Liu Lixin couldn’t think of it,There is such a relationship between Xiao Fan and his big boss,And what Liu Lixin can’t think of is,The age of my boss is obviously much older than Xiao Fan,But it was his own boss who was helped by Xiao Fan first。

and,Wen Tianli’s status in society today can be said to be pivotal,That means,Before my big boss has risen,This young man named Xiao Fan helped him,So it seems,The strength of this person named Xiao Fan is really not so powerful。
Liu Lixin is also a smart man,and so,After getting the boss’s words just now,I never spoke again。
Wind chime island is not big,and so,It didn’t take long,Wen Tianli and Liu Lixin’s car arrived in front of Ouyang’s villa。
After the car is parked,Wen Tianli did not get off the car,Liu Lixin got out of the car very sensibly,Came to the door of the villa,After the security at the door saw,Just ask:“Excuse me,Who are you looking for?”
“Hello there,I came to see Mr. Ouyang,Please go report。”Liu Lixin said politely。
The security looked up and down Liu Lixin,Looked at the car parked at the door again,To know,This wind chime island does not allow foreign vehicles to enter,and so,There are only a few people who are qualified to drive on this wind chime island。
Of course,No matter which one,Those are things that the little security guard can’t afford。
and so,After a short thought, the security guard,Said to Liu Lixin:“it is good,but,I’m not quite sure whether our old man Ouyang is at home,and so,All I can do is go and pass the message。”
Liu Lixin nodded,Said with a smile:“Ok,thank you!”
When the little security guard turned to leave,Suddenly asked:“So who are you?If the owner asks me,How should i answer?”
“You just say it belongs to Xihai Auction Company!”Liu Lixin said。
The little security guard was taken aback,Said:“Ok,You wait!”
Soon,The security guard is back,And behind him is the Patriarch of Ouyang,Liu Lixin recognized this man as Ouyang Jianfeng’s father,It’s not Ouyang Wuji, the real head of the Ouyang family。
“Manager Liu,Have missed,You have missed far away,I don’t know what wind is blowing today,To blow you to our house。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Five Tell you face to face