The atmosphere suddenly became lively,The captain and others could not help standing up to prepare a toast,But Li Tianchou was the first to stop,“Come back this time,Just want to see everyone,Yuxing can have today,I really can’t do without everyone’s efforts。But one thing is clear,I am no longer a family member,You can’t call it that again,This little request,Promise not?”

“it is good,I’ll call you Boss Li from now on!”The captain shouted immediately,Anyway, heartless,How come the excitement。
“Li boss!”
“I called you Boss Li!”
The loud shouts made Li Tianchou dumbfounded,He gave the captain a fierce look,Continue,“Since the toast,Let’s respect the elders first,I wish Uncle Hao and his wife good health,Live younger。”
“it is good!”
“Twenty this year,Next year twenty eight!”Everyone clamored again。
The old couple got up happily,Drank a full glass of wine,Holding Li Tianchou’s hand with unfulfilled meaning,I want to say something nagging,But unfortunately,The guys who came up to toast were pushed aside。
Li Tianchou can only come and never refuse,Brothers must drink the wine,Even if you get drunk on the spot,This is the inherent tradition of the old Yuxing people,He still clearly remembers the first time he went to Caijiayuan,Uncle Hai once gave him the power。
Now things are not,It’s a pity that Uncle Hai left。
Round of toasts,Tossing for half an hour,Li Tianchou’s face blushed and his neck was thick,At least a catty of wine,But the strange thing is that the mind is so clear,He noticed that the two of them didn’t move.,One is Xiao Song,A Qi Baozhu。
Xiao Song is sitting at the main table,It seems to be satisfied just by looking at it with a smile,But Qi Baozhu is still different and lonely,Only when Li Tianchou’s gaze came over,Only slightly raised the wine glass in his hand,Then look up and clean。
Li Tianzhen doesn’t mind,It’s also a toast,Then drink it all,If Qi Baozhu wasn’t this character,,It’s not in his memory‘Small steel column’Up。And he vaguely felt that this guy seemed to have something to say,But now is not the occasion,Have time to talk to him。

When Jiang Waner was helpless,Jiang Yiyun walked in,Asked with a smile。

Jiang Wan’er displeased。
Dissatisfaction in the eyes!
Pouting and don’t want to say more!
The servant glanced at Jiang Yiyun helplessly,Retreated。
“daughter,What are you looking for??People are busy……I have to go to the hospital to save people。”Jiang Yiyun said seriously。
“you’re lying!He is now at Hu’s house!”
Jiang Wan’er displeased。
“Hu Jia?”
Jiang Yi was shocked。
Why did Fang Yu go to his old friend again?!
“You can’t come here either!”
Jiang Yiyun said seriously。
“I’ll go to Yili!”
Jiang Wan’er snorted coldly。

I really want to say a dangerous,Before there is no black mountain mask,He has shocked the heart of the heart of blood,Yuan Zi Sucheng is a hundred times,Little accidentally caught the killing,I want to find a head to kick.。

so,More than a dozen people blow the bomb,This power is?
“Demon is a demon,Daddy in the evening,Don’t you sleep in neighbors??”
Liao Wenjie snorted,Shengxian,Whizzle,Creative,Wrapped around the meaning,Go straight to Pudu Cihang in the array。
“Shape like sword!”
Pudu Cihang is not moving,袈裟 袈裟 no wind,Slaid land,卍 卍 佛 印 绽 光光,声 胜 邪 弹 弹 半 半。
“Namo Amitabha~~~”
“Put down the butcher knife,Located~~~”
Suddenly,The Samaguan is heavier,Left thousand households,God blur is standing in the same place,Stiff hard raising hand touchs the steel knife。
Gripped,Loosely,Look extremely struggling。
Like thousands of households,Already stunned,Whole Positive Villa,Except for the autumn leaves of the spell in the ear,The rest of the rest of the person, etc.,Whether it is officer or Fujia sister,Everything is in the ear,Resist the devastation of the demonstration,One eye is sluggish,Original earth。
Reappearing,Just follow the magic,Crazy hoe,I read down the butcher knife,While crying, you are deep,Ask for the country, big compassion,Help them from suffering。
“Hey,You are not right.,Fighting wave and ordinary people,Which one of the Buddha Gate??”
Knowing the autumn and one shouting,I have been ignored again,Missomoa hop。
“Heaven and earth nature,Dispersion,Mystery in the cave,Sway……”
Liao Wen Jack is sitting,Pudi Cairi Buddha,He is thinking。Two sound mixed,A compassion with magic,Indulgent,A Huanghuang atmosphere,Evil,It is like a broken morning to sweep the darkness。
“Put down the butcher knife,Located~~~”
“Devil,Waiter;Fierce,Dow often。”
Two sounds mixed together,Direct people can’t identify,It seems like two lost,I don’t know which one is good.。
“Left thousand,Demon mana is high,Please stay in the power of poor。”Pudu Cihang Big Dip,Mercy smile,Between the momentous。
“The country is polite.,Although I am Wu Wu,But the demon demon is in the community,Naturally, it will not be surprised。”
Left thousands of families,I always feel wrong,But can’t say,Snorgens no longer think more,According to past experience,When you don’t have a good evil,Just listen to the order。
He pulls out two steel knives,Amazing in the eyes amazing,Footprint,Body support,Liao Wenjie sitting on the roof。
A red ghost,He saw the shape of the body,A thousand pounds fall above the wall。
Never want to,The ghost did not attack him,Reversely, it is rolled up the autumn leaves in the yard.,Empty two laps,Only he was squatting。
“Hey,You of this one,It’s okay.!I will be angry,Really angry————”
Knowing the autumn and left thousands of households,The two fell from the wall,Everything is a headache。
“wrong,Is this not a Buddha?,This is the demonstration!”
Knowing the autumn and one leaves suddenly awake,Grandly eyes toward Pudu Cihang,Cannot be confident:“Your demon,Actually use a evil person,Who are you??”
“Bold,How to rush to the national teacher!”
Left thousand households shake the head,I have just restored to the Qingming in my eyes.,It is also taken care of by Pudu Cihang,Rapida is falling into a distinctive state,Run the knife to know the autumn leaves。
“Oops,You this person,I really thought that I was good.,Will not use a spell to deal with you is!”Knowing the autumn and one leaf is smashed by the big net,Sneak into the ground。
Left thousands of households shake,Heart god disappeared,Not only the knife is not aggressive,Even awareness is also retreats,I can’t find the goal of the autumn leaves in the original place.。
“God of the soldiers,Anxious,Give me!”

Black sword air is extremely fast,As if to split the surrounding air with one knife。

The leather armor of the millipede is tough and thick,Under the heavy blow of the first-class master, it also splits the flesh。
The millipede just crushed the dead body of Chai and swallowed it into its abdomen,Although Chai Jin is only a second-rate master,The blood of the body is not as strong as those of the corpses of the ancient strong,But I can’t hold the dead body with fresh flesh and blood。
While enjoying the food,Chen Dayuan’s blow was furious,Its body is always huge,But his movements are extremely sharp,Shook his head,Let out a loud roar,The tail swept towards Chen Dayuan。Tian Lai
Chen Dayuan leaped high,Avoid the sweep of the centipede tail,The tail hits the rock wall of the cave,Suddenly a big hole was punched。
Liu Dunyue and they saw that the millipede was so ferocious,Everyone was stunned。
“What are you still waiting for,Attack it separately,I’ll tear it down!”
Chen Dayuan landed on the back of the centipede,Grab a carapace on the centipede with both hands,Pull,It really made him pick up a big piece。
Everyone saw him succeed,Suddenly there was hope in my heart,Left and right,One after another, they attacked the centipede’s head,Do not ask for merit,I just want to distract the centipede,Let Chen Dayuan remove all the carapace from the centipede。
Although everyone’s attack did not cause actual damage to the millipede,But it makes it annoying,Chen Dayuan’s carapace was even more painful。
The centipede opened its mouth and roared,Such a powerful voice,It’s like a thunderbolt from the nine heavens,The four who harassed it with all their strength,I feel like I’ve been hammered deep in my heart,Very uncomfortable。

“what happened?Isn’t it ugly for me?,So busy,I took a shower when I came,Hair is not dry,So it became like this,Don’t laugh”Ouyang Hong said,Smiled awkwardly。

When Xia Jian was about to speak,Song Fang walked in, twisting her waist like a water snake,It is said that women in the south are like water,Really feels like that。
“Mayor Ouyang,You are back,I’m so anxious”Song Fang smiled slightly at Xia Jian,Sat down next to Ouyang Hong。
This woman,Originally the woman director of Xiping Village,In this rescue,Not too advanced,Didn’t hold everyone back,So something,Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong are still happy to find her。
“What’s wrong with Sister Song??You say,I have a meeting here”Although Ouyang Hong is the mayor,Respect the villagers,This Song Fangsheng should look a few years older than her。
Song Fang looked at Xia Jian first,Just started to say:“Mayor!This flood,Although my house was not washed down by the flood,Two wing rooms on the west side,The wall fell,You said the walls of this house are gone,What’s the house?”This woman,Just talk,Why are you so sweet,I still look at Xia Jian from time to time,This made Xia Jian very uncomfortable。
“I understand what you mean,During the reconstruction,Build two new houses for your house!”Ouyang Hong frowned and said。
Song Fang never expected,Ouyang Hong is so refreshing,She hasn’t finished speaking yet,People will know what she meant,She stood up immediately,Ha ha smiled:“Yes mayor,What i mean”
“No way,No such possibility”Ouyang Hong’s eyes changed,Very serious。Xia Jian sitting across from her,Thought to myself,Being an official is still a subject,I seem to be a little tender,Look at others,Retreat。
Song Fangyi listened,Not happy anymore,Whispered in his mouth:“Why not,We are also villagers in Xiping Village,And others can build new houses,Why can’t our family,Moreover,I am a village cadre,To compare the contribution to the village,I am much better than them”
“President Xia,Take a look,In this rebuilding,Do you have their home?”Ouyang Hong said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian understands Ouyang Hong’s meaning,Open the logbook,Still read it carefully and said:“No,This rebuild,The house collapsed,Completely cleaned up,Like theirs,There are still ten or twenty households in the village,Not included in the scope of reconstruction”
“Ouch, Xia Jian!You are from Xiping Village,Although I came to Xiping Village late,But what happened to Murakami on weekdays,I still take good care of your parents,So you must help this time”Song Fang is like a piece of gum,Stick to whom。
Ouyang Hong stood up,I stretched my right hand and said:“Sister Song,please!President Xia and I still have something to discuss,No delay“
Song Fang glanced at Ouyang Hong,Took another look at Xia Jian,See Xia Jian silently,Then left disappointed。
Ouyang Hong shook his head helplessly and said:“Things in the countryside are so troublesome,Sometimes I have to cut the mess quickly“

Wang Youcai was taken aback,I immediately understood the meaning of Xu Li’s red words,He asked coldly:“what do you mean,Tonight is our last,is not it?“

Xu Lihong did not speak,But pressed her soft body over。Wang Youcai cursed inwardly“Go to your grandma!Then what am i waiting for“
The little wooden bed screamed overwhelmedly,I feel like I’m falling apart。Chen Xiaoju in another room,Listen to the lingering sound from Xu Lihong’s room,She tossed like pancakes。Until dawn,She just fell asleep。
Wang Youcai ran out of power,I can’t get up in the morning。After Xu Lihong got up in the morning,So I called the store manager,Took a long time off,She just went out to buy early。Although she said what kind of disgraceful things she did before,But she also knows to be grateful。Wang Youcai is not thin to her,She knew it in her heart。
When Chen Xiaoju gets up,Xu Lihong has bought breakfast。Chen Xiaoju glanced at Xu Lihong,Speak softly:“Li Hong,You forgot everything I told you about feelings,Time to wake up“
“Sister Chen!I remember everything you said,But Brother Wang is kind to me,Quandang this is the last time“Xu Lihong said sincerely。It’s all for this,Chen Xiaoju could only take a breath,No more words。
Two women who once had a relationship with Wang Youcai,Never expected to live together,But have a new perspective on life,For Wang Youcai,Maybe it’s not a bad thing。
Sleep until nine o’clock,Wang Youcai was stunned by urine。When he got up to the toilet,Found that Chen Xiaoju and Xu Lihong were sitting in the yard chatting。He thought for a while and said to Xu Lihong:“Why didn’t you go to work?I will go naturally when I wake up”
“Nothing,Wash your face,Let’s have breakfast together!”Xu Lihong smiled and said。
After washing his face, Wang Youcai sat down at the small square table in the yard,He was eating breakfast,Took out the phone。These days,His phone has been turned off,He wants to call Tian Wa。
The phone is connected soon,Wang Youcai took a bite of buns,Lowered his voice and asked:“What’s the situation now?”
“Wang Ge!This should be over。After the victims and injured family members took the money,No one speaks anymore。The workers’ wages are all paid,More than 20,000 yuan left,Liu Changgui and I shared”Tian Wa is honest,He said a little excitedly on the phone。
Wang Youcai paused and said:“Ok!This matter is temporarily over,But I can’t show up yet。I have to hide for another year and a half,When the time comes, let’s work together again”
“Good brother,We are waiting for you”Tian Wa happily said on the phone。Wang Youcai hung up the phone here。
Chen Xiaoju glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“I heard that you committed a lot of things recently,It’s time to stop“
“Nothing big,Moreover,This is a natural disaster,I have done my best,If it can’t be remedied,I can only let it go“Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Chen Xiaoju sighed and said:“I have known you for so many years,Your temper has not changed at all。But today there’s something whether I’m right or wrong,You have to listen“
“No need for you,I know。I won’t come to see you two again,I should find a good family to marry,Let it pass!“Wang Youcai stood up as he spoke,He strode out。
Xu Lihong stood up fiercely,What do you want to say to Wang Youcai?,But Chen Xiaoju was abruptly pulled back。Wang Youcai went fast,He walked out of the alley with little effort。
He is a bastard,But facing the scene like today,He really didn’t feel good。Ni Xiaoli lived with him for so long,There is a child between them。But when Ni Xiaoli filed for divorce with him,Wang Youcai has no nostalgia,What happened to him today?

“Why are you hurt so badly?”

Xiangyang frowned,It’s hard to imagine that Xiang Chen and Yao Yao would be injured because of these punks。
“If it is normal,Your father must have sneaked in quietly,Then one after another assassination。But today he seems to be in a bad mood,Hard front will inevitably lead to injury!”
Explanation for Yao Yao,Xiangyang expresses understanding,Two fists are hard to beat four hands,It’s not that no master was beaten to death by a group of ordinary people.,Xiangyang saw Xiang Chen hurt,I feel like my heart is being grabbed by something。She is afraid of the collapse of the building that shelters herself from wind and rain,Even though the odds are still relatively low。
Mo Mo helped Xiang Chen and Yao Yao heal and relieve the pain in the fastest time,I cleaned up the makeup of the two,Yan Jun took someone to the second floor。
“team leader,If you don’t speak, you’re already a blockbuster!”
Yan Jun leads people to Han Yuxiang,First nod to Xiang Chen,Say hello,Then Yan Jun walked to Han Yuxiang and began to report on the situation of Yuan and Man San’er.。
I thought that by catching a gang of pickpockets and a fake monk, the workload of today has been completed.,But I didn’t expect to see the real big scene immediately。
Unconsciously glanced at Xiang Chen’s direction,But Yan Jun quickly retracted his sight。
The wife and the husband follow this,It’s already a tacit secret in the Hanyuxiang team,After all, half of my military medal is half of mine and half of yours.!
“That monk’s hand broke,I don’t know if I can connect it,But send his information back to the nest,I found out that he was a killer!”
Seeing Korean Xiang became angry because of his jokes,Yan Jun immediately corrected the topic。
Look at the look of Korean Xiang,Obviously it didn’t happen after a man’s hand was cut off,As for who is holding the knife,No one is going to study,No one would believe what a killer said anyway。
“My hands are broken?”


Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five Spicy girl(Subscribe、Monthly pass)
the next day,The Hu Yang and others who were planning to leave were taken to see the Tulou by Feqila,Why don’t you go to see the Tulou?,It’s like going to the capital without seeing the Great Wall and Forbidden City。
Nanjing Tulou is very famous,Not domestic,But the whole world,Populus has long heard of this。Thinking of it is just to play,never mind,then,Just follow to see Curious。
but,Let’s send Zhong Wenqiu and his parents away first。
Zhong Wenqiu strongly invited Populus to play in Yixing,,He will be the guide then。
“OK!Next time!Will definitely go,There are many traditional cultures in Yixing。”Populus nodded。
“Mainly eat more。”Zhong Wenqiu speaks。
It’s a country of foodies,Always talk about food。
Fitch is speechless,This makes sense,As if they have nothing to eat in Zhangzhou。and,Speaking of eating,Brother Hu is in Yangcheng,What the hell have not eaten?It’s just Fujianese?
“Xiao Hu,Then look forward to your coming。”Father Zhong also said enthusiastically。
Came in a hurry this time,Walk in a hurry,But great gain,Net worth doubled。
Really going to Tulou,Hu Yang regrets it a bit,Really far,Said it’s from Zhangzhou,But it’s far from the city,Drove for a long time。
“Isn’t this Hakka Tulou??Don’t we have it in our province??”After Huazi saw it,Covered。
Hu Yang saw him and reacted,Can’t help laughing:“Hakka Tulou。There are in our province,But not so well-known,Not comparable in scale。and,Weilong House in our province。”
Actually,This is close to Guangdong,Almost the junction,Meizhou will be in the past。
This area,Is where the Hakka people live。
Speaking of,The Hakka people are really a great folk,An important branch of the Han nationality。This is a family that has been migrating,Since ancient times,From north to south,From home to abroad,Made a great contribution to the circulation of culture。

The conflict between the two sides can be said to happen too fast,The guests in the lobby are all dumbfoundedbī)Up。Why would anyone dare to make trouble on the gambling boat??To know,The gambling king Fukai Yuanichi’s gambling boat is very well-known。

At least no one has dared to make trouble here in recent years.。
So some regular customers looked a little sluggish。As for the newcomer,I was too scared to play again,But stay away,I’m afraid to involve myself。
But this battle is coming soon and ending soon。Even if Jinjiu sees that the people here are official,But they are so few!There are at least three or four times as many people as the opponent,In addition, there are some weapons such as electric batons。
After a fight, I don’t directly press Jinjiujian and others on the ground and rub?
And Qin Feng at this time,I’ve seen Ozawa in the Supreme Box。
“brothers,You said you want to go back by helicopter?”
“Yes indeed,I have more than 1.5 million chips,All for you,Can’t you send me back to China??Not very far。This trip can cost more than one million,You should be happy if you make this money。”
“Hehe I said the faceless man,What happened to you in the island country,We probably know。Once we send you away。That is completely opposite to the Miyamoto family。This for us,Something not worth the loss!”Ozawa is not without wisdom,Also measure gains and losses。
Otherwise, he might have already agreed when Jin Jiujian made a request。
“Ha ha,Ozawa,You call the king of gambling。Let me talk to him!”
“you?What share do you use?You are just a criminal wanted by the island nation now。”Ozawa had already found someone to understand that daytimeDWhat happened in Jing。In addition, even Jinjiu has come to see these sea patrols。This is enough to prove that the island officials want to kill Qin Feng。
If the king of gambling gets mixed up,Qin Feng might not escape death even if he has any share。This matter is also of no benefit to them。There are people on the top of the gambler,But it’s hard to say that the faction really dares to head-on with the Miyamoto family。
“Ha ha,Don’t worry about so much。Anyway, just call your boss。You hit now,If this matter is settled,Your boss must treat you differently。But if it fails,It doesn’t hurt you。Am i right?”
What Qin Feng said and Ozawa think it makes sense。But the problem is,Why does Qin Feng impress their boss??To know,On the island side,The position of the Miyamoto family cannot be shaken。of course,Because Miyamoto Musashi died,So maybe there has been some movement recentlydàng)。

What’s more, things on the base side are not in a hurry,Recently, Yiming and Chu Yao are also preparing carefully,So what Xiao Fan wanted was to wait for them to prepare,He can go back and take a look。

He doesn’t want to participate in these things too much,After all, he would be more uncomfortable after seeing these things,He doesn’t want to experience the pain of separation,Because he is also very reluctant to bring out these brothers with his own hands。
But at the same time I also hope that they can live according to their own wishes,Able to ensure that one’s life is not interfered by others。Xiao Fan is also very difficult to choose from this matter。
Of course he didn’t show anything on his face,Because I don’t want Lin Yuna and Liu Chunlan to worry about Lin Feng,Worried that they would think that they gave up their work to accompany them。
After Xiao Fan stayed at Lin’s house for a few days,Yiming called again,Ask him when he will return to the base,Because the things here are almost handled。
Then Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona have been at home for a few days,Lin Yoona also has some things on hand, it’s time to deal with it,So the two of them plan to go back too。
Although two people think it might not make up for anything at all,I can’t solve anything after so few days,But the two of them really have a lot of other things to do,Can’t just stay at home。
In that case, Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng would feel guilty,Still as usual,It’s just that I have to spare more time to accompany them in the future,It’s not that I won’t come back for nearly a month。
That way they will feel lonely or miss very much,This is the consensus reached by Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,So the two of them are very close。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona decided to go back after having lunch at home,Then Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng told them a lot,Liu Chunlan told Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner:“Although you two are busy at work,But you must pay attention to your body。
Don’t neglect your body just because of work,Remember to eat on time,Then rest early,Especially Xiao Fan, you feel like you are desperate when you start working,Although your physique is good or you have other arrangements of your own。
But I can’t work so hard,Otherwise, you will regret it if you grow old and leave the root of the disease.。”Xiao Fan smiled and agreed,Because this is the family’s concern for him,So he was very moved,I want to keep it in my heart。
Although he himself is very clear about these schedules,Also know what to do,What not to do,When to rest,When should work。
But the elders’ instructions still made him feel very warm,Then Lin Feng and Xiao Fan said:“You two should also think about your kids,I also know that you two have always had your own ideas,Very assertive。