Test your open mind

Test your open mind

If you go deep into the woods, what do you think you will encounter?

  A, Person B, Animal C, Native D, Fairy Choice A: You are a person who sticks to the rules, and you will not do things that harm medical school, let alone affair.

You will also ask your lover to treat you from beginning to end, so you in love are an abnormally contracted person.

Ask someone without a doubt, can anyone bear it?

  Option B: You are a temper tant, so it’s easy to get along.

The way you like to be in love is a relationship that gradually develops over time.

You can tolerate everything about your lover, even if the other party does something wrong, you don’t want to argue with him.

But blindly swallowing one’s voice may encourage the other party to gain an inch.

  Choice C: You are good at interacting with people, you have the amazing charm of your love at first sight, and a lot of love experience.

Your tolerance for lovers is only because you want to experience how you feel when dealing with people of different personalities.

This love psychology seems to be a little too confident and proud, careful to mistake people.

  Choice D: Although you indulge in the realm of complete self, but also your charm, you also have your own specialty, so you are proud of it.

Therefore, you will never associate with people with different personalities, and the requirements for lovers are very strict.

Tips for stovepipe for stovepipe

Tips for stovepipe for stovepipe

When riding a power bike, the upper body has two postures, while the lower body is in a fixed position, that is, the feet reach into the pedals, use the heel to exert force, and press the feet in parallel. If you use the toes to exert force, it is easy to increase knee injury.

The following will tell you the correct posture of cycling, maintaining the correct posture will have a good weight loss effect!

  One or three sitting postures: The torso of the upper body is straight, the arms are held with both hands, and the waist is properly closed.

  Application: short-distance exercise (10 to 20 minutes) Purpose: Effectively exercise low back muscles and modify leg lines.

  Cross type: Cross-type and seated cross-training. Simple sitting-type riding will increase the burden on the waist and can be adjusted by the side-type to effectively protect the lumbar spine.

  Lying down: Similar to the position of an off-road bike, the forearm rests on the armrest and the waist relaxes.

  Application: long-distance cycling (riding time is 30 minutes to an hour).

  Objective: To relax the waist and avoid long-term riding damage to the waist.

  Second, aerobic equipment mode There are many function keys on the aerobic equipment display, such as manual mode, mountain climbing mode, fat reduction mode, special training, etc. For public fitness, you can choose manual mode and mountain climbing mode.

Other models are designed to meet special requirements and are aimed at professional groups.

The fat-reducing model belongs to the “vase” role.

  Manual mode: It is suitable for beginners in the first stage of training.

  Mountaineering mode: suitable for people who expect physical fitness and expect to meet certain requirements.

  Levels 1 to 20: numerical values, tolerance values.

  1 to 5: Easy level, suitable for warm-up and poor people, usually 15 minutes.

  6 to 10: Intermediate level, suitable for mass fitness people. Adjustable interval exercise (5 to 10 minutes) can be used to increase the effective exercise heart rate. As a simple aerobic exercise, it is recommended to exercise for 40 minutes and consume 400 calories.

  11 to 15: Difficult level, suitable for short-term training for people with higher physical fitness, can enhance leg strength.

  16 to 20: Not suitable for the general public, it is a professional level training.

  Third, aerobic arthritis 1.

Large muscle groups throughout the body participate in exercise 2.

To improve cardiopulmonary function 3.

Maintain proper strength 4.

Reduced duration, more than 25 minutes of uninterrupted exercise.

Workplace into high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dead angle

Workplace into high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dead angle

The family of the workplace is the new force of society and the pillar of the family.

In modern society, many office workers’ bodies alternately sound health warnings.

  Mr. Liu, a 35-year-old working in an advertising company, usually has a working time and has too much entertainment. He basically turns around and rarely has the opportunity to exercise and relax.

At the end of last year, in the physical examination of the unit organization, he always thought that he was in good health, and his blood pressure reached 170/120 mmHg.

  ”In recent years, the incidence of hypertension in young people has been increasing year by year, and the increase is very obvious.

Chen Weiwei, director of the Office of Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Research Center of the Ministry of Health, and professor of the Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said.

More and more young adults are joining the high blood pressure team. This disease, which was once the old age, has begun to “rejuvenate”.

  Chen Weiwei conducted a health study on 73 units in Beijing and nearly 30,000 occupational groups aged between 18 and 65. He found that among the office workers with an average age of 40, hypertension was transmitted.

7%, much higher than 18.

8% of the national average.

Today’s young and middle-aged people are generally working, their life rhythm is tense, their mental stress is high, and they cannot be solved in time.

Coupled with the majority of office workers, entertainment, smoking and drinking is a common occurrence.

There are also some people who have a very irregular diet, staying up late, lack of exercise, and high salt content in their diet. Various factors have been culminating in chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

  It is worth noting that many young people are physically strong and strong, rarely go to the hospital to see a doctor, and are not aware of whether they are suffering from high blood pressure.

Even if there is no discomfort, most people think that it is too tired to work, and rarely think of going to check the treatment.

Even if someone has seen a doctor with a medicine, it is usually three days of fishing for two days. After eating for a day or two, the blood pressure drops and the drug is stopped.

The status quo of “unwilling to check, unwilling to cure, and unwilling to use drugs” has made the workplace a cornerstone of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cardiovascular infarction, hypertensive nephropathy, and complications of stroke.

  ”The clinical symptoms of young patients are not exactly the same, and some people don’t even have any symptoms.

Therefore, regular physical examination is very necessary,” Chen Weiwei outstanding.

If you often have dizziness, headache, palpitations, or physical exhaustion after physical activity, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., you should be aware.

  Experts remind that the smaller the pressure, the more work and rest, keep the mood cheerful; use more walking, housework and other opportunities to exercise; at the same time pay attention to low-salt low-fat diet, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction.

In addition, it is very important to use the physical examination, medical examination and other opportunities to measure blood pressure, and to find problems as early as possible.

For modern workplace people with a high level of knowledge, it is not difficult to detect and control blood pressure in time as long as the family self-test blood pressure is actively carried out.

Common psychological decompression methods abroad

Common psychological decompression methods abroad

Common methods of psychological decompression in France:-Sports anti-gassing France has emerged a new industry: sports anti-gassing center.

The center has professional coaches to teach people how to yell, twist towels, hit pillows, slap sofas, etc., to do a lot of exercise “decompression and aerobics exercises.”

  Common psychological decompression methods in the UK:-Watching horror movies Some experts in the UK believe that some people feel that work is stressful because of their sense of responsibility for the work. At that time, what they need is to awaken their spirits and use the method of “attack poison with poison”They face stressful situations, such as going to a horror movie.

  Common psychological decompression methods in Europe and Japan:-Scented sesame oil is popular in Europe and Japan.

The sesame oil extracted from fragrant grass or other plants can stimulate or calm nerve cells in the limbic system of the human brain through the olfactory nerves, which can help people relax nervous tension and relieve psychological stress.

  Common psychological decompression methods in the United States:-When snacks come in contact with the skin of the mouth, the sensory information can be transmitted to the center of the brain through the skin nerves, thereby creating a solace that allows people to eliminate their inner heart through contact with external objectsStress; eliminate, when the mouth comes into contact with food and chews and swallows, it can divert people’s attention to tension and worry, creating another excitement zone in the brain feeding center, suppressing the tension and excitement zone, and finally relaxing the physiology.

  In fact, these decompression methods only serve as an auxiliary, and to truly decompress, you must change your cognition so that you can truly “relax” from your heart.

What to do when getting angry

What to do when getting angry

Due to the gradual warming of the temperature and the cold and hot times, people’s diet and clothing are not yet fully adapted to the changes, coupled with the stressful work, it is easy to “get angry” because of poor rest.

If we get angry, we have to consider how to get rid of it?

First of all, we must know the cause and symptoms of the anger, and then we can target the problem.

  ”Fire” is clinically manifested as mouth ulcers, swelling of the lips and tongue, throat discomfort, and pain.

The weather is hot and dry, over-spicy fried foods, and continuous speech also often cause spleen and stomach fever, inflammation of the fire, cause oral ulcers, swollen gums and throat, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, bad breath, and pimples.

  It is often said that “getting angry” actually belongs to the syndrome of TCM syndrome differentiation.

Of course, the hot card needs to distinguish between real heat and virtual heat. In general, the “hot” virtual heat card itself is seen.

Often caused by improper diet, although it is not a serious illness, it should be treated early.

  The traditional Chinese medicine “lower fire” has its unique effect.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are nothing more than the treatment principles of “Yin Yin Qingre, Qingre Xiehuo, Detoxification and Swelling”, commonly used such as Asparagus, Ophiopogon, Xuanshen, etc. are nourishing yin; rhubarb, rhubarb, cork, plasterClearing heat and purging gunpowder; dandelion, green leaf, honeysuckle, forsythia, etc. are detoxification and swelling medicines.

  Due to the different facts, different parts, different organs, different meridians, etc. of “Ignition”, specific dialectics are needed. Therefore, it is best to ask Chinese medicine practitioners to see the dialectics for the correct use of the traditional Chinese medicine.”Degraded fire” cold cold medicine, so as not to cure once the damage.

The expression of sexual needs should be straightforward or implied

The expression of sexual needs should be straightforward or implied

Like a straight husband, often cause his wife to complain about “no fun at all”, but the wife implicitly said “Let’s sleep”, and the husband may fall down and fall asleep.

When the expression of sexual requirements is not understood and accepted by the other person, think about your emotions?

Annoyance, irritability, disgust, replacement, and ultimately sexual harmony ceased to exist, and spousal relationships plummeted.


HealthNet sexology and psychologists believe that expressing sexual needs in other ways should be regarded as the balance of sexual attitudes of husband and wife.

If the two approaches are accepted in the same way, it is not a problem whether it is straightforward or implicitly expressive.

However, when one side does not like the twists and turns, but the other side is devoted to the “riddle guessing game”, it is best to be open and express your wishes at the same time.

  Frustrated expression of sexual needs may induce ED “Sex is the first need of a person and the cornerstone of marriage.

“Hu Shenzhi, a psychologist at the Sunflower Psychological Counseling Center in Guangzhou City, said that when sexual demands are made between husband and wife, if both accept the same expression, harmony will certainly continue.

But the most feared is that one side has to speak directly and do it directly, while the other side feels that “the vagueness is beauty”. The two people’s thoughts are misplaced, and the problem follows.

  ”Sex was originally naked, but it was restricted by moral ethics.

Why do men sting?

One is because it is not necessary to worry about the other person ‘s feelings, and it is only necessary to satisfy themselves. The second is because it can directly express sexual needs without being responsible.

Hu Shenzhi said that men generally like to be straightforward in their psychological psychology and don’t like to go in circles, but in the eyes of women, without flirtation and foreplay sex, they become purely physical vents.

“How do you think of me as a tool for satisfying sexual desire?” Women often complain about men like this. Faced with such feedback, men often feel frustrated, and they can also involuntarily attack each other at the same time.

Some men blamed their wives directly, quarreling with their wives, and some men have never had an erection after having sex with their wives.

“A lot of people think it is a physical problem, and actually 80% of ED is a psychological problem.

When inner anger and dissatisfaction with his wife are transferred to the body, ED is induced.

“Balancing comes from frankness, compromise, and restraint of different sexual attitudes, which leads to differences in the expression of sexual needs. This is actually understandable.

However, if we blindly think that it is the other party’s problem, we will not intensify the contradiction if we do not find the cause from ourselves or try to change actively.

“Even if I don’t say it, the other person can still know each other,” said Hu Shenzhi. This kind of thinking is, in the final analysis, the child’s desire for an all-round mother, not a mature way of thinking.

Maybe my expression is improper and makes you dissatisfied, but how do I know if you don’t say it?

What do you want me to do?

If they were more honest about these issues at the beginning, or if they now blame each other, the annoyed couple could look at each other and smile and resolve their differences more happily.

  Hu Shenzhi said that the expression and communication of sexual needs are best not to hide and guess.

If the wife is dissatisfied with her husband’s outspokenness, he can tell the husband that “more touch and more foreplay during sex, I will feel more comfortable.”

If the husband thinks that his wife says “Let’s sleep” is too implicit, he may ask his wife for a kiss or encourage him to put on sexy pajamas.

Proper coordination and restraint, for example, when giving up when taking into account the needs of the other person, taking into account the other’s poor health or poor mood, will make the other person feel cared for and cared for.

  But be reminded that sex must not pretend not to want, but pretend to not.

Some women often say to their husbands, “Don’t touch me if you’re not good,” and unconsciously use sex as a tool and replace it with benefits, which will become a mutually oppressive relationship.

  There should be different expressions of sexual needs at different ages, and even the “sex” between husbands and wives cannot be hidden or pretended, but Associate Professor Zhang Bin, director of the Department of Infertility and Sexual Medicine of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University believes that sexual needs are expressed at different ages.The approach should be different.

  Within the contraction after the newly-married couple, the couple has just merged, and they have not adapted to their marriage life and their positioning in the family. They are still in the running-in period. At this time, if the sexual needs are expressed too much, the other person may have difficulty communicating.Understand acceptance and even develop aversion.

If you change to a hug, a kiss, gouging your palms, and dimming the lights, it will become a better effect.

The hint of middle age does not need to be too strong, after all, he is already an old wife and wife, and is already familiar with each other.

At this time, the biggest problem is the gradual lack of emotional communication between husbands and wives, and love is relatively tedious, so the expression of sexual needs must change the previous monotonous routine, full of change and connotation.

“For example, if two people go out for dinner, shopping, outings, watching a movie, giving a birthday gift, or going to a place to fall in love, remembering those sweet years, from time to time a new trick, love can be kept fresh.

Entering into the old age, sex life is no longer just a simple sexual intercourse model. In many cases, it is only embracing and masturbating. The expression of sexual needs is naturally less implicit and more straightforward.

  ”But regardless of age, sex is always based on love.Love and rudeness can also be forgiven. Relentless and purely attached to the form, the feeling will gradually become hypocritical.

Professor Zhang pays special attention not to let sex have a purpose. For example, if some people with sexual dysfunction are eager to know if they have sexual abilities, they hurriedly married, and then they went straight to sex.Kind of experiment and detection.

Long ago, not only did the couple’s relationship break down, but sexual dysfunction was also more difficult to treat.

Why is baby unpopular

Why is baby “unpopular”

[Introduction]Some babies are unwilling to associate with their companions. Even when they are outside, they are only with adults and do not take the initiative to find children to play with.
Some even adopted “avoidance policies” even when their companions took the initiative to find him.
  One study divided children into five categories by social status: popular children, rejected children, contradictory children, neglected children, children in general, and “rejected children” and “neglected children””Collectively referred to as” unpopular children. ”
Compared with other babies, these “unpopular children” have more deviations from society after adulthood: “rejected” babies tend to develop antisocial personality, and “neglected” babies tend to develop intoNeurotic personality.
This study gives us a revelation: parents can’t just ignore children’s communication problems and must intervene early.
Parents need to adopt appropriate and effective education strategies for children’s different communication problems to help their babies overcome their communication barriers and make them popular people.
  Babies who do not want to interact with children of the same age Babies who do not interact with others Some babies do not want to associate with their peers, even if they are outside, they only stay with adults and do not actively seek out children.
Some even adopted “avoidance policies” even when their companions took the initiative to find him.
The reasons for this kind of baby’s unwillingness to interact may be the following three situations: 缺乏 1. Lack of motivation for interaction. Some families are child-centered, and their various needs are almost unconditionally satisfied, and there are always people playing with children.
When babies are always with them, it is difficult for them to have the motivation to find a companion game.
Some babies are only willing to interact with adults because the adult always allows him to communicate with his peers. He needs to coordinate, discuss, and even find a way to resolve the conflict. In order to “save things,” he would rather interact with adults.
For such babies, parents should “psychologically wean” them early.
In other words, the family should not be baby-centered, but “everyone is equal.”
When the baby is about 3 years old and has a certain degree of independence, he should be given a simple timetable so that he understands that when family members get together, they also have their own work and games, and each otherDo not interfere with each other.
The early progress of “psychological weaning” of babies not only helps them to develop motivation to interact with their peers, but also is a “key strategy” to promote their independent development.
Practice has proved that early “psychological weaning” can also help shorten the “separation anxiety” time that occurs when a baby first enters kindergarten.
  2. Have failed association experiences. Some babies are unwilling to associate with their peers because they have had negative association experiences, such as being bullied by their peers.
They take avoidance measures in order to protect themselves from harm.
For such problems, parents should observe carefully to find out the crux of the problem, and then “remedy the problem.”
If the child has been bullied by a partner, parents may wish to directly lead the child to interact with the partner two or three times to “strengthen the courage” of the baby. When the baby learns the communication skills and realizes the fun of communication, the parents can withdraw.
  3. Personality reasons Some babies are more introverted and are unwilling to deal with people because they are affected by heredity or their own personality characteristics. They only like to deal with things.
Parents can guide this type of baby, but don’t expect it to happen overnight.
Parents should guide their baby to interact with their peers as much as possible, otherwise the child will lose a very important way of learning.
  Some babies are willing to socialize and dare to socialize, but often have problems in the communication process due to inappropriate behaviors.
There are two general situations: being bullied and self-centered.
  1. Being Bullied Some babies are always bullied by one or more children. They dare not resist, and only come home to tell their parents that their parents are distressed and angry, but often they do n’t know what to do.
The change of each other is the law of the existence of some things, and this law also exists in the communication between people.
In fact, the baby’s initial bullying behavior is tentative. When this behavior is resisted, he will definitely converge.
Therefore, when a baby reports home for the first time when he is reported to be bullied, parents must tell the child to fight back bravely when they understand that it is purely bullying.
Some babies are afraid to fight back because of their weak personality or other reasons. Parents can accompany the child, but remember to let the child handle it by themselves. Parents cannot arrange for it instead. Don’t give the child the impression of bullying.Persuasion, accumulating communication experience and strengthening communication skills in the counter-attack process are the most fundamental goals.
Parents can teach their children several “unique skills” to improve their baby’s social status.
  2. Self-centered Some babies are more self-centered. During the game, they are unwilling to give their favorite toys to their companions. They always want others to listen to him.Does not meet the “rules of the game” and often becomes unpopular.
In fact, it is good to use the “natural result method” for the education of such children.
Babies’ “music” makes it easy for them to accept parental advice at this time.
Rotation, sharing, negotiation, etc. are all important social skills that a baby should learn, or “rules of the game”. In the process of communication, let the baby gradually become familiar with these skills and gradually become a popular person.

Top five disgusting foods for women


Top five disgusting foods for women

Beauty is simply too important for women.

But beauty doesn’t mean it must be beautiful.

Did you know that the food you inadvertently eat in your daily life is the real killer that makes you more and more ugly.

Look at these 6 disfiguring foods, how much do you eat.

  1, cake: must be fat foods are divided into dense and non-intensive foods.

Except for fruits and vegetables that are not dense foods, other foods such as meat, milk and grains are dense foods.

  The food matching method is that we can only use one dense food to accompany the vegetables in the same meal.

Like a lot of protein and starchy cakes, they are dense foods, and they must grow fat together.

  2. Kimchi: cause premature senescence in the human body. When salting fish, meat, vegetables and other foods, it is easy to convert the added salt into nitrite. It is easy to interact with various substances in the body to generate imines under the catalysis of enzymes in the body.Carcinogens of this type, people who eat too much are susceptible to cancer and cause premature aging.

  3. Fried seafood: Peroxidation is a peroxide of unsaturated fatty acids.

For example, edible oils such as fried fish, shrimp, and meat will generate peroxy radicals after being left for a long time; dried fish and cured meat exposed to the sun for a long time; biscuits, cakes, camellia noodles, oil, etc. that have been stored for a long timeIn particular, it is easy to produce halal flavor fats, and fats and fats will produce peroxy lipids.

  Researchers have found that after peroxidation enters the human body, the acid system and vitamins in the human body are greatly disrupted and accelerate aging.

  4. Chocolate: It will cause you to be ill. Whether it is chocolate with certain tastes, it belongs to high-conversion, high-sugar, high-feces foods. At the same time, it cannot be used with soda or juice with high sugar content.

  A cup of hot tea is a good choice when eating chocolate. Tea can absorb the oil in the chocolate and reduce the probability of food accumulation.

  5, kelp: it will cause skin melanin deposition. Kelp has a certain medicinal value, because kelp contains a large amount of iodine. Excessive iodine intake will cause serious melanin deposition in the skin. When the spots appear, it will be scary.

What to do if the bug gets into the ear

What to do if the bug gets into the ear

In the middle of the night on July 13, Mr. Pan, who lived in Dashi Town, Panyu District, suddenly woke up while dozing off, and found that his right ear was painful and itchy, and there was a loud rumble.

The lover looked at a cockroach and took a picture of the cockroach. Instead, the cockroach crawled deeper. Mr. Pan hurried to the hospital for treatment and took out a small cockroach with the help of a doctor.

Fortunately, the doctor did not have any adverse effect on Mr. Pan’s hearing.

  Physician analysis: The doctor who received the consultation, Dr. Liu of the Emergency Department of the Panyu Branch of the Armed Police Corps Guangdong Corps Hospital introduced that indoor humidity transmission in summer, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, moths and other small insects infested, it is indeed possible that small insects may enter the ear than other seasonsCase.

Therefore, everyone must do a good job of cleaning the dead ends of indoor hygiene. The bedding must be constantly exposed to sunlight and sterilized by high temperature.

Sleep as little as possible on the ground, and don’t give cockroaches an opportunity to “invade”.

  To deal with the bugs, don’t panic first, especially avoid picking your ears with earspoons. The specific emergency treatment method must be “different from insect to insect”.

  Moths and mosquitoes: Use some of the insects’ phototropism to illuminate the outer ear canal with a flashlight in the dark and wait for them to slowly crawl out.

  Cockroaches: Do not use light, because cockroaches will move inside when encountering light, which will seriously cause trauma to the tympanic membrane, damage the hearing bone, and affect hearing.

The correct method is to drip sesame oil (or edible oil), stabilize it or suffocate, and go to the hospital for the doctor to take it out as soon as possible.

  Ants: You can drop two drops of oil into the ear canal, drown the ants first, and then seek medical treatment.

Winter Stomach Warming Cold Recipe Sauerkraut White Meat

Winter Stomach Warming Cold Recipe Sauerkraut White Meat

If the weather is cold in winter, if you eat a steaming breadth, you can not only warm your stomach, but also dissipate the coldness in the body, and pickled cabbage is the best choice.

  Chinese medicine diet therapy believes that sauerkraut acid is the result of lactic acid decomposing sugar in cabbage to produce lactic acid.

Lactic acid is an organic acid that can increase appetite and digestion after being absorbed by the body.

At the same time, the cabbage becomes sour and its nutritional content is not easy to lose.

White meat narrowly refers to the meat of poultry, but broadly refers to fatty meat or pork cooked in plain water because it is white.

However, the white meat in sauerkraut is usually selected from pork belly. Because pork belly is fat and thin, sauerkraut is not greasy with white meat fat, rich in nutrients, easy to absorb, and has the function of replenishing skin moisture and beauty and health.

  Eat sauerkraut in moderation, do not eat large amounts for a long time, especially sauerkraut that has taste or mold must not eat; good sauerkraut vegetables are generally slightly white and transparent, with a little yellow leaves.

Do not eat unsalted sauerkraut, because the sauerkraut is high in nitrite, it is a carcinogen; it is best to eat fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as green leafy vegetables, when eating sauerkraut, Carrots, potatoes, shallots, etc., because vitamin C can reduce the reaction with nitrite to prevent the formation of carcinogens.

  The pork belly in sauerkraut white meat contains trace impurities, and those who have hypertension and hyperlipidemia should eat less.