The Syrian Divine Front has 3 goals and 7 goals, worth 8 million Euros, second only to Wu Lei

The Syrian Divine Front has 3 goals and 7 goals, worth 8 million Euros, second only to Wu Lei
Soma is brave.Figure / Visual China was tied by the Philippines due to an accident in the last round of the top 40 game. At present, the country’s record of 2 wins and 1 draw lags behind Syria with 3 wins.Therefore, this Sino-Syrian war will determine the battle for the top name of the group.Among the opponents of the national football team, Syria recognized the strongest, Lippi knew this.In terms of intelligence gathering, Lippi did not dare to take the time, and his scout Innocenti went to the scene to watch the first three rounds of Syria.Before the start of the top 40, Inocenti also traveled to Iraq to investigate the opponent’s warm-up match.The Air Force, Innocenti, who has completed intelligence gathering and analysis, went to Guangzhou to join the national football coaching staff.Today, Inocenti will fly to Dubai with the national football team, Lippi will then combine the information collected by the former to make targeted arrangements in training.The intelligence that is currently on the surface is that opponent No. 1 star, Saudi Arabia striker Herribin and Hercules Hercules Lele midfielder Mohamed Osman are likely to miss the game due to injury.But Soma, the number one striker in the Syrian formation, is in good shape and needs to be alert to the national football team.The confrontation between Wu Lei and Soma has become a major attraction.Photo / Osports In the Air Force’s top 40 game against the Philippines, Maldives and Guam, Soma played all, scoring a total of 7 goals, at least two goals per game.You know, the Syrian team only scored 11 goals in 3 games, and Soma managed almost 2/3 of the goals.Counting the 6 goals scored by Al Ahli in the Saudi League, Soma has contributed 13 goals in the double line.According to the latest value ranking of the German “Transfer Market”, Soma, worth 8 million euros, is second only to Wu Lei and is the second most valuable player in Group A of the Top 40.At that time, Wu Lei and Soma’s duel will become a highlight of the game.According to the arrangement, the national football team will play a closed teaching game with the local club team in Sharjah on November 9. Lippi is targeting the Syrian team and some special arrangements for Soma, which may make a difference in this game.

[Can pregnant women eat boiled fish]_Boiled fish_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat boiled fish]_Boiled fish_Pregnancy_Can I eat

During pregnancy, pregnant women gradually absorb the nutrition of their mothers due to weight gain, which will cause pregnant women to produce morning sickness. Many pregnant women will have some changes in their dietary tastes in the early stages of pregnancy. Many pregnant women will choose to eat more heavy-tasting foodTo prevent morning sickness, can pregnant women eat boiled fish during pregnancy?

Will pregnant women eat boiled fish that will affect food development?

1. Sometimes the taste will change during pregnancy. It is okay to eat once in a while, but after all, hot things are easy to get angry. After drinking, remember to drink a lot of water and cut a pear after dinner.

2, pregnant women can eat boiled fish, but try to eat less spicy, because the baby will feel uncomfortable in the belly.

It doesn’t matter if you eat it once, it is better to eat less, because it is easy to get angry.

3. Eat as little spicy food as possible. If you especially want to eat, eat less or drink less. It’s no problem, but you must remember to keep it in moderation.

4, pregnant women with boiled fish is best not to eat, because boiled fish oil is too much, too much fat is not good for the fetus, pregnant women eat more oil or high blood pressure will affect the diet, it is recommended that pregnant women eat some rich in vitaminsFood C is good for eating green beef because the beef is rich in iron, so it will not cause anemia.

5, pregnant women’s diet should be light, avoid eating boiled fish so irritating or greasy drift.

Boiled fish uses a lot of oil, and some bad businesses will repeatedly test the oil, so that we will not be good if we eat too much, and it will get angry if we eat too much, which will affect the possibility.

The unique taste of boiled fish makes it easy for people to ignore the intake of other foods while eating.

One of the side dishes in boiled fish is vegetables with bean sprouts.

Long-term consumption leads to imbalanced budget nutrition.

With the spicy fish meat, most people will consume excessive amounts of cola and beer, which will cause them to feel addicted, which can also replace the spicy feeling.

However, these beverages should not be excessively doped by the human body.

Cola is very high in sugar and contains irritating properties such as caffeine.

Excessive beer intake, the alcohol contained in the liver will increase the burden on the liver, causing a slight accumulation, severe obesity will result in obese liver.

Spring Airlines (601021): Benefiting from international supply and demand, passenger load factor increased significantly in September

Spring Airlines (601021): Benefiting from international supply and demand, passenger load factor increased significantly in September

The company’s recent situation Spring Airlines announced operating data for September: 重庆耍耍网 demand (RPK) increased for ten years.

At 6%, supply (ASK) has grown for ten years.

1%, the load factor increased by 3 in ten years.

4 up to 90.


On January 9, 2019, the company’s RPK increased by 13 each year.

7%, will it grow in ten years.

7%, with a cumulative load factor of more than 2.

4 up to 91.


  Comments The previous growth rate of capacity in September accelerated from earlier August.

The company’s ASK increased by 13 in half a year in September.

1%, up from 12 in August.

5%, lower than the 22% in the same period last year, of which the international line grew by 17 per year.

2% (VS.

The same period last year was 28.

5%), the domestic line increased by 10 in ten years.

8% (VS.

(18% in the same period last year).

Taken together, the company’s ASK increased by more than 13 杭州夜网论坛 from July to September.

3%, a growth rate of 13.

7% is equivalent, and the capacity distribution structure has been adjusted: the domestic line grows by 13 each year.

8%, up from 9 in the same period last year.

8%, international 12.

1%, roughly lower than 21 in the same period last year.


  At a low base, the international line load factor improved in September, and the regional line load factor decreased.

The company’s passenger load factor increased by 3 each year in September.

4 up to 90.

5%, of which the international line increased by 10 in ten years.

7ppt to 88.

2%, we estimate mainly because: 1) Last nine months last year, the number of international passengers dropped by 7 due to the impact of the shipwreck in Thailand.

7ppt to 77.

5%, forming a low base; 2) Japan, South Korea, and Thailand continue to improve their supply-demand relations; 3) Some regional line travel demand spills over to the surrounding international lines.

Regional line load factor dropped 8ppt to 80 in September.

The decrease was 2%, which is larger than that in August. We estimate that it is still mainly affected by the obstruction of the operation of Hong Kong Airport and the suspension of Taiwan’s free travel visas.

  We expect a 10-year increase in earnings in the third quarter of spring and autumn.
4% to 9.
10,000 yuan.

The company’s passenger load factor increased in the third quarter.

4 up to 91.

9%, assuming that the company ‘s passenger-kilometer revenue in the third quarter fell by 1 year-on-year.

5%, the unit non-oil cost exceeded the growth of 2%, taking into account the long-term decline in oil prices and the Civil Aviation Development Fund halving the collection benefits, we expect the company’s third quarter net profit increased by 32.

4% to 9.

At 1 ppm, earnings in the first three quarters rose 25% to 17 in the decade.

600 million.

  It is estimated that the company currently can sustainably correspond to 2019/2020 21.


6x P / E, maintaining 2019/2020 profit forecast18.


430,000 yuan, maintain outperform industry rating and target price of 49 yuan, corresponding to 2019/2020 24.

1/20 times P / E, which has 14% growth space compared to the previous one.

  Risks Aviation demand is less than expected; oil prices have grown significantly; fleet introduction has been slower; supplementary declines.

[Can children eat corn with fever]_Children_Bugu

[Can children eat corn with fever]_Children_Bugu

Children’s fever is a very common phenomenon. In the process of fever, in addition to taking the child to treat it in time, parents need to pay more attention to the diet. Some spicy foods or foods that have an adverse effect on the disease must be lesseat.

So, can children eat corn when they have a fever?

In fact, children can eat corn during fever, but you need to be careful not to overdo it.

First, can children eat corn if they have a fever? Children have a cold and have a fever. They require diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, less oily, avoid eggs, spicy, drink plenty of water, keep warm, and ensure adequate
Second, what food to eat with fever Moms have different types of fever for their children, and they choose different foods.

What food does a child have a cold and fever?

In general, the acute or high fever period mainly eats liquid food, while the recovery period and fever period eat semi-liquid food.

The liquid foods that children can eat with fever include: (1) milk.

Milk can add a certain amount of protein to your child, and some rice soup can add some glucose.

(2) Rice soup.

Rice soup can provide children with carbohydrates, and its water is too much to be absorbed by the stomach and intestines of sick children.

After the rice is boiled, remove the slag to get the rice soup.

(3) Mung bean soup.

Mung beans are benign and have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying.

(4) Fresh fruit juice.

The main ingredients of fresh fruit juice are vitamins, minerals and impurities. They contain only a small amount of plant protein and are easy to absorb.

In summer, you can drink watermelon juice, which has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, quenching thirst, and diuretic.

In autumn and winter, you can drink fresh pear juice, which has the effects of nourishing the lungs, clearing the heart, relieving cough, and removing phlegm.

Fresh orange juice has the functions of dehumidification, phlegm elimination, lung clearing, and collaterals.

Third, what fruit to eat with fever 1. Apples: Apples are flat fruits, and flat and cold fruits are good for antipyretics and add rich nutrients.

Children with fever and apples are good for hydrating and cooling.

2. Banana: It can be consumed when the child has a fever, which can increase the child’s appetite and add water.

The main effect is laxative.

Bananas are cold fruits, and flat and cold fruits have a good antipyretic effect. Children with fever can supplement the nutrients in the body.

3, 荸荠: can retreat from the eyes, cure hemorrhoids, blood in the stool.

Preventing meningoencephalitis and hypertension can help treat chronic cough and spitting.

Cold is cold food, which can clear heat and relieve fire, and can also supplement nutrition. It has a very good antipyretic effect for patients at the beginning of fever.

4, strawberry: sweet and sour, very delicious, but also has a good fire reducing effect.

Chinese medicine believes that eating strawberries can eliminate the fire, clear the heat, relieve fever, and eliminate annoyance.

5. Pears: Pears are cool, sweet, can be regenerated, clearing heat, reducing phlegm, suitable for symptoms such as wind and cold, fever, thirst for the mouth, yellow cough and phlegm.

Changdian Technology (600584) Company Comments: Performance Forecast Turns Loss into Profit

Changdian Technology (600584) Company Comments: Performance Forecast Turns Loss into Profit
Event: Changdian Technology released the 2019 annual profit announcement, and the company is expected to earn 0 in 2019.82-0.9.8 billion yuan, compared 佛山桑拿网 with 2018 (-9.3.9 billion). Turning losses into profits was realized, and pre-earnings were mainly due to non-recurring gains and losses and outstanding growth in the same period last year.It is estimated that the company’s net profit for non-return to mothers in 2019 will be -7.6.4 billion to -9.16 billion. Opinion: In terms of operating budget, we expect Changdian Technology Q4 to continue to perform better than Q3. Operating profit is expected to be around 100 million. At the same time, Q4 accrued expenses are expected to have an impact of 400-500 million.It is expected that young clothes will enter the battlefield in 2020, and will have better revenue / profit.The four major logics of the firm Air Force remain unchanged: 1.The global foundry leader welcomes an increase in performance beyond expectations, and is optimistic about sealed ranging at the end of the supply chain to welcome the inflection point;Additional fixed asset investment by the company 4.RMB 30,000 is used to expand production to demonstrate company confidence; 3.3. The third wave of semiconductor transfer is coming, optimistic about the possibility of domestic substitution; 4.The company is actively deploying advanced packaging, ushered in development potential driven by 5G commercialization in the future and the continued development of AIoT. The company is expected to earn 0 in 2019.82-0.980,000 yuan, compared with 2018 (-9.3.9 billion). Turning losses into profits was realized, and pre-earnings were mainly due to non-recurring gains and losses and outstanding growth in the same period last year.It is estimated that the non-recurring profit and loss in 2019 will be 8.46 to 10.1.4 billion US dollars, mainly because the subsidiary Xingke Jinpeng invested in intangible assets of Changdian Integrated Circuit (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd. to generate investment income.700 million, various subsidies received and gains and losses on changes in fair value of some financial instruments.In order to achieve the company’s business goals in 2020 and to properly prepare for the infrastructure construction required for future production and operation, the company’s fixed asset investment plan for 2020 will arrange $ 3 billion.The main purposes of investment include: expansion of production capacity of key customers14.300 million, other sporadic expansion of production 6.80,000 yuan, daily maintenance 5.RMB 90,000, cost reduction and transformation, automation, R & D and infrastructure construction, etc. 3 in total.0 million yuan. Relying on strategies such as the integrated circuit industry fund, it plans to deploy advanced packaging.Advanced packaging technology is widely used in 5G applications.The company makes corresponding deployments in advanced packaging.Changdian Technology integrates the technological advantages of Xingke Jinpeng, a holding subsidiary of the company, in the field of wafer-level packaging, and shares with shareholders of National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Yuecheng Yuexin Digital Branch Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), ZhejiangThe Provincial Industry Fund Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the establishment of a joint venture company in Shaoxing with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan, the establishment of an advanced integrated circuit packaging production base, and the deployment of future advanced packaging technologies.At the same time, Xingke Jinpeng owns 14 wafer collision and wafer-level packaging know-how and its 586 patents included in the evaluation9.500 million, accounting for 19% of the registered capital. Continue to increase investment to expand production capacity to meet the potential of industrial development.The company added 6 in the third quarter.On the basis of 700 million capital expenditures, a further 4 is added.The investment of 300 million US dollars in fixed assets is planned to continue to expand production capacity. Xingke Jinpeng Singapore Plant proposed a long-term business binding agreement for key customer A. It purchased three of its 25,722 square meters houses in Singapore in the first half of 2021.Provide testing services for it, invest a total of RMB 2 in plant purchase and renovation.At the same time, the company plans to invest an additional RMB1.400 million as a key customer E to expand production capacity, the products are mainly used in mobile phone chips, tablet 成都桑拿网 chips, smart watches and other wearable equipment chips. Earnings forecast and investment advice: According to the disclosure of the company’s performance forecast, we will EPS 0 of the company for 2019-2021.38.0.65, 1.24 yuan / share adjusted to 0.06, 0.65, 1.24 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Xingke Jinpeng’s integration is less than expected; the future advancement of 5G technology is less than expected; the depression of the entire semiconductor industry leads to a decline in demand; the company’s fundraising projects are put into production less than expected.

NAON Strategic Select Fund net value plunged 8 in a single day.56% stepped on Redang East Bonds

NAON Strategic Select Fund net value plunged 8 in a single day.56% stepped on Redang East Bonds
Original title: Respect!Equity fund’s net worth plunged by more than 8% in a single day. The reason was that it was a bond?  Source: Wealth Management We have another public debt fund “sword-sword” problem debt, which lowered its estimate.  Today (January 7), Nuo An Fund issued a bond budget adjustment announcement. Due to the “Nuo An Strategic Select Stocks” and “Nuo An Ju Li Bonds”, Dandong Port Group Co., Ltd. 2015 medium term notes(Hereinafter referred to as 15 Dandong Port MTN001) expires and pays principal and interest. According to relevant regulations, the equity of Lingang Group held by the two priority fund products is 0.20 yuan / serving for estimation.  In October 2017, Dandong Port issued a “14 Dandong Port MTN001” material breach of contract which was just the beginning of a nightmare for holders. In 2018, Dandong Port ‘s default debt broke out in full, the actual controller lost contact, and the company went bankrupt and reorganized.The merger institution is in the same court; today, the failure of Dandong Port’s bankruptcy and reorganization plan has once again been scorned by the public offering institution, and the conversion movement will cause the change in the net value of the holding fund, of which the net value of the selected stocks of NOAN Strategy fell by more than 8% on the day.  However, why is a stock fund dragged down by a “burst” bond?This has also attracted market attention.  Equity fund’s single-day net worth plummeted 8.56% On the last day of 2019, the Dandong Intermediate People’s Court issued a civil ruling on the bankruptcy and reorganization of Dandong Port, announcing that the total amount of Dandong Port’s bankruptcy and reorganization plan has not been passed.With the fermentation of this event, on January 7, 2020, the Nuoan Fund announced the valuation of the two funds 成都桑拿网 “Nuoan Strategic Select Stocks” and “Nuoan Juli Bonds” related to holding 15 Dandong Port MTN001.Out adjustment.  The announcement stated that the 15 Dandong Port MTN001 held by “Nuoan Strategic Select Stocks” and “Nuoan Juli Bonds” terminated the payment of principal and interest.According to the relevant regulations, the reorganization of the bonds held by the two fund products 15 Dandong Port MTN001 was settled as cash and the equity of Lingang Group. From January 6, the equity of Lingang Group will be zero.20 yuan / copy to estimate, the two funds on the same day suspended subscriptions, transfers and fixed investment business.  On the same day as the estimates were adjusted, the net value of selected stocks of the Noon Strategy plunged-wind data showed that the fund’s net value fell 8 on January 杭州桑拿 6.56%.  诺安基金向理财不二牛(ID:buerniu5188)解释称,“2019年12月31日,在我司连续两次投下反对票后,辽宁省丹东市中级人民法院直接在‘全国企业破产重整案件信息网’上发布《关于批准丹东港集团重整草案的裁定》,裁定批准《重整计划(草案)》并终止丹东港集团的重整程序,且裁定为终审裁定,强制的裁定。Therefore, the company must make estimation adjustments to the Noon Strategic Select Stock Fund.The adjustment of this estimate is due to the impact of changes in the Dandong Port Bonds held by NOA Strategy Selection, and the fund is currently operating normally.Niu Mei looked at the fund’s quarterly reports over the years and found that 15 Dandong Port MTN001 appeared in its heavy storage bond list and returned to the third quarter of 2015: 600,000, accounting for 2 of the fund’s net worth.33% of the board ranked the third largest heavy bond, and in the third quarter of 2016 disappeared from the heavy bond list.At that time, this fund was still a capital-protected fund and had not yet been transformed, namely Nuoanhuixin Capital-guaranteed hybrid fund.  On March 10, 2018, due to the inability to repay at maturity, 15 Dandong Port MTN001 materially defaulted, and it was included in the accounts receivable at the end of the first quarter of the year.In June 2018, the capital-protected fund started to convert from Nuoan Huixin Capital-guaranteed hybrid to Nuoan’s strategically selected stocks. The fund’s fund share also changed from 13 at the end of the first quarter of 2018.6.3 billion copies 3 at the end of the second quarter.100 million copies, a total shrinkage of more than 1 billion.However, even if the account receivable is allocated, when the bond’s valuation is reduced to zero.After 2 yuan, the fund’s net value will inevitably fluctuate greatly.  A third-party fund platform person told Niu Mei, “If a bond is at risk and trading is suspended, the price of the bond will be adjusted to a reasonable level in the same way as a stock. The bond is normally around 100 yuan, and liquidity risks generally fall to80, there is a default risk generally drops to 50, really default is worthless.After the ‘Dang Lei’ Dandong Port coupon, both funds have been involved in the redemption of shares, and the fund size is relatively small, so the impact on the net value is relatively large.In addition, the amount of funds receivable and the size of the fund will have different effects on the fund’s net worth.Niu Mei noticed that the fund quickly opened a position in the fourth quarter of 2018, raising the stock position to 74.94%, “eating” on the stock market rose dividends in the first quarter of last year, and increased to 80 in the middle of last year.10%, slightly replaced 79 in the third quarter of 2019.44%.Wind data shows that as of January 6, since 2019, the stock selection rate of NOAN Strategy has reached 35.47%, underperforming stock fund 40 over the same period.71% average return.  The phenomenon of similar net decline in the “Mining” fund turned into a small and micro product also appeared in Nuoanjuli bonds.  According to Wind data, on January 6, the division of Nuo Anli Bonds A and C fell by 1.71%, 1.66%, the bottom of the similar fund industry quarterly rankings.Before the net value change, since 2019, the yield of A and C shares of Nou Juli Bonds were 3 respectively.9%, 3.45%, ranked behind similar funds.This fund was established in November 2014 and is a medium and long-term pure debt fund.  Niu Mei noticed that on the eve of the decline in net worth, investors had already heard the wind and moved to withdraw their capital early.  According to relevant announcements, Nuo Anli bonds were redeemed on December 24 last year. In order to ensure that old customers are not affected by the precision of decimal point retention, Nuo An Fund increased the accuracy of the net value of fund distribution on the same day.  Nuoanjuli bonds also encountered large capital flight in the past.  According to Wind data, the size of this fund was 47 in the first quarter of 2017.2 trillion, a sudden decline in the second quarter of 16.100 million US dollars, a decrease of 66%, and shrank to US $ 100 million at the end of the first quarter of 2018. At the end of the third quarter of the last year, the size of the fund was reduced to less than 30 million.  In the past two years, the credit bond market has experienced a “thunderstorm”, and there are not a few funds that have suffered net worth changes.  For example, Cinda Australia Bank belongs to a number of debt-based group holdings “16 Xinwei 01”. On January 25 last year, “16 Xinwei 01” was valued from 99.85 yuan down to 73.At 28 yuan, the net value of Cinda Australia’s pure bond fund fell more than 12% on the day.

Zhengbang Technology (002157): a high-growth, highly flexible hog breeding listed company

Zhengbang Technology (002157): a high-growth, highly flexible hog breeding listed company

Investment points: Zhengbang Technology (hereafter referred to as the company) is the third-largest listed company in terms of live 南京桑拿网 pig production. It is estimated that the production volume will be 7/10 million heads in 2019/2020, with growth rates of 26% / 43%.

The company’s main business covers the breeding industry chain (feed, veterinary medicine, pig breeding) and planting industry chain (pesticides). Among them, the feed, veterinary medicine, and pesticide business is stable. We judge that the pig cycle will increase from 2019 to 2020, and the profitability of pig breeding business is huge.
The company entered the pig breeding industry since the end of 2003. After 2016, it developed the “company + farmer” asset-light breeding model, and has since entered a period of rapid growth. In 2018, the “company + farmer” accounted for about 80% of the market, and self-supported and self-supported.The proportion of listings has dropped to 20%.

We have analyzed the company’s balance sheet (fixed assets, construction in progress, productive biological assets and other subjects), and it is feasible to reach 7/10 million heads in 2019/2020.

The company’s production capacity is diversified and diversified, with Jiangxi (20%), Guangdong (18%), and the three northeastern provinces (14).

4%), Hubei (11.

7%) Mainly, followed by Shandong, Guangxi, Jiangsu, and Anhui (the proportions are all between 3% and 6%), and conversion, Henan, Hebei, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, and Inner Mongolia accounted for 3The distribution of distributed capacity can spread the risk of epidemic disease to the greatest extent.

In terms of farming costs, directly and indirectly affected by the African swine fever epidemic, the full cost of farming in 1Q19 rose to 13.

5 yuan / kg (approximately 12 in 2018.

9 yuan / kg).

It is expected that the height and length of this cycle will reach a record high.

In August 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs reported the first African swine fever epidemic. We estimate that the production capacity has been reduced by more than 30-40% unless consumption expenditures (5%), consumption substitution (5%) and import growth (3%) are eliminated.In addition, it is expected that the hog still has a gap of about 17-27%, reducing the tandem pig price to a record high (in the last cycle, the pig price reached a maximum of 21 yuan / kg in June 2016).

We estimate that the average pig price in 2019/2020 will be 16 yuan / kg and 20 yuan / kg.

In addition, the industry’s de-capacity has spread to the core field, the ancestral field, the recovery rate is very low, and the difficult problems of industrialization within 2-3 years of the vaccine are expected to shorten the time required for production capacity recovery and maintain the first-rate cycle high time.

The sell-off along the two regions of Guangdong and Guangxi has come to an end, and pig prices have risen, and catalysts are coming.

From a tempo perspective, the price of hogs in May 2019 is mainly stable. There are three main factors that suppress the price of pigs: (1) the epidemic situation in the two regions of Guangxi (Guangxi, Guangdong) has worsened, and pigs have concentratedly sold and suppressed the price of pigs;Thorough detection of African swine fever has increased the enthusiasm of frozen meat from slaughtering companies for storage, while reducing the enthusiasm for slaughtering and suppressing pig prices; (3) Consumption has not yet risen significantly.

The sell-off along the Guangdong and Guangxi areas came to an end. On May 27, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs officially announced that the African swine fever epidemic had occurred in Bobai County, Yulin City, Guangxi Province. The outsourcing of live pigs in Guangxi was blocked.We expect the pig price to rise in a volatile manner in June. The consumption recovery and capacity gap will be reflected in the second half of the year. The pig price will increase rapidly and reach the end point of 20-25 yuan / kg.

Profit forecast and estimation: It is estimated that the operating income will reach 286 in 19/20/21 respectively.



4.4 billion, the previous growth rate was 29.

5% / 40.

4% / 3.

9%; net profit attributable to mothers is 21 respectively.



2.1 billion, the previous growth rates were 999% / 246% /-30.

3%; PE corresponding to the current market value is 20/6 / 9X.

If the period high (2020) is given 10 times PE, the target market value is $ 73.5 billion, and a “buy” rating is given.

Risk reminder: the risk that pig prices will not rise as expected;

Some methods of scraping cure for hyperlipidemia

Some methods of scraping cure for hyperlipidemia

Guide: In addition to hyperlipidemia can be treated with medicine, in fact, scraping has a very good effect.

The following introduces several methods of curettage of hyperlipidemia by scraping: Method 1 of scrape cure of hyperlipidemia: scraping blade, holographic acupoint area of hand and foot method 1: daily scrape the first forehead band and the second forehead band by the scraping method, 1/3 of the forehead zone 1-2 times.

2: The scraping method is often used to scrape the holographic acupoint area of the palm, plantar heart, liver, spleen.

Tips: The heart provides power for blood flow in the blood vessels of the body, liver and gallbladder participate in a slight metabolism in the body, and the spleen is responsible for the digestion and absorption of food in the body. Scraping the holographic acupoint areas of these 3 organs can promote the function of the organs.Hyperlipidemia method two: scrape flake holographic acupoints, scrape the tip holographic acupoints:

1: Scrape the region of the back of the heart, liver, and spleen using the double-angle scraping method from the top to the bottom.

Then, the upper left spleen body surface projection area, the right tail liver body surface projection area, and the cardiovascular heart body surface projection area were scraped from the inside with a flat scraping method.

2: Use the single-angle scraping method to scrape the blade from the top to the center of the blade. Use the flat scraping method to scrape the lower left heart surface projection area from the inside to the left, the left flank spleen body surface projection area, and the right flank.The liver surface projection area.

Hint: Hyperlipidemia is related to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach disorders.

Because the spleen is mainly transported, the water valley and water are wet; the liver is mainly diarrhea, and the ventilator is regulated.

Only when the functions of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach are normal can food be transformed into the subtle substances that the body can use.

Scraping treatment of hyperlipidemia method 3: long-term scraping of the posterior tail of the human body to monitor the pulse, bladder meridian, human abdomen pulse method: 1: scrape the large vertebral cavity with a facial scraping method.

2: Use the surface scraping method to scrape the Xinshu, Shuyu and Pishu to Shenshu points on both sides of the bladder meridian.

3: Use a single-angle scraping method to scrape the brass iliac acupoint to the atrium point.

Tips: Hyperlipidemia is related to the imbalance of yin and yang in the body, qi and blood disorders, and blood stasis. Scraping the Dazhui acupoint can omit heat accumulation in the body; scraping the Xinshu acupoint and Shuyu acupoint can enhance heart function; scraping the Pishu acupoint and WeishuAcupoints can strengthen the spleen and dampness. Compatible with Sanjiao Acupoint, Shenshu Acupoint, Langzhong Acupoint, and Atrium Acupoint can promote the metabolism and operation of blood and water in the body.

Scraping treatment of hyperlipidemia method four: acupoints on the limbs of the human body 1: scrape the upper arm and the acupoint of the upper arm to the neiguan point, and the elbow quchi point.

2: Use the surface scraping method to wipe the blood sea points of the lower limbs, and use the surface scraping method or the flat surface kneading method to rub the Zusanli point, Gongsun point, Fenglong point.

Tip: The points from Jianmen to Neiguan are the upper pericardial meridian points, which can be used for qi and blood circulation.

Quchi acupoints are the acupuncture points of the large intestine meridian, which cooperate with the stomach meridian acupuncture point Zusanli acupoint and the stomach meridian acupuncture acupuncture point Fenglong acupoint to reconcile qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and dampness, and reduce phlegm and heat.

The two main points on the spleen are Xuehai and Gongsun.

Perfect Makeup Remover

Perfect Makeup Remover

Of course, beautiful makeup will give us extra points, but if you do n’t know how to remove makeup properly, it will not hurt your skin!

Make-up remover is indispensable for the skin to return to freshness!

Today, Xiaobian will take you 3 big mysteries of makeup remover.

  First, to avoid the sequelae of cleansing oil, the beauty BBS of the online women’s forum is discussing the use and effect of cleansing oil. Some people were pleasantly surprised: I did n’t expect the water to be clean and the skin was very moisturized.The greasy thing is my nightmare. I have been fighting acne for several times.

Some people start to develop acne after using makeup remover oil, which is probably because the product itself is not completely emulsified and is still caused by lipid residue.

  Different brands of cleansing oils have different degrees of emulsification due to different surfactants. Some products have poor emulsification effects and require multiple rinses, otherwise the cleansing oil will remain in the residue.

Residual unsafe ingredients can irritate the skin and even cause allergic reactions.

If you are worried about the emulsification of makeup remover oil, you may wish to use cleansing oil after cleansing oil to completely clean the remaining sweat and eliminate the sequelae . Be a smart makeup remover.

Generally speaking, cleansing milk, cleansing mousse is suitable for light makeup.

Cleansing oil, cleansing cream with high oil content, suitable for removing heavy makeup.

  Although cleansing oil is suitable for almost everyone, the following types of skin care should be used with caution: first, acne skin.

Because of the inflammation of the skin surface, if you use too much cleansing oil, acne may grow longer; second, oily skin.

Because the skin itself is prone to oiling, the use of makeup remover oil may make the face more greasy.

  Makeup remover oil is more suitable for people with dry and normal skin. Makeup remover oil is used for people with oily or acne skin. Pay special attention to secondary cleansing.

Also, watch your skin carefully.

After 1 to 2 weeks of use, if the skin condition becomes significantly worse, even if acne or allergic symptoms appear, it should be replaced quickly and seek medical treatment to prevent the situation from continuing to worsen.

  Second, you need makeup remover water, makeup remover, makeup wipes . There are many makeup removers. So, under what circumstances do we need to use makeup remover?

  When you apply a lot of color to your makeup.

When using waterproof, long-lasting makeup, or applying a lot of color on the face (that is, stained with many pigments), a large amount of makeup remover oil is required to completely dissolve and lift off.

  To be precise, makeup remover oil is for people who have a habit of applying makeup or who like to make heavy makeup.

But our daily light makeup (that is, not using waterproof, long-lasting makeup and excessive color), just use ordinary cleaning products.

You can also use a cleansing oil topically, some with a cotton swab and mascara and long-lasting lipstick, and then clean your entire face with regular cleansing products.

  When you sunscreen.

Sunscreen products, barrier creams (especially products with modified skin tone functions) are very dense in size, especially the physical sunscreen ingredient is an oil-soluble powder (hence the index of the sunscreen, the more oil), you must rely on makeup removerClean it up.

  Third, the two tricks to identify cleansing oils Cleansing oils caused by poor quality or improper use of skin problems caused the attention of dermatologists.

So, how to identify the pros and cons of cleansing oils?


Try to remove the lip makeup on yourself before buying. If the lips are uncomfortable or the tip of the tongue feels a bit tingly after touching, you ca n’t buy such a cleansing oil.


When you get the trial pack, do a small experiment, evenly apply the makeup remover oil to the inner wall of the glass, and then spray water against the wall until the white emulsification is completely gone, then observe whether there is still one on the wall.If there is a small drop of water, it means that there is still incompletely emulsified oil on the glass, and the quality of this cleansing oil is not good.

Why is baby unpopular

Why is baby “unpopular”

[Introduction]Some babies are unwilling to associate with their companions. Even when they are outside, they are only with adults and do not take the initiative to find children to play with.
Some even adopted “avoidance policies” even when their companions took the initiative to find him.
  One study divided children into five categories by social status: popular children, rejected children, contradictory children, neglected children, children in general, and “rejected children” and “neglected children””Collectively referred to as” unpopular children. ”
Compared with other babies, these “unpopular children” have more deviations from society after adulthood: “rejected” babies tend to develop antisocial personality, and “neglected” babies tend to develop intoNeurotic personality.
This study gives us a revelation: parents can’t just ignore children’s communication problems and must intervene early.
Parents need to adopt appropriate and effective education strategies for children’s different communication problems to help their babies overcome their communication barriers and make them popular people.
  Babies who do not want to interact with children of the same age Babies who do not interact with others Some babies do not want to associate with their peers, even if they are outside, they only stay with adults and do not actively seek out children.
Some even adopted “avoidance policies” even when their companions took the initiative to find him.
The reasons for this kind of baby’s unwillingness to interact may be the following three situations: 缺乏 1. Lack of motivation for interaction. Some families are child-centered, and their various needs are almost unconditionally satisfied, and there are always people playing with children.
When babies are always with them, it is difficult for them to have the motivation to find a companion game.
Some babies are only willing to interact with adults because the adult always allows him to communicate with his peers. He needs to coordinate, discuss, and even find a way to resolve the conflict. In order to “save things,” he would rather interact with adults.
For such babies, parents should “psychologically wean” them early.
In other words, the family should not be baby-centered, but “everyone is equal.”
When the baby is about 3 years old and has a certain degree of independence, he should be given a simple timetable so that he understands that when family members get together, they also have their own work and games, and each otherDo not interfere with each other.
The early progress of “psychological weaning” of babies not only helps them to develop motivation to interact with their peers, but also is a “key strategy” to promote their independent development.
Practice has proved that early “psychological weaning” can also help shorten the “separation anxiety” time that occurs when a baby first enters kindergarten.
  2. Have failed association experiences. Some babies are unwilling to associate with their peers because they have had negative association experiences, such as being bullied by their peers.
They take avoidance measures in order to protect themselves from harm.
For such problems, parents should observe carefully to find out the crux of the problem, and then “remedy the problem.”
If the child has been bullied by a partner, parents may wish to directly lead the child to interact with the partner two or three times to “strengthen the courage” of the baby. When the baby learns the communication skills and realizes the fun of communication, the parents can withdraw.
  3. Personality reasons Some babies are more introverted and are unwilling to deal with people because they are affected by heredity or their own personality characteristics. They only like to deal with things.
Parents can guide this type of baby, but don’t expect it to happen overnight.
Parents should guide their baby to interact with their peers as much as possible, otherwise the child will lose a very important way of learning.
  Some babies are willing to socialize and dare to socialize, but often have problems in the communication process due to inappropriate behaviors.
There are two general situations: being bullied and self-centered.
  1. Being Bullied Some babies are always bullied by one or more children. They dare not resist, and only come home to tell their parents that their parents are distressed and angry, but often they do n’t know what to do.
The change of each other is the law of the existence of some things, and this law also exists in the communication between people.
In fact, the baby’s initial bullying behavior is tentative. When this behavior is resisted, he will definitely converge.
Therefore, when a baby reports home for the first time when he is reported to be bullied, parents must tell the child to fight back bravely when they understand that it is purely bullying.
Some babies are afraid to fight back because of their weak personality or other reasons. Parents can accompany the child, but remember to let the child handle it by themselves. Parents cannot arrange for it instead. Don’t give the child the impression of bullying.Persuasion, accumulating communication experience and strengthening communication skills in the counter-attack process are the most fundamental goals.
Parents can teach their children several “unique skills” to improve their baby’s social status.
  2. Self-centered Some babies are more self-centered. During the game, they are unwilling to give their favorite toys to their companions. They always want others to listen to him.Does not meet the “rules of the game” and often becomes unpopular.
In fact, it is good to use the “natural result method” for the education of such children.
Babies’ “music” makes it easy for them to accept parental advice at this time.
Rotation, sharing, negotiation, etc. are all important social skills that a baby should learn, or “rules of the game”. In the process of communication, let the baby gradually become familiar with these skills and gradually become a popular person.