[Fengyang has some famous snacks]_type_ranking

[Fengyang has some famous snacks]_type_ranking

Fengyang is an area in Anhui Province. This area is a very famous ancient cultural city, and it is also a good place for people to travel. Many people visit Fengyang every year.

And people travel to Fengyang just to feel the traditional culture of Fengyang. They also think that Fengyang has a lot of famous special snacks, such as sand soup, dog soup and dried noodles.Some famous snack.

[Breakfast]Small Noodle House in Wenchang Street Chunlai Noodle House in Wenchang Street has left a lot of memories for Fengyang people. His noodles have a strong flavor and are very suitable for the taste of Fengyang people. The dry noodles are mainly recommended for taste.well!

The old hen soup noodle Hongmeiling old hen soup noodle restaurant is not the same as Chunlai Noodle Restaurant. The main noodle soup is chicken noodles, and his family only rolls noodles.

Liufu Large Intestine Noodles Liufu Large Intestine Noodles are also more appetizing for Fengyang people, and the taste is spicy!

I do n’t dare to eat the large intestine. “Smells” friends go and taste it!

There is a soup bag restaurant in Yangcai Nanfeng Market called Fengmei, because the girl selling soup bags is called May!

Wake up in the morning to make soup soup, a bowl of spicy soup, how comfortable!

Dog broth recommends the dog broth of the Xiaoxing family in Donghuayuan. His home is the favorite breakfast stall of the institution. In addition to the dog broth, the pot soup is very delicious!

Shatang Fengyang’s Shatang Luzhou also has Satang, which is shrimp soup with chicken soup, fungus and the like, and then throws an egg and it turns into a rush. It is recommended to the gym. His soup has a thick soup and a strong flavor. In addition to the soupThere are okonomiyaki!

[Main Food]Yushan Tofu Yushan Tofu, also known as “Stuffed Tofu”, is a traditional dish of Fengyang.

According to legend, it was created by a chef with a surname of Huang in the early Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 600 years.

Early in the Ming Dynasty, Fengyang sent the “Stuffed Tofu” as a tribute to Beijing every year. After tasting Zhu Yuanzhang, he was very appreciative. Chef Huang later entered the palace and became an imperial chef.

The production method of “Stuffed Tofu” is exquisite and sophisticated. When making it, you must “three steps” (selection, production, and heat), and “take four steps” (make vegetable blanks, beat egg whites, add pans, boil sugar juice).

Stuffed tofu is crispy outside and tender inside, refreshing and delicious, and rich in nutrition.

Laxiang dog meat Yuan Shun Emperor to the first four years, the disaster caused by natural disasters, thousands of miles away, Zhu Yuan did not have a weak crown in the next year, his parents and eldest brothers starved to death, and were countless. They were enrolled in Huangsi (now known as Longxing Temple) as monks.

Three years later, the temple also ran out of food.

Yuan Zhen was forced to leave for begging to live.

During the Lunar New Year, the grains did not enter for a few days, and the drought forced them to lie down outside a farmer’s door in the countryside of Luzhou. The owner had mercy on him and gave him the only year-old pickled bacon meat in the house to save his life.

In the 20 years of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Xiangzhang, who was so simple and simple, was tired of uterine food. He suddenly remembered the dog meat and ordered it to be cooked by the imperial chef. It was so tasteless that he got in from his hometown in Fengyang. Zhu Yuanzhang praised after eating.

This is the origin of “Long live good.”

There is a poem saying, “The zodiac signs are low, and they give up or have periods.”

Whoever said there was no face in life, Jinkou took the seat at the beginning. ”

Since then, the reputation of Laxiang dog meat has gone away.

The plum fish plum fish, scientific name “catfish”, also known as “gong fish”, “mei catfish”, commonly known as “mei white fish”, white mouth, also known as “mei city plum fish”, plum fish.

It is produced in Meihe Town, Meishi Township, Fengyang County, and its body shape is distributed. The best season is Huangmei season. From ancient times to the present, it has been listed as a delicious dish.

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