The black mosasaur wearing a silver dragon armor can break through everything with extreme brutality,The earth and rocks are no different from bubbles,Candle Dragon has no time to escape,Was hit on the dragon horn!

The silver dragon horns are quite sharp,Directly hit the chest of the dragon。
But even so,The black tyrannosaurus is still attacking fiercely,I saw that candle dragon with a broken chest was worn on the dragon horn,Be topped on the faucet,Being pressed on the ground。
Scaly,Rotten meat,The wound on the chest is even more exaggerated,From the ferocious and majestic candle dragon just now,Until now a rotten lizard covered in blood,As a top dragon,Was crippled to death by a superior dragon!!
Outside the river battlefield,Those students who were waiting and watching had their eyes widened,Eyes full of horror。
And the black tyrannosaurus did not intend to leave a way for this candle dragon,It grabbed the rotten dragon from the debris,Then he held the neck of the candle dragon and the tail of the candle dragon in full view!
“Tear it!!!!!”
A rage,Zhulong was torn into two parts,A burst of plasma,The internal organs slipped out from the fracture,The scene is bloody to the extreme。
Discard the half of the tail,Black Mossaurus can’t stop his anger,It opens its mouth,He bit the candle dragon’s head with a fierce bite,Then chew among the black fangs!
“Teacher Bai Yishu,Why are you……Ah!!!!”The student in purple and black clothes is asking for help,Who knows that his dragon’s head has been bitten off,Was swallowed by that violent black dragon。
Dragon is dead,The backlash formed by Lingyue is like countless poisonous spines,Stab the whole body of this student,Pain is definitely ten times more intense than physical torture。
His facial features are twisted together,My muscles twitch wildly,The pain made him paralyze on the ground and scream,As if I was bitten by life!!
“Self-inflicted,Can’t live!”Bai Yishu coldly said to this student。
As long as not blind,You can see the extremely bad behavior of that candle dragon。
Since it’s a college competition,It clearly stipulates that it is not allowed to attack the Dragon Shepherd,Just now, the candle dragon can obviously attack the black tyrannosaurus,But straight to Zhu Minglang,And that bite,It’s totally killing!
Bai Yishu can indeed stop the Black Tyrannosaurus from gnawing off the head of Candle Dragon,But he didn’t do that。
Not a three-year-old child,What you do should bear the consequences!

On the next chance of Lu Si, there is no heart to street.,She looked at Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin’s back,Quick turn to leave the supermarket。

Supermarket,Mu Ziying, Mu Zi, Mu。
Cold wind,Constantian hair,Half-cheek covering,But I still can’t hide her.。
The phone is quickly connected,Constanting is a little nervous when holding a phone call.。
“Aunt,it’s me,Grace。”
Although Lu Si He is on the phone,But still laughing and gentle。
“Oh!Grace!Do you have anything??”
Opposite sound,Very kind。
Lu Si, laughing,Because I like Muzi,She and Mu Zizi’s relationship is also good.。
“Aunt,Is such that,Mu Big Brother did not go home during this time??”
Lu Si He stretched straight,Quietly listen quietly。
“Grace,Actu is busy with the company.,I haven’t time to come back,You can play his mobile phone if you are looking for him.。”
Lu Si He listens,Watching smiles,That enchanting red lips,Plenty,Her chance came:“Aunt,It seems that you still don’t know,Mu big brother has an accident,Still in the hospital now。”
Surpected sound。
Lu Si:“Aunt,Don’t worry first.,I just listened to my big brother.,It seems to be a car accident for a woman.,Aunt,Don’t worry,I am coming to the hospital now to go to the hospital to see Mu Big Brother.,But I don’t know which hospital he is.?”
“Grace,Where are you?
If it is too far,I will tell you the location of the hospital for a while.,You go directly to the hospital。”
Lu Si He looked around,Say:“Aunt,I am very close to your home.,Just Mu Auntie,Don’t you tell Mu Big?,This thing is that I tell you.,Mu Gong did not tell you this matter,Just don’t want you to worry,But I just worried about it.,Tell you this matter.。”
“Grace,I have to thank you for this matter.,Then you come here now,I called the Au,Can you know which hospital he is in?。”
“it is good,Aunt,Don’t worry too much.。”
Lu Si, hanging up the phone,It is a gloomy。
Muzi has a car accident.,Why do you have a car accident?,Who is it??
She is busy with my fitness this time.,How to not pay attention?
There is a woman appears by the big brother.。
Now she is close to Mu big brother.。
Lu Si He stopped from the roadside to stop a taxi,I will go straight to Master in the villa of the Jiangpu District。
Mujia in Jiangyou,It is also a face with a face.,Mujia is a business of drinking,Have your own factory,Mu Ziqi’s father is also a successful entrepreneur。
This is the cause of Lu Siyuan has been writing to Mu Zi.,Muzi’s honor,Sometimes it’s also windy,I have lived with him.,I don’t think I feel stuffy.。

“President Xia is really a person who knows the times。Not a word,Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves,Don’t wait for the remorse”Wu Ling said,Raise the wine glass and eat it all。

Isn’t this forcing him to finish drinking too??When I took out the big wine glass from Xiaona,Xia Jian already understood what these two people meant,Are they just trying to get him drunk??
Xia Jian glanced at Wu Qian,Hehe said with a smile:“Can be drunk in sister Wu’s cup,I’m lucky for someone in Xia”Xia Jian finished,Raising a wine glass is nothing。
“Hahahaha!President Xia deserves to be a veteran in love,Not only does it sound good,Even this wine is admirable”Wu Ling laughed,Smile。
Xiaona sits on the other side of Xia Jian,Not for Xia Jian,Just pour Xia Jian。There is always a sweet smile on her face,But Xia Jian can feel,This woman would peek at him from time to time。This made Xia Jian more convinced,This woman has a ghost in her heart。
Xia Jian is a veteran at the wine shop,He knows that some wine can’t escape,It’s better to take the initiative,Anyway, it’s a drink sooner or later。
After Xiaona fills him up,,Xia Jian smiled at Xiaona and said:“The busiest person tonight is you,Give face,Let’s have a drink”
Xiaona’s sweet smile disappeared,Because Xia Jian’s initiative took her off guard,She couldn’t help but glance at Wu Ling。
“What do you mean by sister Wu?Xiaona and I have to ask your permission for a drink?”Xia Jian smiled,Leaning over and asked Wu Ling。
Wu Ling’s beautiful big eyes turned around and said:“What did Mr. Xia say?,Don’t say let her have a drink with you,Even if I give her whole body to you,I have no opinion either”
“Well!Xiaona is mine”Xia Jian laughed deliberately,Seem extremely presumptuous。
With Wu Ling’s consent,Xiaona poured her a large glass of wine,Pick it up and touch Xia Jian lightly,Very refreshing。
“it is good!Sure enough, there are no weak soldiers under the strong generals。Sister Wu can arrange such a good place for me,I should really thank her”A large glass of wine,For Xia Jian,And no problems。But when he spoke deliberately,Roll your tongue every now and then。
acting,To act like a little。Otherwise, if you play it,,Not only can’t achieve this effect,And will be ashamed。
Wu Ling winked at Xiaona,Xiaona immediately refilled Xia Jian with wine,At this time a bottle of liquor has bottomed out。Xia Jian knew,After he finished the second cup of fashion drunk, the effect became realistic。
Wu Ling put her body close to Xia Jian,The perfume smell on her body is mixed with the smell of wine from time to time rushed over,Let Xia Jian smell a little trance。
“President Xia!There is a saying like this,Borrow soil for mud,Banquet。You don’t understand the matter between Luo Jun and my sister,So your involvement can only be said to be your bad luck”Wu Ling said,Chopped a chopstick dish with public chopsticks,Sent directly to Xia Jian’s mouth。
Xia Jian ate without hesitation,he knows,The good show just kicked off。

Gu Yue is on fire now,She snapped a handful of coffee table,Roar loudly:“Zhao Demin,Our three-year high school classmates,Four-year college classmate,I didn’t expect you to be such a person,One Xu Yiming made you treachery,I tell you the truth,The old man, he went to America,He doesn’t even know about it”

Gu Yue finished,Walk towards the door like wind。Zhao Demin helped his glasses,Chased up from behind,He said quickly:“Don’t you be angry!I haven’t said not to borrow,Because it’s a bit weird,We can’t decide”
“You can’t decide it’s your business,I borrow this money”Lin Changsheng grabbed Zhao Demin in one step。
Gu Yue stopped,She raised her brow,Yu Guang with eyes glanced at Zhao Demin and said:“This is the end of our classmate relationship,From now on,We don’t know each other“
Gu Yue finished,He reached out to pull the doorknob。Lin Changsheng snatched it over,He held the doorknob and said:“Don’t worry, Mr. Gu,Someone asked which Xia Hao you are related to,Also mentioned the development project of Donghu Park。I think I should let you know about this“
Lin Changsheng’s words made Gu Yue’s anger fade away,She turned around,Lowered his voice and asked:“who is it?You have to tell me the details“When Gu Yue heard Lin Changsheng mentioned Xia Hao,Can’t help but refresh。
“Come!Sit down and say,I will tell you everything I know“Lin Changsheng pulled Gu Yue,Sat back on the sofa。An embarrassed Zhao Demin stood behind Gu Yue,I’m not sitting anymore,It’s embarrassing for him to be the chairman of Dafeng Company。I blame myself for considering things too carefully,And this big mouth Lin Changsheng,If not for him,This may not be the case。
Lin Changsheng glanced at Gu Yue,He lowered his voice and said:“Brother Long called my old man,Said that there is a person named Xia Hao in his hands,He wanted to ask about the relationship between Xia Hao and Gu Changlong’s daughter?I also asked if the leading company is now investing in the development of Donghu Park“
“You mean Xia Hao is in Long Brother’s hands?Is this news accurate?“Gu Yue pressed the anger in her heart and asked。
Lin Changsheng thought for a while and said:“The news is not wrong at all,When my old man answered this call,I’m on the side,And after he hung up,And asked me about Xia Hao。But what I want to ask is if Xia Hao is really missing?“
”Yes,Disappeared during dinner with me,Should be hijacked“Gu Yue said coldly。
Zhao Demin glanced at Gu Yue and said:“It seems that this is something someone specially made to make trouble,I don’t want you to invest in Donghu Park。First, the right-hand man in the hijacking,Then cut your money,Forcing you to abandon this project“
Gu Yue gave Zhao Demin a white glance,Did not speak,In fact, she agrees with Zhao Demin very much in her heart。It seems that Xu Yiming made things worse in all likelihood.,what should I do?Gu Yue couldn’t help but lower her head,After all she is a woman,There are too many things these days。

Ordinary people naturally cannot see the difference between the two,Father Chen said as soon as he heard the voice:“Two questions,Wrong choice,The firing time is wrong,Your cooking time has passed,That’s why the color of this blue and white is slightly dim。”

Seeing Father Chen’s instructions,Chen Xiu’s heart fluttered,“real or fake,When did my dad learn to brag,It really sounds like that
185 Family evildoer
Chen Xiu’s heartache,Although this yuan blue and white is only imitating seven forms,But it’s okay to sell them in my own store for tens of thousands,Going down with such a hammer really made him jerky and convulsed。
“Burn again!”Father Chen said with the hammer in his hand。
“it is good,One more pot!”Liu Guijiang also said excitedly。
Both of them are fanatics,No matter the roots did not sleep all night last night,As soon as the blood is on, it continues to start。
Chen Xiu watched for more than two hours,Really boring,Say hello to Father Chen and Liu Guijiang to leave,Father Chen seems to turn a deaf ear,I waved my hand without saying a word。
Chen Xiu couldn’t think that his father was so addicted to burning porcelain,Seems to live twenty
186 Peerless double pride
Chen Xiu went to work in the store the next day,I’m still thinking about whether I’m biological,Lie down on the counter in a listless daze。
The family is too evil,I’m too ordinary,Really doubt life。
“Brother Chen,What do you think?”

“correct,Let alone Xiao Xiao,I have a talk with Wang Shuai,Also wrote the contract,You help me see。”Take it out,Said again:“This should be illegal?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s legal,You signed and agreed,Voluntary again,Wang Shuai has a basis to force you to take responsibility。Do you think he went to court with you??He can use this righteous as a basis to trouble your parents,You can catch him if you call the police?”Chen Wenjin took a look,I knew Wang Shuai hadn’t made a proposal,In fact, this looks far less sinister than the future Wang Shuai’s mind,So he returned the contract to Abao and said:“You can sign here, what else can I say?Within three years,If you have money to redeem yourself, it is a breach of contract,More than double the price,Plus, I was called by him for a while before redemption;You have no money to redeem,He paid you to be a slave for three years,During the period, you can do something valuable to pay off debts。”
“I’m counting on buying stocks with you to make more money!Wang Shuai will really use me as a slave,Drove away at night,Tell me to run and follow!He is not a good person,We were all cheated by him before,You have to guard him。”A Bao looked back,Reminded in a low voice:“Especially now,Xiao Xiao seems to like you more than him,You have to worry about Wang Shuai making insidious tricks,I will remind you if I find out。”
“Want to make money,In the future you will treat yourself as a robot,I buy you buy,I sell you。Let me talk first,I stopped after earning three hundred,You only have time for summer vacation。”Chen Wenjin knows Abao’s temperament,It may not be useful to remind me like this,But if Abao is still acting,He doesn’t care。
“Okay!Originally, Wang Shuai and Xiao Xiao, I thought so!”Abao thinks it only takes a few days,This debt is not a big deal,He put all the remaining money in,Sure to turn over the book soon。
Talking,They got off the taxi when they saw the tank。
Chen Wenjin reminded Abao:“How much did Wang Shuai make from buying a car,Remember to tell the truth,Can’t hide it。”
“I remember your reminder,Tell the truth,That middleman is a bastard,Earned so much!Fucking!”Leopard is very annoyed。
“I’m so weird,Why didn’t you think of contacting Xiao Gao and Da Xiong to buy a car??”Chen Wenjin is really puzzled,Obviously these two also understand the market,Also know people,And good character,Deep friendship。
“How dare i?The peach matter, what if the bear deliberately cheated me?Moreover,Can Xiao Gao promise to make a fortune from it??He must not do this,How can i make money from the middle?”Abao has his own reasons,Even if this reason makes Chen Wenjin heard,I think he has known Brother Xiao Gao for so long for nothing。
Abao is speculating on the two brothers from his own perspective,It’s not based on understanding the personalities of the two brothers.,Then only when you meet someone who thinks like Abao,A leopard can guess exactly。
“Believe it or not。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t bother to say more,The tank and a group of them also came up。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Come back home
They didn’t mention anything for Wang Shuai,The tank did not show much to Abao,The other people just met Abao,There is no difference in attitude as a comparison。
After Wang Shuai came back,Go to the room and chat with the tank and two other people,After coming out,Nothing else。
But this evening,A Bao was not very polite at the command of Wang Shuai,Friends around Wang Shuai guessed,No one is surprised,Even when the tank is on the balcony,Smoke gone,Also shouted directly:“Leopard,Get me a pack of cigarettes。”

Lin Yoona thought for a while,Also indeed。There is their architect Lin Yoona on the construction site, although it is unlikely to know,but,May know Baiqi。

They should be able to take care of the architects,Stayed there for a long time,I should have a better understanding of the situation there。
and so,If you have any trouble, you should be fine,No need to ask Wen Xu to follow。
At this moment,Lin Yuner said to Bai Qi:“Sister Bai, you say it makes sense,I kept telling Xiao Fan,Tell him not to let Wen Xu follow us。It’s useless for him to follow us。”
Baiqi said:“Yes indeed,Go talk to Mr. Xiao。”
So even Yoona sent a message to Xiao Fan and said:“Sister Bai said he doesn’t know the exact time。but。Why do we have to be with Wen Xu?”
“Actually I and Sister Bai are fine。”Xiao Fan said:“Am I afraid of something unexpected on your side??Wen Xu is there to solve it for you?”
Lin Yoona received the news and went back:“but。Are there other designers from our company on the construction site??There are also some architects, Sister Bai should know。”
“Actually, we can also take care of each other,It’s not necessary for Wen Xu to always follow us like Assistant Wen’s work may increase the burden。”
“The handover work here is very troublesome,We don’t know how to let him hand over at the exact time!”
Xiao Fan said:“Nothing,Actually handover work。If it’s a long time there,Let him make a call。Video calls and meetings are all possible。”
“Just thinking if there is a specific time,It’s just a bit better。”
Lin Yuna said:“forget it?Just ask Assistant Wen to send us a piece with you and you two will come back.。”
“If there is something over there, someone will solve it for us,And what can you do,The two of us stayed near the school building。”Lin Yuna said。
“Then the remaining time。Go back to the dorm。Don’t run around,nothing。”

Okay,Satellite phones can still be used at this time。

Qin Feng called out immediately,“Hey,Big head,The opposite party didn’t keep the promise。They use airplane,Bombing us。The previous agreement is still valid?The Chinese Air Force hurried out!Beat him!”
The chief head naturally heard the bombing sound from above through the satellite phone。Precisely because of this,So he feels very speechless。of course,At this time, he is also making other judgments,At the same time, he also asked the Ministry of Technology to help him contact the members of several consular countries。
“Everybody,Qin Feng reported that,The opponent dispatched a fighter jet,But because Qin Feng kept the promise,So I didn’t dare to fight them in the air。that’s it,The more than 300 fighters in the Qinfeng Barracks were basically wiped out.,Now I’m still in a hole in the ground and I’m bombarded。Since we made decisions on behalf of the United Nations,Whoever tears up the contract first will attack。So now, can we deploy the air force in China??”
“This one.”The U.S. side is definitely not willing to see China contribute!But the evidence is so abundant!And Qin Feng was said to be miserable,And this result is purely to comply with the so-called treaty,If they unilaterally tear,What credibility does their United Nations have??
When the treaty was signed,Qin Feng also took a copy。If they don’t contribute,Qin Feng then published the document to websites all over the world,Then they can only step down。
So the chief executive doesn’t care about other people’s opposition,Anyway, let the Chinese Air Force play first。
“Head of Hua Guo,you can not do that!”
“Ha ha,I just notify you,You can disobey the agreement,But i can’t。I’m here to inform you all,If none of you respond,At that time, I will publish the documents together with Qin Feng,Then reprimand your behavior。”
Hua Guo unilaterally hangs up communications,The representatives of other countries are depressed。After all, they are a long way from Southeast Asia。
Even if I rush over now,Basically the battle is over long ago。
Which is China
Still catch up。
Qin Feng hiding in the air-raid shelter is very depressed,Because the opponent’s fighters are too arrogant,He didn’t leave after being bombed for 20 minutes。
He has never seen a fighter like this,Simply deceive。
But at this moment,A different voice appeared。

The first thousand and twenty-five chapters For a while

After doing this,He leaned weakly on the chair,Closing。
this moment,Mr. Zhou seemed to be twenty years old suddenly,The thinning hair feels less。
These are his life savings,But all evaporated in one day。
The people next to each other looked at each other,Don’t know what to say,Comfort is not,Neither comfort nor。
“Look at that stock!”
suddenly,One of them pointed to the computer screen and exclaimed。
Everyone looked at the computer screen,Old man Zhou opened his eyes and looked over。
This look,Make his eyes stick out,Are about to bleed。
I saw those three stocks,Soaring at the speed of a rocket,From the position of three or four dollars,Keep going up,Five yuan,Six yuan,Eight yuan,It’s like taking gunpowder。
Just five minutes,The prices of the three stocks did not stop their upward momentum until they reached the opening position this morning.。
Old man Zhou suddenly felt dark,Fainted。
“Old man!”
“Old man!”
Everyone yelled and hurried to the old man Zhou,Found that he was still breathing,I was relieved。
“Should be too excited,Short-term fainting caused by anger,Nothing big,Watch me。”Cheng Zhengtong is talking。
This guy was a mountaineer when he was young,Have learned some basic medical aid knowledge。
I saw him pressing the old man Zhou forcefully after a few seconds,Old man Zhou woke up with a cough。

Not just Wang Chan,Almost everyone thinks so,Many people frowned and pressed Qin Feng,Hope he can be a little self-aware,Stop deceiving Yang Xiaowen。

But Qin Feng didn’t seem to see it,Still indifferent。
In front of the big guys,All have a feeling of detachment。
Seeing black glasses, I want to scold him,What else do you have to pretend here?Wu Lang boss must be respectful!
“Cough,Boss,The appointed time is coming。”
Liu Honglong is a bit uncomfortable,Now Yang Xiaowen looks to those big guys as if he is deliberately teasing them,It’s better to start and end quickly。
Yang Xiaowen also intends to introduce the identities of the big brothers to Qin Feng,I saw everyone like this,Also out of interest。
“Master, let’s go first。”
Yang Xiaowen, who is strong and healthy, really looks like that,Considerately lead the way for his master Qin Feng and introduce the scenery along the way。
And Yang Yinyin lags behind,Turned out to be the object of cross-examination by several big bosses。
“Yin Yin,Persuade your grandpa after returning home,Don’t recognize any master,Where does that young man come and go,Can’t fall below
I can also send Wu Lang to stay with you for a while。”
Wang Chan recruited Yang Yinyin to his side,A heart-warming way。
This remark was echoed by several other bosses。
“Mr. Da is a rare talent,But in my aspect there are also a few,And the boss of the aspect is no more than two palms,Yang Yinyin, you must remind your grandfather of the truth。”
“This old man Yang really doesn’t know what kind of crooked way。”
Listen a lot,Not just Yang Yinyin,Even Liu Honglong, who has confidence in Qin Feng, was a little shaken。
“Other aspects are really strong,There are several big gentlemen,Strength should not be underestimated,I must make Mr. Qin more careful later!”
Liu Honglong’s heart still faces Qin Feng,Know a lot after all,Also got a lot of benefits,Be grateful to Qin Feng。