“Senior White,are you feeling better?”I wish Minglang come,Looking up sitting on a bench,Bai Qin’an, whose eyes are still godless。

She is not wearing a saree at this time,But haggard,Can’t see the slightest blood。
“Zhu Minglang,Did you send the letter back,Has Head Meng received it??”Bai Qin’an asked。
“I have passed the letter,Tell me about your situation again。Just now I heard some people who escaped from Guanglin City said,Guangshan Zizong Forest was destroyed,Is this true?”Zhu Minglang speaks slowly。
The moment I spit out this sentence,Bai Qin’an’s pupils are dilating,Fear covered her cheeks,The whole person was shaking with anxiety,Sweat oozes from her pale skin。
“Zi Zonglin was trampled out,It’s a fairy,It’s a mountain fairy,we……We saw the mountain fairy,The people in the hall are dead,Elder Feng is also dead……”Bai Qin’an said incoherently。
died,Many people died。
Bai Qin’an kept repeating the names of those who died,Those are well-known in the four major forests,But none of them survived under the arms of the gods。
Those with superior bloodlines,A purple dragon born with magical powers,Being like a loach by that mountain fairy、Pinched to death like a worm。
Great Mountain,But can’t withstand the collision of the mountain fairy and ghost,Night and earth,The mountain fairy stands among them,Makes the world seem a bit narrow!
That is not a creature at all,Is a god and demon!
“Mountain fairy??”
I wish Minglang groaned。
Killed a so-called river fairy not long ago,Zhu Minglang thought that the strength of other fairy ghosts should be the same,It is indeed a very terrifying existence among monsters,But never thought of the river fairy、Sen fairy ghost is just the weakest of fairy ghosts。
Earth fairy,Once killed a master-level supreme martial master。
Mountain fairy,It crushed Guangshan Zizong Forest last night!!

“But before you become stronger,Will die,So you won’t get anything!”

Green Bull looked at Leo again,Then whine。
“You said that you can use those special large life essences given by Tianlong people as a buffer?”
suddenly,Leo lowered his head,Thought about it。
This is theoretically possible,But only exists in theory,Although Tianlong people have also used this method,But the super-large life essence of the Tianlong people must have been processed,And take a small amount。
After all, the purpose of the Tianlong people is to improve their bodies,Not to evolve the body。
But for Green Bull,Want to make the super large life essence work,A standard amount is indispensable。
Such a large amount,It will be very dangerous。
“Do not,I disagree!”Leo directly vetoed。
“I don’t want you to experiment,And at the cost of your life!”
Green Bull is his partner and relative,I just came to this world,Actually he is also very confused,very lonely,It was Green Bull who let him through the tormenting years。
Green Bull is very important to him。
but,This time Green Bull seems to have made up his mind,Must try。
Once successful,I’m afraid it only takes half a month,Green Bull’s life level can break through to the eighth level。
Even if limited by talent at that time,He also has the strength of an ordinary lieutenant general。
Such strength,Don’t say how strong,But basically you can protect yourself,Can help Leo fight。
“Do not,You will die!”
“I’ll try it even if I die!”

Chen Xiu thought:“It’s really unsafe for the old man to stay in a cave,I simply promised him falsely,Then find a hidden place near Snake Valley to hide。Even if Old Man Gu was discovered,The old ghost of the Eight Great Masters and Wu Tingfang must have never thought that I was hiding nearby,I give them a dark under the light;

If the Bajia people don’t find Snake Valley,,I stayed nearby for a few months。When they had no patience, they left Shennongjia,I’m going out to help Old Man Gu find Tianshan Snow Lotus,Anyway, his injury will take years to slowly recover。”
Chen Xiu’s heart is ready,But said with embarrassment on his face:“Old man Gu,I also want to help you find medicinal materials that are yin to cold,It’s better for you to get injured early,I’m also a little safer,right。
but,You know,Based on my knowledge of the world of cultivation,I’m afraid it’s Tianshan Snow Lotus, I don’t even know before my eyes anyway……”
“This is easy to handle!”
Gu Rimou interrupted him,Another thick book appeared out of thin air in his hand and handed it to Chen Xiu’s hand.:“This one is《Strange pictures》,Drawn by my many years of hard work,It records the various elixir that I have encountered and the predecessors’ notes about the secular world that are helpful to cultivation.、The record of the beast。”
Chen Xiu takes a look,It really is a picture above myself、The effects of various herbs are recorded both in appearance、effect,There are also some simple ways to make various medicinal pills。
Including Chen Xiu’s love in AnnlThe elemental spar that Nan grabbed,《Strange pictures》There is a record:“Yuanjing,Can provide repair。Condensed the essence of jade for thousands of years,Mostly appear in Yushan;Also in Yushan、Layout of gas gathering array in mines accelerates the formation of crystals……”
I opened a few other introductions,The content is very detailed,Some plants、The introduction of fierce beasts also introduces some growth conditions,Chen Xiu on this《Strange pictures》Can’t put it down,Now he has no shortage of exercises、No shortage of combat skills,The most lacking is the knowledge of the world of cultivation,With this《Strange pictures》,There is another window for spiritual things。
“Gu Lao,Book is good。It would be great if there were some elixir that could provide cultivation base,Look at my little arms and legs,It’s too dangerous to go to the restricted area alone……”
“Get out,I won’t keep that stuff for myself!”
“No pill,There is always a weapon。”
“Get out,The real sword in your hand is better than my weapon,What else do you want?!”
The sword Chen Xiu uses is the last time he and Xuanwu joined forces against Wu Tingfang,The saber given to him by Xuanwu,After dealing with Wu Tingfang,,Xuanwu didn’t want to go back with him either,It became Chen Xiu’s sword。
“No weapons,There are always one or two life-saving things。For example, the jade pendant you gave me last time。”
The last time Chen Xiu was surrounded by Liu Fengxing and the others, it was because of the qi qi from the jade pendant that Gu Rimou gave him that he took the blow,Anti-kill Liu Fengxing。He never forgets this kind of jade。
“That kind of jade can only hold the attack of a second-rate master,It’s easy to deal with masters below Rank 6 with your current methods,Met Wu Tingfang and the others,Ten pieces of jade pendant are no good!”
Chen Xiu also thought that he could deduct a little benefit from Gu Rimou,The result is obvious,Except for one《Strange pictures》Got nothing。

Wang Yihua smiled and said:“No matter how urgent it is,Breakfast is ready,Eat a little bit before leaving,No one of us will hold you back”

Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But with Wang Yihua、Donna went downstairs together。On the table on the first floor,Breakfast is set。Because of drinking too much,So Xia Jianguang drank two bowls of porridge in one go。
And buns or something,He also ate a lot。After eating and drinking,He just got up to leave。Donna is going to the company too,So she went with Xia Jian。
Out of the villa,The two of them made a round and went to where Donna lived.,Because Xia Jian’s car is parked downstairs of her house。
Xia Jian wants to go,But Donna is still a little bit sad。But Xia Jian knew,He chatted with Donna,So he jumped into the car and left quickly。
The car went so far,Xia Jian sees in the mirror,Donna has been standing on the side of the road。
Spring is beautiful,The car is on the way back to Pingdu,The scenery on both sides fascinated Xia Jian。He couldn’t help feeling very upset。Listening to the music in the car,He couldn’t help humming a small tune。
The car just arrived downstairs at the company,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He saw that the phone number was the company number,So he hung up。
Come upstairs and have a look,What he didn’t expect was that Hu Huiru was sitting on the sofa with Guan Tingna and talking。Xia Jian couldn’t help but cried out:“Ouch!President Hu is here,It really makes me splendid!”
“Shao lousy!I have something to ask you”Hu Huiru said,So he stood up and followed Xia Jian into Xia Jian’s office。
Bai Li quickly brought the brewed tea to Xia Jian’s office,Then he closed the door gently and walked out。
Xia Jian greeted Hu Huiru and sat on the sofa。Hu Huiru smiled and said:“not bad!But compared to our group company, it’s still a lot shabby,Otherwise, I will buy it,I’ll give you a vice president”
Xia Jian knew,This is Hu Huiru deliberately joking with him,So he doesn’t care,But asked with a smile:“Hu Hui ran to me,Isn’t it just for jokes?!”
“I don’t bother to watch your jokes。You are a bit too much,I just made a joke with you some day,I didn’t expect you to be serious。So many days,Not make a phone call,What happened?I really don’t plan to work with me?”Hu Huiru said,Bai Xia Jian took a look。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Your tone,I really thought you were serious,So I didn’t dare to bother you。Talk about it!How a cooperative law?”
Xia Jian is straight to the point。He felt that with Hu Huiru,There is no need to go around。Because between them,It can be said that they understand each other。
“To be fair,We both participate in the bidding。If you compete,Naturally you do it yourself,I am not involved at all。But if we bid for this bid,I will transfer it to you。You know,We have too many things,Really too busy”
Hu Huiru said,Chong Xia Jian smiled sweetly。But her two eyes,Fixedly staring at Xia Jian,Motionless,I’m afraid Xia Jian will say something panic。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“OK!But you also know。We don’t have the ability,Still have to do it for others。If you shave too hard,In the hands of a third party,There is no money to earn,It won’t happen”

And at the same time,In the primeval forest of Naxi,Three silhouettes of people rushing through the shadows of the trees,But there was no sound。

Cloud province,Located in the southwest of China,It is also the location of the largest temperate and subtropical forest in China。
inRRBefore the virus,More than half of the species in China live here,And due to climate factors,Polypoisonous insects,Many beasts。
And now,It is also the gathering place of the most land monsters in China。Only confirmed on the domestic mainland89headBMonster,There is enough44Tou is living in the virgin forest of Naxi。
“Xiao Ming,You said what Colonel Chu said is not reliable!There will be relics of ancient civilization in that place?I’m not suspicious。But our technological level,It’s impossible to discover the remains of ancient civilization directly.。。。He said this by himself。”The black-faced brawny asked,Carrying a red axe on his back。
“To shut up!Zhang Tufu。”Half a stature behind Zhang Tufu is a petite woman,In leather,Carrying a long bow。Whether it’s a longbow or an axe,Although it is not a special weapon excavated from the remains of ancient civilization,,But it was also created by using some technical methods and materials copied in ancient civilizations.,Extremely strong,Enough to playBClass fighter strength!
“Lao Zhang、Sister Bai,Stop it!”Li Ming has a headache:“Look at the occasion,According to the information sent to us by Lao Chu,There are at least five heads around hereBMonster,And the leaders of their respective races。。。Still be careful!”
Li Ming’s persuasion is still useful,In other words, Zhang Tufu and Bai Miaomiao are not ignorant。
Their purpose of sneaking into the Naxi Forest here is very clear,Explore a place where the remains of an ancient civilization may exist。If the situation is true,If there are relics of ancient civilization here,Try to clean up the monsters around,Find ways to allow researchers to enter the investigation and research。
Although there are five monster groups around,Every ethnic group hasBMonster,But one of the three of them is a spiritual teacher at the peak of the first God of War,One-to-one sweeps easilyBMonster,The other two, Zhang Tufu and Bai Miaomiao, are also extremely powerful elementary gods.,The former is a folk warrior,The latter comes from the military。It is not impossible for the three to join forces to kill these monsters unintentionally。
Unexpected,Li Ming stopped。
“found it?”Zhang Tufu asked in a low voice?Among the three are truly capable of finding the remains of ancient civilization,Only Li Ming who can rely on mental power to detect。
“Is not!”Li Ming said awkwardly:“We seem to be found!Is a group of snakes!”

“The remaining one,Donate it in everyone’s name,Contribute to the society,how about it?”Populus interrogation,No hard requirements,Just a negotiating tone,If someone objects,forget about it。

Everyone listened,No comments。Don’t talk about donating to society,Even if Brother Hu took the other share,Everyone feels taken for granted,I even think Brother Hu is too fair。
The audience in the live room,Some people felt uncomfortable,Watching others get rich,Somewhat uncomfortable,Say no envy,That’s self-deception。
but,Brother Hu takes out 10%,Donate to society,Everyone has calmed down a lot,Admire,Sure enough, the Hu brother everyone knows。
For a time,The live broadcast room is full of sighs、Voice of praise。
It’s them,It must be impossible。If it’s not Hu,,Wen Wenhao must be equally divided,Impossible to share with society。
“Since there is no objection,Then it’s so decided。Move out first,I will calculate,Find a buyer,Ten million or more is definitely okay。”Hu Yang said。
“More than ten million?”Xiaowen surprised。
so,She can get more than one million?
Thought of this,Her little heart beats wildly,The first time I have so much money,I don’t know how to spend it anymore。
“There must be more than ten million,Gold is worth 50 catties,Just this gold,Already around 8 million。So much silver,There are five jadeware,Three wood carvings,Isn’t it worth two million??”Valuation of ten million,Wen Wenhao has no doubt。
“so much,Sell directly to jewelers、Bank or something,Will hurry up?”Jinhua asked。
Populus disagrees:“Sell like this,Value is going to be bad,I can only give you the market price at most,under most circumstances,Below market price,So people can make money。”
Talking,Populus picked up a bar of fifty silver:“Like this ingot of silver,More than three catties,Sell to gold shop,Which is about 7,000 yuan。If you find someone in the antique circle,It can sell for at least 20,000。We have to sell it as an antique to be the most valuable。”
A word to wake everyone up。
Yes!Simply sell gold and silver,It’s not the same as selling antiques。
These silver,Have history,And it’s very well preserved,Have not flowed through,The money is clear。This silver bullion,Still popular in the antique circle。
In this way,The value of silver is more than twice as high as everyone predicted。
“These ones,I’ll take care of it,Don’t worry,Move out first。so much,We better not put it in the village。Brother Zhou,Meet the owner of a truck?After moving out,Transport away immediately。”Populus reminds。

“Don’t call,Don’t move。”Shout out,Several firefighter soldiers quickly ran up the bridge,Two police officers followed closely behind。

There was a cheer from the crowd,No matter what you are doing,See the firefighter soldiers coming,Can’t help but relieved。
“Everyone on the bridge is coming up,Slow down,Keep the bridge as stable as possible。Other people don’t lean on the railing,All back……”Several firefighters set out to prepare for rescue,Two police officers maintain order。
“This comrade,You pull up the twine first,Avoid knotting of two ropes。”
Gan Jiabao quickly pulled up the twine,When I turned around, I saw the firefighter who was talking to him jumped straight down beside him,Feet down the cliff,Find the right angle and jump again,The place is right beside the female student,This precise control ability drew everyone’s cheers。
The anchor named Xiao Tiantian caught this scene,Abnormal excitement,“Look,This is our beloved little fireman brother,Love him so much,For his wonderful performance,Little rocket flying……”
Save people……Performance……Little rocket?
Is there any connection?
Don’t understand don’t understand。
however,No one thought it happened,Just when the firefighter soldier was about to hug the female student,Suddenly there was a crisp sound,The wire broke at this critical juncture,Another rope made of clothes and belts can’t support the female student’s weight.,Break at the same time。
Volume One:Join the WTO First5chapter:No wind and waves
An adult,Falling from a height of 100 meters,If it’s flat on the water,It will not be much different from the result of dropping directly on the ground。
Ordinary people may not know this truth,It is impossible for a fireman soldier to not know,That’s why they ignore their own danger,Jump directly to save people。
It’s just a little bit worse,Did not hug the female student。
The people on the cliff are helpless,The fishing boat on the river has not arrived under the bridge,It’s impossible to pull the net。
Female student free fall,Hand dance,The speed is getting faster and faster。
The situation is going to the worst,Experienced firefighter fighters have judged,The angle of the female student falling into the water is exactly the same,But they also have nothing to do,I can only watch the female student fall。


PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Look at your presence!”Zhang Jicen snorted,Although he was also to Patrick·Setins’s threats just now have lingering fears,But now is not the time to admit counsel,Otherwise, the majesty of the chairman?:“What about Boeing?Could it be that Boeing has the final say in the United States?Is it possible that Boeing can still cover the sky in the United States?joke!”
First1029chapter McDonnell is going to counsel?
“Mr,The investigation report you want is out。”Leilani·Taylor handed a copy of information to Chen Geng respectfully,Speak softly。
Chen Geng accepted the report but did not open it immediately,But to Leilani·Taylor asked:“How to say?Why did Argentina Airlines and TAP Portugal give upMD-11,Decided to purchase Boeing767?”
This survey report,It’s about why Air Argentina and TAP Portugal decided to abandon McDonnell DouglasMD-11、Switch to Boeing767Investigation report。
exactly,Argentine Airlines and TAP Portugal have not signed a contract with Boeing to purchase Boeing767Airliner contract,They also did not inform McDonnell Douglas of their decision not to purchase through official notification.MD-11Up,This is very easy to understand,After all, for Argentine Airlines and TAP Portugal,Although McDonnell has now“Fall in the family”Up,But it’s not something they can provoke。
Since I can’t provoke,And now Boeing seems to be a little better,So it’s no problem to move closer to Boeing temporarily,But McDonnell is not so offending,So they don’t dare to explicitly state that they don’t put McDonnell in their eyes.。
Leilani·Taylor says:“Boeing provided to Air Argentina and TAP Portugal767the price of,Lower than the model with the same configuration5%,In the future after-sales,Boeing also promised to reduce prices,In addition, Boeing seems to spend a lot of public relations funds。”
Public relations funding is a good term,To put it more directly, it gives a lot of benefits to the executives and even some shareholders of these two airlines.,Pry open the mouths of these two airlines in this way。
That’s it!Chen Geng nodded:“So to say,There is not much time left for McDonnell Douglas……”
This is understandable,although5%Doesn’t sound like a lot,But for a large aircraft priced in billions of dollars,This discount is definitely not small,Not to mention there are discounts in after-sales。
This is also specially invited by Chen Geng“Survey company”The reason for doing this:Guessing is one thing,But to prove my guess is another matter。
“Yes,”Leilani·Taylor responded:“If nothing unexpected happens,Air Argentina and TAP Portugal will formally sign a contract with Boeing within half a year。”
In other words,Only half a year is left for McDonnell Douglas?
Chen Geng thought for a while,To Leilani·Taylor ordered:“Send this investigation report to Mr. Macdonald Jr.。”
This is McDonnell’s business,Although I have to help him,But little Macdonald must get things to the front。

Especially in recent months,Heartwarming Home will no longer receive donations from other channels,And Tian Xing Yao almost ran out of all his savings over the years,Zhao Linger persuaded Tian Xingyao to give up,But Tian Xingyao’s persistence in this matter has never changed in the slightest.。

No matter how great,It’s not better than Yang En。
I suffered from a rare disease at birth,So I was abandoned by my biological parents,He was picked up by the head of the warm home,Later it cost a lot of money,Cured myself。
Warm Heart Home is different from other orphanages,it’s here,The principal’s mother is a teacher who carefully invited the children,It can be said,If there is no warm home,Tian Xingyao is no longer in this world, right?。
So for Tian Xing Yao,Heart-warming home is a place worthy of him。
“Yo Yo Yo,Finally opened,I thought you broke down。”At this moment,A disdainful voice came from the door。
Tian Xing Yao put away his sad emotions,With a burst of excitement, I looked at the incoming person,Tian Xingyao quickly stood up,Walk to the door,Said with a smile on his face:“Dapeng,Why are you free today?”
Liu Dapeng,The rogue leader in this area,In fact, he is the rogue leader,In fact, it’s just a gangster,Because he only brought a few brothers under his hands,And my daily work is to collect cleaning fees from some nearby businesses。
“Why i come,Don’t you have a hard time counting?Look at this door,How dirty!”Liu Dapeng said with disgust。
Tian Xingyao glanced at a clean surface that could not even see a leaf and said to Liu Dapeng:“Dapeng,Don’t you think it’s pretty clean?”
“is it?Why do I look so dirty??”After Liu Dapeng finished speaking, he winked at the younger brother behind him。
After receiving the boss’s wink,Those little brothers threw all the garbage in their hands at the door,What mineral water bottle,What banana peel,Even the snack pockets。
Tian Xingyao watched the rogue behavior of these people with a black line,But there is no way,So I can only endure my anger and say:“Dapeng,You see my hands are tight,There is really no extra money,Or look at this rubbish,I’ll clean it up by myself,Don’t work hard for you and brothers。”
When Tian Xing Yao was about to bend down to pick up the garbage on the ground,A red hair next to Liu Dapeng kicked him directly。
“Day boss,Such little things,How can you do it yourself,Your hand is so expensive,That’s reserved for making big money,Like this kind of dirty work,It’s better if we come,I won’t bother you。”
Tian Xingyao was kicked by Hong Mao and sat on the ground,Watching those rascals picking up the thrown trash again,I can’t help clenching my fists,It’s like this kind of domineering behavior of the ruffian,It’s not the first time he met。
But the heart-warming home hasn’t happened yet,The money in Tian Xingyao’s hands is relatively generous,So spend money to avoid disaster,It doesn’t matter。
But now it’s different,He really can’t afford the extra money,And before going to Wind Chime Island,He just received a call from Heartwarming Home,Said two children were sick and hospitalized,and so,Tian Xingyao immediately transferred the money he had just received。

Hu Ge Niu!

Even the curator of the museum is his audience,This is a bit interesting。
of course,Hu Yang’s old audience knows,Hu Ge and the director of the Provincial Museum are very familiar,I went live to the Provincial Museum before。
“Fucking!The curator is here。”
“real or fake?Isn’t it a fake??”
“I care,That treasure is really from the Old Summer Palace?”
“What’s weird?People took out two beast heads just now,Isn’t it also the national treasure lost in Yuanmingyuan??”
Curator Fang saw the treasure in that photo,It is a square porcelain vase with blue glaze。
This bottle is dignified and regular,Painted traditional flowers,Pastel painter is vivid and natural,It belongs to the exquisite work of the Qianlong Dynasty Caiguan,Should be made for the Qing Dynasty Emperor Gaozong’s appreciation and appreciation。
The bottle is square,Round mouth slightly,Long neck,Straight belly,Round foot。Turquoise green glaze applied to the bottle。The outside of the bottle is decorated with blue glaze and gold flower patterns,neck、Each foot is decorated with gold leaf pattern。There are rectangles on all sides of the belly of the bottle,The paintings of mandarin ducks and lotus flowers are painted in pastels.、Peach bird illustration、Asparagus mantis illustration and peony chrysanthemum illustration。
Although the photo can’t see the bottom of the bottle,But from the appearance,Curator Fang guessed it was fired during the Qianlong period,Complex process,It is quite difficult to make。
This kind of blue glaze square porcelain bottle,In the Qing Dynasty,It is also the best of the best,In record,There is such a porcelain in the Old Summer Palace。
If auction,Can sell for ten to twenty million。
Hu Yang asked:“that’s it?”
“not enough?The value is definitely more than these chips in your hand。You take it to the auction house to auction,Must make a lot of money。friend,Trust me,Won’t suffer。”Said Yoshida Masaichi。