Five heavens and pseudo heavens as pillars,And it’s born through mind,The incredible power formed by the combination of mind and mana,Itself lies between false and true。

But at this moment of its reality,The power that was conceived,They are all considered half-step world gods,With that trace of chaos。
True God Yin Jie failed to resist,In fact, when Li Ming’s heart and energy merged into the big array,,The ancient breath suppressed him and he couldn’t move。
The tip of the gun penetrated his body,Although it is instinctively turned into shadow resistance,But that shot is like the birth and death of a world。
Candle dragon,Create the World with a Gun!
Mere shadow,How can exempt。
The wound is only a trace,But from the wound,The body of the true god Yinjie began to collapse irreversibly!
Didn’t even leave a word,The body of the true god Yinjie turned into powder and floated away。
Chapter Twenty Four Full load
This is really a good harvest!”Although the two chaotic alien races have fallen,But their treasures are left。
“Unfortunately, just under the blow,The treasures under the Chaos Lingbao are all shattered。”
Xiaoyao Tianzun spreads his hands,Take out the treasure。
Li Ming just shot,A lot of treasures scattered,Xiaoyao Tianzun, Kuafu and others rushed up to talk about the treasure retrieval。
Seeing the power burst out by Li Ming,The two old friends, Xiaoyao and Kuafu, couldn’t help feeling a little in awe。
Leadership level alone,Xiaoyao Kuafu controls the big array,It can also explode with considerable strength in the Three Realms。

Hehe smiled and said:“I scribbled,Said to talk about business“

“No matter what!We go to the county“Xia Jian said firmly。
Heiwa nodded,Drove out of Dongping Mining,Uneven mountain road,The car is bumping up and down,Xia Jian, sitting in the back seat, couldn’t figure it out,Why does Guo Meili keep the name Zhu Hui。
More than half an hour’s drive,The car has entered the county seat,It’s a small county after all,Can’t see how busy it is during the day,Anyway, I feel like there are fewer cars and fewer people,And everyone seems lifeless,A lazy look,This is the fast life in Bucheon City,Formed a clear contrast。
I found a noodle restaurant on the roadside,Xia Jian and Heiwa had a bowl of noodles,And then got in the car again,Xia Jian suddenly asked Heiwa:“Just now in Dongping Mining,There is a Santana out of the factory,Do you remember?“
“remember,This car is driven by a woman,The car is not good,The number is very interesting,Yes*6868“Heiwa blurted out,It seems that he has a deep influence on this car。
Xia Jian is happy,To Heiwa:“There is a Regal Nightclub,where are we going,See if this car is parked here“
Heiwa responded,Drove the car straight to the Regal Nightclub,Looking for such a place during the day,Don’t say it’s really easy to find,No need to ask people,The car turned a circle,I saw these conspicuous characters all the way。
Xia Jian found a large pair of sunglasses in her bag,I put it on my face,Heiwa parked the car,So I got out of the car to find which Santana,In a while,Heiwa ran over,said laughingly:“Stop at the door of the rich man“
“it is good!You follow me up“Xia Jian said,Jumped out of the car。
Maybe this time,Come to this place,A bit wrong in time,Xia Jiangang walked in the door,A security guard who was dozing came over,I looked at him and asked:“Who are you looking for?If come to consume,It’s a bit early“
“appointment,302room“Xia Jian remembered the last time Guo Meili entertained him,Is used302room,He just guessed at random this time,Right,Say no more。
The security said with a smile:“appointment?Who are you dating“
“Guo Meili“Xia Jian’s face changed,He lowered his voice and said,Looks a little scary。

Moonlight,The sky is rare and clear,Two red dots moving slowly in the sky,Li Tianzhi knew that it was a drone,It must be the old man Dong who let people fly to explore the unknown mountain at night,I don’t know if you watch him by the way。

Chapter nine hundred and nineteen debate
Li Tianzhen suddenly throbbed,The primordial spirit is showing signs of detachment,He quickly stopped,“Don’t have trouble,Let him go。”
“Two nasty flies。”Yuanshen snorted,Suddenly a sharp breath rose to the sky,The power of this breath,You can see the trajectory into the sky with the naked eye,A white ripple lasts for a long time,That is the effect of continuously breaking the sound barrier。
The two drones began to circle the sky without warning,There is no established track and sense of direction,Planted from high above one after another,Seeing to crash,Then suddenly returned to normal,Then continue to raise,Staggering and fleeing towards Yamaguchi as if drunk。
“Why bother?”Li Tianzhen smiled bitterly and shook his head。
“A bunch of mortals,That little cultivation base dare to force the great supernatural powers,Sure enough, the ignorant is fearless。”
“They are forced to。”
Yuanshen did not continue this topic after cold snort,“remember,Take the golden body back when dealing with the devil。”
“That won’t work,Without him,How to suppress the devil?”
“Don’t you forget,Your mission back。”Yuanshen threw a word,No more sound。
Li Tianzhen’s face suddenly became ugly,This is the first time since he merged with Li Xiucheng’s soul,And he still can’t argue,The other party’s purpose is clear,As soon as possible to integrate the golden man,Which is part of Li Xiucheng’s golden body,After fusion,His overall strength will rise significantly,Can even compare with the god of Shura‘Nirvana handkerchief’,Until then,Do a lot of things without being tied up,It is very beneficial in the long run。

“We will do our best,But I still hope you organize the people as soon as possible,Use your old methods to scare away those little lizard monsters。”Zhu Minglang said seriously。

Highly practiced monster,Zhu Minglang is not worried。
Hungenumagui, who thinks he has two thousand years of cultivation,So blatantly floated past me,Want to have its gluttonous feast in the city,Who knows that Zhu Minglang owns Cangluan Qinglong,Specially deal with this kind of demon with high cultivation base。
just,This hungry marsh ghost is trying to find the way for some lizard monsters,After seeing this scene,The lizard water monster will definitely be extra cautious,And I will try my best to avoid Cangluan Qinglong。
Their purpose is to eat people,I’m not trying to fight the dragon master,This is where the difficulty of defending the city is relatively high,It is almost impossible for people who want to completely protect this city。
“Guru Guru~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”
There are so many lizards,As if coming out,Soon the tower lights in Huangye City were lit up,You can see the brazier burning violently。
That’s the signal for the lizard to attack。
At the moment,The brazier is already burning,The fire light shines on the cheeks of the Zhuang people organized by the old officials。
These people are all gathered from the city,Strong body,It can barely be used as a militia with some equipment,It’s just that everyone is nervous、panic。
More than twenty people,They confronted a lizard water monster who climbed the wall extremely fast。
Tie the leg of the lizard with a rope,More than a dozen guys at the same time can only barely hold its rampant steps。
Others have long guns,A stab at the back of the lizard,But it seems to be stuck on hard soil,In the end it only hurt the skin of the lizard,Cannot cause fatal damage to the lizard。
The lizard water monster’s limbs are bound,A pair of protruding eyeballs suddenly turned。
It’s doing magic!
Suddenly on both sides of the house,Those buckets full of water exploded,A dozen buckets dumped together,Formed a small wave,Throw the strong people who were pulling the limbs of the lizard water monster to the ground。
After the strong man who grabbed the noose fell to the ground,Was dragged back by the stronger lizard monster,The others hurriedly let go,But there is a strong young man with a rope around his leg,The lizard is dragging the young man under its paws!
Everyone was shocked,Almost escaped。

Arnold listened to the side with brilliant eyes,Can’t help but interrupt:“boss,This story sounds interesting。”

“Ok,Is kind of interesting,”Chen Geng nodded calmly,To Jim·Thomas asked:“Jim is right?Can i call you that?This story is interesting,Can you tell me the creative source of your story??”
“of course,of course can,”Jim·Thomas nodded hurriedly,Mr. Fernandez is willing to call his name,This is an expression of appreciation for oneself,Jim·Thomas certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to refuse:“Is such that,Mr. Stallone’s next month《Lodge4》Coming soon……”
“Wait,”Chen Geng interrupted Jim in surprise·Words of Thomas,Asked:“Your story,With Mr. Stallone《Lodge4》There are relationships?”
“Is a little bit related,”Jim·Thomas explained:“《Lodge4》It’s the story of Mr. Rock’s battle with the Soviet boxing champion……”
Say here,Jim·Thomas paused slightly,At the same time carefully watching Chen Geng’s reaction。
Chen Geng nodded。
As many years later,Need for publicity,Before shooting a movie,The general storyline of the movie will always be communicated to the audience through the media.,Let everyone have a general impression of the storyline of this movie,And arouse the curiosity of the audience、Let them go into the cinema to buy tickets after the film is officially released,《Lodge4》This movie is of course no exception,Although the film will not be officially released for more than a month,But the general storyline of this movie is already known by everyone。
Jim·Thomas then continued:“After knowing the general plot of this movie,There was a joke in Hollywood,Said that Mr. Rocky could not find an opponent on earth,He is in the next《Lodge5》The opponent in the game is probably only aliens,This joke gave our brother some inspiration,We just want,Why not write a story about the elite warriors of the Earth’s special forces fighting aliens??”
Hear here,No doubt in Chen Geng’s heart:That’s right,The script in front of me is《Predator》,Absolutely nothing wrong。
“Sounds interesting……”
While talking,Chen Gengcong·Lester took over the script。
The Thomas brothers were relieved。

so,Just before Song Haiyang had time to be happy,Song Haiyang said to Xiao Fan warily:“This is natural,But now you say something like this to me,What do you mean?”

Xiao Fan saw Song Haiyang’s nervous look,I feel a bit funny in my heart,Without those two troubles,Don’t come out and install it,It’s really funny!
but,Xiao Fan didn’t show his inner thoughts,He just smiled faintly,Then said:“What else do i mean,Don’t think too much about it!”
“That’s the best,Then tell me,What are you gonna bet with me?”Since Xiao Fan said that he said that to himself, there is no other meaning,Song Haiyang is relieved。
As long as he doesn’t dig himself,Then everything else is easy to say,Just relying on someone like him who has no job and no salary,I don’t believe that he can bet with myself what other flowers can be。
“We’re limited to three days,Let’s see who can raise more money for our heart-warming home,what do you think?”Xiao Fan said。
For Xiao Fan,Nothing is more important now than the heart-warming home.,Because he can see,Lin Yoona really wants to do something for the heart-warming home。
If Lin Yoona brought him here at first, it was because of Tian Xing Yao, right?,But I and the two of them came here,After listening to Dean Wang,I saw these poor children,Lin Yoona wants to do something for the children in Heartwarming Home from the bottom of her heart。
Since this Song Haiyang is always provocative,Why not use this as a bet,After all, no matter who wins or loses in the end,It will be the heart-warming home。
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four Brain trouble
Song Haiyang looked at Xiao Fan with a stupid expression on his face,He really doesn’t understand Xiao Fan now,Obviously a poor dick who doesn’t even have a job,No salary,Now I dare to bet with him to see who raises more money。
In Song Haiyang’s opinion,Xiao Fan’s pure brain is faulty。
Xiao Fan watched Song Haiyang not speak,then,Just ask:“how,Are you telling me,You don’t have the guts to make this bet with me!”
Song Haiyang heard Xiao Fan’s words,Laughed immediately,Wait till after laughing,Just said:“What are you kidding me?,I am a son of the Song Group,Am I afraid to bet with you??I’m afraid it will be too ugly if you lose!”
Xiao Fan smiled,Then said:“how could be?I think what you said is wrong,I think it’s you who should say it the other way around,I’m afraid that you will lose then it’s ugly!”
“Hahahaha,You said this is like laughing at me,It’s ugly that I will lose,You are a poor boy who doesn’t even have a job,Do you dare to say such big things in front of me,it is good!Then I will tell you solemnly now,I accepted this bet,Who dare to grandson。”
“it is good,Then we will see the true chapter in three days,See who can raise more donations for Heartwarming Home。”Xiao Fan also said。
“What about the bet?What happens to who loses?”Song Haiyang said to Xiao Fan disdainfully。

“how about it,Awesome?”

“This is the practiced Sanqing Taijue?”
“Just getting started,Want to truly understand,Or put the other two into battle,I’m afraid it will take several months of running-in period。”
powerful,Even Murong Qianxue finds it incredible。
You must know that they are now equal,It stands to reason that who loses and who wins is not necessarily,But he didn’t even survive ten moves。
This feeling is not so good,What’s more, she has learned from the martial arts in the stone pillar light group in the previous two days。
Compared to this,It doesn’t seem to be a level。
The sword spirit was very strong just now,So some people have observed this。
The two old guys looked at each other,They are naturally the two elders who followed Murong Qianxue。
“how about it,sure?”
“Yes,It should be their breath。”
Came out of it,Xia Chenglong and they are separate,This is the time to live together。
The two old men look very worried,After all in these days,Their thinking has changed a lot,Especially for Xia Chenglong。
“Ok is ok,The key is what to do now?”
“Or just take the eldest away without any sound?”
obviously,This idea is unrealistic,After the old man finished speaking, he rejected it.。
“Hey!”The other sighed,“There must be karma between heaven and earth,I just need to do my own thing.,As for Mr. Xia,Or let it fend for itself,how is it?”
“Just do it like this!”
And after the two left,There is also a group of people coming here。
They are wearing black robes,But very powerful。

This political achievement is enough to be included in Yizhong’s factory and even the history of industrial development of the Republic!

Enough for three, five, seven or eight years。
Liu Benzhang and Zhang Yade’s breathing suddenly rose,Face flushed:Until this time,They finally realized that this business、What a huge meaning to both of me!
Just glanced at each other,Both of them understood what was in each other’s eyes,This kind of thing can be called belief:This business must not be lost!You can’t be snatched away by Duo!
What I want is this response!
Looking at Zhang Yade and Liu Benzhang, whose eyeballs have begun to turn red,Chen Geng nodded inwardly,Then said:“Also this time I come to Dongying,I also need to cooperate with Dongying’s companies,Used in the procurement production line, but you have not been able to produce it for the time being、Or other equipment whose accuracy does not meet the requirements……In short,The purpose of this purchase is one:Give priority to you,Under the condition that you can’t provide the equipment I need,Will consider Dongying’s products。”
“Thank you!Thank you!”Liu Benzhang and Zhang Yade are really excited, their eyes are red,Zhang Yade held Chen Geng’s hand excitedly and refused to let go:“Mr. Chen,Thank you for your support……”
“Don’t be busy with excitement,I haven’t finished what I just said,”Chen Geng smiled:“The reason why I chose to cooperate with us,It also took a fancy to our status as a senior official of China。Now not only the Germans are making trouble for us,There are also some people in China who are hesitant to choose whom to work with……”
Chen Geng has already said it for this purpose,Why didn’t the two understand the real reason why Chen Geng chose Yizhong??
Let Yizhong help to promote the full implementation of the cooperation between Fernandez and Modu Automobile Manufacturing Plant!
Understand Chen Geng’s true requirements for Yizhong,Liu Benzhang and Zhang Yade were completely relieved:This is more important than before considering=The best situation is even better,And it’s much better!
The simplest point,Once Chen Geng’s Fernandez Company cannot reach a cooperation agreement with Modu Automobile Manufacturing Plant,Will Chen Geng still purchase a heavy equipment??
of course not。
and so,Even if it’s to sell your own products,Yizhong has to find a way to promote the smooth conclusion of this cooperation,The previous idea was to let Chen Geng buy his own products,Except that the price is cheap enough,And help Chen Geng promote this,it’s good now,Chen Geng’s conditions are much better than that of Yizhong.。

[Difference between Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang]_ Yangyan Siwu Tang _ different points

[Difference between Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang]_ Yangyan Siwu Tang _ different points

For female friends, during the menstrual period, discomforts such as abdominal pain, qi and blood loss are easy to occur.

So many people will choose Chinese medicine for conditioning.

Among them, Siwutang and Bazhentang are the most popular.

But what are the main effects of Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang?

Today we will introduce the main differences between Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang, hoping to help everyone better choose Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang.

Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang, I think everyone has heard of it. As a traditional Chinese medicine soup, they all have some medicinal materials that are compatible. So, which two soups are good compared?

I think this is the answer we all want to know, let’s explore it below.

Bazhen Decoction and Siwu Decoction Among them, good Siwu Decoction is composed of Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, Paeonia lactiflora, and Rehmannia glutinosa. Bazhen Decoction is based on Siwu Decoction, which is supplemented with ginseng, atractylodes, white Poria, and liquorice.

Bazhen Decoction is mainly used for dizziness, paleness, weakness of limbs, weakness after illness, and irregular blood circulation in women.

Siwutang has better effects on palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, and irregular menstruation.

If you really want to know which one is better, it depends on your own personal constitution to use the above soup to find the best one for you.

If you are a woman who often sits in the office, just a little blood color, fatigue, cold hands and feet, menstrual abnormalities or dysmenorrhea, it is recommended to choose Siwutang.

And you only need to choose the four things soup bag which is convenient for making tea.

At present, the length of Siwutang tea bag in Ziyi Mall is 39 yuan / bag, and there are limited activities this month. Buy 2 bags of real hair and 3 bags.

There are 30 sachets in one bag and 90 sachets in 3 bags. Soak one sachet a day. You can drink for 3 months. On average, it costs more than 8 cents a day, which is very affordable.

Efficacy of Bazhen Decoction and Siwu Decoction When women suffer from menstrual discomfort, Siwu Decoction can use chemical fiber to promote blood circulation, relieve abdominal distension and abdominal pain, and can also supplement iron elements to reduce anemia, dizziness, and poor menstrual flow during menstrual cramps.

Siwu Tang can also prevent skin aging and improve the sub-health symptoms of the human body.

Bazhen Decoction can soften the heart and brain blood vessels of the human body and purify the blood. It has good health effects on hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, angina pectoris and senile dementia.

Also has Qi.

Nourishing blood, like excessive blood loss, and symptoms of disorders after the illness can also be improved with Bazhen Decoction.

By understanding the composition and efficacy of Bazhen Decoction and Siwu Decoction, we know that Bazhen Decoction and Siwu Decoction have the same curative effect, but also have different curative effects for different symptoms.

So, which of Siwu Tang and Bazhen Tang?

You have to look at your own consequences and take the right medicine.

[Can pregnant women eat canned bayberry]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat canned bayberry]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

For pregnant women, during pregnancy, they often cannot eat because of the pregnancy response. Most pregnant women will find that their taste has changed particularly during pregnancy.

For example, some pregnant women will especially like sour and spicy food during pregnancy.

But pregnant women should take extra care in eating.

Let’s find out if pregnant women can eat canned bayberry.

First, pregnant women should eat less canned bayberry as much as possible, because some additives such as pigments, flavors, preservatives, etc. are added during the production of canned bayberry. These substances are usually synthetic chemicals that are often consumed to damage the liver and kidneys.
As a result, about 10% of vitamin C is lost after canning?
60%, vitamin B loses 20%?
80%, vitamin P loss of nearly 10%, vitamin A loss of 15%?

If the pregnant woman does have a bad appetite, you can eat a moderate amount to avoid eating a large amount at a time.

Canned bayberry has a large loss of nutrients and is not comprehensive enough. It is recommended that pregnant women choose fresh bayberry when they want to eat bayberry.

Second, pregnant women eat bayberry notes 1, bayberry fruit season is very short, not easy to store, easy to rot.

Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to the freshness of bayberry when buying bayberry, and must eat fresh bayberry, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.

2. Because bayberry has no skin, in order to eat fruits directly, pregnant women must wash them before eating, and it is best to soak them in salt water for 10 minutes before eating.

3. Because bayberry is sour, you can’t eat too much at one time, otherwise the teeth are prone to sourness.

Therefore, although pregnant women can eat bayberry, it is not advisable to overdo it.

4, pregnant women with high blood sugar is best to eat bayberry, because bayberry has a high sugar content.

5. Bayberry has a certain stimulating effect on gastric mucosa, so patients with ulcers should eat it with caution.

Myrica is hot, has toothache, and has too much stomach acid. Don’t eat more if you get angry.

6, gestational diabetes do not eat bayberry, so as not to make blood sugar too high.

7, Yangmei bogey with raw onions.