First47chapter Ancient Dragon Combat Skills

“I eat this one head and it’s against the seven heads!”I wish Minglang joy,Hong Hao really didn’t lie to himself,Come here to hunt and harvest!
Zhu Minglang has determined his prey,I was about to call the Tyrannosaurus black mosasaur behind him,A sudden gust of wind,The fir tree was blown and swayed,Many cedar fruits fell to the ground like hail。
The big black wild boar immediately became alert,Its head is turning,Looking for the source of this strange wind。
suddenly,A giant white-haired shadow ran towards the large black wild boar at a very fast speed,Zhu Minglang only feels that the forest in front of you is shaking。
“Oh fear!!!!”
The big black wild boar screamed again and again,I saw the white furry Kuangying snatch it up,When lifted into the air, bite directly on the neck of the black wild boar!
Black wild boar was bitten open aorta,The blood is sprayed down like a spring,And the white-haired creature opened its mouth,Started drinking the blood of the black wild boar……
Under the fir forest,White-haired monster holding high black boar,Let it struggle wildly,The more you struggle, the more blood it gushes out,And the white-haired monster drinks more happily!
After a few minutes,The blood of the black wild boar is running out,I saw the white-haired monster throwing the fat black wild boar on the ground.,Not even interested in its meat。
The black boar is not dead yet,Limbs twitching,Swinging,Still trying to escape,But its life has come to an end。
“Blood Drinking Beast!!”Zhu Minglang recognized this creature,The face is even more surprised。
I’m here waiting for the blood-drinking fur beast to leave,Let Black Tooth come over and eat the pig,Will it be a bit spineless?
Just when Zhu Minglang was thinking about how to do it,The blood-drinking hairy beast that was all over red turned his face,A pig face is facing the fir tree where Zhu Minglang is。

Sunset,There is only one contour of a city in the distance,Is that blur。

However,This is it“shadow”,See the segments!He glanced at Danshui, which was not frozen in the river bank.,I also looked at the snow and ice residue on the ground.,It seems to understand what。
Duan Zhao did not hold back,A blood spray in the horse,Double eyes,The enthusiastic attack is from the horse.。
“Large manager!”“Large manager!”
The alliances have panicked,Seven hands and eight feet have to help it,Then with the team disappeared in the night in gradually。
NS1004chapter Ice and snow(superior)
Night,A team of cavalry is looking at fire,Come to the center of Fuyang。Here is originally a town,Be destroyed in war,But the strategic status is very important。
It is exactly the export of South Taihang Mountain,Positive center in open zone。
“Public auxiliary Li Delin,Where is this?”
Gao Boyi refers to the city path of Yang Su’s construction。
“This place is a northern part of 怀,According to legend, the girl is caught here.。It was originally called Mountain Zhuangzhuang,Unfortunately, it is already destroyed in the war for many years.。”
Li Delin is interested in。Gao Boyi is this,Not ashamed,Through the person to deal with such people,Still some sense of accomplishment。
Gao Boi nodded,I didn’t talk about the light of the light.。
If you don’t think that the Light has a few brush?,He just pokedly,That is, such a key place。certainly,This“Casual”,It is just Gao Bo Yi。
A general person,If you don’t understand the geography, I don’t know the battle.,That will only take three thousand soldiers and horses.。
Watching a brain,Knowledge is also a kind of brain。
Mountain Kings!
This place can’t help but remember Gao Biyi“Tianyu Mountain Battle”。
It seems to be implied。
Gao Bao is sighing,I don’t know if I will bring my soldiers.。If he comes to the night,That is really dangerous。
In order to deal with the sneak attack of Section,Gao Biyi arranged a big army in Danshui tonight.,Prepare to play a hard battle without advantageous!
It is to sacrifice with life,To change the city in Yang Su,possible,This is called“Zhong Zhi Chengcheng”Bar。So he has to come tonight.。
Success or failure,In fact, it is not in the future two armies.,But fighting tonight!Whether this city can be built successfully,Even decided to North Qi this country,What kind of road is going on in the future。
Even the wheels of history,Do you want to be a little biased?,Take a healthier road。
If Gao Biyi said that he is not nervous at all,That is definitely ignorant。
Everyone came to the edge of the city of the hot fire.,I heard Yang Suhauca.,The sound of the iron speaker,Extra harsh!
“The action is too slow,This will not be finished tomorrow.!If you are coming,We have to die!Even Yucheng must die a big pile!You run, no place to run.。
Build the city,This win,What do you want??what?”
He is like a reader.,Repeat again over and over again。But it is clear,“There must be a brave man under the reward”,Yang Su, the carrot, the carrot is sweet enough to be enough。
For the progress,He really killed a few negligent people now hanging there is still not completely built.!That sentence“Before I die,Will cut your head one by one”,Not like a joke。
This is indeed a lot of people.。
Gao Baoyi remembers that he is very clear in the Skille.,The army will like Yang Shu.。Not because this love is like a child,But because he means that it is very generous to give military power.!

Fang Yu originally had a record,But I accidentally washed the records before。

and so,Now I can only find Hu Yongchang。
“No……Then let Li Yan take you there!”
Hu Yongchang feels,Fang Yu may have something else to find her daughter。
Just say。
After promised。
Fang Yu rushed to Yongyun Group。
“Mr. Fang,this way please!”
Li Yan leads Fang Yu,I went to Hu Yili’s place。
“What are you looking for?”
See Fang Yu is here,Hu Yili stared at Fang Yu。
Fang Yu,Could it be because of the last thing?
but,It seems unnecessary!
“I can’t find you if I’m fine?”
Fang Yu Shen said。
“That’s not……We are also friends for the time being,Don’t care about these!Do you want tea?”

Zhao Hong sighed and said:“no way,Hard to clean up,Also clean up,Because this land is a communal land in the village,Leased by me,So how do we do,I have the final say,But other villagers’ are different,They don’t see rabbits or scatter eagles”

Ouyang Hong nodded,A few people keep going。Chen Erniu wiped the sweat from his forehead,Suddenly asked:“Mayor Ouyang,Didn’t you say that Xia Jian came back yesterday??How come today,Haven’t seen the figure yet”
“Yes!Is there any change in the middle??”Ouyang Hong said,My face is full of sadness。
at the same time,Wang Degui’s home,It’s already full of voices,I have a few cousins,Which king crooked melon,Wang Cheng,Even Chen Gui and Song Fang are here。
Chen Yueqin twisted her fat body,Demon voice said to Song Fang:“I said Song Meiren,Did you go to the wrong door,You seem to have not been here for a long time”
Song Fang smiled awkwardly and said:“Aunt joked,Not for life”Song Fang is not the one who drank ink,Said something that made Chen Yueqin seem to understand but not understand。
“Ha ha!My family Degui got sick a few days ago,Was taken advantage of by some villains,But I put the words here today,A lean camel is bigger than a sheep,So some people don’t half-hearted,Like a wall of grass”Chen Yueqin refers to Sang Shuhuai,After he finished, he gave Chen Gui a look。
Wang Degui laughed and said:“All comers are their own,We should unite more,Mayor Ouyang, I don’t think she can last long,After all, they are female,Still so young,The bridge i walked over,More than she has traveled,Fight with me,no way”
“The old village chief is right,We should organize some more people,Go to the village committee tonight,Forcing Ouyang Hong to invite the old village to come out,As long as Xiping Village is still managed by the old village head,Everyone’s benefits are indispensable,What if it’s the Xia family?,You say he can treat us well?impossible“Wang Weigua shakes his head and shakes his head,Pointing,Propaganda for Wang Degui。
Wang Cheng is not behind,He coughed twice and said:“Didn’t the Xia family go in??We take this opportunity,Let him disappear from Xiping Village,Better get out,Never come back“
To please Wang Degui,Everyone, you and me,Scolded Xia Jian for a dog-blood spray,Worthless。
at this time,Wang Youcai opens his clothes,Came in sweating profusely,When he saw so many people in the house,Fire immediately,Shouted loudly:“This is a busy day without going to work in the fields,Why run to my house?All out,All out“
Chen Yueqin couldn’t stop her son,Three under five divide two,Everyone in the room told Wang Youcai to drive away,But Chen Gui did not leave。
“Is something wrong??“Wang Degui sat up straight,Asked anxiously。
Wang Youcai picked up the water glass on the table,Take a sip of water,Just said:“Xia Jian was released,The procuratorate will send him back“
“what?What the hell is going on“Wang Degui squatted anxiously,This information came too suddenly,Just now everyone was immersed in the joy of Xia Jian being arrested,Why did it suddenly change?
Wang Youcai shook his head,Helplessly say:“The new house rebuilt by Xia Jianjia,It’s money from the CEO of the venture group,Has nothing to do with the village,I heard that for this,Mayor Chen was also approved by the leadership,Do you think the prosecutor’s office can hold people?They are just to give me face this time,Go beyond authority,Brother Wang may also be punished“
“My goodness!Is this Xia Zecheng’s ancestor’s grave smoking?,Such a bastard kid,Can alarm the mayor,How majestic this is!It seems that our old Wang family is really not his opponent“Chen Yueqin patted her thigh with both hands,Cries of surprise。
Wang Degui’s sullen face,Roared:“You old lady,Just know howl,Go back to the house“
Chen Yueqin was really angry when she saw the old man,Dingy back to the back room。This can embarrass Chen Gui,Not to go,Not staying,He is a wall of grass,Seems to be in the wrong direction again。

Yunxiang received a call and came to his house,Haven’t waited for Yunxiang to say anything,Qin Feng said directly:“I want to build a few swimming pools,And it also needs to be good in all aspects,You can explain this aspect。”

I will need a private swimming pool,There is no way to be touched,You see what i mean?
Since Jiang Yan already has that thought,Qin Feng naturally wants to satisfy such a wish。
Yunxiang is also confused,He thought it was something big,But the result is like this。
But think about it,This is a big deal。
To know,Boss business,Isn’t that a big deal??
Of course,Yun Xiang also looked at Qin Feng a little curiously and asked:“boss,Things about this company,Will we have any trouble doing this?”
“This company is completely mine,But don’t say anything,Just cover up this matter,See what I mean?”Qin Feng also said casually。
Yun Xiang is already a little dumbfounded,He really didn’t expect,Qin Feng is so awesome。
To know,This thing can be big or small,But which person to put on,Those are things going against the sky。
Thought of here,Yunxiang’s breathing was also a little quick:“boss,How did you get it?”
“Ha ha,Don’t ask so many things,You know the result anyway。”Qin Feng didn’t have any intentions to show off,After all, some things are not convenient for so many people to know。
Also, once someone knows it,Who knows what will happen in the future?
That person’s involvement has already caused Qin Feng a headache,If someone says that Qin Feng can treat various situations,Isn’t that trouble for yourself??
Yunxiang also reacted,He doesn’t say anything,Shut up。
Seeing Yunxiang’s expression,Qin Feng is very satisfied。

After being pulled by the fat man,He is holding back the anger in his heart,A thought,Facing Zhao Nan’s standing direction,Gritted teeth:“Sorry!”

“louder,No sincerity。”
Xie Wei didn’t move,Open road。
Xie Wei stared fiercely,The skinny monkey also knows that the situation is not as good as human,Speak loudly again:“Alright!”
“Is it okay??”
Xie Wei turned his head at this moment,Look at Wu Xiaoruan and Zhao Nan behind him,Asking for their opinions。
Wu Xiaorou didn’t speak,I just turned my face to look at Zhao Nan,Ask her opinion with eyes。
Zhao Nan is still a little scared at this time,Her intention was not to let this matter affect Wu Xiaorou’s business,So she didn’t tell Wu Xiaorou about this at first,Even if I am wronged,Bullied by guests,She is not willing。
What is unexpected is,Her expression betrayed herself,Let Wu Xiaorou find out the clue easily。
Then things went out of control,Wu Xiaorou actually did it,This makes her heart always hang in the air。
right now,The skinny monkey has bowed his head,She also wants to end this matter as soon as possible,Lest it gets worse,Finally there is no way to end。
To Wu Xiaoruan and Xie Wei’s inquiry,She nodded,Did not speak。
Seeing that both of them have expressed their opinions,The skinny monkey breathed a sigh of relief,I want to leave quickly,I won’t be in a hurry to find the place at this time,It will make them look good later。
“What happened,The matter is not over yet,Just rush away?”
The skinny monkey just raised his foot,Xie Wei’s not salty and not weak voice rang again,He couldn’t help but look at Xie Wei,Said with extreme resentment in my heart:“I already apologized,What the hell do you want!”
“Boss lady,Bring the bill,Eat this meal too,Drink too,I have to buy the order!”
Ignore the skinny monkey’s anger,Xie Wei said to Wu Xiaorou again。
Wu Xiaorou also reacted right now,Hurried to the bar,Tell me the bill,Thrown by the skinny monkey,Said in a cold tone:“Total forty-five yuan。”

my brother,She has lung cancer,It’s late now,I don’t have enough funds to give him chemotherapy,Yesterday I asked the director of the hospital,And I am willing to spend my whole life working with him。

My brother can successfully undergo chemotherapy,Dean refused。
Qin Feng sighed when he heard this,Maybe the current medical unit really has no way to change something,No money,Can only wait to die。
“I know your brother has lung cancer,But it’s not unsaved。”
Qin Feng retracted his hand,Zhen Qi was drawn from the boy’s body,Qin Feng beat a drum in his heart,The little boy almost lost the possibility of saving it just now。
After all, his lungs have completely turned cancer,If it weren’t for Qin Feng to lock the little boy’s last breath,I am afraid**Once damaged,He can’t help it。
When I heard Qin Feng say this,Lin Yurou suddenly seemed to see the sunlight in the cracks,Immediately leaned over to Qin Feng and hugged Qin Feng’s arm。
“If you can save my brother,I’m willing to do anything you ask me。”
When Qin Feng heard this, the black line suddenly covered,Willing to anything?So exciting?
“Do not worry,I can cure your brother,Trust me。”
Qin Feng pulled out his arm,Although I was hugged just now。It feels wonderful to be sandwiched between two soft balls,But after all, saving talent is the most important thing now。
Lin Yurou could only retreat obediently,Qin Feng took out the thirteen silver needles from his pocket at this moment。
“Your cousin’s lung cancer is very serious,The crisis has almost reached the heart,I am going to perform acupuncture on your cousin,If you agree。”
Qin Feng looks at Lin Yurou now,After all, I understand a truth from medicine,Before acupuncture, the consent of the patient’s family must be sought before the acupuncture,Otherwise it is against medical ethics。
Lin Yurou was silent,After all, my cousin is still so young。
But Qin Feng saved himself today。If it wasn’t for Qin Feng,The consequences could be disastrous。

How do you know such a perfect match,But it was already in Lu Menglin’s defense,I saw him take a deep breath,Depressed lower abdomen,Dangerously and dangerously avoided the blade of the dark-skinned youth。

Followed by,Lu Menglin leans forward slightly,With a sudden blow, the dark-skinned young man spit out blood,Fly straight out。
“on!Kill him for me!”Bakuo sees things revealed,Yelling。
The backbone of the Vietnamese gang who are close to the King of Baku have long been mentally prepared,Hula surrounded him。
While Lu Menglin snorted coldly,Force under your feet,Burst out,Do not retreat,Greeted everyone。
In an instant,Lu Menglin rushed into the crowd,Like a tiger like a flock,Punch and kick,Wide open,Unfold the five elements,Cannon Fist、Collapse fist、Drill punch、Punch,Quadruple Concurrency,Powerful,Fist and fall。
In a flash,The Vietnamese gang was beaten up by him alone,Defeated。
If not for seeing,Jay Chou can’t believe it,In reality there would be such a fierce play,Ten times more exciting than watching an action movie,hundred times。
The Vietnamese gang fell to the ground,Although they rely on a large number of people,But I can’t stand Lu Menglin’s elegant body,Thunderous,Punch one,Can’t capture his movements at all,Even if someone has a guy in his hand,Can only chop the air。
In chaos,All the attention of the Vietnam Gang is on Lu Menglin,No one pays attention to Jie Zhou,And he sees the opportunity quickly,Take a look at this hands-on posture,I immediately found a corner to shrink up,Reduce presence。
Seeing that the famous Vietnamese gang was taken care of by Boss Lu alone,Like rice in the field,Was harvested so badly,Chou Jielun is now in shock,I finally realized how thick a thigh I was,Too damn exciting。
quickly,Dozens of people lie down in the warehouse,The Vietnamese gang was destroyed today,And caused such a brilliant result,But only a mere person,Just a pair of fists。
“Do you want to continue?I won’t keep my hands anymore!”Lu Menglin stood among the fallen crowd,Speak without hurries,Momentum like Yue Linyuan。

Chen Geng did not directly agree,Did not refuse:“How about this,I’ll let me analyze it,See if you can do。”

Liu Daliang was overjoyed in his heart:Although Chen Geng did not directly agree,But the meaning is very clear,As long as this project makes money,He just do。
This is also reasonable,Even if Chen Geng is rich,,But can’t do a loss-making business,Naturally, this project needs to be evaluated from all aspects,To make sure that this project can make money。
“no problem,I will greet the relevant department when I turn around,Fully cooperate with your research and analysis work,”Liu Daliang said this,Turn the topic,Asked again:“This one……Mr. Chen,Can we prepare a few more items for your evaluation?”
Chen Geng looked at Liu Daliang with a smile:“LiuSlong,Your mountain castle is a good calculation, right?。”
Liu Daliang doesn’t hide,True color:“For the sake of the official,Since I ate the meals of the people in the mountain city,You have to do everything possible to make the old folks here live a good life,Face is not important。”
Words of Liu Daliang,Chen Genggao gave him a look。
Although it cannot be ruled out that this guy said this in front of him on purpose,But can say such a thing,Moreover, the urea project actually takes into account the actual needs of the Bashu area,Chen Geng feels,At least this Liu Daliang is a qualified government official,meets the“Be an official,Benefit one party”The most basic rule,Is a good plus。
First1112chapter A gold ingot falls from the sky
Chen Geng only knows that in agricultural fertilizers,The lowest price of ammonium bicarbonate,The lowest manufacturing difficulty,Compared with ammonium bicarbonate,Urea is not only more expensive,The manufacturing cost is much higher,But Chen Geng did not expect that the price of building a urea production line would be so expensive.……
“how much is it?”Hear Leilani·Taylor reported to himself,Chen Geng feels that his brain is a bit unusable。
“A year10Tons of urea and6.5Coal water slurry gasification urea plant for 10,000 tons of synthetic ammonia,About need4100 million,If you add land、Infrastructure and supporting power plants and other supporting projects,Conservative need5100 million。”Leilani·Taylor looked at his boss sympathetically,Just miss“boss,You were probably cheated”Written on the face。
No need for Leilani·Taylor says,Chen Geng also felt that he was scammed by Liu Daliang,Twitches on his face:I’ll just ask you to help find a project,Good placement1000Many farmers who lost their land because of their appearance,In the end, you made a special investment for me5Billion projects?!

1 to 3 lost to Ruby, Origen replaced the home start

1 to 3 lost to Ruby, Origen replaced the home start
Origen (red and blue uniforms) lost at home. Photo courtesy of Beijing News (Reporter Sun Haiguang) The Origen team, which once won five straight games this season, failed to reap the first victory at home in Beijing tonight.In the 2019-2020 Silk Road Cup Ice Hockey Super League, which ended tonight, Origen lost 1-3 to the Ruby, ranked fifth in the league.The Origen team has a good start this season and once won five consecutive victories, which is also the longest winning streak in the history of the Chinese professional ice hockey team.Before returning to Beijing, Origen’s record this season was 7 wins, 5 losses and 14 points, ranking 16th among all 34 teams.The Rubies ranked fifth in the league with 23 points.The Ruby team can be said to be the hard hand of the Origen team.The two teams played twice last season, and Origen lost 1-3 and 1-4 respectively.Sitting at home tonight, the Origen team played well in the first two quarters, and the scene and rhythm competed with the Ruby team.In the 11th minute of the second quarter, the Rubies took the opportunity to score a goal, but Origen then equalized the score.In the 12th minute of the third quarter, the Ruby team, who played less and scored more, scored 1 goal in the melee, overtaking the score.One minute later, the Origen team was hit hard again, and the goalkeeper Duan Shineng was blocked from the sight. The Ruby team scored another goal and lost the game 1 to 3.”I appreciate the coaching style of the home team (Origin team). Being able to grind is a North American style. Some of the team’s habits are great.”Ruby coach Mikhail Zwikin said that the game was very difficult, the scene was very balanced, and it was lucky to win on the road,” I hope Origen can enter the playoffs, we fight again.”The first home loss, Origen coach Gary Graham did not have too many shortcomings,” the Ruby team is very strong, ranking high, we are still a young team, we need to attack and defendDo more break-in.”Graham bluntly said that the defensive team needs more effort,” for us, we still need to work hard to learn from our opponents in the game.”After losing to the Rubies 1-3, the Origen team has three games in Beijing this week.On the evening of October 17, Origen will challenge the No. 1 Ugra team in the league.After that, Origen replaced Yermako and the Eagles.