Ye Jing’s new film We Are So Unfamiliar wants to present the reflection of their generation

Ye Jing’s new film “We Are So Unfamiliar” wants to present the reflection of their generation
Director Ye Jing, as a well-known director of the Beijing circle, uses multiple autobiographical film and television works as man-made.Recently, he took his new work-the movie “We Are So Unfamiliar”, and accepted an interview with Sauna and Yewang.Ye Jing recalled his creative career, and reflected and summed up their generation just like the content of “We Are So Unfamiliar”.Ye Jing, who was born in the army compound, only made substitutions related to his own experience, from “The Place Where Dreams Begin” and “Days Related to Youth” to the unreleased movie “Remember the Song of a Teenager” and “We Are So Unfamiliar”, heEach of his works has a strong autobiographical color, which is the story of the big courtyard children he has experienced.The autobiography of the young people in the compound completes the “Dream of Red Mansions” in our time. Ye Jing was born in a military compound in Beijing. He served as a soldier and went to the sea. His life experience is rich.When he was middle-aged, his father’s death made him quite sentimental and turned to become a writer, screenwriter and director.In 1999, Ye Jing’s debut novel “The Place Where Dreams Begin” came out, and he was 42 years old that year.Seven years later, in 2006, another TV series “The Days Related to Youth” hit the popular disc market, letting more viewers know the name “Ye Jing”.”Where Dreams Begin”.The picture comes from the Internet. Both of these scripts are more than Beijing in the 1970s. A group of army courtyard children met and fell in love in the torrent of the times. The dream-filled youth encountered hard reality, beauty and ugliness, and all came out.Many characters in the play can be found in Ye Jing and his friends; many plots are also their real experiences. Fighting, stubborn ice, and filming a wife . “We were fighting, where was the noisy thing?He was arrested by the police station there for a night. Wasn’t Wang Shuo also entered the Dongfeng Market Police Station?”The Days Related to Youth” also has this plot, which are all true things.”The Days Related to Youth.”Every piece of the picture from the Internet Ye Jing is related to his own experience. This is the biggest difference between him and other directors.”It’s all related, it doesn’t matter. I won’t write at all.”Ye Jing said,” The place where dreams begin “is to commemorate the family connection of the parents’ generation, and also bring a kind of show-off;” The Days Related to Youth “shoots the life of their generation before the reform and opening up,” ThatAt that time, we were already at a loss and lost. “” Remember the Song of a Teenager “had the experience of being transferred to Yibin with his parents; another unreleased” We are so strange “is for our own generation.Reflection and summary.Ye Jing said that he could write accelerations other than those he experienced, but some of them were prioritized.”Even if I can’t finish writing about that, how can I have time to write about others?I’m afraid I won’t remember it in a few years.”He admitted that his works have a profound autobiographical color.”It can be said to be an autobiography.”Ye Jing said that his ideas coincided with Wang Shuo:” He (Wang Shuo) has always said that he especially wanted to write a “Dream of Red Mansions” of our time.For me, I used film and television works to complete the “Dream of Red Mansions” of our time.”The memory of Beijing in the 1960s and 1970s throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the Shichahai Ice Rink and the Moscow Restaurant (Old Mo) were at the forefront of fashion in the minds of Beijing youth, and they were also places for entertainment, love, and struggle, leaving a generationYouth memory.Shichahai stubble ice, old Moxi food, Beihai white pagoda, and millions of village streets, these images appeared many times in “The Place Where Dreams Begin” and “Days Related to Youth”, together with young men and women wearing military coats and red scarves,, the symbol of Beijing in that era.Both dramas were shot on site in Beijing.Ye Jing said that everybody knew that they were filming, looking fresh, but no one stared at the onlookers.”The place where the dream begins” opened two yards in Shichahai, and the crew rented the ice rink in the first body to let the actors learn now.”Ding Zhicheng and Zhang Hanyu were already very good at skating, and they can shoot the ice directly. How dare others?Like Fu Biao, they have to practice.”Looking back now, Ye Jing feels that many actors in” Where Dreams Begin “do not meet the skating standards.”Where Dreams Begin” Stubborn Ice.The picture comes from the Internet and tells the story of the young people in the Beijing compound. Ye Jingxuan’s actors also favor Beijing nationality, and it is better to have a military background.The preference for Beijing nationality is because of the language. Ye Jing values the authenticity of the lines, at least in standard Mandarin, but also understands the tone of Beijing dialect.In the two plays, nearly half of the leading actors are Beijing-born actors, including Chen Yufan of the “Yuquan Group”. “Yufan was too busy to come and find me to play, saying if he could act in a playof.Many children singing in Beijing have looked for me, but I am useless.”Not every role can choose actors who are both suitable and Beijing-born. Tong Dawei, who plays dialect in” Days Related to Youth “, is from the Northeast, and the excellent article is from the Northwest.Ye Jing found someone to train the lines and taught it personally when filming.”Basically, I teach one by one, and I will learn from them.There are many changes to the accented and accented tone of Peking dialect.Your tone is not the same, it means completely wrong.”At that time, the article was training here every day in Ye Jing. Tong Dawei worked very hard to overcome language problems, but the show still revealed some Northeast flavor, and was therefore criticized by the audience.Ye Jing likes to use rookie actors. “If you use wrists, the first is that you can’t afford it, and the second is that you can’t afford to lose time with them. They all have schedule restrictions and they don’t experience life.”After looking at the script he filmed more than ten years later, the newcomers of that year became wrists, and Ye Jing ‘s vision was terrifying: Zhang Hanyu, Yongmei, article, Bai Baihe, Chen Yufan . Time witnessed growth and witnessed impermanence-some peopleBecause of the affair of the drama, they eventually parted ways, such as Chen Yufan, Bai Baihe; some people have worked hard for many years and become famous, such as Yongmei; others have left the scene before half a year, such as Fu Biao and Ban Zan.”The place where the dream begins” shooting scene.The picture comes from the Internet. The generation of Wang Shuo and me belong to the prodigal son. Since the 1990s, Wang Shuo, Ye Jing, Feng Xiaogang and other literary and film creators who have grown up from the Beijing military compound have become famous figures in Chinese literary circles.The style of their work is highly related to the region and culture of Beijing, and is considered to be the representative of the “Beijing Circle” (Beijing Literature and Art Circle).However, in Ye Jing’s view, their children in the courtyard are always separated from the real old Beijing by a wall.”We have a weaker sense of Beijing’s hometown and identity.The parents are not from Beijing, they are foreigners, and they were brought to Beijing from Tiannan and Haibei.We have a gap with old Beijing, that is, the cultural gap between the wall and the wall. We are inside the wall, and they are outside the wall.”What identity did Ye Jing recognize?”He used a word to describe “brainless”.He is so big-hearted that he ca n’t wait to liberate the whole world and all mankind. He feels that he is carrying such a mission of the times, but he is easy to be impulsive.In his view, the compound is like the Grand View Garden in “Dream of Red Mansions”. It can have a so-called leading culture because many things have been touched earlier and played earlier than others.”Enjoy various advantages, including cultural superiority.We must have seen many popular cultures in the West initially.How can ordinary people see it?Where can I afford to eat old Mo, Xinqiao Restaurant, or even who dares to eat Western food?”A wall blocked the big courtyard students and the real old Beijing.The children in the courtyard have not suffered much since they were young, and they do not know what it means to survive.Ye Jing ‘s father was expelled from Beijing and his family was transferred to Yibin, Sichuan. Only then did he see the world outside the wall.”That’s Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan!My father took me to the restaurant and ate a bowl of jelly or Dan Dan noodles, and asked Hanako to make a circle beside him . “And on the other side, although his family was out of luck, his father had Wuliangye special for drinking, and Hongta Mountain smoked.During the reform and opening up, Ye Jing also went south to Guangzhou for business, and even opened a Sichuan restaurant with Wang Shuo in Beijing.But he thought it was just a joke, never serious business.”Don’t think I am serious about doing business. My process of doing business is” blind tossing “in Beijing.”Ye Jing said that their children in the large courtyard did not live so rigorously, nor would they plan their lives for themselves.””Me and Wang Shuo, our generation belongs to the prodigal son.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing

Gaga will always be a small character, no matter in music or film

Gaga will always be a small character, no matter in the music or film world | 夜 问
Answer: C was born on March 28, 1986 in New York. Her original name was Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germainota, but most people still remember her stage name.In 2008, she released her first studio album “The Fame” officially debut. In addition to music, her unique and eye-catching “fancy dress” made her continue to make headlines.In more than ten years, she has sold thousands of albums and singles.Now, as a singer and a multi-identity actor, she has become one of the most influential women in the world today.She has 11 Grammy Awards, 3 British Music Awards, and 13 MTV VMAs trophy. In 2016, she also won the Golden Globe Award for starring in the American drama “American Horror Story: Hotel”.”Successfully played the lead actress Ai Li, she even won the 91st Oscar nomination for best actress, and won the best original song award.But Lady Gaga’s first show in the film and television series was to play a dragon role in the third season (2001) of the classic American drama “The Sopranos”-Girl 2 by the Pool. The number of plays is so small that if the audience blinks, it mayWill miss.Later, she made a guest appearance in the third episode of the third episode of “Gossip Girl” (2009). In the play, the protagonist Blair used a personal relationship to invite the hot Lady Gaga to the school for a private concert.In the movie “Machete Killing” (2013), she still has no independent role, she is one of the skins for the killer “Chameleon”.In the fifth season of “American Horror Story” (2015), she played a countess, using blood and sex to maintain youth and health, charming but dangerous.Gaga has given us too many miracles from the initial running suit to the protagonist, from the unknown little role to the famous female singer in the world, from the inferior girl to the confident big woman, expecting her to get better and better.

[Can yogurt be beauty]_Beauty effect_Whitening effect

[Can yogurt be beauty]_Beauty effect_Whitening effect

When women grow up to a certain age, they will never go on the road of beauty and beauty, because for women, one of the most feared problems they face is aging.

While beauty and beauty, you can use some skin care products, in fact, some foods in life can also achieve a certain beauty effect.

Yogurt is rich in vitamin c and other substances, so does yogurt have a cosmetic effect?

What is the effect of yogurt1. Absorption of yogurt can overcome the lactose intolerance. Some people are allergic to lactose in fresh milk. After eating fresh milk, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and indigestion occur.

The presence of lactase activity in fresh yogurt promotes the breakdown of lactose and prevents lactose intolerance.

Therefore, people who are not suitable for lactase can eat it with peace of mind.

2. Yogurt can reduce the content of 3-3 hydroxy-3 methylglutaric acid and lactic acid in cholesterol yogurt.

Regular drinking yogurt can significantly reduce cholesterol, which can prevent cardiovascular disease in the elderly.

3. Yogurt can prevent constipation and bacterial peritoneum. Organic acids produced in yogurt can increase intestinal motility, stimulate gastric juice secretion, and inhibit proliferation and reproduction. It has a certain effect on cancer treatment.

4, yogurt has a cosmetic effect. Drinking yogurt can moisturize, eyesight, firm teeth, and healthy hair.

The reason is that yogurt is rich in calcium, which is easier to absorb and absorb. It is high enough to be good for teeth and bones. There are many vitamins in yogurt, of which vitamin A and vitamin B2 are good for eyes. Rich amino acids in yogurt are good forHair; at the same time, because yogurt can improve digestive function, prevent constipation, and inhibit the production and accumulation of harmful substances such as phenol indoles and amines in the body, which can prevent cell aging and make the skin white and healthy.

Experts point out that some probiotics can improve the flora of the body, constipation, and are suitable for people with constipation, but people with diarrhea are not suitable for large amounts of food, which may worsen diarrhea.

Yogurt beauty method 1, strawberry mask to fight acne materials: 4 strawberries, 1 tsp of flour, 1 tsp of yogurt, honey, practices: 1, rinse the strawberries with water and squeeze the juice.

2. After mixing the flour and yogurt, add strawberry juice and honey and stir well.

3. Apply on the damp bladder, leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.

2, pure yogurt mask cleansing skin material: yogurt and flour practices: 1, put the appropriate amount of yogurt and flour in a small bowl, mix thoroughly into a thick yogurt paste.

(Don’t make it too thin, otherwise the mask cannot be thickened) 2. Apply evenly on the entire face, wait 10?
After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Efficacy: Yogurt mask can also be used for face washing. You don’t need to clean your face before and after use.

Use 4?
After 5 times, the skin will have a completely new feeling.

3, honey yogurt mask moisturizing non-drying materials: honey and a spoonful of yogurt or yogurt yogurt method: mix a spoonful of honey with a spoonful of yogurt or yogurt, mix well, apply on the wet residue, leave it for 15 minutes before washinggo with.
Precautions for drinking yogurt Drinking after meals is good for absorbing nutrients. Generally speaking, the effect of yogurt is best between 30 minutes and 2 hours after meals.

Under normal conditions, the pH of gastric juice is between 1-3; when fasting, gastric juice is acidic and the pH is below 2, which is not suitable for the growth of active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

Only when the pH value of the stomach is relatively high can the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt be fully grown, which is beneficial to health.

About two hours after a meal, human gastric juice is replaced, and the pH value will rise to 3-5. At this time, drinking yogurt is the most beneficial for absorbing nutrients.

In addition, if yoghurt is injected in the fasting state, it is easy to stimulate the emptying of the injection tract, and the nutrients in the yoghurt are excreted before it is thoroughly digested and absorbed; drinking after meals can reduce the irritation and allow the yoghurt to be slowly absorbed in the stomach.

Drinking yogurt with the best calcium supplement at night is a good source of calcium in food. From the perspective of calcium supplement, drinking yogurt at night has more benefits.

Because 12 pm to early morning is the time when the body’s blood calcium content is the lowest, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium in food.

At the same time, there are few factors that affect calcium absorption in the human body during this period.

Although milk also contains very high calcium, compared with it, the lactic acid contained in yoghurt combined with calcium can better promote the role of calcium absorption.

However, when drinking yogurt at night, you must remember that certain bacteria and acid substances in yogurt have certain damage to the teeth, and you should brush your teeth in time after drinking.

Can promote gastrointestinal motility and relieve constipation. Many women like to drink yogurt. One important reason is that no matter how much they drink, they will not get fat.

Yogurt does have a certain weight-loss effect, mainly because it contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the body flora balance, promote invasive peristalsis, and thus relieve constipation.

There is a certain relationship between long-term constipation and weight gain.

Another is that yogurt has an increased satiety. Drinking a cup when slightly elevated can effectively relieve the urgent appetite, thereby reducing the amount of meals for the next meal.

However, yoghurt is not fat to drink too much, it also contains certain transformations. If you eat extra on the basis of tandem accumulation, it will also cause weight gain.

The best way is to choose yogurt labeled with skim and low denaturation. Although they don’t taste as rich and full-bodied as full-fat yogurt, they have low conversion and do not cause rapid accumulation in the body to gain weight.
In addition, yogurt is not suitable for all ages.

Patients after gastrointestinal surgery, diarrhea patients, and infants under 1 year of age should not drink yogurt.
Even healthy adults should not take too much, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive gastric acid, affect the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reduce appetite, and disrupt the absorption balance in the body.

First, drink two cups a day, each cup is about 125 grams.

[Attention mothers during pregnancy, don’t touch these foods at all!

[Attention mothers during pregnancy, don’t touch these foods at all!

Pregnancy is the happiest thing for women. It means that she will be a mother, and it also means that a new life is about to come to this world. Prospective mothers should be careful to keep their babies healthy and grow more during pregnancyPay attention to diet. During pregnancy, some foods must not be eaten, such as longan, hawthorn, crabs, etc. Some are too cold and may cause miscarriage, and some are excitatory to the uterus and may easily cause abortion.This kind of food is within the scope of the taboo diet. Have you noticed the expectant mothers?

Large fish The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that pregnant women do not eat large fish such as swordfish, sharks, fish, and canned seafood tuna no more than 180 grams.

Fish caught in rivers, lakes, and streams may contain bacteria or be chemically contaminated, and it is best not to eat them.

If you want to eat, it is best to put the fish in the relevant health department for inspection.

Of course, eating fish under 360 grams per week is not harmful.

Raw and semi-raw meat Do not eat raw or undercooked poultry and seafood (such as raw oysters, clams, and sushi). They may be rich in bacteria and viruses and must be cooked thoroughly before consumption.

Also, don’t eat half-boiled eggs, and fried eggs should be fully cooked.


Kyushutsu (600998) Semi-annual Report Comment: Performance Exceeds Expectation, Cash Flow Improves Clearly

Kyushutsu (600998) Semi-annual Report Comment: Performance Exceeds Expectation, Cash Flow Improves Significantly

The profit side grew rapidly, and the cash flow situation improved. In the first half of 2019, the company realized operating income of 484.

29 ppm, an increase of 14 years.

09%; net profit attributable to mother 7.

430,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

46%, net profit after deduction 6

17 ppm; 25 years increase.

91%. In the first half of 2019, the company’s net profit achieved rapid growth, mainly due to the company’s sales growth in the reporting period, the increase in gross profit caused by changes in tax rates, and the increase in government subsidies over the same period of the previous year.

The report communique stated that the company’s net cash flow from operating activities was -29.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

83%, the report caused the company’s cash flow situation 南宁桑拿 to improve significantly, mainly because the company effectively controlled the hospital’s sales during the reporting period, sales repayments increased and the cash rate increased.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s various businesses developed steadily, of which the pharmaceutical wholesale-related business realized revenue of 46.

6.9 billion (+14.

89%), the retail business realized revenue8.

9.7 billion (-10.

4%), the pharmaceutical industry realized income7.

26 yuan (+1.

19%); At the same time, H1 company continued to maintain rapid growth in the FBBC division in 2019, and the overall B2B business achieved sales of 55.

2.5 billion (+ 80%), the general agency business realized revenue 17.

9.9 billion (+44.


As of June 30, 2019, the company had a total of 1,132 retail chain drug stores in various 深圳桑拿网 regions, including 256 direct-operated stores, and offline physical drug stores achieved revenue5.

7.9 billion (+14.


  The equipment sector has grown rapidly, and the distribution end of medical institutions has achieved rapid growth. In terms of products, a series of companies’ core business products, Western medicine, have been reported, and Chinese patent medicines have achieved revenue of 377.

3.9 billion (+12.

57%); gross sales margin 8.

28%, an annual increase of 0.

55 pages.

Revenue from the business of Chinese herbal medicines and herbal medicines16.

5.9 billion (+4.

22%); gross sales margin is 12.

55%, a decrease of 0 every year.

77 pp; medical equipment and family planning supplies business maintained a rapid growth momentum, achieving revenue 71.

7.5 billion (+ 38.

56%); gross sales margin is 7.

23%, a decline of 0 per year.

72 pages.

Non-medicine such as food realized income 17.4.1 billion (-15.

58%); sales gross margin is 9.

77%, an annual increase of 0.

For 31 units, the decline in revenue was due to the company’s adjustment of the product structure and customer channels of the Consumer Products Division, which has reduced some of the commercial channel businesses with large capital occupations and low gross profit.

Overall, the company’s medical equipment continued to achieve rapid growth. The company’s report pointed out that nine new subsidiaries were set up to expand market coverage.

From the perspective of channels, the company’s pure sales of second-tier and above hospitals and primary medical institutions below second-tier maintained rapid growth in the first half of the year, achieving 25 respectively.

75%, 30.

13% growth, sales revenue reached 109.

300 million, 62.

9.5 billion; retail pharmacy channel realized revenue of 125.

3.4 billion (+14.

2%); sales of 157 to downstream wholesalers.

2.8 billion (+4.

97%), and the allocation business gradually returned to stability.

  Profitability has steadily increased, and financial expenses have increased slightly. In the first half of 2019, the company’s gross sales margin and net sales margin were 8 respectively.

38%, 1.

57%, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.

28 pp, 0.

26 pp.

In 2019, H1’s sales expense ratio, management expense ratio and financial expense ratio were 3 respectively.

12%, 1.

96%, 1.


The financial expense ratio increased by 0 in the first half of the year.

39 pp, mainly because the company’s operating scale has increased, the operating capital required has increased, bank borrowings have been increased, and interest expenses on issuing asset securitization have increased.

  It is estimated and rated as the national pharmaceutical circulation leader, and the initial optimization of the channel structure in the future will gradually and continuously maintain stable and rapid development. The company’s net profit is expected to be 17 in 19-21.



420,000 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: bad debt risk of receivables, intensified market competition, lower gross margins due to drug price cuts, policy advancement is less than expected, and increased financing costs lead to increased financial costs, etc.

Juewei Food (603517): Q2 still maintains a fast pace of shop opening, H2 duck costs help ease

Juewei Food (603517): Q2 still maintains a fast pace of shop opening, H2 duck costs help ease
Key points for investment Q2 still maintains a fast pace of store openings. There are about 350 stores in Q1. It is expected that 19Q2 will maintain the same fast pace of store openings. The company expects to focus on store openings in the first half of the year, so that the space that can be adjusted can be largely maintained.The goal of opening 800-1200 stores remains unchanged.In the first half of last year, the company actively adjusted the geographical layout of its existing stores, which resulted in slower opening of stores than in the past. In the end, 18H1 Juewei possessed 9,459 stores, a net increase of 406 from the end 天津夜网of 17.If the company’s guidance for 19Q2 still maintains a relatively fast pace of store openings, combined with the channel discovery situation, it is estimated that Q2 will open about 300 stores in a single season. By the end of 2018, there will be 9,915 stores with a great taste, then 19H1 is expected to reach 10,565 stores.Shop for decades +11.6%, combined with the price increase from March to March, it is expected that the single store revenue growth rate can reach the upper limit of 5%, and the 19H1 must taste revenue growth rate exceeds 17%. Smoothly passed the rising cycle of raw materials, raw materials fell in the second half of the year. In terms of raw materials, the price of duck necks declined in 18Q4 and rebounded in 19Q1. At present, the prices of duck necks have dropped slightly and remained stable.Judging from domestic domestic duck prices, thanks to the expansion of early farming production, prices have fallen somewhat, and it is expected that the frozen products will take the second half of the year.With a high base in the second half of last year, pressure on gross profit margin in 19H1 will ease. Actively test new business with high gross profit and contribute to the taste of overseas markets. Actively test new business with water and pepper. There are currently more than 30 stores opened, mainly in central China. It is expected to gradually enter other regions in the second half of the year. Company guidelinesThe highest target is 200 companies.As far as price positioning is concerned, Chuan Chuan is aimed at younger people. It is a company’s business expansion attempt. At present, in terms of store opening space, it has not been compared with the original store.At present, the pricing of vegetable skewers is 2 yuan / skewer, and meat is priced at 5-6 yuan / skewer. Because it is only a substitute for “skewer” compared to the traditional lo-mei business, the pricing is higher and the gross profit margin is estimated to be higher.In terms of overseas business, the company has now opened 10 directly operated stores in Hong Kong / Singapore, and will enter the Japanese market this year, laying a foundation for further internationalization. Earnings Forecasts and Estimates We estimate revenues for 2019-2021 to be 49.5.7 billion / 55.81 ppm / 62.76 trillion, ten years +13.5% / 12.6% / 12.4%, net profit is 7 respectively.63 ppm / 9.1.5 billion / 10.8.3 billion, +19 a year.2% / 19.8% / 18.4%, must taste the implementation of the share capital of 5 in May.7.4 billion shares, corresponding to an EPS of 1.33 yuan / 1.59 yuan / 1.88 yuan, currently expected corresponding 1南宁桑拿 9/20 PE is 27X / 23X, maintain BUY rating. Risk warning: slower store opening in the second half of the year

Parents should be alert to three types of strange behaviors of children

Parents should be alert to three types of strange behaviors of children

The child has a headache and brain fever, which is called the enemy’s current for parents.

In case of annoying “heart disease” in the child, parents will be overwhelmed.

  ”Many people have misunderstandings about children’s mental illness.

Some parents mistake their children’s depression as laziness, and some people think that the difficulty in communicating with others is introverted.

There are also some parents who are easy to make a big deal and their children’s occasional poor performance may be mistaken for mental illness.

“So over-contemplation and over-recognition are wrong.

Liang Yuezhu, director of Pediatrics at Beijing Anding Hospital, said that in general, parents should be vigilant if their children behave abnormally at different ages, education levels, and consistently behave inconsistently.

In addition, the performance of children with mental illness is not the same as that of adults, and cannot be judged by adult standards.

Taking depression as an example, the main manifestations of adults may be depression, and serious cases may include suicide and suicidal behavior, but the children’s emotional expression is outstanding, and some children appear to be destroying, hurting, and aggressive.

However, whether the child has a psychological conflict or has risen to a mental illness, still have to go to the hospital for the doctor to judge, not to make rash judgments, let alone treat it without authorization.

  For such children, in addition to sending them to hospital for treatment in a timely manner, and communicating with the doctor in a timely manner, there are some details in life that need attention.

First, let your child have a normal lifestyle and live on time.

In this regard, parents need to set an example to ensure that they have adequate sleep.

First, exercise in a balanced and moderate amount.

It is also a good psychological treatment to bring children to walk outdoors and contact with nature and small animals.

Finally, create a relaxed one for your child.

Do not quarrel in front of children, do not blame children for no reason, especially do not raise the bar with children.

Ten Sports to Achieve Standard Men

Ten Sports to Achieve Standard Men

1. Marathon: This is the most important thing. Let ‘s not talk about a marathon-style love and marathon exercise to ensure a strong relief for MM, etc. MM just wants you to accompany her to shop.One, if you don’t practice the most promising sports for men at the lowest standard of the marathon, you will probably end up with two legs filled with lead and panting like a cow.

  2. Pole vault: When the sentimental relationship with MM is not very promising, but also meets MM’s eyes to kill and fan powder that has been raised, you can pass tall objects (such as telephone poles, road signs, small trees)Etc.) Use the pole-vault stunt to take refuge; when you fight fiercely with MM and MM ‘s strict father does not let you see her, you can come to her window and jump with the pole you have already prepared.I highly care about your high self, I believe MM will cry for your God-like advent.

  3, 100 meters: This exercise can be used to help MM open water, eat rice, buy snacks, etc., and when MM wants to abuse you, it is also a good way to let MM straight leg, clenched fist, noHappy?

  4, 110-meter hurdle: You can use it when shopping with MM or when hiking in the wild.

When shopping, MM wants to eat sorbet, and immediately replaces Liu Xiang ‘s hurdle to run across the trash bin, fruit stand, etc., to buy back sorbet with lightning speed; it ‘s more magical when climbing, to protect MMFrom the left to the left, right-click on the MM, crossing the bushes and small trees, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also enough oil and water!

  5. Weightlifting: Gradually strengthen your own arm strength, although it is not as strong as a monk, but you should learn a little success. The armor can adapt to the brilliant part-time work environment and working conditions of MM personal removal workers.

The weightlifting exercise is used in practice to help the MM to carry large bags and small bags, to help the MM to lift dozens of pots of boiling water and so on.

  6, shooting: for the purpose of training eyesight, hit a hundred hits, and even reach the high-level realm of listening to the wind.

When MM shouts your name among millions of people, you can find MM at once, and not be counted down by MM afterwards, transformed, and even used to pick up MM at train stations, bus stations or airports.Obtaining is the necessary “skill” for chasing girls.

  7. Gymnastics: This sport can exercise flexibility and coordination of the body. In this way, even when it is bleak to be ruthlessly abused by MM, it will not break the hands and break the bones.Yoga!

  8. Volleyball: The block for practicing volleyball can make you effectively block the powerful and colorful “hidden weapon” from MM with red eyes. A pass can effectively block precious “hidden weapon” (such as vase,Mobile phones, laptops, etc.), the second pass can help you organize a counterattack against MM, and finally, the smash can allow you to completely surrender to MM.

  9, baseball: physical fitness, can be used to protect MM, can also be used for heroes to save the United States, how many heroes heroes from ancient times to today, but this is the case .”byebye”, and when looking for her incense, the practice of handover baton is equivalent to the practice of handover MM, which allows you to have MM company for a long time. This is one of the 10 essential sports for girlsThe most powerful killing, practicing this technique will definitely make your life endless!

Workplace into high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dead angle

Workplace into high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dead angle

The family of the workplace is the new force of society and the pillar of the family.

In modern society, many office workers’ bodies alternately sound health warnings.

  Mr. Liu, a 35-year-old working in an advertising company, usually has a working time and has too much entertainment. He basically turns around and rarely has the opportunity to exercise and relax.

At the end of last year, in the physical examination of the unit organization, he always thought that he was in good health, and his blood pressure reached 170/120 mmHg.

  ”In recent years, the incidence of hypertension in young people has been increasing year by year, and the increase is very obvious.

Chen Weiwei, director of the Office of Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Research Center of the Ministry of Health, and professor of the Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said.

More and more young adults are joining the high blood pressure team. This disease, which was once the old age, has begun to “rejuvenate”.

  Chen Weiwei conducted a health study on 73 units in Beijing and nearly 30,000 occupational groups aged between 18 and 65. He found that among the office workers with an average age of 40, hypertension was transmitted.

7%, much higher than 18.

8% of the national average.

Today’s young and middle-aged people are generally working, their life rhythm is tense, their mental stress is high, and they cannot be solved in time.

Coupled with the majority of office workers, entertainment, smoking and drinking is a common occurrence.

There are also some people who have a very irregular diet, staying up late, lack of exercise, and high salt content in their diet. Various factors have been culminating in chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

  It is worth noting that many young people are physically strong and strong, rarely go to the hospital to see a doctor, and are not aware of whether they are suffering from high blood pressure.

Even if there is no discomfort, most people think that it is too tired to work, and rarely think of going to check the treatment.

Even if someone has seen a doctor with a medicine, it is usually three days of fishing for two days. After eating for a day or two, the blood pressure drops and the drug is stopped.

The status quo of “unwilling to check, unwilling to cure, and unwilling to use drugs” has made the workplace a cornerstone of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cardiovascular infarction, hypertensive nephropathy, and complications of stroke.

  ”The clinical symptoms of young patients are not exactly the same, and some people don’t even have any symptoms.

Therefore, regular physical examination is very necessary,” Chen Weiwei outstanding.

If you often have dizziness, headache, palpitations, or physical exhaustion after physical activity, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., you should be aware.

  Experts remind that the smaller the pressure, the more work and rest, keep the mood cheerful; use more walking, housework and other opportunities to exercise; at the same time pay attention to low-salt low-fat diet, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction.

In addition, it is very important to use the physical examination, medical examination and other opportunities to measure blood pressure, and to find problems as early as possible.

For modern workplace people with a high level of knowledge, it is not difficult to detect and control blood pressure in time as long as the family self-test blood pressure is actively carried out.

7 bad habits that harm the kidneys

7 bad habits that harm the kidneys

Absolutely, many people are protecting the kidneys with various drugs. In fact, the various bad diets and lifestyles formed in life are constantly hurting your kidneys, but you have never noticed them.

So to protect your kidneys, you must start by changing your bad diet and lifestyle.

  ● Metabolic wastes that do not like to drink water are mainly processed by the liver and kidneys. The most important thing for the kidney is to regulate the balance of water and electrolytes in the body, and the waste generated by metabolic physiological activities is excreted in the urine.When functioning, you need enough water to assist.

  Solution: Develop a habit of drinking more water to dilute the urine and allow the urine to be expelled quickly. It can prevent stones, and it will also help the urine to dilute when taking too much salt, thereby protecting the kidneys.

  ● Love to drink beer If you have already suffered from kidney disease and drink beer in unlimited quantities, it will cause uric acid deposition to cause renal tubular rupture and paralysis.

  Solution: If there is a problem with the kidneys during the blood test, I am afraid that the kidney function is not damaged at this time. To understand the kidneys with these blood tests, it is better to perform a regular urine test because the urine test is to understand the kidneyAdvanced and fast methods.

  ● Improper consumption of vegetables and fruits. Eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial to health. This is the general idea. However, for people with chronic renal dysfunction, vegetables and fruits are usually considered to help naturally lower blood pressure.Instead, their kidney function will be destroyed.

  Solution: If you have chronic renal dysfunction, you should pay attention to eating fruits and vegetables appropriately to avoid affecting the kidneys.

Do not drink too thick vegetable juice, hot pot soup, vegetable soup, diet is appropriate.

  ● Beverage instead of boiling water. Most people don’t like the plain tastelessness of boiling water. For reference, carbonated beverages such as soft drinks and cola or beverages such as coffee have naturally become the best substitutes for boiling water.

However, the caffeine contained in these beverages often leads to elevated blood pressure, and excessive blood pressure is one of the important factors for kidney injury.

  Solution: Try to avoid drinking too much beverage and replace it with plain water. Keep up to 8 glasses of water a day to promote the timely discharge of toxins from the body.

  ● Eating too much meat The American Food Association has recommended that humans consume zero protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

8 grams, so a person weighing 50 kg can only supplement 40 grams of protein per day, so you can’t eat more than 300 grams of meat a day, so as to avoid damage to the kidneys.

  Solution: The absorption of meat and soy products at each meal should be controlled to about 0 in the palm size.

5 cm thick, if you have chronic nephritis, this amount should be reduced again.

  ● Eating too much salt Salt is an important culprit that increases the burden on the kidneys.

95% of the salt in the diet is metabolized by the kidneys, causing too much, the burden on the kidneys will increase, and the sodium in the salt will make it difficult for the human body to drain water, and further increase the burden on the kidneys, which will lead to kidney function.
  Solution: The scientific daily salt intake should be controlled within 6 grams, and 3 grams of it can be obtained directly from daily food. Therefore, the food should be kept at 3?
Within 5 grams.

It may be that the instant noodles are particularly salty, and those who eat it often are advised to reduce it.

  ● Consumption of medicinal foods of unknown origin, it is not uncommon to cause acute renal failure due to the consumption of strange foods such as snake gall or grass carp gall, and many people blindly take Chinese medicine to impotence.

In fact, many Chinese medicines contain nephrotoxic ingredients such as aristolochic acid, which can even cause great damage to the kidneys and even cause systemic injury.

  Solution: Although fish gall or snake gall is often recognized as having aphrodisiac, it can clear heat and detoxify or treat acne, but only fish gall or snake gall in traditional Chinese medicine must be processed to eliminate its toxicity. Do not blindlyTake.