or transcript、Is copying or original,As long as the full reflection of martial arts,Chu Deiren’s consciousness,It is possible to take it into the Wudo will of its creator.,And can be combined……
Compared to below,Heroes of the Tiandao Digital Road,It is the same as the martial art.,Constantly read it,And integration、Integrate!
Chu Deirers are the Wudo will read the creator.,Not a person,for example《Congenital strength》Read,Yes“Wang Zhongyang created《Congenital strength》The Wudo will”,Not“Wang Chongyang’s will”。
And it is when it is fused,Pull up the corresponding military will“seminar”。
Heroes island is the will of real-time mobilization.,Wusong will,Constant open debate,Let everyone inspiratory!
Read before thinking,Chu Deirers in the final stone room,Just use“Integrate”Function,Tiandi Digital Terrier is faintly hidden……
Chu Deirers also hesitate——It is because of your own consciousness.,Similar to the ability of the Heroes Island Drawing,So only resonance,Or……The two itself is related,So the ability is similar?
If it is the latter,Then the Budan’s crossing itself,Is there any association with the knight island??

At that time, Li Dachuan, who was still in the regular army, specially invited home leave to go home,Commit suicide to Taoist temple,Li Xiaozhuang showed up from afar,Run back。He catches up,But was blocked by an old Taoist with white beard and hair。Li Dachuan is also anxious,Want to push the old Taoist away,But the old Taoist just stood in the middle of the mountain road,He can’t push。Harder,The old Taoist did not move,He fell。

“Homeless,Home everywhere。Heaven is Father,Mother Earth。Ordinary parents don’t want to come again,Against the Tao。”
These words said by the old Taoist,Li Dachuan has been remembering until now,This is why he hates people in the Taoist school。
“how could I know……”Li Dachuan lights up a cigarette,Took two heavy breaths,The cigarette butt made an arc and fell into the lake,He also let out a long breath and said:“The last time I got news was six months ago,Follow that smelly Taoist around Zhongnanshan,His grandma and his mother went to find,I didn’t find it。”
“I don’t know if I should persuade you。”Ning Bei Zhi said。
Li Dachuan shook his head straight,“Don’t persuade,Can’t persuade。I’ve been with Taoist priests in this life,Wait some day to take off this uniform,Use a knife to kill the Taoist temples。”
Ning Beizhi smiled bitterly,“You are angry,The child grows up,Have his own ideas……”
Li Dachuan interrupted directly,“Angry words are also my heart,So don’t persuade me。”
Ningbei Zhiqing sighed:“Okay,Don’t advise you,Tell you business。”
“Those old Taoists, don’t tell me,I just kill the insects,How to bring people out,Discuss it yourself。”
Ningbei has nothing to say,Li Dachuan looked back at him,“Why are not you talking?”
“You didn’t even say。”
“You said for me,Just do as you said。”
“……”Li Dachuan was depressed,“Feelings are you waiting for me here?”
“On the matter,You always advocate,Personal grievances aside。”

Zhao Hong shook her body,Leaning towards Song Fang step by step:“what did you say?Say one more thing,If you don’t believe me, I tore your mouth“

Song Fang does not show weakness,Reach out,Seeing that the two women are going to fight together。
Chen Erniu stood up fiercely,He rushed and gave Song Fang two crisp slaps,He shouted loudly:“Not roll back yet,Drink some cat urine and you won’t find North“
Song Fang was stunned,It took a long time to recover,She yelled:“Good you Chen Erniu,Hit me in front of so many people,I won’t live with you“Finished talking like crazy,Rushed out of the door of the farm。
Although the moon is big,But this is night after all,And this farm is also some distance away from the village,A woman’s run out,It’s not good if something happens,Xia Jian thought of this,Immediately yelled at Chen Erniu:“Hurry up“
“Don’t care about her,Can’t die“Chen Erniu raised his neck,Said angrily。
Xia Jian has a look,Anger surged,Have a drink:“Get out of here!”Just finished,Lift is a kick,Chen Erniu saw that Xia Jiandong was really good,Just run away。
Then Xia Jian told Fang Fang and Mo Yan:“You two helped Zhao Hong home,She is a bit too drunk,Here are me and Sanhu,Don’t care about it”
Fang Fangyi listen,Mo Yan hurriedly stood up,Help Zhao Hong and go。
“I’m not drunk,Don’t help me,Xia Jian, listen to me,Sooner or later you will be killed by this saucy fox”Zhao Hong shouted loudly as he walked。
Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,What is this?A good moonlight dinner,It happened like this。
Xia Sanhu cleaned up the dishes on the table without a sound,Xia Jian wants to help,But he won’t let。Among these people,Only this person talks the least,And only know what to do,His rigorous work,It can be described as casual。
Sitting in the moonlight,Looking at the rolling mountains in the distance,Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Why is it so difficult to be a human??
“Ha ha!I don’t think it is difficult at all,It’s yours**Too much,Later than today,We eat as we eat,But these two women want to mix in other messy things,Is the problem complicated??”Xia Sanhu moved a chair,Sitting next to Xia Jian,Said softly。
The meaning in Xia Sanhu’s words,Xia Jian still heard something,But he is sorry to say it through,I turned the topic and asked:“You and I still have two cows,It can be said that they grew up together in the village,Tell the truth,What do you think about Er Niu and Song Fang?”
“Song Fang, this woman is very ambitious,I’m afraid Er Niu can never meet her request,Moreover,They are not on the same level at all,How far can this go,I’m afraid it’s hard to say“Xia Sanhu took a breath,Speak slowly。

Usually the opening of the gambling on Shifang is very simple and rude,Same as Ganxu Ji,Announce the start,Everyone chooses the rough stone。

Original cityZFNo objection to this gambling behavior、Unsupportive attitude,Let it develop freely,This public sale obviously has a certain influence in the country,It attracted many rich people over。
cityZFThe leaders of the China Merchants Office were also present in person。
The gambling workshop even hung up the banner,Made a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony,After that is the leader’s long speech。
of course,Nobody listened carefully to what the leader said,No need to listen,Chen Xiu is more like everyone,Tap twice when you applaud。
Where is Gong Daoming’s status?,
101 Win the bid!
“by,Why can’t I turn my head,Why do I want to see the rough stone through perspective,I can also use perspective to see what prices others are asking!”
At this moment, he clearly sees the more than 20 price codes offered by others in the bidding box.。
“Haha……If you open 5 million, you will make more than 3 million less,I just have to be a little bit higher than the one who offered the highest price.!”
Chen Xiu directly wrote the number of 1.91 million on his bidding list,Finally, I wrote the identification number that I gave to myself in this gambling on Shifang。
So Chen Xiu followed the marked booths on the notes and looked at each house,More than ten bids were continuously cast。
Until now83
102 On how to step on two boats with confidence

“I didn’t expect it,You can understand in such a short time‘Huafeng’!”Qin Kai exclaimed。

Qin Kai grinned and explained:“This is the result of my own practice,Every node reached,I will name it,It’s my own ass”
“Is there anything else?”Bai Ai asked。
Qin Kai nodded of course,Speak:“but,You have to continue to practice,You are not proficient in Huafeng,Don’t think about the rest”
Bai Ai looked up at the dense stone staircase above。
“Won’t you let me。。。”
Qin Kai answered Bai Ai’s question with an affirmative expression。
Bai Bai swallowed,Take a deep breath,Stepped onto a higher stone ladder than before,Start to feel the wind。
Qin Kai poured himself a sip of wine,Hey to himself:“Try Harder,The sky of this world,About to change,How can you survive without being strong?!”
Fuming after half a day,Came to Parkway City。
“Well。。。It’s a bit smaller than Tarot City”Fuming looking around the city,But there is a lot of traffic。
Take out the information device Qin Kai gave him,The location indicated above seems not far away。
Fuming looked down at the information device,A careless collided with a passerby was full。

Liu Lixin couldn’t think of it,There is such a relationship between Xiao Fan and his big boss,And what Liu Lixin can’t think of is,The age of my boss is obviously much older than Xiao Fan,But it was his own boss who was helped by Xiao Fan first。

and,Wen Tianli’s status in society today can be said to be pivotal,That means,Before my big boss has risen,This young man named Xiao Fan helped him,So it seems,The strength of this person named Xiao Fan is really not so powerful。
Liu Lixin is also a smart man,and so,After getting the boss’s words just now,I never spoke again。
Wind chime island is not big,and so,It didn’t take long,Wen Tianli and Liu Lixin’s car arrived in front of Ouyang’s villa。
After the car is parked,Wen Tianli did not get off the car,Liu Lixin got out of the car very sensibly,Came to the door of the villa,After the security at the door saw,Just ask:“Excuse me,Who are you looking for?”
“Hello there,I came to see Mr. Ouyang,Please go report。”Liu Lixin said politely。
The security looked up and down Liu Lixin,Looked at the car parked at the door again,To know,This wind chime island does not allow foreign vehicles to enter,and so,There are only a few people who are qualified to drive on this wind chime island。
Of course,No matter which one,Those are things that the little security guard can’t afford。
and so,After a short thought, the security guard,Said to Liu Lixin:“it is good,but,I’m not quite sure whether our old man Ouyang is at home,and so,All I can do is go and pass the message。”
Liu Lixin nodded,Said with a smile:“Ok,thank you!”
When the little security guard turned to leave,Suddenly asked:“So who are you?If the owner asks me,How should i answer?”
“You just say it belongs to Xihai Auction Company!”Liu Lixin said。
The little security guard was taken aback,Said:“Ok,You wait!”
Soon,The security guard is back,And behind him is the Patriarch of Ouyang,Liu Lixin recognized this man as Ouyang Jianfeng’s father,It’s not Ouyang Wuji, the real head of the Ouyang family。
“Manager Liu,Have missed,You have missed far away,I don’t know what wind is blowing today,To blow you to our house。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Five Tell you face to face

really,The gongs and drums in the stairwell are getting louder and louder,The Lu Family’s door is full of people,The neighbors are all open,Poked his head out curiously。

I saw three lions shaking their heads and waving their tails,Appeared in the stairwell in front of Lu’s house with a sullen expression,They do all kinds of pleasing actions,vivid,I squeezed into the door of the Lu family。
Everyone is happy,I haven’t seen dragon and lion dances for years,This year this is a sign of good luck!
The Lu family is really lively this year,First, so many people came to visit,Now even the lion dance has entered the gate of Lu’s house,It’s a good sign!
Lu Menglin took a closer look,These lion dancers,All are brothers of the Menglin Legion,Hurriedly and cheerfully took out the big red envelope,Slam into the lion’s mouth。
Wang Shaoxiao in a red dress said loudly:“Happy New Year to uncle and aunt!”
All the lads of the Menglin Army in the living room shouted in unison:“Happy New Year to uncle and aunt。”
The three lions lay obediently between the living room of the Lu family and the door,Shake your head,This is really great。
Lu Youshan also came out of the room,See this scene,I’m so happy。
Mother Lu also poked her head out of the kitchen,Elated,Sore nose。
Really poor, no one asks in the downtown area,Rich in the mountains and distant relatives!
Last year’s Lu family was not so lively,My parents were still worried about Lu Menglin’s study,I’m afraid he won’t go to university,I’ll be bored in the future,As a result, there was a big turnaround this year,He even thrives with the whole family。
Kim So Yeon also looked curiously at the big lion lying on his stomach in the living room,Think it’s so fun,There is no such excitement in Korea。
“Excuse me,Is this Lu Youshan’s home??”At this moment,But from the gate of the Lu family came a very uncomfortable voice。
This voice is full of majesty,There is even a hint of unkindness in it,Everyone in the living room of the Lu family heard this voice,Turned their heads and looked at the door。
Three men appeared at the door,The old man headed by has a horoscope,About fifty years old,Wearing a long yellow trench coat,There is a dusty feeling on his face。
Standing behind the old man,Are two young descendants,Straight,Cold-eyed。
The sudden appearance of these three,Incompatible with the harmonious and happy New Year atmosphere in the house,There is even a deep chill。

and so,Is it good to live well?,Why should I be so stupid to offend a man with profound power、A powerful wizard who can bring his own money……Do not,Is a mage?

Even thinking of this level of traders have already made a decision in their hearts:Tell your partner about your thoughts after a while,I will not make mistakes,But if there is an idiot in your class who can’t think of this level,That would be troublesome,Who can guarantee that the powerful Fernandez will not be blamed for this?
For the sake of my own life,Individual idiots must be stopped!
First897chapter Tracing the source(4000word)
Chen Geng found,After this,Everyone saw that their eyes were different from before,in22Days before,Make a decision yourself,Although Ji Shengcheng won’t talk to himself“Argue with reason”,But occasionally express my own opinions,but22After the false alarm between Iran and Iraq in Japan(Iranian and Iraqi soldiers did not fight because of this,There was only one brief exchange of fire between the two sides),Ji Shengcheng is almost brainless to follow any instructions,Not only Ji Shengcheng,The same goes for the traders who have hired them at a high price。
Know why they react like this,Chen Geng was quite dumbfounded。
Back to the stock and futures markets,Iran and Iraq are22This brief exchange of fire,Become the last straw to crush the confidence of the stock markets of all countries,From22Noon11point40Minute(Washington Time)Start,Investors in the world’s major stock markets have begun to sell U.S. dollars,Switch to the futures market,Snap up gold、silver、oil、Hard currency like rubber or even sugar。
Because a large number of investors from all over the world、Because of the centralized shipment,The dollar has depreciated sharply,Just two days,The dollar has depreciated by as much as22%,Created the largest dollar depreciation after World War II,at this time,Even if it is a desperate tray of Western developed countries headed by the United States,Can’t stop the entire market from crashing at an avalanche speed,Only fortunately,23Day is friday,when23After the day has passed,Governments and central banks have two days to close the market、Discuss countermeasures。
Ji Shengcheng asked Chen Geng humbly:“boss,You say,Can governments of various countries come up with strong rescue measures??”
“Choking,”Chen Geng shook his head,Outspoken:“Our ancestors said‘Follow the trend’,There is another sentence called‘Praying man’,It depends on whether governments can successfully rescue the market,It’s not about the rescue measures that governments will take,It depends on how the crisis came about,Only find the source of the problem,To know where the roots are,To prescribe the right medicine,Instead of getting a headache like this、Foot pain。”
Chen Geng said this,Not only Ji Shengcheng thoughtful,The traders on the side also pricked their ears。
This week,Everyone heard too much bad news,I have heard more about the endless rescue measures from governments around the world,I have also heard more urgent announcements by various companies、Identical“Jiuxin Wan”Financial report and development plan,But I haven’t heard anyone say the cause of the stock market crash,Then the problem is coming,This big stock market crash,How did it form??
“thatboss,How did this stock market crash come into being??”Kelly·Hicks asked。
“Mainly for three reasons,”Chen Geng didn’t sell Guanzi,Be a good teacher if you ask questions:“First of all、But also the most important reason,Is the west、It is also the world’s largest economy:America’s huge fiscal and trade deficits,”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng looked at everyone and asked:“Who knows in the past1986year,What is the U.S. fiscal deficit and trade deficit?”

No one else can get in,Just watching that man and woman you come and I will compete。

Not long,The price has soared to 800,000,Caused an uproar at the scene。In the eyes of many people,That is the value of three to four hundred thousand。
Jin Shengji never expected,Was actually targeted。
He suspects,Is that woman crazy?,Still deliberately unable to get along with him?Logically,When it’s 500,000,Should stop。But now,Even 800,000 won,hateful!That stinky lady!
He couldn’t help but cursed in Korean:Asi Bar!
But no matter how angry,Less than one million,He still has to continue to compete。
“Nine hundred thousand!”He fixed his eyes on Sister Fei。
Sister Fei with confidence,Don’t bother him!
“one million!”
Kim Sung-ki feels like Teddy,Gritted teeth,Stared at the woman for a while,Finally turned his head,Stop talking。everybody knows,This is confession。
At last,The work was obtained by Sister Fei with one million。
at the same time,Everyone is very curious about this work,After all, the price is far beyond everyone’s imagination。
Even the original owner of the painting,The collector also asked:“Excuse me,What is the origin of this painting?”

“Yes,Everything is going well now,According to the current progress,MD-12The fuselage will be manufactured next month,After inspection,The static test can be carried out next month,”Talking aboutMD-12,Little MacDonald suddenly smiled:“Dude,I must thank you for this。”

Little MacDonald really must sincerely thank Chen Geng,you can say so,Without Chen Geng’s help,MD-12Is it possible to cut the first aluminum plate now?。
“What about the interior decoration,Is it done??”
Talking aboutMD-12Interior decoration,Little MacDonald suddenly smiled:“almost,Will be completed at the beginning of next month,You know,We are following1:1Ratio of,Otherwise it can actually be faster……”
The two chatted all the way,The topic came back to Jacques again naturally-130Above,Jacques of COMAC-130very interested,Although Chen Gengwan rejected him just now,But little Macdonald still said,I hope to experience this aircraft。
“Your body can do it?”Chen Geng is skeptical about the physical condition of Little MacDonald:“Dude,You are already60Many years old。”
For this idea of Little Macdonald,Chen Geng is somewhat despised:Do you think you are General Lin,71I can still drive Su when I was 10 years old-30Fei Pugachev Cobra’s difficult maneuvers。
“It’s ok,I can not fly too intense maneuvers,”Little MacDonald looked very excited:“I just want to experience this airplane。”
understood,Little MacDonald just wanted to experience Jacques-130Flight experience,If it’s just a preliminary experience,That’s fine,Anyway, the flight instructor in the back seat can lock the operation authority of the student pilot in the front seat.,Just let Little MacDonald sit in the front seat and watch the scenery。
As for letting little MacDonald go to Jacques-130Whether it is suspected of violations and leaks,This is not really a problem,Jacques of COMAC-130The project is a self-funded project between COMAC and Yakovlev Design Bureau,Is self-funded rather than a national project,So although there is a certain level of confidentiality,But because the project was positioned at the beginning“International Advanced Jet Coach/Junior fighter”For the sake of,The level of confidentiality in the country is not high,As long as the identity is similar,The kind that you can visit and experience after applying,As little Macdonald,Of course there is no problem。
The truth is also true,Because of the identity of Little MacDonald,Two days later,This experience flight was quickly approved,Wear an anti-G suit、Little MacDonald with a flying helmet in his hand followed Chen Geng to Jacques who was on the mission.-130In front of,Can’t help but whistle:“Cool。”
Chen Geng did not speak,Turned his head and looked at Little MacDonald。
“The cockpit of this plane,Give me the feeling andT-45almost,”Little MacDonald didn’t look at Chen Geng,Two eyes are shining for the Jacques produced by COMAC-130Said:“Can provide students and coaches with excellent vision,And it feels very good……You know,”Little Macdonald shrugged:“Nice airplane,Must be a good plane。”