Xia Shuyue lowered her head,not talking,Stand still。

The luggage in Wang Sulian’s hand fell to the ground,Xia Shuyue finally couldn’t hold it anymore,I hugged my mother and cried,“mom……I……Woo woo……”
“What happened,Don’t cry。”Wang Sulian gently patted Xia Shuyue’s back,Comfort daughter。
Xia Kewen heard the sound,Come out of the bedroom,Bring my daughter’s luggage into the house,“Shuyue is back,I will cook a few more dishes。”
Xia Shuyue wiped her tears,Shaking head,“Forget it,Not done,Eat。”The food on the table is ready,Xia Shuyue’s parents were preparing to eat,Xia Shuyue washed her hands and sat down。
Wang Sulian went to the kitchen to make a bowl of dumpling soup,“Drink more soup if you are pregnant,Need a lot of nutrition。”
Sha Kewen does not speak,Drinking alone,Xia Shuyue didn’t dare to look at him,Just lower your head and spoon the meatballs in the bowl to eat,Drinking soup slowly。
“The kid in my stomach belongs to Zhao Luo?”See Xia Shuyue finished the soup,Wang Sulian asked。
Xia Shuyue nodded,Did not speak,I dare not look up at my parents,Continue to eat food。
“Zhao Luo didn’t come back with you?”Wang Sulian asked again。
“He is busy,did not return。”Xia Shuyue answered in a low voice。
“When are you going to get married?”Wang Sulian looked at her daughter。
Xia Shuyue’s hands stopped in the air,It took half a minute to say,“mom,I do not want to get married。”

“grandfather,grandmother,Will people really have a boyfriend??”

“you’re so dumb,Such a good girl, you feel like a small farmer?
I am with your grandfather, I have not experienced the life of farmers.,Face the loess,I am busy a day for a day.,There is no ideal thing in life inside.,You feel that Xiaoyi will like a small farmer who is not ideal.?”
Be said by Wang Peiyun,Li Wu Tian also feels some unlikely。
“Hey-hey,Still your grandmother,I don’t think so much.。”
Seeing your own grandson Changshuyi。
Wang Peiyun is also laughing:“how?
Is it a heart??
Heartbeat,Nothing is shameful。”
“Hey-hey,Indeed,But you still need to understand.,After all, marriage,Not a child。”
Li Wu Tian is a serious look that there is no cause of provoke Wang Peiyun overlooks the eyes。
“Bringing home before you with your boy is a jade?”
Just finished this,The waiter also puts a few dishes.。
“Little handsome guy,Ask you something,Do you have a boyfriend??”
The waiter heard this,Also a glimpse。
After all, Xu Ruzhen like this best beauty,And still boss,To say that men in the store don’t feel moving, they are all fake.,But the heart is a heart, but there is no one dare to go to confession or to inquire about each other.,It’s all fear of being blown。
As for Xu Ru, there is no boyfriend, he really doesn’t know.。
“Forehead,I don’t know this.,But I haven’t heard of any of our bosses.,And the boss is also alone。”
Say this,He felt more,Hurry and retreat。
But his words are letting Wang Peiyun laughed.。
“Wife,Still you are amazing.,It is indeed a boyfriend that Xiao Xiao’s hoe is indeed.,But how do we create conditions for Xiao Tian??
Such a good bids, but it is going to be early.,If you are robbed by others,That’s our loss。”
I heard the words of Li Kai Fu.,Wang Peiyun is directly white.:“What words?
Does Li Jia is a place where a woman is lacking??
But you can make our tricks and make Xiaotian Zhongxiang very little.,Just this gimmick we like,So try it out.,If the other party doesn’t mean,We don’t have to,Young people doing this old thing less,Hurry。”
So Wang Peiyun said,Li Kai Fu also feels very reasonable。
“Xiao Tian,Your grandmother,You are all listening,We will not help.,eat first,These dishes are given separately.。”
Looking at the table a few simple can’t make a simple dishes,Li Wu Tian asked some curiosity:“grandfather,The price of these few dishes is very expensive.?”
“Um,Let it eat,Every dish is not less than699of。”
Hear this price,Li Wu Tian is also a glimpse,He suddenly felt that his grandfather was cheated.,Perhaps the grandfather’s sick is not a good meal.。
A plain tomato is a sear look.,The above white sugar sprinkles look good。
This is the same as a common cucumber.,Exquisite,Garlic mud sprinkles just right。
A plate of potato,He didn’t see any colorful place。
Just a few dishes in the ordinary hotel one hundred dollars, it will be absolutely taken.。
“grandfather,Is it this price??”
Wang Peiyun also laughed Lish Tiandao:“how?

“What kind of person is missing?”

“Like Brother Cao,Just like to work hard,Think for yourself,Although the character looks a little dull,But strong hands-on ability,The kind of person who can be alone。”Wang Yufei described in detail。
“Oh,Just like you?”Lu Yuxin nodded to express understanding。
This sentence of Wang Yufei feels wrong。
Wang Yufei feels that he is still very different from Brother Cao。For example, the senior brother,I don’t dare to talk when I meet a girl I like,But when I saw Lu Yuxin for the first time, I dared to ignore the attitude of rejecting others thousands of miles away.,Hengdao immediately sat next to her。
But without waiting for Wang Yufei to argue about this issue,Lu Yuxin continued:“There is a schoolmaster in our class called Shi Xulin,I think he can perfectly meet your requirements。But I’m not sure if you can impress him to join this project。”
“Ok?He doesn’t seem to have applied to join the Brain Machine Society before?”
“In fact, he has not joined any clubs,Because he currently thinks the club is naive。It’s better to do questions when you have that time。”
Lu Yuxin’s words made Wang Yufei somewhat interested in this boy named Shi Xulin。
“Oh?How is your relationship with him?Tell him to come out for a cup of tea and chat?”
“I don’t have a good relationship with my classmates,But if you really want to ask him out to talk about it, you are more likely to ask him out。”
“Because you proved the twin prime conjecture,So he has always admired you。”
“Then why did he refuse to join the Brain Machine Society?”
“Didn’t you say it??Because he thinks the club is very boring。Worshiping you and joining the Brain Machine Society are two completely different things in his opinion,It’s like admiring you and accepting your leadership are two unrelated issues。So even if you personally invite,He might not agree。But at least there is a chance。”
Lu Yuxin explained in time。
This explanation makes Wang Yufei feel very good。
Kind of i adore you,But it has nothing to do with you。
“Do you have his phone?Now ask him out to sit down?”


First2160chapter Not all the way
The originally harmonious family,Suddenly something happened。It’s all a retiring.,But Xia Jian felt that he was not wrong。
Sun Yuejuan was a little angry and returned Qin Xiaomin’s 20,000 yuan gift money、There is also an engagement ring on the coffee table,Then turned and left。
Xia Zecheng snorted coldly:“There are three unfilial piety,No success is big,You know。If you can’t get married,You never go back to Xiping Village”Xia Zecheng left this sentence,Then turned and left。
Xia Jian leaned on the sofa,Don’t want to say a word,He doesn’t know where he went wrong。Xiao Xiao glanced at him and said:“Do you feel wronged??So you have to change the way of living,You can’t take other people’s things more important than your own”
“and many more!When Lu Wanting came over this morning,,Are you at home?What happened?”Xia Jianxin is unwilling,He questioned Xiao Xiao angrily。
Xiao Xiao sighed and said:“Is it interesting to be entangled now??Since the matter has happened,You should think about it,What should I do after knotting?”
Xiao Xiao finished,Stood up。Xia Jian took a look at his watch,I found it was already past eleven o’clock,So he whispered:“Or you sleep in my room,I deal with one night on the sofa?”
“No need to,It’s only 20 minutes by car,You should have a good rest。I hope that tomorrow’s you are fundamentally different from today’s you”Xiao Xiao finished,Walk out quickly。
Xia Jian kept sending her to the gate。When Xiao Xiaolin got in the car,Suddenly said to Xia Jian:“I will ask Xi Zhen to send your parents back to Xiping Village tomorrow,Do you think it is okay?”
“Too good,Xi Zhen is very familiar with Xiping Village,You let her go,I feel relieved。What did Li say here??”Xia Jian sighed and asked。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“Does she have a car and a driver??But I heard,She has booked a flightGZ’S ticket,We don’t have to send her”
“it is good!Then you drive slowly,Let Xi Zhen be as early as possible tomorrow morning”Xia Jian finished,Turned around and went back to the courtyard。He closed the door,When I was about to return to the room,Found that the living room was still lit。
So he went into the living room,When preparing to turn off the lights,Found Zhou Li sitting on the sofa。She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“I know you hate me,But you want to understand,I think what I did is right”
“Nothing,I didn’t blame you for this,It’s just that you suddenly sent a child to our house,Upset our family’s life,Nothing more”Xia Jian said,Sat down。
Zhou Li sighed and said:“If I didn’t do that,I only have a dead end for Zhou Li。It’s not the bottom line,I’m so tired of your family,This kindness,It’s not just me Zhou Li,Even Xiao Chenchen will remember it all his life”
“okay,lets change a topic,When are you leaving tomorrow?”When Xia Jian said this,,Suddenly lowered my voice。

Xia Jian glanced at Lu Xiuli,I turned my head aside embarrassedly。He whispered:“Sorry Mr. Hu,I really don’t know you are sleeping in my bed,Otherwise I won’t be back in the middle of the night”

“Nothing,Don’t blame you for this,We didn’t arrange it。I’m coming to the cafeteria to eat the pimple soup made by the master,I didn’t expect it to snow,Thinking your bed is empty,Mr. Lu left me behind”Hu Huiru said softly。
First2176chapter The mall is like a battlefield
“Oh!I’m too sloppy,Didn’t even notice anyone in the room…Mr. Hu, rest!”Xia Jian finished,Hurry up。
He really didn’t expect something like this to happen tonight,It’s like a dream。Xia Jiangang walked to the door,I heard Hu Huiru say loudly:“Don’t you go,Vice President Lu and I made up for one night,This matter is settled,Don’t say anything”
Hu Huiru’s tone is harsh and domineering,Like ordering her employees。Xia Jian was disgusted even though,But he still stopped。
“That’s it,Quandang has never happened before。Otherwise you go on like this,There will definitely be some gossip tomorrow”Lu Xiuli lowered her voice,Said a few words softly in Xia Jian’s ear。
Xia Jian think about what she said is right,So he smiled and said:“Sorry Mr. Lu,Made you get up in the middle of the night and got cold”
What Jing Xiajian said,Lu Xiuli found out that the collar of her pajamas was open,She couldn’t help but flushed,Turn around,Trot back to the room。
After the noise of wearing clothes in the room,,Hu Huiru said softly:“come on!Look at you,I am not a tiger”
Xia Jian Wensheng,Then turned around and walked over。Hu Huiru is already dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed,So calm,As if what just didn’t happen。
“Are you in a hurry?How did you come back from such a heavy snow?”Hu Huiru asked Xia Jian again。

At this moment,Everyone present has already understood,It’s not Wu Hao’s opponent at all to win,He just ran down these laps,Has almost disabled myself,Where can I find the depth of Wu Hao?。

If Wu Hao wants to kill him at this moment,Just punch him casually,Disturb his blood flow,It’s hard to win, even if it’s not dead or disabled。
but,Wu Hao is obviously not interested in doing something without difficulty,He stands on the opposite side of winning,And someone was surprised to find,The distance between two people,It happens to be the position before the hands,No change。
Someone who can see this scene,There was a deep chill in my heart one after another,Because they can no longer understand Wu Hao’s realm,Such strength,horrible!
Lu Menglin glanced at the difficulty of winning that he was trying to suppress the vitality of his body.,But the look in his eyes is a little strange,No hatred,No mockery,But an appreciation。
Yes,Lu Menglin really appreciates the old man in front of Yingshi,Because the opponent can use the power of blood in the body,Cultivate to this level,It really requires great perseverance and tenacity。
“Your practice,how to say,Actually some problems!Manpower is exhausted,Hard work for twenty years,Thirty years,a hundred years,Also useless。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Still speak frankly。
Regardless of the positions of both parties,At least the old man in front of me,Is a real warrior,Able to develop one’s own body to this degree,And with a strong will,Keep yourself at your best for so long,anyway,Such people should be respected。
The difficulty of winning was originally trying to suppress the boiling blood in the body,I heard Wu Hao’s words,Can’t help but froze for a while,Then I was shocked,Wow spit out a big mouthful of blood。
“I send you a word,The world and the earth have the same force!You can understand the rest!”
The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin stretched out his left arm,Use arm as knife,Swipe it lightly。
Strange,Everyone suddenly felt,As if Wu Hao’s body has an invisible suction,Sucked all the air in this banquet hall towards him。
Followed by,A breeze,And the wind is getting stronger,Getting more and more urgent,There was a faint sharp howling。
Hum!While the howling goes away,I saw Wu Hao’s fingertips flashing white,Then I heard a click,Composite metal floor of the banquet hall,It’s like being cut tofu,Was easily cut into two pieces。

Mother Lu hurried forward,Seeing that game console did not respond,Had to say to him:“Maybe something is wrong!You go play something else。”

I don’t know if the voice is over,Several other high school students also yelled。
“Aunt boss,The machine doesn’t work!Can’t start。”
“My side too,what happened?Can’t play!”
“My station is also black,It’s useless if the power is restarted。”
I heard so many machines are all having problems,Mother Lu has a bad heart,Suddenly a heart hung in my throat。
Or these high school students who skipped classes to help,Ran to the street the first time,I found the brothers that Pangdun and Feng Nan were playing with,Everyone got the news,I rushed to the Jiehuang Game Hall soon。
now,Mother Lu is at a loss,Really helpless,She doesn’t know how to repair game consoles,I knew that all four of the machines in the store suddenly became unusable,And the people who came in the morning are very doubtful,It’s a pity that people go to the house empty,Don’t know where to find someone。
Feng Nan hurried to the game hall with his four brothers,Among them are two buddies with strong hands-on ability,Work together to take apart one of the game consoles with a black screen,Check out the problem soon。
“Damn it!Who of Dog Day stole the card version?”One of them shouted。
Everyone gathered here,Understand or not,All staring at the disassembled game console。
original,Someone removed the baffle behind the game console,Remove the core inside。
Every game console is a motherboard,And the card core is the most expensive,Different card cores,Can become another game。

Miao Meijia、Ganlong family,Luning family,Even several patriarchs are here。

So some people speculated,Is the royal family back??How else could there be such a big momentum??
It is no exaggeration to say,If someone drops a bomb here and now,Can make Burma immediately go back twenty years,Relapse into war and chaos。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Five Own site
When Lu Menglin and Fat Dun appeared at the airport exit,The entire airport plunged into a sea of jubilation。
Everyone’s faces were instantly filled with bright smiles,Especially those nobles,When they saw the invincible young Venerable return to Myanmar,I feel at ease immediately。
Our patron saint,Did not abandon Myanmar,He is back!He will lead us,Guard us!
For a time,The scene started singing and dancing,The scene is really hot。
Fat Dun follows Lu Menglin,I was dumbfounded when I got off the plane。
Although he didn’t think he was very smart,But this scene before me,Really makes him a little bit confused。
Especially when everyone is looking at him with that kind of eyes,Fatty shivered,He has never been treated with such high standards,I can’t adapt for a while。
and so,When a few shy girls put wreaths around their chubby necks,He has completely crashed,All that’s left is a giggle。
Fortunately at this moment,Liu Niu’er, the king of warlords from the Golden Triangle, and Mao Yongfei, the commander of the Imperial Guard, walked side by side。
“Lord!”The two knelt down at the same time,Salute to Lu Menglin。
Although I usually don’t get along with Lu Menglin,,But in this formal occasion,Even Liu Niu’er dare not neglect,Respectful salute。

Thought for a while,Even though the road ahead is full of dangers,But as an international center,Indeed an indispensable market,For this market,No matter how big the risk is,In Robinson’s opinion, they are all worth trying。

Inquiring look to Evincent,From the beginning he was painting,It seems that Robinson and Ragon have heard nothing of the conversation between them.。
Both Ragon and Robinson looked at Evincent quietly,Nothing else matters,What two people care about now,What does Evincent want to play next,The idea he came up with is interesting!
There was no sound around for a long time,Ivincent also looked up at Lagon and Robinson,Silently speeds up the progress at hand。
Did not make Lagon and Robinson wait too long,Evincent raised the plank to the two。
Compared to Robinson, who was confused when facing Ivancent’s plank,How could Lagon forget Xiang Chen who almost left himself in China?
Grow up mouth,Frowning,Lagon doesn’t know how to describe Xiang Chen, who is vivid on the wooden board。
“I have studied art just fine,Sometimes cultivate sentiment,Sometimes entertain yourself!”
Evincent smiled and explained,Then he threw the board aside。
“It’s his words,Everything is explained,He is a fun person!”
Evincent looks east,Eyes full of longing,Muttered:“Don’t be played easily!”
“Why throw away the portrait?Since there is his portrait,We can find him or his family,Let him know the disadvantages of nosy!”
Ragon looked at Evincent in confusion,Although I know that the person in front of me is a genius among geniuses,But I couldn’t help but ask。
“Paradise Island Yaomen Gate Master,No need to check his information!As long as you can knock down those lunatics on Paradise Island,A message from the master of a remote door is not at your disposal?”
Evincent looked at Ragon with a smile,I want to prove myself several times,But think of the old and young people on Paradise Island,Ragon still give up。
Most people have a limit,And those houses on Paradise Island,I don’t talk about routines when I try my best。
“What shall we do now?New medicines are very popular in markets all over the world,Are you planning to stop so early??”
Robinson looks at Evincent,After all, the numbers on the account are still a little bit short of what they originally planned.。
“of course not!”
Evincent stretched lazily,Stretch your body as long as possible,And then continued:“Let’s find the equator and latitude and longitude first,Solve the problem of new drug dosage,Later, let’s see what this world can be like!”

Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau: Innovative investor protection measures to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors

Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau: Innovative investor protection measures to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors
On May 15, the China Securities Regulatory Commission organized the second “5.15 National Investor Protection Day”, Vice Chairman Yan Qingmin chaired the meeting, and Chairman Yi Huiman delivered an important speech.The Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau organized a variety of publicity activities for listed companies in the jurisdiction, securities and futures operating institutions, and investment and education bases.On the day of the event, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau invited industry associations (mediation organizations), securities and futures institutions, listed companies and media representatives to participate in the video conference.Bureau leaders submitted brand marks and certificates for three newly-named national investment education bases, including ICBC Credit Suisse, Sina.com and China Fortune.com.After the video conference ended, the Beijing Bureau also convened a self-discipline organization and investment education base in the jurisdiction for additional insurance deployment.Officials, the Beijing Bureau has launched a series of publicity campaigns on the theme of “Caring for investors, working together-learning and implementing the new” Securities Law “and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors”.Relevant market players and investment education bases are required to make full use of the official website, “two micro-endpoints”, investor interaction platforms, business site display screens and other new media channels, innovate investor protection methods, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.In the past year, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau has carried out a series of various publicity activities to promote investor protection in its jurisdiction, which has played an active role in guiding investors to participate in capital market investment rationally, improving risk identification and risk prevention capabilities.Next, according to the deployment and work plan of the investor protection work of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Beijing Bureau took the opportunity of the “5.15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day” activity to successively develop GEM investor education and protection.”Securities and Futures Trap” and a series of special activities such as “honest and trustworthy to be a respected listed company” for 2-3 years, to better promote the healthy and stable development of the capital market of the judicial districtJia Wenqin, director of the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, Wu Yunhao, secretary of the party committee, Xu Bin, member of the party committee, and deputy director Xu Bin attended the meeting, and the relevant responsible comrades of the lead agency participated in the meeting.Editor Chen Li