really,The gongs and drums in the stairwell are getting louder and louder,The Lu Family’s door is full of people,The neighbors are all open,Poked his head out curiously。

I saw three lions shaking their heads and waving their tails,Appeared in the stairwell in front of Lu’s house with a sullen expression,They do all kinds of pleasing actions,vivid,I squeezed into the door of the Lu family。
Everyone is happy,I haven’t seen dragon and lion dances for years,This year this is a sign of good luck!
The Lu family is really lively this year,First, so many people came to visit,Now even the lion dance has entered the gate of Lu’s house,It’s a good sign!
Lu Menglin took a closer look,These lion dancers,All are brothers of the Menglin Legion,Hurriedly and cheerfully took out the big red envelope,Slam into the lion’s mouth。
Wang Shaoxiao in a red dress said loudly:“Happy New Year to uncle and aunt!”
All the lads of the Menglin Army in the living room shouted in unison:“Happy New Year to uncle and aunt。”
The three lions lay obediently between the living room of the Lu family and the door,Shake your head,This is really great。
Lu Youshan also came out of the room,See this scene,I’m so happy。
Mother Lu also poked her head out of the kitchen,Elated,Sore nose。
Really poor, no one asks in the downtown area,Rich in the mountains and distant relatives!
Last year’s Lu family was not so lively,My parents were still worried about Lu Menglin’s study,I’m afraid he won’t go to university,I’ll be bored in the future,As a result, there was a big turnaround this year,He even thrives with the whole family。
Kim So Yeon also looked curiously at the big lion lying on his stomach in the living room,Think it’s so fun,There is no such excitement in Korea。
“Excuse me,Is this Lu Youshan’s home??”At this moment,But from the gate of the Lu family came a very uncomfortable voice。
This voice is full of majesty,There is even a hint of unkindness in it,Everyone in the living room of the Lu family heard this voice,Turned their heads and looked at the door。
Three men appeared at the door,The old man headed by has a horoscope,About fifty years old,Wearing a long yellow trench coat,There is a dusty feeling on his face。
Standing behind the old man,Are two young descendants,Straight,Cold-eyed。
The sudden appearance of these three,Incompatible with the harmonious and happy New Year atmosphere in the house,There is even a deep chill。