Skin care misunderstanding is natural natural skin care _1

Myths about skin care

I believe that the magic of skin care with natural ingredients seems to be a big trend of transformation-more and more women choose products with pure natural ingredients and are enthusiastic about using fresh fruits and vegetables for skin care. “Naturalism” is sweeping the world!

Why believe in the skincare magic of natural ingredients, because the subconscious thinks that natural is safe.

In fact, natural ingredients are not necessarily safe, and safe ingredients can also be “artificial”.

In this dialectics, what we should return is to find the most effective beauty products for the skin!

  Safety, the “root” of skin care products Many people will consider the price, ingredients, brand, concept and many other aspects when choosing skin care. However, one of the most fundamental things that people always ignore is product safety.

Safety is the foundation of a product based on the market. On this basis, the efficacy of the product is viewed.

  Whether it is a product that advocates natural ingredients or a product that is mainly synthesized by technology, the most important thing is to pay attention to whether the product has been certified by a professional laboratory. The testing and evaluation of product safety from national authorities must be the safety of cosmetics.Provides strong evidence.

  Efficacy has nothing to do with nature. Whether it is “natural”, “pure plant”, or synthetic, in fact, they have different advantages. We must not fall into the misunderstanding of publicity.

  Misunderstanding 1: Natural is more secure!

  The so-called pure natural skin care products must meet at least 1. Raw materials come from natural sources (mostly extracted from plants or marine life) and have high precision purity and stability; 2. Contains no artificial preservatives, fungicides, flavor pigments or mineralsChemicals such as oil that may cause irritation; in fact, the safety of natural ingredients is only relative.

  From the point of view of product technology: not to mention that there are too many toxic plants in nature, even if it is some “star” herbs, because the traditional process is achieved by frying, grinding and squeezing to achieve its use.In the end, in addition to the active ingredients, some useless or even substituted ingredients will be replaced more or less.

  From the perspective of the mineral itself: some commonly used natural minerals, such as mint, rosemary, etc. have a certain irritation, while lemon, lavender, etc. can cause light-sensitive reactions in different places, affecting skin health.

  From the amount of use: Because the types and proportions of various substances in natural ingredients are not 100% clear, there are always some unknowns when using them.

Coupled with the traditional impression that people are “safe and reliable” about natural ingredients, it is easy to ignore the control of the amount when using it. Unlike western medicine or industrial ingredients, it is easy to ignore the excessive amount or insufficient amount, which affects the effect of skin care.

  Myth 2: Natural must be better than synthetic!

  Although pure natural ingredients have advantages in environmental protection, safety and mildness, they are not optimal in terms of speed, stability and convenience.

  The point that natural ingredients can’t compete with synthetic ingredients is that natural molecules have large molecules and are not easily absorbed by the skin. Especially when using fresh fruits and vegetables DIY, the effect of external application is difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, some people think that the herbal skin care products that they make are fresh and effective, and are better than the products they buy. However, the convenience, effectiveness, and safety cannot be related to the finished skin care products, and the expectations of the effects have to be too high.

  The biggest advantage of synthetic raw materials is that their safety and effectiveness mean has passed rigorous testing and certification on a large scale, and has been recognized by most scientists, chemists and related professionals.

For example, we are exactly vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E is the first choice for many dermatologists or beauty experts to solve wrinkles, antioxidants, acne and other issues. Among them, the effect of vitamin B3 to reduce wrinkles has been recognized worldwide.This is no proven beauty with any natural ingredients!

  In the future, natural and hand in hand are synthesizing. From the point of view of the most fashionable skin care trend, China and the West combine to form a strong joint, that is, combining the advantages of natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients.

Therefore, in the future, cosmetics will break down natural or synthetic barriers, take safety as the benchmark, efficacy as the supremacy principle, and combine organically to complement each other to create new skin care fashion.

All we have to do is find the “skin” partner that best suits our skin!

Tofu is the best food to prevent sagging chests

Tofu is the best food to prevent sagging chests

You may not know that the back end is an invisible enemy of the figure.

  The front end is very strong to show the waist line. If your front end is strong and strong, it will naturally show the thin lines of your waist, at the same time, it will also add a significant slender effect to your legs.

  The rounded up of the chest will naturally drive the curvy figure.

  If the chest is loose and inelastic, then the beauty below the waist will re-enter the beauty, and the proportion of the lower body will give people a sense of unbalanced vision.

  So, don’t let the domino effect of the hips drag down your figure curve.

  Office workers are prone to sag. The office workers who are 9 to 5 years old are prone to accumulate in the lower body due to sedentary office activities.

  The most important cause of sagging chests is our unreasonable diet.

You know, if you ingest too much animal feces, you can easily accumulate in the lower body, causing further bulges.

Now that we have found the cause of the pedal sagging, let’s start with three meals a day and pay attention to eating more plant-based feces or foods containing plant-based proteins.

  Tofu, for example, is the best food to prevent sagging chests.

  Tofu is the best food to prevent lactic acid from sagging. Tofu is a frequent guest in oriental flavors. It has a relatively high protein content, but it is very low and contains no cholesterol.

do you know?

Tofu made with calcium sulfate also contains a lot of calcium!

  Tofu itself has no flavor, but it easily absorbs the essence of other foods and spices, and can be used in place of meat or cheese.

  There are various cooking methods for tofu, which can be cold, braised, stewed, etc. There are many ways to cook.

In addition to the tofu family, there are endless varieties. In addition to traditional soybean milk, tofu brain, dried tofu, etc., more new types of tofu are now introduced, and even delicious tofu ice cream is suitable for people who cannot accept lactose.

Also, tofu cheesecakes are great.

What to pay attention to outdoor sports?

What to pay attention to outdoor sports?

Spring is here, everything is renewed, go to the countryside, integrate with nature, or travel or work out. Through the warming of the weather, these outdoor sports will become the first choice for people’s fitness vacation.

What should people pay due attention to in outdoor sports?

The author recently visited Xing Liming, deputy director of the Outdoor Sports Department of the China Mountaineering Association.

He reminded that the safety of outdoor activities is the first, because there are some unknown factors in this sport. If you don’t pay attention, there may be accidents and even casualties.

  Coach Xing revealed that due to strong curiosity, inadequate preparation, carelessness, lack of understanding of outdoor sports, overestimation of his own physical fitness, acting alone, and even taking risks, etc., from March to November last year, the country was in mountaineering and other outdoor activitiesA total of 15 people were killed in China. The main causes of death were: heat stroke, illness, falling into the sea, sliding, river crossing, falling, avalanches, waterfalls breathing and so on.

  This is just a rough statistic.

If accident factors such as traffic are added, the death toll will rise.

Except for Qinghai and remote areas of Tibet, these accidents occurred in the outskirts of cities such as Fenghuang Ridge in Beijing, Fenghai in Shenzhen, Sanshui in Guangdong, and Yichang in Hubei.

So why are there casualties in outdoor sports?

  Coach Xing said that the current domestic outdoor sports show a hot trend.

At present, the number of outdoor sports clubs has increased from 300 in the previous two years to the current size of 600. The number of people who regularly participate in outdoor sports is increasing. If you include donkey friends and people who are outing for free, their number will increase exponentially.

  The popularity of outdoor sports is closely related to the improvement of people’s living standards and the improvement of quality of life.

The country has entered a well-off society. People have money. What do they think after having free time?

The biggest desire is health, and the fashionable leisure sports represented by outdoor sports contain many health elements that are not present in other items, such as sunlight, fresh air, beautiful scenery, rugged mountain roads . so the demand is naturalThe land will grow larger.

  During the holidays, I would like to meet a few like-minded friends, or go with my family, go to mountains, jungles, rivers, oceans . sucking the milk of nature and enjoying the fun of outdoor sports, it is very comfortable.

Young people can also participate in activities such as mountaineering, forest adventure, rock climbing, river tracing, fixed-point crossing, desert adventure and other activities organized by certified outdoor sports clubs to exercise strong personality, cultivate tenacious volition and team spirit to work together.The whole holiday was fun.

  Coach Xing pointed out that outdoor sports have many benefits. If you want the army to carry out this sport, you must also understand its characteristics.

First of all, outdoor sports is a new group of projects, including mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain cross-country, river tracing, source demotion, fixed-point crossing, forest exploration, desert exploration, terrain exploration, etc., the most extensive of which are crowd mountain climbing activities and outings.

  From a technical point of view, most of these sports are related to mountaineering and have some challenging and exploratory properties.

In order to ensure the safety of life, scientifically carry out this movement, which not only meets people’s participation in dual nature, scientific fitness, but also guarantees safety.

There is no doubt that the China Mountaineering Association has organized many outdoor sports competitions and related activities. Through these forms of promotion, publicize the summary of outdoor sports, summarize experiences, standardize management, and better serve the general public.

Little beans help you fight disease!

Little beans help you fight disease!

Pea is a good hand for nourishing the liver and nourishing qi, and contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can strengthen the human body’s immunity.

Daily diet: Fried peas with fish fillet, shrimp or pork belly can help liver and spleen.


hzh {display: none; }  民间自古就有“每天吃豆三钱,何需服药连年”的谚语,意思是说如果每天都能吃点豆类,可以有效抵抗疾病。There are many types of beans and various cooking methods. How can I easily and quickly eat nutritious beans every day?

TCM experts recommend several best ways to eat: Eat more soy products. When soybeans are processed into tofu, dried tofu, and tofu skin, the calcium content increases significantly.

For example, 100 grams of tofu contains 164 mg of calcium, 100 grams of dried tofu contains 308 mg of calcium, and 100 grams of tofu silk contains 204 mg of calcium, and soy products are also very convenient to eat.

Of course, drinking a sufficient amount of soy milk daily has the same effect.

Daily diet: Soybean stew trotters can be used for beauty and calcium supplementation. Pregnant women can eat milk after eating.

  Adzuki bean rice porridge Adzuki bean makes a porridge, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients and has a smoother taste.

With rice has spleen and blood, dehumidification effect.

Drinking red bean porridge often, to promote heart health, is especially suitable for menopausal women.

Daily diet prescription: Red beans, catfish, and carp are boiled into a soup, which can strengthen the spleen and hydrate.

  Mung bean paste boiled mung bean soup in the summer to clear the heat and relieve heat has become a habit of people’s lives.

But in fact, mung beans are made into mung bean paste to eat, in addition to adding more vitamins A, B, and C, they can also add more fiber.

Mung bean paste is also very convenient to make. Wash the mung beans, add an appropriate amount of water, and use a soybean milk machine to beat for 10 minutes.

You can also add a small amount of sugar according to personal taste to make a nutritious and delicious dessert.

Daily diet: Mung beans stewed with kelp and celery can lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

  Douyu, stewed mutton and soy sauce, soy sauce and other delicious condiments are made from black beans. Assorted with other beans, the biggest advantage is tonify the kidneys and nourish yin and blood.

Daily diet: Black beans stewed with mutton and dog meat can nourish kidney yang, especially for those with kidney deficiency.

In addition, black beans are also known as “black hair ladies”, soymilk and tofu made with it are good foods for patients with early white hair and hair loss.

  Pea ham fried rice with peas is a good hand to nourish the liver and nourish Qi, contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can strengthen the human body’s immunity.

Daily diet: Fried peas with fish fillet, shrimp or pork belly can help liver and spleen.

  Kidney beans stewed pork ribs are divided into white kidney beans and red kidney beans.

Red kidney beans support the heart, and white kidney beans replenish qi.

Daily diet prescription: Kidney beans cooked with spring onions and garlic to enhance the body’s immunity.

Kidney bean stewed pork ribs, relieve tired and delicious.

Tremella Pigeon Egg Soup

Tremella Pigeon Egg Soup

[Raw materials]6 grams of Tremella, 12 pigeon eggs, 15 grams of walnut kernels, 60 grams of powdered flour, moderate sugar.

  [Production]①Simmer the white fungus in warm water for 1 hour, wash it unevenly, put it in a bowl, and add water to the basket to steam for about 1 hour. The pigeon eggs are cooked in a cold water pot, and they are dipped in cold water and dipped.Into a bowl; take another bowl, add scallion powder, add water to make a slurry.

Walnut kernels are soaked in warm water for half an hour, peeled, drained, fried with crisp, and chopped into rice grains.

  ② Put the aluminum pan on the fire, add water, pour in the steamed white fungus juice, pour in the mash powder, add sugar, walnut kernels, stir to form a walnut paste into the soup bowl.

  ③ Put the white fungus around the walnut paste, and 12 pigeon eggs are set around the white fungus.

  [Serving method]Take 1 dose daily, divided into 2 times.

  [Efficacy]Tremella is flat, sweet and light, can nourish the lungs and promote fluids, nourish yin and stomach, nourish qi and blood, nourish the brain and strengthen the heart, and be a strong tonic.

Pigeon eggs are sweet and salty, flat in nature and can make up for deficiencies.

Walnut kernels are sweet and warm, can nourish the kidney and nourish blood, regulate lung qi, and moisten the intestines.

荸荠 Can eliminate product.

The combination of the four ingredients has the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, nourishing the kidney and nourishing qi, and nourishing the brain and strengthening the heart.

It is suitable for fluid depletion caused by yin deficiency and lung dryness, dry cough and long cough, intestinal dryness and constipation, and weakness of yin deficiency and fatigue after illness.

Therefore, soup dishes have the effect of strengthening the brain and strengthening the body, so healthy people can eat regularly to enhance memory.

Breast care complies with eight bans

Breast care complies with eight “bans”

Having healthy breasts is the hope of every lady.
Breasts are both pride and annoyance for women.
Proud breasts add to women’s fascinating atmosphere, but breast disease is becoming more and more a problem for women’s health.
Modern women must master the health knowledge of breast care and make healthy breasts a pride of your life.
  Breasts are both pride and annoyance for women.
Proud breasts add to women’s fascinating atmosphere, but breast disease is becoming more and more a problem for women’s health.
Modern women must master the health knowledge of breast care and make healthy breasts a pride of your life.
  First, pay attention to avoiding strong squeezing.
There are two major disadvantages of the breast being squeezed by external forces: one is that the soft tissues inside the breast are vulnerable to bruises, or cause internal hyperplasia.
The second is that it is easier to change the external shape after being squeezed by external force, so that the twin breasts sag and sag.
To avoid squeezing your breasts forcefully, you should pay attention to two points: ① sleep position is correct.
The sleeping position of women is better to lie on their backs. Try not to lie sideways in one direction for a long time. This will not only easily squeeze the breasts, but also cause bilateral breast imbalance.
  ② When the couple is in the same room, try to avoid the man from squeezing his breasts.
Otherwise, it will become an internal illness.
  Second, avoid wearing bras are not suitable. Never wear inappropriate bras, or do not wear bras at all.
Choosing the right bra is a necessary measure to protect your breasts. Don’t take it lightly.
In order to choose a suitable type of bra, the following three points should be achieved: 配 ① wearing a bra should not have a sense of depression, that is, the bra should not be too small, it should choose a model that can cover all the outer edges of the breast.
  ② Should not be too loose or too tight, the material of the bra should be a little elastic band.
  ③ The distance between the protruding parts of the brassiere is moderate, and it should not be too far or too close.
In addition, the best material for making bras is pure cotton, and chemical fiber fabrics are not suitable.
  Some girls often don’t wear bras because they don’t think their breasts have grown, so they don’t need to wear bras.
In fact, I was wrong. If you do not wear a bra for a long time, not only the breasts are prone to sagging, but also vulnerable to external damage.
As long as the bra is worn properly, it will not affect the development of the breast, which is beneficial and harmless.
  三、忌用过冷或过热的浴水刺激乳房  乳房周围微血管密布,受过热或过冷的浴水刺激都是极为不利的,如果选择坐浴或盆浴,更不可在过热或过冷的浴水中Long immersion.
Otherwise, it will loosen the soft tissue of the breast and cause dry skin.
  Fourth, avoid nipples, areola are not clean cleanliness of female breasts is very important, long-term uncleanness will cause trouble, such as inflammation or skin diseases.
Therefore, the breast must be cleaned frequently.
  五、少女忌用激素类药物丰乳  少女正处在生长发育的旺盛时期,卵巢本身分泌的雌激素量比较多,如果选用雌激素药物,虽然可以促使乳房发育,但却同时潜伏着一些极不利Risk factors.
If women’s estrogen levels continue to be too high, they may increase the risk of breast cancer, such as the breast, vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries.
Commonly used estrogens are estradiol benzoate and estradiol.
Abuse of these drugs is not only prone to nausea, vomiting, anorexia, but also can cause uterine bleeding, uterine hypertrophy, menstrual disorders, and liver and kidney damage.
  6. Avoid excessive dieting. Diet can control the increase and decrease of body fat. Foods rich in nutrients and containing sufficient animal fats and proteins can make the body’s stored fat plump.
The internal tissues of the breast are mostly fat.
The fat content in the breasts increases so that the breasts can develop normally.
Some young women are pursuing slenderness, dieting desperately, and even do vegetarian food every day. As a result, breast development is imperfect and dried up, so other conservation measures will not help.
  7. Do n’t exercise. Do some breast exercises properly. A light massage can make your breasts plump. Doing breast exercises is one of the measures to implement breast exercises. This is very important for women whose breast tissue is basically healthy.
In fact, exercise itself does not enlarge the breast, because there is no muscle in the breast.
The purpose of exercise is to increase the breast pectoral muscles. The enlargement of the pectoral muscles will make the breasts protrude, and the breasts look larger.  Eight, avoid long-term use of “rich cream” breast cream commonly used for bodybuilding breasts generally contain a large amount of estrogen substances, absorbed on the skin can be slowly absorbed by the skin, so that cilia plump, enlarged, short-term use generally nothingBig ill.

However, if it is used or abused for a long period of time, the rotation of different types of creams will bring the following adverse consequences: ① it will cause irregular menstruation and pigmentation; 会 ② it will cause skin atrophy and thinning; 使 ③ it will cause liver enzymes to be disordered and gall bladderKhan acid synthesis is reduced, and cholesterol stones are easily formed.

Therefore, be careful to use the cream, especially for long-term use.

Winter lamb stew with radish can nourish the kidney and nourish the spleen and stomach

Winter lamb stew with radish can nourish the kidney and nourish the spleen and stomach

After the beginning of winter on November 7, it means that this year’s winter is officially coming.

The vegetation is withering, the tapeworms are dormant, and all activities tend to stop.

Although human beings do not have the theory of hibernation, the folks still have the custom of making up for winter.

  From the perspective of TCM health, this is indeed a good time for tonic.

Because after entering the winter, the body’s metabolism slows down and consumption is relatively reduced.

Winter supplements can store the energy of nutrient conversion in the body, so as to correct the solid and strengthen the resistance.

  Tonic is based on food supplement.

The “Nei Jing” has “autumn and winter nourishing yin”, and the northern winter climate is dry and windy. Therefore, nourishing Yin essence is an important part of winter health. It is best to eat more cabbage, white fungus, fungus, wolfberry, pear, Kiwi and other tonic foods; spicy and thick taste, eat less fried barbecue food, usually pay attention to drink plenty of water to avoid getting angry.

Diet should be mainly warm, such as glutinous rice, dog meat, lamb, jujube, longan, sesame, chives, etc., eat cold drinks, seafood and other cold foods.

Eat more nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, etc.

For porridge and soup, you can add some ginseng, astragalus, and oleoresin, but the amount does not need to be much, because after all, it is tonic and not tonic.

  For dishes, lamb stewed radish is the first choice.

It is more suitable for those with weak waist and knees, drowsiness, fatigue, kidney deficiency and impotence, and spleen and stomach deficiency.

In fact, it is fried double mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms and flat mushrooms), which can nourish the stomach, eliminate phlegm and cold, enhance the immune function of the body, and is more convenient for patients with high blood lipids.

  Winter winds are often northerly and cold.

At the same time, “cold” is also the most important feature of winter climate change.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold is one of the six evils, so it should be kept warm in the winter, especially for the elderly.

People should go to bed early and get up late, and let them sleep longer. It is best to wait until the sun comes out before getting up and do not do posture exercises.

The bedroom should be properly ventilated, and pay attention to maintain a certain humidity to prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

  In addition, there are many traditional health regimens in winter, such as tooth decay, dry bathing, rubbing the abdomen, and moxibustion.

It can be done in daily life and has great potential for the body.

Especially for moxibustion, you can moxibustion health acupuncture points: Zusanli, Zhongli, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, you can also put some salt in the navel, moxibustion, the navel, there is Shenqi acupoint, this point is very important to replenish vitality.

10分钟瑜伽 显现魅力背影

10分钟瑜伽 显现魅力背影
女人都爱追求完美,小蛮腰、细腿、纤纤玉臂、丰满的胸部,还有一个地方你可别忘了——性感美背!想要拥有性感美背,一点点赘肉都是不允许的!想知道怎么瘦背?试试超简单的瘦背瑜伽吧!  一:腰部  1、平躺仰卧,两手侧平举,手掌朝下,膝盖并拢向腹部弯曲,深吸一口气。  2、保持动作1的姿势,边吐气两腿慢慢倒向身体右侧,同时脸朝向左侧,注意膝盖要并拢且不能贴地。  3、回复到动作1的姿势,按照动作2的要领,两腿慢慢倒向身体左侧,同时脸朝向右侧。  左右各1次为一组,重复10组。  二:腰部(强化篇)  1、平躺仰卧,两手自然放在身体两侧,膝盖并拢立起,吐气,腹部收紧。  2、深吸一口气,两手握拳,手臂向上伸直,同时抬起双腿,保持膝盖并拢,脚尖绷直。  3、吐气,两腿慢慢倒向身体右侧,同时脸及双臂朝向左侧,注意膝盖和手臂都不能贴地。  4、回复到动作2的姿势,按照动作3的要领,两腿慢慢倒向身体左侧,同时脸及双臂朝向右侧。  左右各1次为一组,重复10组。  三:背部  1、俯卧,保持身体笔直成一条直线,吐气,然后双手及脚尖撑地,做俯卧撑姿势,注意膝盖不能贴地。  2、深吸一口气,双手离地,头部及背部尽量向后拉伸至最大限度。  3、俯卧,双腿打开与肩同宽,脚背朝下,双手交差放在腰部。吐气。  4、深吸一口气,保持下颚贴地,同时交差的双手用力向上伸直至最大限度。 告别“丑女”时代,你也可以变身优质“美女”!

I want to drink less tea after the iron meal.

I want to drink less tea after the iron meal.

Everyone hopes to add more iron from the budget. How to make “eat iron supplement” more effective?

Taiwan’s “Health” magazine considered five coups.

  Eat more fruits.

After eating a meal, some fruits, such as oranges and oranges, can increase the absorption of iron.

Because the vitamin C and citric acid in these fruits work together, the body’s absorption of iron can be doubled.

It is especially recommended that vegetarians should supplement foods containing vitamin C to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

  Cook the dish in a wok.

It is best to add water and acidic substances such as vinegar, tomatoes, lemons, etc. to the iron pan to make the iron pot dissolve more iron.

  Do not drink tea or coffee immediately after a meal.

A cup of tea will reduce the iron absorption rate by 64%, and a cup of coffee will be reduced by 39%. It is best to avoid tea and coffee two hours after meals.

  Eat more vegetables with more vitamin C.

Vegetables such as spinach, cereals and beans are called phytic acid and oxalic acid.

Moreover, the precipitated fibers contained in these foods are also combined with iron in the interior, so that the iron is excreted from the body, so these foods must be drowned or fully cooked before eating.

Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as apricots, dates, strawberries, black sesame seeds, red beans, broccoli, seaweed, can improve the phytic acid to inhibit iron absorption.

  Early calcium, late iron.

If you take a high amount of calcium at the same time, it will inhibit the body’s absorption of iron.

It is recommended to use the calcium required for breakfast, some dairy products; in the afternoon, dinner is dominated by iron.

Do you know that grape juice crime is better than orange juice?

Do you know that grape juice crime is better than orange juice?

Orange juice is not ranked high Scientists have completed the scientific analysis of the antioxidant components of 13 juices for the first time.

A variety of antioxidants in vegetables and fruits, such as vitamin C, are thought to have anti-free radical function and play an important role in anti-aging, preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.

  According to scientists, in healthy juices, a small amount of purple grape juice is placed at the top of the list, followed by apple juice and cranberry juice.

The most common and popular orange juice is not ranked high.

According to reports, orange juice contains polyphenols – a strong antioxidant ingredient, less than other tested juices.

  The study published this time is aimed at 13 kinds of juices widely popular in the UK.

  The purple grape juice from Concord has the highest polyphenol content and the highest variety, so it has the highest antioxidant capacity.

Other more anti-aging juices include apple juice and cranberry juice.

  Often led to a variety of juices According to reports, American scientists have found in the past that long-term juice can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, which led to the University of Glasgow’s research.

The researchers tracked the health status of 2,000 volunteers over the past 10 years and found that people who drank at least 3 times a week had a 76% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who lost their juice once a week.
  The study found that a wide variety of juices can achieve better anti-aging effects than a single juice, because the body can absorb more types of polyphenolic antioxidants.

  Healthy diet, often ingest a variety of juices – such as purple grape juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice and cranberry juice, can increase the body’s anti-aging ability.

  The effect is comparable to that of the high-end wine research, which also found that the antioxidant polyphenols contained in the purple grape juice are comparable to the best-selling French Burgundy Beaujolais.