Director Qiu looked at Donglin,Ignore him,But walked straight to Bai Li,He smiled and said:“Sorry Secretary Bai,We are late”

Bai Li just about to speak,A black Audi drove to a stop behind Xia Jian,A middle-aged man in a black suit got out of the car,It looks like this person is almost 50 years old。
“what happened,Why so many people?”Middle-aged man frowned,Yelled with an upset face。
Zhang Donglin rushed over in two steps,He smiled and said:“Mr. Sun!These two people ran here to make trouble,Not only forcibly occupying your parking space,And provoke these people,Our security guards were beaten several times by him”
“Since the police are here,Just take it away!”Sun Xuefeng’s arrogance,Don’t ask anything about it。Xia Jian couldn’t help being furious,Is this the general manager??
Bai Li stepped forward,Shouted:“Mr. Sun Liubu!”
First2204chapter Surprise
Sun Xuefeng stopped,He looked back at Bai Li,Asked coldly:“who are you?do we know each other?”
Sun Xuefeng’s arrogance and rudeness completely angered Bai Li,She raised her voice and said:“It doesn’t matter who i am,The important thing is,This is Vice President Xia of the group,ComeSTBranch investigation related matters”
“Vice President Xia?Sorry!I don’t know that the group has such a vice president”Sun Xuefeng’s words hurt。And when he said this,Both eyes just floated on Xia Jian’s body。
Bai Li is angry,Said coldly:“The manager of a branch of the group must not know about it,Here are the autographed documents that Dong Luo sent you”
Bai Li said,Opened briefcase,Pass the relevant information inside to Sun Xuefeng’s hands。Sun Xuefeng looked at these documents,His face also became gloomy。
“Mr. Sun!Immediately convene a meeting of all management staff of the branch,One person cannot be less。Especially the deputy captain of the security team must be there。In addition any can not be absent,Otherwise, let’s resign”Xia Jian finally spoke,He said these words,Shocked everyone present。
At this time, Sun Xuefeng felt the seriousness of the problem,He hurried over in two steps,Reach out and say:“I’m sorry, Mr. Xia!This happened suddenly,Besides, we really haven’t met”

“Bright。。Ming Daoyou!”The ancestor of Xiaoshan saw that Ming Dao who was good at formation suddenly appeared,Kill four bugs easily,Even more surprised,But also with a little guard。

of course,Just a guard,After all, the insect beast that the opponent kills easily,He and Junior Sister are desperate。
So strong,Really want to kill them,It doesn’t take much effort at all。
But what surprised them even more was Li Ming’s shocking strength—In the eyes of Xiaoshanzu,Can easily sweep the four beasts,The strength is probably close to the world, right。
“Ming Daoyou,Did you break through the world??”Yan Yuzuxian couldn’t help but ask。
Although Li Ming’s breath is still at the level of the ancestor god,But the world wants to hide strength,They don’t think they can see it。
“Haha!”Li Ming slipped past this topic and didn’t talk about it,But asked:“You brothers and sisters are in trouble【Kushinzo】?Gain a lot!”
There is a bitter smile on the face of Xiaoshan Zushen,“indeed,Fellow Ming Dao rescued Junior Sister and me,The treasures I got are given to fellow Taoists!”
Li Ming is also welcome,Earn 30 Chaos Spirit Liquid。
to him,The eternal gods we just got are worth 20,000 Chaos Spirit Liquid,But there will be no more than 30 parties。
Anyway, Chaos Spirit Liquid is always used。
“Fellow,The specific location of the Jiuzhang,Can you tell me!”
“can!”Xiaoshan Zu God did not hesitate,“But I also ask fellow Taoists to take me and my junior sister out of this cave。”
“Row!”Li Ming agreed,Anyway, the location of Jiuzhangzang is there,Won’t run away,“You go into my cave。”
Nine limits outside Tibet,Two figures look at each other!
“Blood larva,You passed this time!Actually did it on two juniors。”Talker,But in a green robe,The handsome chaos fairy,Between the eyebrows and Yan Yuzuxian are somewhat similar。
“Over the line?Let’s talk to you Red Lotus Sect Master。Xuantian Fairy!”The god of the bloody world coldly looked at the chaotic fairy on the opposite side,“how,Not save your two younger generations。”
“I’m not sure to save people in front of you!”A circle of water and soil surfaced around the chaotic fairy,“Stop you here,They are expected to escape。”
“Stop me,You think you can do it!”Bloody World God yells,The blood-red energy formed around him swept towards the Xuanzhu chaos fairy。
The fairy body of the mysterious chaos immortal dare not resist,A spell shot out,Water and soil intersection,Form a mysterious gray puppet giant,A punch to the Scarlet Vortex。

Last time it was because the dean personally invited,And Fang Yu passed by with conditions。

Now let him take care of these troubles!
Really unnecessary!
Qiu Tian lightly sighed。
really,Fang Yu is still unwilling。
“I’m still busy!Goodbye……”
Finished,Fang Yu saw a person falling down at the pharmacy。
It looks like,Already dying。
“Call the ambulance!”
Fang Yu quickly shouted。
“Who will save my son……”
At this moment,A woman holding the young man on the ground in despair,Shouting loudly。
“Xiaoyu……Nosy!Not doing this kind of thing……You have to be responsible!”
Fang Deyun saw that his son was going out to take a look。
Hurriedly pulled!
He is just such a son,I don’t want any baskets。
This man fell in front of their pharmacy,Very strange!

For the Lord of the Ordinary Universe,The inner region of Qingfeng is already very risky,But what Li Ming is good at【Tian Dun】,It’s easy to move forward。

【Tian Dun】Contains mysterious changes in space,Also incorporated【Void Snare】Many techniques,Far away from risk aversion,There is really no way to avoid【Jizo】Hard resistance。
But even so,After experiencing two huge crises,Li Ming has also entered the core area of Qingfeng Realm。
“Eagle Peak,There are countless half lives、Semi-eccentric‘Eagle snake’,Each end has the strength of the sixth rank of the Lord of the Universe。If an intruder is found,Will be siege。It’s hard to resist without the strength of the real strongest。”
“Windless sea,Seems peaceful,In fact, it contains terrifying power,The original ancestors passed by carefully。Can you pass,90% depends on luck。”
“Hundreds of Nations,Always troubled by illusions,It’s a bit similar to my second test of inheritance。But it’s not dangerous to me now。”Although the illusion is always invading,But it easily resisted。
Dangerous crossings in the core area,
“It’s close to that world beast.‘Dim place’Up!”
“In the original,The great axe is introduced into the dark place,Then he was met by the three strongest ones who were thrown into the world beast,And the attack of the world beast finally fell。Although the giant axe was already very strong at that time,But his divine body is still slightly weaker,Was annihilated and died by the power of the world beast that is diametrically opposed to the divine power。”
“but。。。It is not clear to what extent the world beast has developed at this stage,Calculating the time the great axe should have fallen at this stage in the original work。The will of the original universe should also know the information of the world beast through this time。”
“Should be near here。。。But still have to be careful,It doesn’t matter if the divine body of this clone is consumed,But it’s too tiring to hurry up again。”
“Talent secret·Clone!”
In an instant,Li Ming’s avatar of the Demon Killer was instantly divided into two thousand avatars。
One of them,It is the main clone that maintains 80% of the strength before。
Another nine avatars of nineteen ninety-nine,All are at the venerable level of only double the genetic level,However, you can barely search in the cosmic sea under the secret method。
“唰唰~”The two thousand clones quickly spread out and started searching。
Primitive universe。
“Whoosh~”A man with purple hair and white armor holding a war knife,Body shape flashes。

He can refine the talisman with his own full strength and hit 80% at a relatively low cost,Just by this means,A three-footed Taoist monarch who he once smashed with Fu Lusheng escaped。

And the one called Elder Fu,But an elder who is good at refining,A magic weapon that can refine the eternal best,Can even refine some special treasures!
“Not bad,More than two million years later,Temple of God opens,It’s related to whether we can break through in our cultivation,Even the suzerain is expected to improve one step further!”
“Don’t mention it,Want to step into eternity,I’m still far away。It’s you,If it can go further,At least have more confidence in front of the god of the gods。”
“Three places,We let the disciples of the world,Three battles to decide。”
“Who do you think is better?”
“My disciple,I think Hui Lei is still qualified。”General Shan laughed。
Tianqiongzong,Most practitioners are good at alchemy formations and other methods,Fewer people are good at fighting。
The line of General Shan,Is good at fighting。
Of course Li Ming’s third senior brother Fengying Daojun is better at‘Assassinate’,Strange methods,But frontal fighting is not particularly good。
“Hui Lei’s girl is naturally one,It’s a pity that the boys under my sect are not up to date!”Fengying Daojun said。
“My six disciples,Chaos fairy is also good,He is already confident of breaking through as a Daoist。”Elder Fu also touched his beard and said。
“Actually it’s not that troublesome!”Daojun Yuanyu smiled,A small tower appeared in the palm。“This is one i bought‘Trial Tower’,After that, I let the world inside the sect enter it for trial。”
“Sister,This treasure is good!”Fengying Daojun’s eyes lit up。
This kind of trial tower,Very safe,And the inspection strength is also very accurate。
Of course with the power of Tianqiongzong,It’s a huge expense to build a trial tower。
What is a trial tower,Strictly speaking, the star tower space that Li Ming has traveled through is also a trial tower.。
There are a large number of puppet warriors on each floor,Or other similar things,Attack the Entanglement Trial。
Once through,It means that the strength exceeds a certain limit。


Fuming frowned,The figure disappears instantly,Standing in front of Lin Mou with Yin Tai。
Liu Yun raised his brows,When I saw Fuming,I don’t care,But when I feel Yoon Tae’s power,Sinking。
At this moment, his current situation is not much better than Lin Mou,Lack of energy plus own injuries,A bit difficult!
“Now give you two.
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Two:Liu Yun died,Confusing past
“Hahahahahaha,What an unexpected surprise,Unexpectedly the people we have been looking for,It’s right in front of me!”
Liu Yun put away his shock at this moment,Let go of laughter。
Fuming did not speak,Thunder and lightning,The flame appears directly,Intertwined thunder and fire,Blooming beautiful scene!
“Combat skills—Lei Yan!”
Thunder and Fire Fusion,The unfavorable thunderstorm appears,Rushed towards Liu Yun extremely fast。
Fuming knows his situation,I can’t let go of my hands and fight like before,Liu Yun must be resolved as soon as possible!
“Combat skills—Darkness swallows!”
Liu Yunju.
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Three:Lin Mou leaves,Ready to go
“Their situation stabilized temporarily,Heal them after you go back”

Four seeded teams under the leadership of Qing Wang,Enter the imperial city one by one。

No one asked why Princess Fantasy Sea went,Why didn’t you join them in the ceremony of fusion of gods and soldiers,Maybe in the eyes of most people,Regardless of whether the princess takes this place or not,,Are all qualified to enter the Temple of Miracles,Your Highness is not with other people,It’s also a matter of reason。
At this time,Lu Menglin finally understood,Why in the final,Why do elite teams like Bai Rimen easily give up their qualifications for the championship?,That’s because they have already won the ranking,Have the opportunity to participate in the fusion ceremony,Of course there is no need to fight for the first place,Not to mention,They can’t compete。
With the Azure King entering the inner city of Tianzun God City,After the imperial city,Obviously feel that the surrounding sounds have become much quieter。
Within the imperial city,It seems to form a very sharp contrast with the Tianzun God City outside,The hustle and bustle outside,The solemnity inside,It makes you feel like you are in a completely different world。
When everyone stepped into the hall of the gods,,Lu Menglin finally understands what it feels like to keep lingering in his heart。
The temple of the gods in front of you,Feel for him,Just like those temples in the earth world,Full of religious atmosphere,It’s just that it’s not gods enshrined in the hall,It’s just one weapon statue after another。
And the clergy that appeared in the temple of the gods,Mostly female,All covered with yellow yarn,Beautiful body,And it’s full of inviolable sacred breath。
These people who entered the palace of the gods,All staring intently at the weapons enshrined in the hall,Especially what weapons I am used to,Of course there will be more attention to that kind of weapons。
“First place,Team Aoki,Please follow me!”A priest said softly,Her voice is nice,So beautiful。
In the envious eyes of other teams,Lu Menglin and Huang Shaotian、Tu Shanming,And Liu Wenzhang,Four people follow the priest,Entered the first room where the soldiers were selected。
Qing Wang introduced it just now,The first team,Will be eligible to enter the innermost room,Challenge the best quality soldiers。And others have to be selected after they choose,Just started picking。
Quality,It is related to the light pattern fit after the fusion of the gods,The higher the fit,After the forty level, the stronger the light pattern power is,Represents the greater the potential for cultivation。
So for the masters of the gods,Incorporate magical soldiers at level 40,Is an extremely important event。

After all working together for some time,Han Genji and Yan Xiaoyi still have this tacit understanding。

Step aside,Said that he would not interfere in the conversation between Yan Xiaoyi and Wang Yufei。
“Is enough money?”
Yan Xiaoyi no longer sits,Stand in front of Wang Yufei。
Maybe it’s because the distance is relatively close,Or because of other reasons,Wang Yufei subconsciously pushed Yan Xiaoyi away。But after pushing Yan Xiaoyi away,Wang Yufei regrets it again,She didn’t really want to push Yan Xiaoyi away,I just feel that I don’t deserve to be embraced by him,It’s a pity that Yan Xiaoyi doesn’t seem to understand,Wang Yufei admits that she has no right to let Yan Xiaoyi understand,After all, she pushed him away first。
“I just want to ask if you still have enough money,Has no other meaning。”
When Yan Xiaoyi was talking,Very sad,He doesn’t even know how the smile on his face came out。
Standing in front of me is my legal wife,But Yan Xiaoyi can no longer be like before,Hugging her proudly。
Maybe because of this,That’s why I laughed a little sad。
“enough……Enough,Enough gifts from Yuhang’s girlfriend,My father’s illness,My salary can be maintained,As for the wedding room,It’s almost renovated。”
Wang Yufei lowered her head,As for the purchase of the wedding room, the money has been renovated,Naturally, it is inseparable from Yan Xiaoyi’s support for rice and mustard。
Yan Xiaoyi wanted to say if the money was not enough,Can tell myself,No need to go this route。But seeing my wife,Yan Xiaoyi suddenly discovered,at this point,It’s too late to say this。
“You should know,As long as you speak,No matter what,I will work hard。”
Yan Xiaoyi sighed and said。
Wang Yufei wants to speak,But Yan Xiaoyi raised his hand to stop。

The white-haired man shook his head,Sneered:“Miss Hu Lin,It’s none of your business here,Please leave!We must meet Wu Hao today!If he doesn’t show up,We will execute his men,Until he shows up!”

“Who gave you the power!Sandstorm City is the city of heroes against monsters in other worlds,If you guys do nothing,I will definitely report to the military,Impeach you!”Hu Lin is angry,Shouted。
I don’t know that the white-haired person sneered:“Miss Hu Lin,Even the Daizong ship is here,Don’t you understand?We are ordered by the military,Take Wuhao back to the capital!”
“I do not believe!Do you have a warrant?Take orders from the military!”Hu Lin panicked,I tried my best to keep calm on my face,Asked。
The white-haired man suddenly laughed,Said with a smile:“Haha!That’s ridiculous!What is Sandstorm City?It’s just a small broken city outside the hunting ring!We are the night Korean army,When to dispose of this place,We still need to use the official order of the military department?”
Hu Lin is sluggish,But her live broadcast room exploded again。
“What do they want?Too lawless, right?!”
“Poor little tutu,It must hurt!”
“Can’t let them be so arrogant!Where are the other masters in Sandstorm City?Come a super master,Beat them up!”
“Yes!The legendary Master Wuhao, hurry up!Hit them!”
“Hit them!”
“Hit them!”
“Hit them!”Keep up with a long line of speeches,They are all cheering for Sandstorm City。

Hu Yang said thank you,Then pick up a spherical bottle on the stall,The bottle is not as big as an apple,Very delicate。

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen Is it a manhole cover??
porcelain,As a popular collection variety,There are many kinds of it,Just a porcelain bottle,There are many types。
In front of,Hu Yang got this one for free,Is a celestial bottle。
It has a small mouth、Straight neck、Shoulder、False ring foot、Sand bottom。Because of the big belly,Like falling from the sky,Hence the name。
The celestial bottle is a porcelain shape deeply influenced by West Asian culture,Created and burned in Yongle in the Ming Dynasty、Jingdezhen Kiln in the Xuande Period。
“Such a small celestial bottle,Rare。”Old Shen said。
Rao is that he has been playing for so many years,See you too many celestial bottles,But rarely see such a small,One palm can control,It’s something to play with。
“It’s a bit like a bottle used to hold pills in ancient times。”Fitch looked at it for a while。
This guy,Martial arts、Xianxia watched too much, right?
Old Shen looked down:“Who would charge this stuff?ill。”
Populus pulls the cork off the bottle,The bottle was originally without a stopper,It should be someone behind。
At this moment,A scent of medicine came out。
Fitch immediately returned a strange look to Old Shen,Seems to be saying:Look?I was right?Let you watch more TV,I slapped my face this time?Some fairy tales,Is this stuff a prop??
Old Shen blushed with a rare face,Quite speechless。