Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian,So I added some of her favorite dishes。Xia Jian can’t figure out what medicine is sold in this mother and son’s gourd。

Li Lan is eating vegetables,Talking to Qin Xiaomin happily,As if the things just never happened before。Xia Jian thought,No one cares about this,What’s so scary about him pretending to be someone else’s boyfriend。Thought of here,He relaxed,I picked up the chopsticks and ate it。
“Your name is Xia Jian?Really the boss of a startup group?”Li Lan suddenly asked Xia Jian,She wanted to ask Xia Jian by surprise。
Xia Jian swallowed the food in his mouth,I just nodded and said:“Xiao Min is right,I’m Xia Jian, the general manager of Venture Group“Things have reached this point,Xia Jian thinks there is nothing to hide。
“Ok!The young man looks very energetic,So young is the boss of the entrepreneurial group,Looks promising。I just don’t understand,A good person like you,The beautiful girls around you should be in line,Then why did you choose to associate with our family, Xiao Min??“Li Lan praised Xia Jian first,Then the topic changed,Straight to the topic。
Xia Jian is most worried that Li Lan will ask this question,I didn’t expect she still asked。Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Our venture group has project investment in Donglin Township,I accidentally got in touch with Xiao Min“
“Is it just contact between you?“Li Lan asked again。
Qin Xiaomin looked at Li Lan and kept asking,Xia Jian will definitely show up,So she laughed and said:“mom!Are you asking too much?This involves our privacy“
“okay!Also privacy,Just your business“Li Lan’s face changed slightly,I couldn’t help but scold Xia Jian。
Xia Jian has a look,Busy with a smile:“What does Auntie want to ask,Just ask。Anyway, I will tell you what I know“
Li Lan glanced at Qin Xiaomin,Suddenly lowered his voice and asked Xia Jiandao:“Did Xiao Min say what I do??Is to tell you the situation of my family?”
“No!Xiao Min didn’t say,I am too embarrassed to ask,So till now,I don’t know what Auntie does”Xia Jian smiled and said。But what he said is really true。
Li Lan took a deep breath and said:“it is good!I ask you one last question,You have to tell me the truth,No lie。last night,Min did not go home,Is she with you?“
When Li Lan asked this,,Two beautiful eyes staring at Xia Jian,Lest he would lie。Xia Jian couldn’t help but glance at Qin Xiaomin,Qin Xiaomin lowered his head at this moment。
“Don’t look at Xiao Min,To be honest“Although Li Lan’s voice is a bit small,But full of sternness。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Xiaomin and I drink beer together,Drank too much。She dare not go home,Stayed at the hotel outside”Xia Jian’s answer is very smooth,Not listen carefully,I really can’t tell what’s wrong。
“I asked if I was with you?”Li Lan asked again,Kind of breaking the casserole。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The wine she drank with me,I took her to the hotel”Xia Jian is still playing the side ball,Don’t say directly,I was with Qin Xiaomin in one night。
At this time,Li Lan’s phone rang,She frowned,But the phone is still connected。Just listen to her laugh:“President Wang!Your son said his stomach hurts,Your stomach hurts again,Why did you follow him??”
“Let me ask you,This is the one that you played,Since I made an appointment with us for dinner,Shouldn’t let Xiao Min bring a man,Do you think you are doing this a bit too much”There was a woman’s very unhappy voice on the phone。

“There is no problem with this,But the head of our group is out,I want to call her to report”Jin Yimei smiled slightly,Took out the phone。

Which policeman led the team with a smile and said:“I don’t think it is necessary anymore!Xia Jian, the boss of your group, is under investigation in Pingdu,You can call the shots by yourself”
“Do not!In addition to Mr. Xia, our group,And Mr. Wang,Without her consent,I can’t do the audit”Jin Yimei said decisively,So I called Wang Lin。
Wang Lin heard that the police brought someone to check the accounts,The color of the face changed immediately,But she quickly calmed down,She said to Jin Yimei:“This audit matter,You are in charge。I can’t come back temporarily outside”
Wang Lin answered very cleverly,This means that,You as the chief financial officer,I think there is nothing wrong with the account you made,Just let someone check!But in case there is any problem,You can figure it out。
Jin Yimei hung up the phone, To which policeman:“Our boss agreed to check the accounts,Start now!”
Jin Yimei is also a veteran,Deliberately let these people out of a house with a broken air conditioner,Even pretending to be kind to move them a fan。
Actually such a big group,Some air-conditioned rooms are,Such as meeting room,Reception room。Any place is better than here。This room is not only small,And only a small window,The other is a door。People in there for a while,I started to sweat。
Big groups are more orderly,So which account do these people want,Jin Yimei will be brought by the first time。Two or three hours later,These people didn’t find out anything,Evacuated in a hurry。
When each of them goes out,There is a big wet on the back。Finance manager An Demin smiled and said to Jin Yimei:“President Jin is really high,Or else,They don’t know when they will find out?I’m afraid to annoy these people”
“Humph!Not afraid of shadows,No problem on the account,Afraid of what they do?”Jin Yimei is right and confident。
First1231chapter Nothing
Startup groups are passive,Of course other related units will not be spared。
Xia Jian was taken away a week after he was released back,Guo Meili drove him up。Xia Jian at this time,Almost become another person,Except for a tired face,Unshaven,I feel people are many years old。
Look at Xia Jian like this,Guo Meili dare not say a word,Took him to the staff apartment,And personally put a bath of water for Xia Jian。
The iron door on the third floor has been locked from inside,So Guo Meili has nothing to consider。She whispered to Xia Jian:“I’ll take a bath for you,If you are too tired,Just sit still“
Xia Jian is very obedient,He took off his clothes and lay in the bathtub,I snored after a while,It seems that he really didn’t sleep well these days。

the next day,Xia Jian is inspecting work in Dongwangzhuang,I received a call from Meng Jiucheng。Meng Jiucheng was very excited on the phone。He excitedly told Xia Jian,The amount of more than two million yuan has been entered into Donglin Township’s account。

This is what Xia Jian expected,Because Chen Jiang is the mayor of a city,I promised him a pat on his chest。So the money will definitely come,But when he received the news,Still a little namelessly excited。
He said calmly on the phone:“Contact Liu Zimin immediately,Give me some money first,Build a cafeteria for the township government。The other is the replanting of new seedlings,Progress cannot be stopped。There is also the project fund of the Township Health Institute,Part of the payment is required according to the progress”
Because of money,So Meng Jiucheng agreed on the phone and was very happy。Feng Xiaowei, who followed Xia Jian to supervise the workers, saw Xia Jian so happy。
She lowered her voice and asked:“Did you win the lottery,Won the first prize?”
“Yes!This is a two million prize。Donglin Township really needs a brand new look”Xia Jian said,Can’t help but laugh。
Feng Xiaowei is very smart,She immediately smiled:“Has the money for harvesting Northeast pine arrived??”
“you guessed right。We should go back,This Dongwangzhuang project has been fully completed,Next, let’s look at their Dongsheng Group,But I recommend,In the use of staff,Still dominated by villagers in Dongwangzhuang”Xia Jian said,And walked towards the jeep parked on the side of the road。
Feng Xiaowei followed up and said:“Dongsheng Group has the final say on this。After all, people are the investors,Moreover,Villagers in Dongwangzhuang,A few are culturally knowledgeable”
“Literacy,I don’t know how to train?”Xia Jian said,He opened the door and got in。He just started the car,I saw a black BMW running over with dust,Just parked in front of his car。
BMW door opened,Hu Huiru walked out of the car in a nice dress。She shouted all the way:“Don’t go, Chief Xia!It’s really troublesome to find you”
“What’s up, Mr. Hu,Shall we go to my office to talk”Xia Jian opened the car door and walked down,He smiled and said。
Hu Huiru shook her head and said:“No way,Let’s talk now,It’s not easy to catch people”Hu Huiru said,Made a gesture,I mean to ask Xia Jian to talk to her in her car。
Xia Jian hesitated,He opened the door of the BMW car and sat in。Xia Jian found out after getting in the car,Hu Huiru drove the car by herself。She pressed the curtain button in front。This premium car is really good,I even brought automatic curtains。

A speech from the village chief,More than a dozen male villagers ran over,They mean that there are many people and power,I want to help Chen Erniu and the others。

“Ouch, Chief Zhao!Your heart is too biased”Wang Youcai rushed to Zhao Hong angrily。He really can’t figure it out,He tried to provoke the relationship between Xia Jian and Zhao Hong last night,Fei slobbered,It seems that it didn’t work at all。
“Wang Youcai!I warn you,Don’t worry about it。Our Xiping Village is now in a good situation of stability and unity,You do something,The impact on our village is extremely bad。If you don’t drive your broken car away within a minute,Then you are ready to collect scrap iron!”Zhao Hong scolded loudly,The mighty image of a village chief。
Wang Youcai saw that no one was willing to speak for him,So a sharp turn,Jump on the broken jeep,Drove away for a while。
Among the onlookers,Some people who like to watch hot,Laughed。Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Hong,Didn’t say a word,Swiftly jumped onto the big run,Drove quickly to the town government。
There was no problem going to work on time,But was delayed by the bastard Wang Youcai,It seems to be a few minutes late for work。If this is someone from the research team,Especially Qin Xiaomin。If she said two things,Then his man is lost。Doesn’t this tell Secretary Lu to watch his hilarious。
What is this person afraid of sometimes,What does it come。When Xia Jian drove Daben and first entered the town government’s compound,Where did the city research team’s bus just stop?。
Secretary Lu opened the door to greet him,Busy greeting Qin Xiaomin and several leaders in the city。Tong Jie and Wei Xiaoming also ran down the stairs,They both carry a small bag in each hand。Inside,Should be the data from this survey。
This embarrassed Xia Jian。He will get off?It’s better to sit on it?Just when Xia Jianzheng didn’t know what to do,Secretary Lu has already yelled at him:“Mayor Xia!Why are you still daunting?The leaders of the city all rushed over from the city,Do you live farther than them?”
Xia Jian almost died when she heard it。He is not afraid of meeting the leader,It doesn’t matter even if the leader says he is late,Two sentences of criticism,Serious wage deduction,For him,It doesn’t matter。He doesn’t want to see Qin Xiaomin,Because I met on this occasion,He doesn’t know what to say。
This survey,He should have gone with him,But he didn’t do it,Just let Tong Jie and Wei Xiaoming stand up。Qin Xiaomin is not a fool,I understand Xia Jian’s mind。So in these days,The research team’s car comes to the town government’s yard every day,But Qin Xiaomin deliberately didn’t ask where Xia Jian went。
Two people are pinched,You said such a situation,What else do you see?。
This Lu Shu is not too busy to be too big,He saw that Xia Jian couldn’t get down in the car,Also deliberately called,Doesn’t this mean showing Xia Jian’s ugliness in public??

Under her bargaining,Everything Wang Youcai bought,But a lot cheaper。At six o’clock in the evening,A beautiful house has been cleaned up。

This room viewed from outside,Dark old house,Really nothing good。But opened the door and walked in,The room that Wang Youcai cleaned up is really good。
Since I just painted the wall,So the doors and windows are open。Wang Youcai greeted Julan sitting on the soft bed,Both of them have sweet smiles on their faces。
“Will you live here from now on?”Julan asked softly。
Wang You smiled,He took Julan into his arms,Julan struggled lightly and said:“do not do that,Doors and windows open,You are not afraid of someone coming in?”
“Rest assured。The people around here almost moved,Even if you don’t move,No one enters this hospital”Wang Youcai said,Hold your hands tighter。
Julan asked puzzledly:“Everyone around has moved away,Then you have to buy new homes here,Isn’t that a waste of money??”
“Doctor Lu also has a hard life,Back from him,May not be demolished。Maybe it’s the village in the future”Wang Youcai is right,The split words written on this yard,I don’t know who has been smeared。
The two were tired and crooked for a while,Because Wang Youcai wants to go back to Julan to drink Chinese medicine,The two locked the door,Drove Wang Youcai’s car to where Julan lived。
Parked the car on the side of the road,Julan and Wang Youcai walked towards the small courtyard talking and laughing。The big iron gate is slightly open,There are lights in Xu Lihong’s room。
When Wang Youcai was about to turn around and walk on the big iron gate,Suddenly a dark figure rushed out of Julan’s room。This shocked Julan and Wang Youcai。
“Dog men and women!What else to say this time”The shadow cursed and rushed forward。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help being surprised,Isn’t this man Julan’s husband Chen Donghai??He just came yesterday,Julan and him agreed,He won’t come back tonight,did not expect…
“What do you want Chen Donghai?”Wang Youcai yelled。He’s called preemptive strike。

First is Wei Xiaoxing,Although he keeps that silly smile,But people still see,He can’t stand it anymore,The smile on that guy’s face is more twisted than crying,After all, he is a guy who wants to transform such a large area of battle environment with mutation ability,Can last till now,In terms of his mutation level,It’s absolutely super level。

The ground on the duel stage,There are many places where ice can no longer be kept,But turned into a pool of water stains。
Then this result will directly cause He Bu’s high-speed movement to almost end.。
Because even if he can sprint at high speed on the remaining ice,But his movement direction has been restricted by the terrain,Cause the attack direction to be easily Predict,The deterrence has naturally become weaker。
Many people outside the court held their breath unconsciously,Because they know,Match point is coming,Maybe the winner will be decided in the next second,So no one wants to miss it,Naturally have to keep your eyes open,Look carefully。
Even those off the court have realized this,Maosen is even less aware of it,He has been holding back long enough,Waiting for a long time,Just waiting for the best time。
at last,Just when the thin layer of ice on the ground almost turned into water,Wei Xiaoxing behind He Bu also slammed,Fall to the ground。
Many people couldn’t help but exclaimed,I also admire the perseverance of this little guy。
He can hold on for so long,It’s beyond everyone’s expectations,This little guy who doesn’t seem strong,Actually changed the battlefield environment,And lasted a few minutes,If his ability is wisely used on the battlefield,Maybe it can change the course of the whole battle,Surprisingly Win。
Talent like this,There are already many people secretly watching,After the duel,Are you going to get in touch with this little guy?。
Wei Xiaoxing fell to the ground,The ground is no longer freezing,The location is almost lost。
And He Bu’s feet at this moment,Only the last ice track is left,In other words,He only has the last chance,If this blow still fails to knock down Maosen,Then he will have no chance of winning。
He Bu slowed down,His look focused,As if to gather all the mind into the blade,Entered the subtle realm of the unity of man and knife。
The real match point is here,The next knife,Is the time to decide the outcome!Many people present couldn’t help but have this feeling。
Maosen also felt this change in atmosphere,He broke his wrist,Open arms,Inject all remaining energy into the defense。
Hard as iron,Surging power,This is the strength of Fu Longfei, the first auxiliary of the Fifth Military Region, plus rookie Wang Maosen.。
He Bomo silently,There is nothing in front of him right now,Only the long knife in the hand。
He remembers clearly,Teacher Lu once told him,In addition to the knife,The state of nothing outside,Even the opponent doesn’t care about it,Only in this way,To be truly one,Kill the enemy with the feel of a knife,Instead of using human power。

Really small,Don’t talk to Boeing707Compared with such a large intercontinental aircraft,Even those parked not far from the airportDC—8、DC-9、Boeing737compared to,Is also exceptionally small and exquisite,I just stood next to Mu Tiezhu1Meter4Like a little girl,But one thing must be admitted,This little plane is really beautiful,Like a beautifully dressed girl。

“Ha ha……”Secretary Liu laughed twice,But there is not much meaning to laugh at:“This can be a private jet,Not a civil aircraft,Do you think you can compare buses that serve the people with cars that serve leaders??”
This is the truth!
The explanation of Secretary Liu’s image made Geng Shaojie suddenly,This is indeed true,The car must be exquisite,No matter how big the bus is,Can’t compare with the car。
But look at the crowd,Look at the plane in front of you,Chen Geng frowned slightly,Suddenly not only be a bodyguard for this period of time、Statham, who also has half of his assistant, said:“Statham,Do you think our plane is a bit small?”
“Uh……Also okay,”Statham scratched his head,Honest way,He actually agrees with his boss,King Air200Up to seven passengers can travel at the same time,Except for myself and the boss,Five more guests,Take the plane full,There is no place to sit even if there is one more guest,It’s really a bit small,From the perspective of business reception,Will look embarrassing:“and so,boss,Are you going to change a plane?”
“What size plane are you going to change?Have a goal?Do you need me? Let me contact you?”Statham asked immediately,As an assistant, he does a good job。
“Find a suitable civil airliner,”Chen Geng thought for a while:“Let’s refit with civil aircraft。”
Actually, Chen Geng treated this King Air200Still like it,He never felt that the space on this plane was not enough before,But at this moment,Chen suddenly noticed,There are only seven passenger seats and2000King Air with the longest voyage of kilometers200,Actually more suitable as a frame“Private plane”Instead of“Business jet”To use,If the partner has more people,Do not,No need to come,Even one more,There are not enough seats on the plane。
By contrast,Or the one I once owned—62MThe modified business jet is more suitable for official and business reception,Although Il—62MIt really consumes a little gas,But the space is really big、It’s so comfortable to sit。
Statham is silly to listen directly:Modified with civil aircraft?!
He subconsciously felt that his boss was crazy,Who uses business jets modified with civil aviation aircraft??Only those world-class powers equipped their top leaders with special planes will use large civil aviation aircraft for modification,For example, Boeing707,Such as the picture of the General Secretary of the CPSU—154MIl—62M。For those giant multinational companies that have jet business jet needs,Gulf StreamIIIs their limit……Ok,Except Boeing,Who asked them to produce airplanes by themselves。

Those are the least conspicuous places from the inside,A few fairy costumes appeared,That’s how some pretty beauties appeared。

When Lin Yoona saw these fairy-like characters,There was a sentence in her mind——This woman should only be in the sky,It’s rare to hear it in the world!
“Xiao Fan,This.This.This too.too.”
that’s it,Lin Yuner squatted for a long time,There is nothing to say。
Seeing Lin Yuna’s surprised look,Xiao Fan just smiled faintly,Then I said to her:“OK,Yoona,Don’t surprise them,You still have to prepare your stomach,Enjoy the deliciousness of this world!”
After Xiao Fan finished,Then he snapped his fingers in the direction of those fairies,This is strange,Those fairy-like characters,when starting,Just stand in place respectfully,It looks very alike, like waiting for someone to give them some instructions。
Just after Xiao Fan’s second snapped finger,Lin Yoona noticed the changes in the movements and expressions of the fairies。
Because at this moment,The whole restaurant has undergone many changes。
Not only the round table rises,Even the bell orchids on the round table have changed。
at the same time,Those fairy tales who were ecstatic also began to take further actions。
Xiao Fanlin Yuner’s eyes that are almost like beads,I was really happy in my heart。
Because Xiao Fan can see it,When Lin Yuner’s eyes stretched out,Except for the surprise,There is still a little hidden touch。
What Lin Yuna didn’t know was,Where was this scene familiar,This scene used to be exclusively for him and Yoona Lin。
“Xiao Fan,This.What is this place?”When Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan this sentence,I was really puzzled。
Because now Lin Yoona’s brain finally shows some sense,She intuitively feels that this place belongs to a place like Yunshi,And where exactly should he belong,She can’t tell。
so,She is really confused about this matter!

I saw the box in front of me,Box shaped drum,The abdomen is decorated with a symmetrical hook lotus pattern on the royal blue ground4group,Its upper and lower edges are decorated with sky blue cloud heads for a week。

Fang Leehom was stunned,Really valuable,It’s actually a box?In his opinion,Tens of thousands of white jade chess pieces,Already very expensive。
The white jade pieces are tens of thousands,Doesn’t the box have to exceed 100,000?
One by one unreliable answers appeared on the public screen,Populus euphratica shook his head slightly。After a while,Finally saw a correct answer。
“Someone is right,Yes!This is cloisonné enamel,We said before。Wah Tsai,Add this brother,Give him a reward of two thousand yuan。”Hu Yang said。
In addition,He told everyone,The style of this box,Obviously the style of the court,Objects of the Qing Dynasty。
Tut!This will give two thousand rewards?You live,Will you lose money?Fang Leehom couldn’t help thinking。He doesn’t even know,Populus live,Never prioritize live broadcast revenue。
“How much is this box worth?”This word,Leehom Fang asked Xiaoyuan for it。
More valuable than chess pieces,Add up to more than 100,000。Then,Xiaoyuan accidentally entered MLM this time,Although I suffered,But it’s not a gain。
After all, I have to make more than 100,000,Not easy,Especially those who are just out of society,I’m afraid I can’t save so much money in a few years。
He knows,In my classmates,Many of them are moonlight,Even when he first came out of society,I need some more with my family,Subsidize。
“This box,Originally a pair,Now only one,Value is much worse。If a complete pair,Worth over a million。now,It’s definitely not as simple as dividing by two,About four hundred thousand!Auction words,Maybe a little bit higher,After all, it’s a treasure from the palace。”Populus analysis。
Leehom Fang was dumbfounded,About four hundred thousand?
original,He thought it was about 100,000,Never thought it was so expensive!In this way,Xiaoyuan hasn’t graduated yet,Made almost half a million?
this moment,have to say,He is envious。
“Hu Ge,Can you leave a contact?I’ll let Xiaoyuan contact you later。”Fang Leehom said。

Aunt Liu will be a bit embarrassed,She really never thought that Lu Menglin knew the big leader,And this big leader actually knows Chunqin very well,This makes her even more unexpected。

She’s also a little confused this time,Dumbfounded,I don’t know if I should stay,I should go out with Chunqin mother and son。
At this moment,Daughter Chen Qing finally recovered,Yanked mother’s sleeve,Motioned her to chase out with herself。
Chen Pinxing saw his wife and daughters go with him,This mood immediately feels like drinking honey,Don’t mention how sweet it is,Even walking with your head held up,Sweep away the depression before。
Among the officials,How many people have recognized,I was with the mother and son just now,Isn’t it Chen Pinxing’s wife and daughter??
Everyone can’t help but admire Chen Pinxing’s way of drilling camp.,He got even such a hard relationship,It seems that this old guy is really going to be promoted!
Jiang Zhou watched Lu Menglin and Lu’s mother leave,Only then took his gaze back,The soft expression on the face becomes cold and ruthless again,Put on a posture。
Section Chief Gu tentatively asked,“Jiang Ju,Those two are?”
“God of Wealth!”Three words came out from Jiang Zhou’s mouth indifferently。
All the officials are bright,Nodded thoughtfully,Then they all turned their attention to Chen Pinxing。
Chen Pinxing faced the envy of his colleagues,I just feel happy,Haven’t been so happy in the past ten years。
Outside the laurel restaurant,parking lot。
Chen Qing blushed,I don’t dare to look at Lu Menglin and her son again,Recalling the cynicism and contempt for them before,I just feel like the stupidest fool in the world。
Aunt Liu is heartless,Asked with surprise:“Chunqin,How do you know the big leader just now?He seems to know you very well!”
Mother Lu smiled:“That’s Menglin’s friend,Stayed in Liufang for a while,Often come to our house to talk about things。He has a cousin,He Menglin is very good。”
“Great!You have friendship with big leaders,Have the opportunity to say something nice for my old Chen。Old Chen has a basic foundation in the game,But he is willing to do things。”Aunt Liu said enthusiastically。
She is such a person,No thoughts,Say whatever you think,Don’t say I like to show off before,Actually, it’s because there is no city。