Xiong Yongji only told Xia Jian that his son likes to go online,Other than that, no useful clues are provided。Xia Jian drove to the city,First drove the car to Xiping Agricultural Trade Company。Since the greenhouse in Xiping Village has been put into production,So the first floor is officially open,Parking is impossible。

Xia Jian saw through the car window that Murong Sisi and Wang Huimin were busy,So I didn’t say hello,Drove the car directly to Yao Junli’s convenient hotel,These security guards all know Xia Jian as a friend of their boss,So there is no problem with how long he parks,Not to mention fees。
“President Xia!Our boss just went upstairs,Did you make an appointment??”When the lobby manager saw Xia Jian,Greeted me with a smile。
Xia Jian responded,I really went to find Yao Junli。Although Pingdu is not big,But let him find out how many Internet cafes there are in total,Then he really can’t do it。
Yao Junli saw Xia Jian suddenly came to her,She is happy,Surprised again。She asked with a smile:“Mayor Xia!You are a state official,You should say hello before you come to me,I’m ready“
“what!I am hired,Still work,So I won’t mention it again“Xia Jian was laughing,Sat down on the sofa。
Yao Junli made tea for Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“Your words don’t count,The last time I was in the provincial capital, I clearly said I was leaving,But you?Appeared in Dongsheng Group the next day,what do you mean?I want to see Hu Huiru?Still obsessed with your old club?“
“Hi!How do you know everything,Did Hu Huiru tell you??“Xia Jian took a sip of the tea Yao Junli made for him,Asked with a smile。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“A friend hosted a banquet in the provincial capital,Hu Huiru and I were invited。She might be drinking too much someday,So you told me about your going to their group“
“No wonder!Ugh!I ask you,Do you know what happened to the two police officers??“Xia Jian suddenly remembered this,He couldn’t help but ask。
Yao Junli shook her head hot and said:“do not know,The police never came to us,I didn’t specifically ask,Do you know what’s inside?“
“There is a person named Sun Yao,You don’t know!“Xia Jian asked quietly。
Yao Junli listened,Asked very surprised:“how?Did you offend him?”
“I can’t talk about offending!”Xia Jian said lightly。
Yao Junli took a breath and said:“I have heard of this person,Is a senior cadre。In the provincial capital, both black and white will let him,So you better not offend such people”
Yao Junli is not very familiar with this person,Xia Jian turned the topic around:“I came to you today,Just ask us which of the largest Internet cafes in Pingdu?”
“Hey!What are you doing?I want to open an internet cafe, right?!I can tell you,You can’t do this,Be your official!”Yao Junli said and laughed。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“I want to find someone,He should be fooling around in the internet cafe,So come and ask you where are the big internet cafes in Pingdu?Or it’s hard to find”
“I don’t know much about it,But I will give you an idea,Find a taxi driver,Let him hold you,It’s almost after a lap,This is the best way”Yao Junli said with a smile。
Xia Jian nodded,Took out the phone,Flip。Found out the phone number of his classmate Gao Qiaoli,She shouldn’t be wrong about this matter。

Fuming suddenly put away the halberd,Directly poses for the fist,Yang Ao stopped“What are you doing!”

Fuming tilted his shoulder“I want to have a real fight with you,I also want to try my strength!”
Yang Ao squinted“as you wish!”
The two directly fought together,Basically fist to the flesh,Fight heartily,Seeing people is even more passionate!
“Kill him!Yang Ao!”
“Cry him!Fuming!”
Someone cheers for Yang Ao,More people cheer for life,At this moment, the two of them pushed the whole atmosphere to the climax!
“Combat skills-One force!”Yang Ao’s broad arms swept directly,Fuming directly with deep arms to resist,A dull sound,A few steps back。
Grin“come!Combat skills-Real Dragon Hand-Turn over the clouds!”Unreal dragon claw condensation,Go straight to Yang Ao’s chest,Yang Ao’s eyes are even more flaming warfare“Combat skills-Iron Lock Hengjiang!”The two fists collided,Stir up heat waves!
Immediately after the two punches and punches each other,Energy surge。
Both of them stepped back,Panting heavily,Staring at each other,Although exhausted,But the fighting spirit in my heart never weakened at all。
Resist the breath“We use the last resort to determine the outcome,I just realized the last trick,Try how!”Yang Ao grinned“OK!”
The two condensed their breath,Ready for the final blow,Everyone waits with bated breath,Who can be better!
The two opened their eyes almost at the same time。
“Combat skills-Real Dragon Hand-Overwhelming!”
“Combat skills-Broken heart!”

“Hi!Is there a reason?!I didn’t want anyone to know about it,But then I thought,There is no impenetrable wall in the world。Moreover,This is a good thing,Why should i do this?Cure illnesses,This is a good thing for the people”Wang Youcai said,Just show off。

What Xia Jian can’t stand for is Wang Youcai’s appearance。He scolded coldly:“Less fart!You Wang Youcai still knows the way for the people?”
“Of course!The name of my clinic is Youcai Limin Clinic”Wang Youcai said,Can’t help but laugh。
Xia Jian sneered:“Not right!You don’t seem to have your name Wang Youcai on the sign”Xia Jian has a super brain,Memory function is particularly strong。When he passed the small clinic some day,Casually glanced,So I wrote down the words on this sign。
“Damn!I was afraid that others would know,I’ll let people pick it off。Just say it!Dare to come?”In Wang Youcai’s words,A bit teasing。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“It’s not Longtan Tiger Den,Is there anything I dare not go。But you can add the word “Youcai” to the signboard,I will definitely come,Otherwise no way”
Xia Jian finished,Then left。Wang Youcai smiled,Thought,Such a small thing,My Wang Youcai can still do it,I’m afraid you Xia Jian won’t come。
There is a saying that good things take more time。the next morning,Xia Jian finished breakfast with Yao Junli at Yao Junli’s hotel,Drove the car to Zhang He Lu Village。Because Yao Junli contacted in advance,So they are past tense,Lu Hao has taken someone to sit in the village committee。
Since there is no one in the town to supervise,So everyone’s conversation can be said to be free。The villagers can say whatever they want。The conversation was very pleasant。
By noon,Everyone basically talked about it together。The next job is for Lu Hao to report the inner space judged by Tan to the town。No objection to the town’s reply,Even if it is done。The next job is nothing more than signing a contract and making payment。
Just when Xia Jian and Yao Junli were preparing to leave for Lu Hao,Lu Hao suddenly answered a call。After hanging up。Lu Hao lowered his voice and said to Yao Junli:“You have to hurry up on this matter”
“what happened?”Yao Junli asked softly。
Lu Hao whispered:“Notify me in town,Where are the two big bosses coming over in Bucheon this afternoon,Let me receive。They also said,Seems to be accompanied by relevant leaders”
Lu Hao’s words,Yao Junli’s face suddenly changed,Everyone is most afraid of such things。Yao Junli pulled Xia Jian aside,Asked in a low voice:“How to do?If someone is involved in this matter,I’m afraid it won’t be easy”
“Do you know anyone in this village??Of course except for Lu Hao”Xia Jian asked softly。

At a distance from the terminal No. 2 area,Li Tianchou got out of the car,See if the time is eleven。Look around,Can’t help but frown,This place is too big。

Southport is the harbour terminal,inSZSoutheast end of city,Very large area。Li Tianchou’s location is directly opposite to No. 2 Area of Goods Yard。Look around,The tin container code like a small house is neat and tidy,I can’t see my head at a glance。It’s just that the front lights are dim,Quiet abnormal,Not as bright as other places、lively,Looks like a spare yard。
This kind of place,Although the terrain is simple、open,But the dense and tall containers seriously affect the sight,Finding someone at night is never easy。The other party chooses,Sinister intention,And the place is sparsely populated, you can let go。It’s just that Akun is not a calculating man,Is there someone else behind him?This revenge is a bit fussy。
Although he once blasted the opponent,But Li Tianchou never despises anyone,If Sister Qiao is really pinching her hands,Not to act recklessly。At least not to expose yourself prematurely,Let’s find out the situation first,He adjusted the pager to vibrate,Then enter the cargo yard from the periphery along the arc。
Move aside,Listen to one side,Silence around,Only the intermittent sound of machine operations and the siren of ships in the port from the distant dock。A long way,Li Tianchou estimated that he has entered the second area。
Stopped in front of a three-tier container,Li Tianchou lay down on the ground and listened,Got up again and looked at the container。Took out the rope from his arms,Slightly organize,Aimed at the steel door latch of the third-tier container,“Whoosh”Threw out the rope,“Dang Cang”Bang,On the door latch accurately。
There are several small stainless steel hooks on the rope,Hooked the latch firmly。This rope is unusual,Special material,It is the only souvenir that Li Tianchou can take away when he leaves the special training team。
He pulled hard,After trying the weight,Take a deep breath,Kick the ground with both legs,People soar into the sky,Climb to the top of the container quickly。
Hwaseong North Road isSZThe most prosperous main road in the southeast of the city,The Fuhua International Building is a jewel on this road,Magnificent building,Rich in characteristics of the times,YesSZOne of the famous landmarks of the city。
Shortly after night,In a luxurious office on the top floor of the building,A bald man over half a hundred years old sits in front of the French window,Quietly admiring the gorgeous night view of the city,Hold a posture for a long time。
By his side,Sitting middle-aged man,Deep sunken eyes,Nose bridge,A bit Middle Eastern。A straight white suit,Lined round neck hurdles,A big gold chain with a thick thumb hangs around his neck,The dress is very nondescript。He dare not disturb the bald man,But obviously a little irritable。
Some time later,The bald man finally moved,He stretched out his chubby palm and rubbed his face vigorously,Strengths in one breath,“Damn,Sometimes it’s nice to be in a daze like this,More energy than taking a nap。”He stood up and twisted his waist twice。
“Ha ha,Brother Seven’s health regimen is really unique。”The spirit of the white suit finally came。

The one who can kill Sigen,Strength must not be weak,And from the data, Leo is very good at speed,It’s too difficult to kill Leo。

He tried his best to mobilize two generals,But two generals might not be able to kill Leo。
And the power he actually masters is only two strong men。
As for the weak,It’s useless。
“Leo,I admit you are excellent!”Terry Hood said。
“I also think I am excellent!”Leo nodded。
Terry Hood heard Leo’s words,Suddenly fell silent:“Make a condition,My family wants your help!”
Leo looked at Terry Hood in surprise,He thought about Terry Hood threatening him,Even brought a master to contain him,But I didn’t expect the Tianlong people to recruit him。
Is this still the Tianlong people of the mentally handicapped group??
but,Not surprising,If all are mentally retarded,Tianlong people are dead long ago,There must still be some people’s brains。
“no need,I’m not going to be a dog for the Denon!”Leo refused without hesitation。
“young people,Don’t rush to refuse!”Terry Hood smiled。“What’s wrong with working for us Denon?With your strength,Even I won’t treat you as a servant,Only a few times when you need it,Usually you don’t need to do anything!”
Terry Hood began to introduce the benefits to Leo。
“Don’t you want to get the special life essence we use?As long as you promise to work for my family,I can provide,With your talent,It’s not a problem to send you directly to the general level!”

But she also knows,I’m just a few years old,If you leave the orphanage,I have to beg if I die,Although young,But if she asks for something to eat,She can’t do it。

So every time I impulse,Qin Xibei will run out alone,Sometimes never come back overnight,The purpose is to see if I can live on my own。
But several experiments proved,Qin Xibei gave up the idea of running away,Although the orphanage is not her favorite place,But at least I can have a full meal there。
After giving up this idea,Qin Xibei dreamed again,One day I will be like other kids,Adopted。
But seeing other children have people wanting,Only oneself,Qin Xibei’s heart has an unspeakable taste。
But it’s already like this,Qin Xibei can only hope that time will pass faster,Let yourself grow up faster,So I can live on my own。
Qin Xibei didn’t have any other thoughts,Suddenly this old man,Disrupted her rhythm again。
“You want to adopt me?”Froze for a while,Qin Xibei said lightly。
“I admire your character,how about it,Do you want to think about it?”Old Qin didn’t answer directly,Instead, he smiled and asked back。
“No need to think about it,I’m going with you,But before leaving,You have to think carefully,Is really to receive
Raise me??”Qin Xibei asked with a wry smile。
“Why do you ask?”Old Qin asked again。
“Because every day someone in the orphanage comes to adopt a child,But no one wants to adopt me,you are the first。”Talking helplessly,But Qin Xibei answered five to ten。
“This thing is about fate,As the saying goes,Fate to meet thousands of miles,I’m the one who has fate with you,Moreover,If someone adopts you,Where can I find such a lovely granddaughter。”Old man Qin opened his arms as he said。
“grandfather……”At that moment Qin Xibei was so touched that he didn’t know what to say,Since she can remember,Except that the dean’s mother is kind to her,There is no second person。
And today this old man who has never met,Able to say something like this,How could she not be moved,After all,She is just a few years old!
Didn’t even think about it,After Qin Xibei blurted out two words,Rushed to Qin’s chest,that moment,Qin Xibei felt Qin’s broad chest,Is so powerful,So safe。
that moment,She finally feels at home,She finally got it,She is not a child abandoned by this world,She has someone to ask。
Considering that Qin Xibei is worried and worried,Old Qin went through the adoption procedures,Rushed home overnight。

“I’m not a deal,At most it’s a gift,I just don’t know if they can take it!”

&bsp;Xiang Chen spit out a cloud of smoke,You Zai Zai said,not far away,Duan Hu is still persuading Duan Bao to give up the few instant noodles that he couldn’t finish.。
“My Duan Long is a rough person,But you can also see that Mr. is different,If anything,Here is a gift for you……”
Duan Long learns from Xiang Chen,Also spit out the tasted smoke,Smiled,The next half sentence was not spoken。
Enjoy the cigarette in your hand,Duan Long only then reexamined Xiang Chen。
“Mr. I’m afraid he is not as old as I am!”
Maybe because this is the last time we meet,Duan Long after enjoying a cigarette,He speaks a lot more boldly。
Seeing Xiang Chen nodded noncommittal,Duan Long showed such an expression as expected,Keep saying:“Then I will buy an old man in front of my husband,Sir, don’t despise me for being wordy!”
Duan Long smiled,Seeing Xiang Chen nodding casually,I also lost my cigarette butt,Sighed:“You can guess by looking at your husband’s skill,You have experienced life and death,Different from us。I have better luck than my husband,I’m not lucky,I chose the wrong way,Can’t look back。But according to Mr.’s ability,I think it’s easy to turn around,There must be many choices at that time,I hope Mr. Can choose the right way,Then live well!”
“I take this passage as your blessing to me!”
Xiang Chen waved his hand to Duan Long,Count as farewell,After a while, this guy will say something sad。
Duan Long smiled,No longer verbose,Take my two brothers to say goodbye to Xiang Chen again,Then indefinitely……
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighth Night talk
After the three brothers of the Duan family left,Xiang Chen sat alone in the warehouse for a while again,Only then got up and walked out。
I looked back at the warehouse that was already devastated,Xiang Chen has put his hand on the warehouse door,Smiled and shook his head。
Go back to the warehouse,Clean up all traces of the three brothers of the Duan family,Then turned around and left。
“I thought you fell asleep inside!”

Hu Yang shook his head:“Uncle Zhong,You are too polite,Just call me Xiao Hu。This is also the result of the Wenqiu brothers fighting for themselves,I just raised my hand。”

“Hu Ge,How did you get?”Zhong Wenqiu is asking。
Failed to follow the black market,He feels sorry。
Hu Yang smiled:“not bad!”
Fitch is a big mouth,Can’t hide any secrets,Immediately tell some of the process vividly。For example, the celestial bottle worth hundreds of thousands,I didn’t spend a penny on Brother Hu,Free wait。
After Zhongfu listened,Sweating in the forehead,Secretly by fluke,Okay to listen to my son,No red envelope,Otherwise I’ll laugh to death。
People make money,I really didn’t take 30,000 to tens of thousands。Stuffed red envelopes as thanks,A bit insulting。
“That means,This stove is worth more than three million!”Zhong Wenqiu stared at the copper furnace,Unknown Jue Li。A copper stove bought by Brother Hu,Is more valuable than his baby。
“Really need to grill it on fire?”Fitch’s father also asked。
There are more guests at home today,Except for Populus and his party,And Zhong Wenqiu’s three mouths。
“Try it。”Old Shen said。
He doesn’t know this identification method,So curious。Not just him,The people in the live room are also looking forward to it,Is it really like what Brother Hu said,Burn with fire,Can restore the original color。
“can,Then try。”Populus nodded。
Fitch went to prepare the fire immediately,Moved out the gas stoves with great fanfare。
“in fact,There is a kind of imitation that is no different from the real Xuande furnace,Can be said to be exactly the same。The pot furnace in front of me,I don’t know if it’s one of that batch。”Hu Yang told everyone。
“Exactly the same?Is there such a thing?”Fitch and others shocked。
Shen Lao tried to remember,But his knowledge is not much,I haven’t thought of anything for a while。

Probably this is a symptom of fainting。

Suddenly,Hear voices and footsteps,Getting closer。Thought,Finally someone came,It seems,I’m saved。
“Xiao Zhu,You go look ahead,Like a person sleeping on the ground,what’s going on?”Xiao Zhu, Assistant Commanding Officer Ding Keran, will go over and take a look。
Ding Kelan, who has done official business, has sharp eyes,I saw employees wearing our work clothes from afar,Whether for the purpose of saving people or taking into account what happened in the company,Should come forward to understand the situation。
Xiao Zhu squat,Grabbed her body,See the face clearly。“is her?”Ding Kelan followed,Yell unconsciously。
Put Xiao Zhu’s hand into the bridge of her nose,Said:“Angry!”I heard Tian Lu emit a weak gas,Squeeze between teeth:“water、water。”
Ding Kelan ordered the service desk staff,Hurry up and pour a cup of warm water,Then tell Xiao Zhu,Call the ambulance。
The attendant immediately called for a glass of water,Xiao Zhu half supported Tian Lu’s body,Ding Kelan personally feeds her and drinks water。
Drank half a cup,Tian Lu slowly opened her eyes,It’s the power to relax the body,Gradually clear before the eyes。
Ding Kelan squat,Pick her up and lay down on the sofa in the service hall。Assistant Xiao Zhu is preparing to call the ambulance,Ding Kelan said decisively:“How about this,First call Dr. Zhang from the company’s dedicated infirmary for a diagnosis,It’s not too late if you really need to go to the hospital。”
Tian Lu can already open her eyes to see the person in front of him,Just feel weak,I closed my eyes weakly。
After Dr. Zhang learned the news,Ran here,I also brought a temporary medical device,On-site diagnosis and treatment。
Doctor Zhang touched Tian Lu’s forehead,Auscultation with instruments、Take the pulse,Said:“No problem,Hang a bottle of drip infusion to replenish energy。”okBar
Then asked Tian Lu:“Are you hungry if you didn’t eat much today?”
Tian Lu nodded。Doctor Zhang said:“I know why,Please ask Xiao Zhu to buy some light soup to warm the stomach,Give her first,I’ll hang some glucose solution for her。”
Ding Keran nodded to assistant Zhu Zhu,Assistant Zhu Zhu knows how to handle it。
Doctor Zhang said:“akey,I want to trouble you to move this girl to my infirmary。”
Ding Kelan frowned,Said:“Come to my reception room,Where is heating,be quiet。”
“This is the best。”Doctor Zhang replied。

Interview with Coca-Cola Zhang Jiantao: The epidemic does not affect the Chinese market layout and long-term commitment

Interview with Coca-Cola Zhang Jiantao: The epidemic does not affect the Chinese market layout and long-term commitment
“At present, most of Coca-Cola’s bottling plants have resumed work, and a small number of areas heavily affected by the epidemic have not yet been restored. It is expected that normal operations will resume in the near future.”” Recently, Zhang Jiantao, CXO and vice president of Coca-Cola China, South Korea and Mongolia, said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Night.Faced with the sudden outbreak since January, the survival and development of many physical enterprises are facing new changes.As a full-scale beverage company, Coca-Cola China’s production and operation have attracted much attention.Recently, Coca-Cola has announced the forecast of the impact of the epidemic on the performance of the first quarter of this year. It is currently estimated that in the first quarter, the impact of single box sales is about 2 to 3 substitutions, and the impact of organic revenue is 1 to 2 substitutions.The impact of initial earnings is 1 to 2 cents.Zhang Jiantao said to Sauna and Yewang that “we see that the response plan and related measures issued by the Chinese government have effectively released the market stability signal and boosted market confidence”. The epidemic does not affect the Chinese market layout and long-term commitment to the Chinese market.According to Zhang Jiantao, the Coca-Cola Company and its bottling system partners in strict compliance with local government regulations and guidelines have been approved by the local government, and measures to prevent epidemic prevention and control measures have been resumed; Coca-Cola is absolutelyMost bottling plants have resumed work.A small number of areas heavily affected by the epidemic have not yet been restored, and normal operations are expected to resume shortly.It is reported that in order to ensure the safety and health of employees while maintaining production and fresh supply, Coca-Cola has actively taken measures, including body temperature testing at the entrances of production and office areas, strict implementation of entry and exit registration, regular disinfection, and strengthening the protection of the entire production process.For non-frontline employees, Coca-Cola also adopts a flexible and diverse work style, encouraging employees to work from home while ensuring the completion of their jobs.Coca-Cola bottling plants around the country should also be prepared to take preventive measures and risk management plans, and initiate prevention and control rehearsals, and investigate and perfect possible situations; implement two shifts for production line employees, each shift is strictly disinfected and sterilized; full conclusionMeasures such as healthy punching, decentralized dining, and prevention and control of material releases ensure employees’ health and safety.”With the support of local governments, logistics and other issues have been resolved or alleviated accordingly, and operations have been guaranteed.In addition, the bottling plant has formulated a reasonable production plan. After resumption of work, there is no overlap between the required raw materials and the staff on duty.Regarding whether there are difficulties in resuming work, Zhang Jiantao said that Coca-Cola has formulated a business continuity plan and implemented these plans according to the actual situation in different regions.According to reports, as of March 1, the Coca-Cola China system has donated a total of 4.5 million yuan, and the Coca-Cola Foundation has gradually donated $ 500,000 in cash and $ 500,000 in medical supplies.In addition, through Coca-Cola China’s “Water Purification 24 Hours” action, a total of 1.26 million bottles of beverages have gradually spread.Coca-Cola Feed announced in its 2019 annual financial report that due to the epidemic, the supply of raw materials such as sweeteners produced in China was delayed.Fundamentally, Zhang Jiantao said that some of the raw materials needed for its products were sourced from China and other countries. “At present, our customers and consumers are not affected.In order to ensure that we can always meet the needs of consumers, we have developed a business continuity plan and a comprehensive procurement emergency plan to actively respond to any challenges that may arise in the supply chain. “Regarding the impact of the epidemic on performance, Zhang Jiantao said that Coca-Cola has announced the forecast of the impact of the epidemic on the performance of the first quarter of this year on a global scale.It is currently estimated that in the first quarter, the impact of single box sales is about 2 to 3 points, and the impact of organic revenue is 1 to 2 points, so the impact of revenue is 1 to 2 cents.The Coca-Cola Company maintained its 2020 performance guidance unchanged.The company will continue to monitor changes in the situation and will provide more information in the additional financial report meeting in April.The epidemic is currently spreading globally, especially in Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran and other countries.Zhang Jiantao said that it is inconvenient to separately disclose specific information of each region. At present, for the health and safety of employees, Coca-Cola Company has suspended non-essential travel between Asia-Pacific and Italy, and cooperates closely with colleagues around the world through other means.Non-front-line employees in China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and parts of Italy have also adopted flexible and diverse ways of working. “To ensure that we can always meet the needs of consumers, we have developed business continuity plans worldwide.These plans will be implemented according to actual conditions. “During the epidemic, the retail industry experienced continuous consumer demand shifting from offline to online.Zhang Jiantao said that Coca-Cola’s sales and distribution personnel strictly implement the relevant epidemic prevention requirements, vehicle equipment is disinfected in a timely manner, and the route is adjusted according to road traffic; the sales personnel visit customers in a safe and orderly manner to ensure product supply; at the same time, the consumer-centered flexible adjustmentSupply methods, such as the use of community retail, takeaway cooperation, and on-line packages, will quickly deliver products to customers and consumers.“For example, Swire Coca-Cola recruited community partners to serve community consumers directly, and actively developed ultra-store O2O, catering O2O, chain catering packages, etc. for the rapid growth of community retail business; COFCO Coca-Cola also actively developed unmanned sales projects and carried outContactless products are sold, and e-commerce platforms are used to provide channels such as supermarkets, communities, and towns.”Xinhua Democracy Report, Curt Ferguson, President of Coca-Cola Greater China, South Korea and Mongolia, said at the New Year ‘s Annual Meeting of the China General Chamber of Commerce in January that he sought to establish closer ties with the Chinese market and is expected to be the current global single-box sales of Coca-ColaChina’s performance in the third market is expected to grow tenfold.”China has gradually become Coca-Cola’s third largest market in the world and is a very important strategic market for Coca-Cola.With the continuous improvement of localization, we are deeply rooted in China.We have full confidence in the development of the Chinese economy.Regarding the development plan for the Chinese market, Zhang Jiantao said that the stability and continued growth of the Chinese economy is an important driving force for the world economy and continued prosperity, and an important foundation for Coca-Cola’s internal companies to achieve performance in the Chinese market.Zhang Jiantao said that in China, 99% of Coca-Cola’s employees are local talents, and 98% of raw materials are purchased locally.With the upgrading of consumption and market segmentation, Chinese consumers are increasingly focusing on product quality and diversification.At present, Coca-Cola has transformed into a consumer-centric beverage company that provides consumers with 20 brands and more than 60 flavors in China.Among them, Coca-Cola invested 90 million US dollars in Shanghai in 2009 to establish a global innovation and technology center, which is the largest Coca-Cola R & D center outside the country, further strengthening Coca-Cola’s research and development capabilities in China.As a century-old beverage company that has entered the Chinese market since the 1920s, Coca-Cola also experienced SARS in 2003.According to Zhang Jiantao, under the guidance and support of the government, the Coca-Cola China system collaborated with partners to ensure the orderly development of the business under the rectification of the safety and health of employees. This also accumulated experience and confidence for Coca-Cola.”At this stage, China’s economic strength, material foundation and coping capabilities have increased.At the same time, Coca-Cola China’s overall system response capabilities, cooperation refinement and maturity have also greatly improved.We actively respond to the government’s “three guarantees” call to ensure quality, price and supply.We believe that under the leadership of the Chinese government and with the efforts of all sectors of society, China can quickly return to normal economic life and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the economy.Zhang Jiantao said.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhu Yueyi Zhao Yibo Editor Wang Yu proofreading Chen Diyan