Chapter Thirty-Two: Opening up the God Plane
having said so much。”Beirut laughed:“I believe you should already feel the power of faith。The main god depends on the power of faith,Of course there is also the ability to create planes rooted in the main godhead,It’s easy to blend the five kinds of laws。What you have to do now is to become Dzogchen as soon as possible。”
“correct,You must pay attention。”Beirut says:“Augusta must be reported,Although it was me who robbed the Lord Godhead,But you refined these three main godheads,I’m afraid he won’t let you go,So it’s better not to enter the highest plane。”
Lai nodded,He was mentally prepared for this。
“correct,Lord Beirut,I have two things I want to ask you for help。”Wright says。
“what’s up?
“First thing,The legendary god of death can also be resurrected,My family and friends.”
Beirut touched his beard,A little embarrassed:“Wright,I know this too,But we are both trapped in the Magnolia continent,Just a few small things,The resurrection of the dead requires a high price even for the general dead god,I’m afraid I won’t be willing。According to the legend, the Lord of Death can be resurrected without any cost.But her status is too high,I can’t speak to the next god。”
“I will find someone to help you ask about this.But don’t hope too much。unless.”
“Unless I beat Augusta,With this strength, those dead gods naturally dare not not give this face!”Wright knows,For resurrected loved ones,Actually he doesn’t have much desire。
Although his biological parents died miserably,But after all, I haven’t really seen,Moved there,Feelings are not too strong。
He has a deep affection for his adoptive parents,But adoptive parents and sisters naturally live to the end of their lives,Not too much regret。
If it can be resurrected,Not being able to resurrect him is not too worrying。
“What about another thing?”Beirut asked。
“It’s about my teacher Cromwell。”Wright says:“My teacher went to hell,I am not familiar with the hell side。I was planning to go to hell to explore,unfortunately。。。”
“Leave this to me。”Beirut says:“In hell,I still have some face,I will ask the Lord Xuefeng for help。But you,Hurry up and practice,Actually what you need to do most now,Is to open up the plane of God,Use this opportunity to open up the plane of God,It can also promote strength。”

in fact,For such things。

Zhao Sikang didn’t feel anything。
Even when he looks,In this case,It’s actually a good opportunity。
So looking at these,Now,Zhao Sikang is more so,While seeing here,deep in the heart,Is quite excited。
“All right,Now words,I won’t say so much for now,If you can,Just come。”
When Wang Teng was talking here,At this moment,The people around see here,It’s completely free of money。
Now that I have decided to do it,So let’s just come。
Anyway,Looks at Wang Teng,These things,In itself,Actually, I didn’t feel any problems at all。
And after watching for a while,Now,Wang Teng looked at him,The more so,Actually speaking here,Wang Teng’s heart,I’m very excited。
But at this moment,For the moment,obviously,What will these things represent,In fact, it is still very obvious。
See these,Those people around,I’m also willing。
“Everyone together,Killed Wang Teng。”
“That’s right,If it’s not because of Wang Teng,How could we become like this?”

“I agree with you,I just understand,Why did you suddenly start talking,Is this something weird?”Xia Zecheng’s doubts,It seems that Xia Jian didn’t make it clear today,I really can’t pass this level。

Xia Jian thought for a moment,He told Wang Youcai’s support in a kind of tactful way。Because at that time,When Wang Youcai went to invite Lu Weili,Lu Xiuli looks down on Wang Youcai,Aroused Xia Jian’s dissatisfaction。No matter what,Wang Youcai is from Xiping Village。
What Xia Jian said,There was a smile on Xia Zecheng’s face。He said with a smile:“My son is a great man。Good Dog Hu Yizhuang,Not to mention that we are from a village。Turns out to be this,It seems this kid has also realized”
“Just guard him!This Wang Youcai has spent a lot of intestines since he was a child。Anyway, it’s something that involves interests,He can do anything。Heard from the villagers,He changed several wives”Sun Yuejuan reminds Xia Jian。She was afraid that her son would be hurt by Wang Youcai。
Xia Zecheng heard this from his wife,Immediately retorted:“Just a few wives?Isn’t the only one really married??Which is really away。But I heard Wang Degui brag about it two days ago,After saying that Wang Youcai will marry this”
“This woman is nice,The leader’s partner has more than enough money。The key is to be diligent,Very good to Wang Degui。This is what the villagers say”Sun Yuejuan said,Can’t help but sigh again。She may be thinking of Xia Jian’s lifelong event again。
First2286chapter No retreat
Just when Xia Jian’s family was talking about Wang Youcai,Suddenly Ma Yan walked in。She smiled and said to Sun Yuejuan:“Aunt!My dad asked Xia Jian to be a guest at my house”
“Oh!This bastard,Still need it please!He will go by himself in a while”Sun Yuejuan was obviously a little surprised。
Ma Yan took a peek at Xia Jian,He lowered his voice and said:“Then hurry up!The food at home is ready for you”Ma Yan finished,Trot away。
Xia Zecheng smiled and said:“This etiquette is wrong,You should take the initiative to pay a New Year greeting to Ma Yan’s parents,Someone invited you over”
“Is it interesting to say these nonsense??Get ready to go。Hey!I can tell you,Ma Dongshan is a businessman,He does business outside all year round,So someone who has seen the world。See him in a while,You have to pay attention”
Sun Yuejuan said to Xia Jian,So he stood up and packed his gifts。Ma Yan invited him over as a guest,Xia Jian is really a bit clouded。
Did Ma Yan’s parents know what happened last night?,Ask him to settle accounts?Someone invited to be a guest on New Year’s Day,It may not be easy,He has to think about it,Otherwise, you might lose your adult。
Two bottles of good wine,A good smoke,The other is a box of fruit,And a carton of milk。This is Sun Yuejuan’s gift for Xia Jian to go to Ma Yan’s house。
Xia Jian glanced at his parents and said:“What are you guys doing?Bring so many things over,Don’t you find it strange?”

Xia Jianlue hesitated and said:“not in the mood,I’ll make an appointment with you another day!“

“What’s going on here?Doesn’t seem to be your personality“Xiongji asked。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Hey!Someone complained about tax evasion in our group,The tax bureau has started to check the accounts today,You said I’m not in the mood to go out to play!“
“Hi!I thought it was something,Don’t you just check the account??Let them check,The big deal is money,Don’t think about it anymore,It’s useless to think about it,Let it go,Playing with me is the best way,Xiaonanmen Xiangcai Renjia,See or leave“Xiongji finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Hung up。
Xia Jian thinks about it too,What’s the use of doing nothing,Why not go out and relax。With last experience,Xia Jian hurriedly called Lao Xiao,Told the tax bureau about the audit,In the end, she said she won’t be back at night,I want to go out for a meal with Xiongji。
Old Xiao’s attitude is very open-minded,Almost the same as what Xiongji said,Let him go out to play,But be safe。After hanging up,Xia Jian wondered whether to let Fang Fang go with him or let Zhang Sangui go with him,Think about it,I can do it myself,In case something happens,He feels a bit sad about implicating others。
It’s off work time,Xia Jian stopped a car on the side of the road,Go straight to Xiaonanmen。The driver was a female driver who was about 30 years old,She is a good person,And also very talkative。
“Hey!master,Why are you going to Xiaonanmen??This is a bit far“The female driver said,Press the table。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Go have a meal with friends,Far away!Give you as much as you can run“
“Hi!That was not what I meant,What’s delicious in Xiaonanmen,Where are all the newly opened large baths,Go bath,Then it’s almost the same for women“The female driver said,I couldn’t help laughing first。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Suddenly feel that I am old-fashioned,Not a taxi company knows much,He can’t help thinking,Since this is the case,What do you mean by calling him??
Anyway to play,Why do you want to think so much,Xia Jianma overturned his idea,Looking straight at the night view outside the window,Humming。
The taxi driver is right,Ran for about an hour,The car stopped,Female driver looking at the watch,said laughingly:“59yuan“
Xia Jian took out60Dollar change,Put it on the table and say:“keep the change“

Of course, Wang Yufei did not spend too much energy on the press conference.,The company has a dedicated person responsible for this。

He is mainly busy now with his quantum brain laboratory。
All the research assistants in the laboratory are basically in place。
He is naturally the core of the entire laboratory,Brother Cao served as the laboratory director,The twelve seniors and five seniors dug from the Brain-Machine Institute are all assistant researchers.,Then Lu Yuxin and Shi Xulin deal with data analysis in the laboratory。
20 people in total,Divided into three groups,Responsible for the research work of three laboratories respectively。
Now everyone is studying and familiarizing themselves with the laboratory equipment they need to operate.。
The official opening of the Quantum Brain Lab is also scheduled for the second day of the release of the solid-state super battery,Official launch on Monday, August 3。
Before this,Wang Yufei has another very important thing。
Ge Lingyue ended his nearly two-month international trip,Returned home in a hurry。
And she was not the only one returning home this time,There is a big man,Bill·Gates。
This time Ge Lingyue is sitting with Bill again·Gates’ private jet,A Boeing757Back home together。
The world’s richest man has three private jets,Except this Boeing757Outside,There is also a challenger604With a BombardierBD-700Global Express。Last time Ge Lingyue took a Challenger604。
This time probably because the whole team returned to China,There are more people,Plus long-distance voyages,So I used Boeing757。Although I can’t fly directly to the capital due to the voyage,,Need to transfer to the airport to refuel,But taking this kind of private jet to fly across the ocean is still much more comfortable than taking a big plane。
The plane landed at the Beijing International Airport at 7 o’clock in the morning on August 1st。
In view of the sincerity expressed by the other party, Wang Yufei also showed face to pick up the plane in person at the airport.。
Of course it’s not just to pick up Bill·Gates,Ge Lingyue was also very hard this time。

“okay,You go quickly,Don’t make your mother wait。”Zhang Siwei is impatient,Are a little impatient。

“it is good,Thank you Siwei,I am leaving。”Xia Shuyue called Yang Yong,Drove to her rental house。
by the road,Xia Shuyue get off first,Pointed at the rental house in the distance,“I’m there,Second floor,You park the car,Just come find me。”
“it is good。”Yang Yong nodded,Watch Xia Shuyue leave,He backed the car back some,Find a place to park。
Xia Shuyue held her waist,Go upstairs slowly,“mom,sister,You are coming。”
Saw sister coming in,Xia Qiuping cleaned up the house,While talking,“Xia Shuyue,Is this the place where people live?Just a kennel,What happened,It looks like no one has lived for hundreds of years,I can’t figure out what life you are living。”
Wang Sulian is angry and distressed,“This is what you said about the good life in the city?at home,What’s not better than this?A broken house,Just one room,very messy,Dust everywhere,Like a thief,I don’t know how you live as a pregnant woman?”Almost wiped tears。
Xia Shuyue walked over and took Xia Qiuping’s hand,“sister,You don’t have to clean up,I did not live here,Mess up。”
Wang Sulian surprised,“You changed place again?Last time your sister said you lived in an apartment,Two-bedroom,Later, I said you live in a small rental house,Why changed again?”
“Damn,mom,Forget it,Just live in the original house。”Xia Shuyue didn’t know how to explain to them。
At this moment,Yang Yong parked the car and walked up,Xia Qiuping saw him,Look up and ask,“Who are you looking for?”
Xia Shuyue turned around,Introduced to Wang Sulian and Xia Qiuping,“Oh,His name is Yang Yong,Came to me。”
After that, she pointed to Xia Qiuping and said to Yang Yong,“This is my eldest sister。”
“Good sister。”Yang Yong smiled and greeted politely。
“Hello there。”Xia Qiuping looks at Yang Yong。
Xia Shuyue pointed at Wang Sulian again,“This is my mom。”
“Hello mom。”Yang Yong casually says hello。
“it is good,it is good。”Wang Sulian stood up excitedly,Looking at Yang Yong in surprise。
Yang Yong discovered that something was wrong,Smiled awkwardly,“Slur,Slur,Sorry,Hello auntie。”
The expressions of eldest sister and mother have told Xia Shuyue,They completely misunderstood,She hurriedly added,“Yang Yong and I are colleagues。”

Ever since,There is no Ouyang home in this world。

No one knows where they went,Except Wen Tianli。
In fact,Even now,Wen Tianli is still civilizing himself,Why not kill them Ouyang Family,Because at the beginning they were able to eliminate the roots of the Wen family。
It’s because of his good luck,Met Xiao Fan,All will be in this pair decades later,Only now has a scene。
and,Wen Tianli’s heart is also very clear,If it wasn’t for Xiao Fan,Just by his own power,I want to make Ouyang’s family fall,It will take at least a month,And have to say,I have to pay an extremely heavy price。
but,Xiao Fan only spent half an hour,Let the famous Ouyang family,Disappeared clean。
To this,Wen Tianli was even more surprised,He knows Xiao Fan’s abilities are amazing,The forces behind it are even more unimaginable,But no matter what he thinks,It is also absolutely unexpected that Xiao Fan’s power is already so powerful。
It seems,How lucky I am,When I was in despair,Met such a noble person。
but,right now,Wen Tianli also secretly made up his mind,That is to follow Xiao Fan to the death,I will never and dare to have two hearts with him。
And the other side。
After Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona played at the beach for a long time,Lin Yoona is a little tired,So Xiao Fan suggested:“Yoona,Otherwise, let’s go back and rest!”
“Ok!”Lin Yooner happily answered。
On the way Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner were walking back,Lin Yoona suddenly remembered something,Said to Xiao Fan:“Xiao Fan,otherwise,Let’s go to the boss’s wife to have a look!”

Mazzado“I want to become a human,And now I just want to become Tian Lu。”

Ye Xingkong Road“Don’t make this bad idea,Hurry up and get rid of your thoughts。Tian Lu is unique,You are also unique,Do you understand?”

First149chapter Relief
Maza has always wanted to be an earthling in front of Ye Xingkong,I especially want to look like Tian Lu。
Ye Xingkong did not agree,Maza is upset,A million puzzled。
Facing Ye Xingkong’s indifference,Maza is so anxious,Can’t help crying,Crying:“but、But I obviously think you are so kind to her,Do you like her?”
“I like her,It’s a simple liking,No overthinking,Just treat you,I have always considered you my sister,So I don’t want any mistakes among you,Do you understand?”Ye Xingkong seriously communicated with Mazza。
“I don’t want to be your sister,I am your fiancee,I want to be your wife。”Maza is a little messy,Shouted excitedly。
“Mazza!”Ye Xingkong scolded,Want to make her sober。
Powerful roar,Mazza stopped sobbing and crying。
“why,You are now Ding Kelan,Why can’t I become Tian Lu。”There are still tears on Mazha’s eyelashes,Pouting。
“you listen to me,Both of you are unique,Understand?As for who you want to become,That needs fate。In short,You become Tian Lu,I don’t allow。”Ye Xingkong grabbed Maza’s shoulders and gave a serious explanation。
With a low and serious voice,Keep saying:“Promise me okay,Don’t beat Tianlu’s mind,Not to drink her blood。”
“What if i drink?”Ma Zha is reluctant,Eyes full of hope。
Ye Xingkong retracted his hands on her shoulders。Staring at her,A look,Low voice,Answer with weight:“Then I will never forgive。”
Maza trembled all over,She looked at Ye Xingkong,Stop talking,My heart is full of infinite jealousy and hostility towards Tian Lu。


Chapter Eighty Hundred and Fortieth All show their magic
Xia Chenglong stretched,After mastering the mechanism here,Everything becomes simpler,Everything is going according to my imagination。
Just ready to walk,Found a different situation in the previous fire,This is the sound of shock。
Wait for the surrounding smoke to disappear,The amethyst tiger and lion actually stood up from the ground again,And the other party seems to have changed a little at this moment。
The whole body is big purple,There is a purple flame at this moment,This flame should be caused by burning blood,I didn’t expect this guy to be so crazy。
Burning blood means you can’t stop,It doesn’t end until the last minute。
Originally intended to let it go,Now it seems that this guy can’t get through the knot by himself。
When their dignity is hit hard,Instinctively maintain,This is the instinct of being the blood of the ancient king。
well,If so, don’t blame him for being rude。
The crazy amethyst tiger and lion appeared directly in the sky after roaring,The whole body flame turned into the purest power。
This power is different from Mo Qilin’s ghost fire,Is pure mania and destruction,So it is actually very powerful,At the very least, there will be no one in the same level。
Flame into a pillar of fire,Not a single pillar of fire,But there are twelve,These twelve pillars of fire appeared in all directions of Xia Chenglong,Then move towards him。
More than that,The next moment the other party directly sacrifices。
“Eh tut!”
Xia Chenglong shook his head,Do you want this,Ok as if they are a battle of life and death。
I chose to die together,This is a bit too much。

One year30Ten thousand,a car120Dollar design“Commission”……This is3600Ten thousand dollars!

And only one year!
Although this money has to be taxed,But with this income,Fernandez can crush the nation99%Above companies,Speak bluntly,Even the United Community Bank where I worked before,It’s really good enoughXIs it,Top ranking in the U.S. banking industry30Existence within name,The year before、That is1977The net profit for the whole year is just1.54One hundred million U.S. dollars,But relying on such a project,The annual income of Fernandez is equivalent to almost a quarter of the annual income of United Community Bank.!
of course,This is the ideal situation,In fact, it may not only fail30Ten thousand,Even15The annual sales volume of 10,000 vehicles will not reach,But who can say this kind of thing?Anyway, as far as Rosemary is concerned,Compared to those hot cars on the market today,This car does have the potential to sell,the most important is……
I can get more than from this business every year30Ten thousand dollars in commission,Chrysler hires Lee·What is the annual salary of Iacocca as group president?
But only36Ten thousand dollars only,And myself,Count the company’s shares,Calculate the annual salary,Count this,A year’s total income properly exceeds60Ten thousand,USD!
Thinking of such a large sum of money,Rosemary is breathing fast,She took a few breaths:“boss,Are you serious?”
Chen Geng asked:“how,You are not optimistic?”
“It’s not that I am not optimistic,But……This is really incredible,Just past1978year,The whole United States is only sold400More than ten thousand new cars。”Rosemary expressed her attitude euphemistically:Sold across the U.S.400More than ten thousand new cars,Your car will occupy30Ten thousand,How do you make other models on the market live?
There are not only your four major auto giants,And Japanese cars,There are also European cars。
Chen Geng’s heart couldn’t help but move:“You said……How about let’s have a gambling agreement with Chrysler?”
Rosemary winked:“Gambling agreement?”
“Ok,On gambling,”Chen Geng nodded:“Bet on the annual sales of this car,To100USD design fee as a starting point,Sales have not reached a higher level,They gave us‘design fee’Go up a step。”
Chen Geng didn’t say how to set up these two steps,This needs to be discussed between Fernandez and Chrysler.,But through this action of Chen Geng,Rosemary can see,OwnbossTo this“family”More than just being confident,Simply confident!
The brain is spinning fast,at last,Rosemary said slowly while thinking:“and so……Can you break through this car3010,000 annual sales,Very confident?”
“At least my annual sales2010,000 cars are very confident,But still the major premise:Chrysler’s quality control and quality must be passable,If it’s still the bad quality control before,I have no confidence at all。”
“it is good,I’ll talk to Iacocca about these!”Rosemary’s spirit came all at once,How much money can be made,I can’t help but she’s not excited:“boss,And one more thing……”
“Chrysler has a charity dinner a week later,Would you like to join in the fun?”