Qingyun Patriarch’s twenty-one sword,Not only reaching the extreme,And when the sword is issued,Suddenly turned into three parts,Every one is seven swords,Go straight to Chen Xiu。
This swordsmanship,It’s one of Qingyunzong’s unique skills。Sword light,False and Real,Even the person with the best eyesight,Never want to see it through。
Facing the death threat of Bloodthirsty Sword,Chen Xiu was willing to stop it with scale armor,May know,The speed at which I took out 21 scale armors from the space bag was not as fast as Patriarch Qingyun’s 21 swords.。
Personally,That cut off the tip of the gun。
“Ding ding ding ding ding””
Grandmaster Qingyun’s fast sword hit and chased with the spear head,There was a rapid noise。These rapid noises are connected,It feels like only one sound。
Although Chen Xiu blocked the twenty-one sword,But also by the continuous impact of the twenty-one sword, it was directly knocked out of the hall,Fall to the ground。
Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue played while also paying attention to Chen Xiu’s movements,Seeing him alone is not an opponent of Master Qingyun,Is shouting:“Chen Xiu,Run fast!”
“I ran,what would you do!”Chen Xiu shouted with loyalty。
“you’re so dumb,Qingyun’s goal is you,You ran away,He chases you。I have a chance to escape!”
“Oh,Makes sense!”
Chen Xiu got up on the ground,Panic and run away。
Patriarch Qingyun heard the conversation between the two clearly,But I knew I was chasing Chen Xiu,Can only abandon Ge Hong,But relatively speaking,Chen Xiu is more important to himself,Killing Ge Hong doesn’t make any sense to his seizure,I had to chase Chen Xiu away。
Ge Hong saw Qingyun ancestor chasing Chen Xiu,Liu Dunyue retreated with a sword,Said sharply:“Surnamed Liu,Your master is gone。Is it rare that you really want to fight with me?!”
Naturally, Liu Dunyue won’t just make an oral promise from Master Qingyun.,Fight with Ge Hong now,It’s natural to step aside。

On the day of its birth, it first brought a net profit of 500 million U.S. dollars to Yuxin Technology,This is the perfect start。

What is it to announce in public today?
Dan Serge·Aroche asked him directly,Wang Yufei thought for a while and nodded and said sincerely:“Yes,The laboratory named Xiaozhi,As I understand,Xiaozhi should be the most advanced quantum computer in the world。As for running for 23 days,It’s not a problem,But we think the trial time has been long enough,Take the initiative to stop the test machine,Started adding some qubits to it,And more advanced input and output devices。”
He didn’t plan to deal with these scholars,Especially this Serge·Professor Aros。
After all, the Nobel Prize winner,And his achievements can be said to have been guiding the development of the entire industry in recent years。
“Really?Ok,I have a ruthless please,I don’t know if my friends and I are honored to visit。Just look at it。”Serge said seriously,There is flame in my eyes。
“Ok?This one……”Wang Yufei hesitated for a moment,Then he nodded:“Ok,I will arrange a time。”
Just watch,Have been announced by the old officer,There will be no missing parts at a glance.?
521 From point to area
The series of reactions were definitely unexpected by the organizer。
This much-anticipated conference has just begun,Only the second invited expert to speak,Not even finished,Has entered the garbage time。
Yes,When Wang Yufei nodded and agreed to Serge’s request,There is only garbage time left for this meeting。
All the experts are jumping around。
Since Wang Yufei has agreed to Serge’s request,It means that Yuxin Technology does not regard the self-developed quantum computer as a very confidential thing.。
Then the problem is coming,Are experts invited by the organizing committee,Why can Serge visit?,We can’t go?

I heard that Leo was going to raise their wages,A group of people cheered suddenly。

This is a world where you need to eat and drink,Everyone needs to spend money,Even pirates,The money you rob is also spent。
Leo looked at the group of people below,Nod silently。
First murder,Then give sweet dates,As long as these people don’t encounter a major crisis,,Basically won’t go against him。
The cohesion of the forces in a short time is considered。
Trang Goethe below is silent,The brain as a power certainly understands Leo’s mind。
“Since the adults said that,Then the subordinates naturally follow!”Trang Goethe greeted。
All the wealth of the power now belongs to Leo,All he has to do is to cooperate with Leo。
As for the resistance!
Ha ha,Those people lying underground are still bleeding。
“All right,Let’s go now, let’s finish work,The end is gathered here,I give you time to transform your identity!”
Finished,Leo gave Tron Goethe a look,Motion him to approach。
“Take me to the treasure house,I want to see how much property the Chamber of Commerce has!”
He has gained some gains during his more than a year on the Great Sea Route,But the strength of a person is definitely not comparable to the strength of a force,Wealth accumulation is not a level at all。
quickly,Trang took Leo to a huge underground warehouse。
“grown ups……”

“Did you bring this manatee??Do you want it to join the elite camp?”

“Yes,I believe that Green Bull has this strength and talent!Enough to assume the identity of an elite camp student!”Leo solemnly said。
“do not get excited,Didn’t I just say,As long as you are strong enough, the world will give in for you!The biggest rule on the sea is that there is no rule,Everything is up to the strong!”
Leo nodded。
“Of course you don’t have that strength yet,So just follow my rules,Follow me!”
Zefa finished speaking and walked straight in,Leo and Green Bull follow Zefa。
suddenly,Zefa blew a harsh whistle。
quickly,Everyone came over from all directions,There are seven people,It only took ten breaths to reach Zefa from beyond Leo’s sight.。
“This is what Leo I told you before!”Zefa’s introduction is simple。
“But something interesting happened to Leo,He wants his partner,That is, this kung fu manatee joins the elite camp!”
Hear Zefa’s words,The people with calm eyes,An angry expression immediately appeared on his face。
Elite camp is more than just a place for practice,It is a symbol of honor,The cradle of admirals。
“and so,According to old rules!”Zefa looked at the green bull behind him。“Come,Attack me,As long as I can move my steps slightly,Even if you pass!”
Leo and Green Bull both look at Zefa,Then the two looked at each other。

When they moved from Lichuan to the Imperial Capital,I wish Minglang on the route choice,Just for stability,Most of them still fly along the city roads。

Lush grass,Even the rivers have to be covered by them,I saw a forest of lush green grasses at a glance,The river seems to pass quietly between them。
A cinnabar silk dress,The light purple ribbon is tied around the waist that is gripped,Nan Lingsha let a piece of rice paper hover in front of her,The ink pen in my hand began to outline casually……
She draws very casually,Not as focused as usual,Should just be practicing。
But in rice paper,Wilderness、The green grass and the looming Qinghe,But it’s on paper,Draw the artistic conception of this scene easily。
Yunzhonghe glanced at her,See the bamboo tube filled with water on the big stone beside Nan Lingsha,Used to lighten thick ink,So stepped forward,Took the initiative to fill in some water to the river。
“girl,This painting is wonderful。”Yunzhonghe said。
Nan Lingsha stopped writing,Took a look at Yunzhonghe,Did not speak,But those beautiful eyes seemed to say:Do I know you?
Yunzhonghe is a little embarrassed。
Since they don’t remember themselves at all。
Don’t the defeated men deserve a name??
“Under the cloud is the river,Fortunately, in the organ city, we are fortunate to discuss the power of God,Lost to girl。”Yunzhonghe said。
“Ok。”Nan Lingsha answered,Focus on painting。

If I don’t delay time,Things won’t be so troublesome!

Lin Youwei seems to see Qin Feng’s abnormality,Speak:“As long as you find Liu.Xiaowei,I should know who took it。rest assured,There is still hope。”
“Can you provide me with some information?”Qin Feng asked suddenly。
“What are you doing?”Lin Youwei is in professional habit,Will not easily agree to others to provide information。Even if you want to provide,Then you must first ask about the role。
“It’s nothing,I just want to know suddenly,Where does Liu Xuesheng live?。”Qin Feng thinks of a person,This person is suspicious,Very likely to have something to do with behind the scenes。
“Liu Xuesheng?You mean that person,how,You suspect this matter has something to do with him?”
“But I investigated him,He finished the meal,Then left directly,We investigated from surveillance video,He went directly to his company。”
“How can you prove that he is innocent?Even with these proofs that he is not present,But if he is the one behind the scenes?”
Qin Feng’s tone was very aggressive,quickly,Are a bit hostile to Lin Youwei。
After listening,Lin Youwei cursed directly。
“Are you stupid?What do you think a stupid person like you thought of,Didn’t we think of it?But now you are looking for this guy for no reason,Is it a bit unreasonable??”
“If everyone is like you,Think it’s possible,Go arrest people,That has to be proved
According to why!”
“amount……”Qin Feng suddenly felt that he was really stupid,Why should I say my thoughts?

Because he heard about it before,One team in the special forces team was beaten again。As for Tamron,The captain also sacrificed。

So how many people still have the power of the captain?Probably the four captains?of course,Chu Xiao’s strength is not at the captain level,Even the Eight Great Wars will require two or three people to besiege Chu Xiao before it is possible to let the latter fall。
Rao is so,In terms of high-end combat power,The special forces are indeed at a disadvantage here。the most important is,Only poison among spiders makes a branch so terrible,The whole spider group,How many strong do they have?
“Forget it,Since there is such a big gap in high-end combat power,Then why can we hold on for so long here?”
“Because the people here use guerrilla fighting。It’s basically broken up into parts long ago。In the subsequent battle,The death rate of the poisonous general is two or three times higher than ours。After all they
Many of the people are local military personnel。So dealing with their special warfare members is a lot easier。of course,We also have a lot of barracks here.”
Speaking of which,Lan Fenghuang can’t talk anymore。Because she vaguely remembered how those ordinary deaths were guarded desperately in order for them to have a chance to escape。
Although she is a member of the special forces,But this is the first time I participated in such a tragic large battle。I still feel a little uncomfortable inside。
Or,For a whole month or two,All she has left is“Sad”This one。
“or,I’ll send you out of here。”Qin Feng can’t stand it anymore。After all, when Lan Fenghuang talked about the previous battle scene,There is something wrong with the whole person。
It’s like suffering from traumatic sequelae。Although they are members of the special forces,But after all, it’s just human,Naturally, there is no way to ignore all senses。
Qin Feng feels,This special team member is afraid that he is going to see a psychologist for treatment。That’s why I suggested sending her out。
“I do not go,I want to smash the poisonous man。I can’t fight the Eight Great Wars,But since they are all dead,Then it is possible to continue to kill the second person and the third person。Aren’t you there,You have this ability,you help me。”
“tear——pain,You let go!”
At this moment Lan Fenghuangxu is a little excited,I just grabbed Qin Feng’s hand and begged。
But the latter’s right hand didn’t fully recover,Even the time to remove the plaster is earlier。In addition, Qin Feng’s previous gunshot wound was not completely complete。Being so hard by Blue Phoenix,The whole person is a bit unbearable。
Lan Fenghuang was frightened and let go,Then the whole person panicked。
At this time she is a helpless girl,Tears are falling,Can’t stop at all。
The scene became awkward。People who don’t know think Qin Feng is a bad guy,What did you do to sorry the blue-haired woman in front of you?。

Willow is trembling with freezing,Frowning tightly,Very unhappy complaining,“Big brother,It’s so cold,Don’t you know how to get me some hot noodle soup??Quickly find me a dress,Freeze to death。”

Zhou Chengyu quickly took off her jacket and handed it to her,Ridicule,“Demeanor not temperature,You deserve to freeze to death。”
“what did you say?”
Yangliu stared,Zhou Chengyu immediately persuaded,Scratching his head wryly,“No,Nothing said,you,Are you unwilling to eat noodles??Without your approval,How dare i make my own claim?okay,You go to my office for a while,I will cook the noodles for you myself。”
Willow jumps hard twice,Head a little heavy,Don’t have a real cold,Take some medicine to prevent it when you go back,“I have no appetite now,You cook less,Don’t waste it。”
Chapter Sixty Eight Do not worry
Yangliu is half the boss,Very familiar with the staff,After a quick greeting,Get into the manager room behind,The air conditioner is increased by two degrees,Warm air wraps the whole body,Feel better。
Zhou Chengyu moves quickly,Soon he brought a bowl of noodles in,Large bowl of wide soup,A few green vegetables,There is an egg lying on it,Sprinkle a few drops of chili oil,The fragrant smell goes straight to the nose and mouth,The eyes of someone who has no appetite just brightened,I took a bowl and started eating。
Thumbs up while eating,“What is your soup made of?Tastes so good。”
Zhou Chengyu thinks she likes to eat,A triumphant look on his face,“This is my Zhou family secret recipe,Not from the Zhou family,Never spread,You apprentice,I will teach you。”
Yangliu took a sip of soup,Dense beads of sweat emerge from the tip of the nose,I feel my head is not so heavy,Wipe sweat,Gave him a bad look,“I’m a kitchen idiot,You are not afraid of smashing your Zhou’s sign?”
“Oh,correct,”What does Yangliu think of,Swallow the noodles in your mouth,Took a sip of soup,Pull a napkin to wipe your mouth,“The set meal I ordered at our restaurant last time,Our company colleagues say it’s delicious,Secretary Shi is a food expert,He said ourAThe package has the taste of a big hotel in the provincial capital。”
I picked a chopstick noodle and sent it to the import,Continued slurred:“He said a name,But i didn’t remember。”
“Chenyu Hotel?”
“Correct,how do you know?”
Yangliu’s eyes widened,Looking at Zhou Chengyu incredulously,“Don’t run away and steal the recipe.?I heard that this kind of formula is a trade secret,You can’t do something illegal!”
“What do you think?The owner of Chenyu Hotel’s last name is Zhou,My last name is Zhou,You said,What is our relationship?”

and,With my unique martial arts,Can have a physical effect,The body is as hard as steel,Sword can’t hurt。

Qin Feng embraces Jiang Yan,Kissed,:“When,Wait for you to break through,I’ll personally comfort you,With your ice body,Maybe it can reach a level that ordinary people can’t reach。”
“why?”Jiang Yan stared at Qin Feng with big eyes in Qin Feng’s arms and asked。
“Ice body,As the name suggests,Although it is water,But the water can be firm and soft,Your ice body is the softest side。”Qin Feng said according to the records in the 13 Needles of the Big Dipper,The 13 needles of the Big Dipper are Paul’s everything。
“Is that strong?”Jiang Yan pouting her mouth,Speak slowly。
“correct,Qin Feng,What physique are you?”Jiang Yan asked curiously。
“I am Hunyuan,This system is a very powerful physique in ancient times,Known as the nemesis of all systems,Because of this,Became king,King of all bodies,This is his other title。”
“If it can reach the later stage,People with this physique,You can look down on the world,Can be king。”Qin Feng said with recollection。
“Wow so powerful。”Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng incredulously,I didn’t expect Qin Feng to have such a good physique。
“Yan Yan,You have the largest market for medicinal materials,Let’s go later,I’ll find the elixir for you。”Tianlongzi always gave Qin FengjianghMainland China,Is something he experienced back then。”
Although technology will rise again later,But things in the cultivation world,All flowed down,Just before,Basically everyone is a cultivator,Even if not,Also know this way,It’s just that it was said that the monks almost disappeared in a big battle.。
The rest are living mortal lives,Developed like this for thousands of years,Formed the current civilization,And the surviving modifications are extremely rare,Also began to live in seclusion。
“That’s it。”Jiang Yan nodded as if listening very seriously。
“Yan Yan,Let’s get up,Stop lying in bed,Go find the elixir,found it,I help you refine medicine,Give you a refreshing pulse。”
Qin Feng pinched Jiang Yan’s nose and said,This is now,When I first met,How dare Qin Feng do this?,Jiang Yan has become her own woman now,Become a little bird。
“Ok。”Jiang Yan finished,Came out of Qin Feng’s arms,Start dressing,Qin Feng watched this scene,If it wasn’t for the sex with Jiang Yan just now,,otherwise,Qin Feng can bear it。
Qin Feng watched for a while,Jiang Yan the man in clothes,Suddenly said,:“Why don’t you wear it,Hurry up。”Finished,And threw Qin Feng’s clothes over。
“Ok。”Is Qin Feng a male god?,Of course the clothes wear quickly。
Qin Feng puts on the clothes first,Waiting for Jiang Yan。
“I said why you put on your clothes so fast,I wore it before you,You actually finished it before me。”Jiang Yan just finished wearing,Then acted like a baby。

The Syrian Divine Front has 3 goals and 7 goals, worth 8 million Euros, second only to Wu Lei

The Syrian Divine Front has 3 goals and 7 goals, worth 8 million Euros, second only to Wu Lei
Soma is brave.Figure / Visual China was tied by the Philippines due to an accident in the last round of the top 40 game. At present, the country’s record of 2 wins and 1 draw lags behind Syria with 3 wins.Therefore, this Sino-Syrian war will determine the battle for the top name of the group.Among the opponents of the national football team, Syria recognized the strongest, Lippi knew this.In terms of intelligence gathering, Lippi did not dare to take the time, and his scout Innocenti went to the scene to watch the first three rounds of Syria.Before the start of the top 40, Inocenti also traveled to Iraq to investigate the opponent’s warm-up match.The Air Force, Innocenti, who has completed intelligence gathering and analysis, went to Guangzhou to join the national football coaching staff.Today, Inocenti will fly to Dubai with the national football team, Lippi will then combine the information collected by the former to make targeted arrangements in training.The intelligence that is currently on the surface is that opponent No. 1 star, Saudi Arabia striker Herribin and Hercules Hercules Lele midfielder Mohamed Osman are likely to miss the game due to injury.But Soma, the number one striker in the Syrian formation, is in good shape and needs to be alert to the national football team.The confrontation between Wu Lei and Soma has become a major attraction.Photo / Osports In the Air Force’s top 40 game against the Philippines, Maldives and Guam, Soma played all, scoring a total of 7 goals, at least two goals per game.You know, the Syrian team only scored 11 goals in 3 games, and Soma managed almost 2/3 of the goals.Counting the 6 goals scored by Al Ahli in the Saudi League, Soma has contributed 13 goals in the double line.According to the latest value ranking of the German “Transfer Market”, Soma, worth 8 million euros, is second only to Wu Lei and is the second most valuable player in Group A of the Top 40.At that time, Wu Lei and Soma’s duel will become a highlight of the game.According to the arrangement, the national football team will play a closed teaching game with the local club team in Sharjah on November 9. Lippi is targeting the Syrian team and some special arrangements for Soma, which may make a difference in this game.