What is your financial idea

What is your financial idea

Psychological test: When cleaning at home, what kind of items will you lose first?

 The house is going to be cleaned. What kind of items would you throw away first?


Old clothes B.

Oversized old electrical appliance C.

Fragmentary little things D.

Obsolete used books and magazines can gradually look at your financial concepts.


You have a strong ability to make money and a stronger ability to spend money. Although you have a high income, you still feel that you don’t have enough money to spend.


Your concept of financial management is impulsive. Although you ca n’t afford to waste when you buy things, you often buy decorations, clothes, etc. that you do n’t need, and you are not good at opening other sources of finance, so you need an excellent managementAccount people help you.

  C.You think about buying things at least three times, but pretend that you don’t care about spending money in front of your friends, so most people think that your economy is very rich. In fact, you are a financial master who pays equal attention to both open source and thrift.


You never spend money indiscriminately, and the things you buy are usually cheap.

The disadvantage is that you only work on throttling and rarely think about open source methods.

Heat and Detox Amaranth Egg Soup

Heat and Detox Amaranth Egg Soup

Ingredients for amaranth egg soup: Main ingredients: 250 grams of amaranth (green) Auxiliary materials: 50 grams of pine eggs (duck eggs) Seasoning: 5 grams of garlic (white skin), 20 grams of vegetable oil, 2 grams of salt, 5 grams of soy sauceThe practice of 1g amaranth egg soup: 1.

Wash the amaranth to help tear it into two pieces; 2.

Peel and wash garlic and dice; 3.

Songhua preserved egg shelled, cut into orange petals with thread; 4.

Heat oil in a pan, add garlic and sauté, add brown eggs and salt and fry a few times; 5,

When you smell the smell of preserved eggs, add a few stir-fried amaranth; 6.

Add water and bring to a boil.

  Food phase amaranth (green): Amaranth should not be eaten with turtles and turtle meat.

  Songhua eggs (duck eggs): Songhua eggs should not be eaten with turtles, plums, and brown sugar.

Little doctor in the kitchen: pepper

Little doctor in the kitchen: pepper

Pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant, also known as ancient moon, jade pepper.

Its taste is spicy, hot, and has the effect of dispersing cold in the middle temperature, relieving qi and relieving pain.

Here are some recipes for pepper cure.

  Treatment of mumps: take 1 gram of pepper and 8 grams of flour
10 grams, warm water into a paste, apply to the affected area, fix with gauze.

  Treatment of indigestion, fullness after eating, loss of appetite: take 1 g of pepper powder to fill the umbilical part, cover with gauze, fix with tape, once every other day.

  For cold stomach pain: take 10 peppers, 5 sweet almonds, 3 jujubes, remove the cores, grind them into fines, and bring them to warm water.

Adults once a day, children reduce as appropriate.

  Treatment of dental caries and toothache: take a small amount of white pepper and a small amount of salt and stuff them into the caries cavity to relieve toothache.

  To treat calf cramps: take 20 white peppers, 2 egg shells, roast yellow powder, and divide into 4 packets, 1 packet each time, boiled with water, once a day.

  For thyroiditis: take 7 pieces of ground pepper, add a small amount of flour to make a paste, spread it on a cloth, paste it on the perineum, and fix it with adhesive tape. Generally 1?
Healed twice.

Parents should be alert to three types of strange behaviors of children

Parents should be alert to three types of strange behaviors of children

The child has a headache and brain fever, which is called the enemy’s current for parents.

In case of annoying “heart disease” in the child, parents will be overwhelmed.

  ”Many people have misunderstandings about children’s mental illness.

Some parents mistake their children’s depression as laziness, and some people think that the difficulty in communicating with others is introverted.

There are also some parents who are easy to make a big deal and their children’s occasional poor performance may be mistaken for mental illness.

“So over-contemplation and over-recognition are wrong.

Liang Yuezhu, director of Pediatrics at Beijing Anding Hospital, said that in general, parents should be vigilant if their children behave abnormally at different ages, education levels, and consistently behave inconsistently.

In addition, the performance of children with mental illness is not the same as that of adults, and cannot be judged by adult standards.

Taking depression as an example, the main manifestations of adults may be depression, and serious cases may include suicide and suicidal behavior, but the children’s emotional expression is outstanding, and some children appear to be destroying, hurting, and aggressive.

However, whether the child has a psychological conflict or has risen to a mental illness, still have to go to the hospital for the doctor to judge, not to make rash judgments, let alone treat it without authorization.

  For such children, in addition to sending them to hospital for treatment in a timely manner, and communicating with the doctor in a timely manner, there are some details in life that need attention.

First, let your child have a normal lifestyle and live on time.

In this regard, parents need to set an example to ensure that they have adequate sleep.

First, exercise in a balanced and moderate amount.

It is also a good psychological treatment to bring children to walk outdoors and contact with nature and small animals.

Finally, create a relaxed one for your child.

Do not quarrel in front of children, do not blame children for no reason, especially do not raise the bar with children.

Take care of your health first

Take care of your health first

In today’s era, health is certainly one of the most interesting topics in society and people’s livelihood.

But our health education is still relatively tedious.

Many people are concerned about the health of the danger, the danger of harmful diet and the choice of medical treatment, and ignore the simplest common sense of health care in daily life.

In fact, to take care of your health, you may start with the most basic look on your face.

The traditional diagnosis methods of traditional Chinese medicine are “look, smell, ask, and cut”. The four diagnoses say that the five senses of the human body are closely related to the five internal organs of the body.

Clinically, too many people’s facial abnormalities are indeed found, which is a precursor to the disease.

Therefore, being good at observing the changes in the color of brachial gas will help us “prevent problems before they occur”, adjust bad habits at any time, and detect signs of disease in time.

  According to health experts, the normal complexion of the Chinese should be red and yellow, bright and lustrous.

Among them, the healthy complexion of the ethnically biased person should be red and shiny, and the healthy complexion of the yellowish person should be golden yellow, which is commonly known as “flying yellow”.

There are mainly the following unhealthy faces, and everyone needs to be vigilant.

  Blushing: Heart problems or ruddy complexion are often considered a sign of good health, but long-term flushing is not necessarily a good thing.

Because if the heart fails to function properly, it will also cause uneven internal heat distribution and flushing, and people with slit heart disease, myocardial infarction, or people with underlying causes of these diseases will most likely have a red face.

Therefore, people with long-term complexion need to pay special attention to the health of the heart.

  If the face is light red, the red time does not last, and the local crotch is accompanied by hand, foot and heart heat, upset and insomnia, night sweats and other manifestations, it is mostly kidney yin deficiency, Yin deficiency and internal heat.

  Face yellow: Hepatobiliary problems or anemia, acute jaundice hepatitis, gallstones, acute cholecystitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer and other diseases often issue a “yellow alert” through the complexion.

If your face suddenly turns yellow, it is likely to be the cause of liver and gallbladder problems.

Experts especially warn that if the yellow color spreads to the eyes or sclera or the whole body is yellow, you should be alert to the complications of liver and gallbladder.

  If your face is pale yellow, accompanied by dizziness, fatigue, and other symptoms, it may be a sign of anemia caused by insufficient blood and qi.

  Face black: kidney qi deficiency or kidney essence loss. Blackening the face is usually a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

Kidney qi discomfort, lack of yang qi, poor blood flow, or overwork can all lead to darkening of the face.

If the complexion is dark, dull and dull, accompanied by softness of the waist and knees, chills, cold limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, and poor mood, it means that kidney essence depletion is quite serious.

  White face: lack of qi and blood or malnutrition, qi foot, smooth blood flow, blood foot is healthy and vigorous, lack of qi and blood pale and no blood, and often accompanied by symptoms such as nagging, dark circles.

If the complexion is pale and accompanied by lips, pale nails, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, tiredness, or numbness of hands and feet, and low menstrual flow in women, it is likely that there is a problem of malnutrition or anemia.

  Pigmentation: Liver depression and stagnation or gynecological disorders are directly related to the formation and exacerbation of facial pigmentation.

Therefore, people with liver stagnation and qi stagnation are prone to facial stains.

In addition to the causes of pregnancy and oral contraceptives, female and female long spots often reflect female endocrine disorders, such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine appendicitis, infertility and so on.

Some methods of scraping cure for hyperlipidemia

Some methods of scraping cure for hyperlipidemia

Guide: In addition to hyperlipidemia can be treated with medicine, in fact, scraping has a very good effect.

The following introduces several methods of curettage of hyperlipidemia by scraping: Method 1 of scrape cure of hyperlipidemia: scraping blade, holographic acupoint area of hand and foot method 1: daily scrape the first forehead band and the second forehead band by the scraping method, 1/3 of the forehead zone 1-2 times.

2: The scraping method is often used to scrape the holographic acupoint area of the palm, plantar heart, liver, spleen.

Tips: The heart provides power for blood flow in the blood vessels of the body, liver and gallbladder participate in a slight metabolism in the body, and the spleen is responsible for the digestion and absorption of food in the body. Scraping the holographic acupoint areas of these 3 organs can promote the function of the organs.Hyperlipidemia method two: scrape flake holographic acupoints, scrape the tip holographic acupoints:

1: Scrape the region of the back of the heart, liver, and spleen using the double-angle scraping method from the top to the bottom.

Then, the upper left spleen body surface projection area, the right tail liver body surface projection area, and the cardiovascular heart body surface projection area were scraped from the inside with a flat scraping method.

2: Use the single-angle scraping method to scrape the blade from the top to the center of the blade. Use the flat scraping method to scrape the lower left heart surface projection area from the inside to the left, the left flank spleen body surface projection area, and the right flank.The liver surface projection area.

Hint: Hyperlipidemia is related to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach disorders.

Because the spleen is mainly transported, the water valley and water are wet; the liver is mainly diarrhea, and the ventilator is regulated.

Only when the functions of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach are normal can food be transformed into the subtle substances that the body can use.

Scraping treatment of hyperlipidemia method 3: long-term scraping of the posterior tail of the human body to monitor the pulse, bladder meridian, human abdomen pulse method: 1: scrape the large vertebral cavity with a facial scraping method.

2: Use the surface scraping method to scrape the Xinshu, Shuyu and Pishu to Shenshu points on both sides of the bladder meridian.

3: Use a single-angle scraping method to scrape the brass iliac acupoint to the atrium point.

Tips: Hyperlipidemia is related to the imbalance of yin and yang in the body, qi and blood disorders, and blood stasis. Scraping the Dazhui acupoint can omit heat accumulation in the body; scraping the Xinshu acupoint and Shuyu acupoint can enhance heart function; scraping the Pishu acupoint and WeishuAcupoints can strengthen the spleen and dampness. Compatible with Sanjiao Acupoint, Shenshu Acupoint, Langzhong Acupoint, and Atrium Acupoint can promote the metabolism and operation of blood and water in the body.

Scraping treatment of hyperlipidemia method four: acupoints on the limbs of the human body 1: scrape the upper arm and the acupoint of the upper arm to the neiguan point, and the elbow quchi point.

2: Use the surface scraping method to wipe the blood sea points of the lower limbs, and use the surface scraping method or the flat surface kneading method to rub the Zusanli point, Gongsun point, Fenglong point.

Tip: The points from Jianmen to Neiguan are the upper pericardial meridian points, which can be used for qi and blood circulation.

Quchi acupoints are the acupuncture points of the large intestine meridian, which cooperate with the stomach meridian acupuncture point Zusanli acupoint and the stomach meridian acupuncture acupuncture point Fenglong acupoint to reconcile qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and dampness, and reduce phlegm and heat.

The two main points on the spleen are Xuehai and Gongsun.

TOP5 Autumn Nourishing Diet

TOP5 Autumn Nourishing Diet

The coming of the dry autumn, MMs don’t just focus on buying expensive cosmetics to take care of themselves. In fact, for a woman to look good, rosy and healthy, it is the most important to regulate her from the inside out.

The delicious and nutritious moisturizing syrup can make you eat more beautiful, and the brilliance from the inside out.

  Qiuzao Yi tonic Chinese medicine believes that the health must pay attention to the corresponding nature of humans, adapt to the changes in seasonal climate, and avoid the invasion of external evils so as not to be susceptible to illness and aging.

The main autumn mood is “dryness”. Dryness and invasion of the human body will cause a variety of dry symptoms, such as cracked skin, disheveled hair, dry mouth, dry nose, dry throat, dry tongue, less sweat, dry cough without sputumLess phlegm, even sore throat, blood in sputum, constipation and so on.

Women who want beauty and beauty must first enhance the physiological functions of the viscera so that their appearance will not fade.

  In addition, you should also add more water and drink more soup.

The clear soup can moisturize the skin and internal organs of a woman and reduce the damage of dry skin to the body.

Therefore, the autumn diet should be based on light, soup, sugar is still the top choice.

  TOP5 autumn tonic food Tonic in autumn, we must choose “tonic but not harsh, dry and not greasy” flat tonic foods, these foods must be rich in plenty of water, but also rich in multivitamins and minerals.


Lily Chinese traditional medicine used to cure blood, tonify blood, clear lungs and dryness, nourish yin and clear heat, and tonic for spleen and stomach.


Tremella Tremella has the functions of nourishing yin, moisturizing the lungs, and nourishing the stomach.

Tremella fuciformis replenishes qi, nourishes and moisturizes food, and has a tonic effect on the symptoms of dryness of the mouth and dry lips.


Goji berries are long-served in the autumn, transforming people’s complexion to be ruddy, and they must be black and bright to delay aging.

However, because the effect of warming the body of wolfberry is very strong, high blood pressure and high temperament, it is best not to eat it.


Jujube is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat spleen and stomach weakness, insufficient blood, and insomnia.

According to pharmacological studies, jujube can protect the liver and reduce blood lipids.

Chinese medicine believes that although jujube is sweet and non-toxic, it is hot and humid, so you can’t eat more, especially those who have hot and humid inside.


Sweet potato Sweet potato is very effective for dietary constipation, and it is also an ideal weight loss food. Because it contains cellulose and pectin, it has the function of preventing sugar from becoming unfortunate.

Uncover the five benefits of eating vegetarian food

Uncover the five benefits of eating vegetarian food

There are many reasons why people choose vegetarianism, certain health factors, environmental factors, ethics, etc., but most vegetarians believe that the benefits of vegetarian food are to make people healthier.

In fact, this is not their stubborn opinion, but a scientific basis.

Below, what is the benefit of Xiaobian uncovering vegetarian food for you?

  1, clean the human body structure of the stomach is closer to herbivores.

The human large intestine and small intestine are longer than carnivores. The meat has less fiber and high nutrient concentration. Too long in the intestine will produce toxins and long constipation.

Vegetarians can hydrolyze the function of the stomach.

  2, favorable digestion and absorption of meat in the stomach is not easy to digest, and even into the large intestine fashion, most of the undigested or only half-digested, so the meat is extremely spoiled in the large intestine, and more toxic, harmful to the human body.

But the nutrition of vegetarians (including vegetables, fruits, and potatoes) is particularly easy to be digested and absorbed by the body, and cellulose in plants can prevent constipation.

  3, making human body fluids weakly alkaline.

Fish, meat, eggs, sweets, wine, and oil are all acidic foods: vegetables, fruits, seaweed, and grains are mostly alkaline.

Studies have shown that humans have higher IQ in the state of alkaline fluids, so vegetarian diet can promote mental development and enhance memory.

  4, reduce the absorption of toxins When slaughtered, due to anger, fear, grief, pain, struggle, will produce a large number of toxic secretions, people eat their meat, they will unwittingly eat these toxins into their own bodyIt will increase the burden on the detoxification organs such as the kidneys and kidneys, making people susceptible to illness and aging.

  5, vegetarian protein content is not lower than meat Some people worry that vegetarian food contains protein is not enough, in fact, the protein content of soybean is close to the tandem of beef, the amount of protein in edamame and pork is basically the same, the protein in mung bean, pea, broad bean is higher thanFish, shrimp, chicken, duck, beef, pork and lamb.

Thin waist yoga shaving waist aunt

Thin waist yoga shaving waist aunt

Eat enough and exercise less, and your little belly will run out.

Don’t want to be a belly-belly, lose weight for your waist.

Xiaobian recommends three sets of thin waist yoga for fat on the waist. If you keep practicing every day, you can quickly fight off the belly fat and recover.

  Part 1 preparation action: lying position, bending the right leg to the chest position, holding the right chest with both hands, using the power of the waist and abdomen to lift the head, and try to contact the right knee.

Repeat left and right leg replacements 5 times each.

Lie flat on the ground, with your legs close together and straight to the ceiling, making a 90-degree angle with the ground2.

Keep your left leg straight, your right leg toward your right head, grab your right knee with both hands, and lift your head with your waist and abdomen.

Stay for 10 seconds, then change sides.

  Relaxing motion: Lie on your back with your legs bent, put them on your chest, hold your hands above, and breathe slowly.

  Simple version: lie flat on the ground, straighten your left leg, straighten your right leg toward the ceiling, hold your right knee with both hands, and lean harder towards your head.

  Part 2 1. Sit with your legs straight forward, and place a small ball between your feet. The strength is based on the small ball, which is open toward both sides, parallel to the shoulders.

  2. Twist the upper body slowly to the right and rear, keeping the position of the legs unmoved, return to the original position after staying for 5 seconds, and change sides.

Repeat 4 times on each side.

  part 3 1. Sitting position, legs bent together, feet touching the ground, upper body slightly lifted, arms bent, front arms supporting the upper body.

  2. Slowly move your legs closer to your chest, with your toes taut, and lean your right side forward until your forehead touches the top.

  3, head back to the original position, legs straight, making a 45-degree angle with the ground.

Then go back to action 2.

Repeat 8 times.

Ten Sports to Achieve Standard Men

Ten Sports to Achieve Standard Men

1. Marathon: This is the most important thing. Let ‘s not talk about a marathon-style love and marathon exercise to ensure a strong relief for MM, etc. MM just wants you to accompany her to shop.One, if you don’t practice the most promising sports for men at the lowest standard of the marathon, you will probably end up with two legs filled with lead and panting like a cow.

  2. Pole vault: When the sentimental relationship with MM is not very promising, but also meets MM’s eyes to kill and fan powder that has been raised, you can pass tall objects (such as telephone poles, road signs, small trees)Etc.) Use the pole-vault stunt to take refuge; when you fight fiercely with MM and MM ‘s strict father does not let you see her, you can come to her window and jump with the pole you have already prepared.I highly care about your high self, I believe MM will cry for your God-like advent.

  3, 100 meters: This exercise can be used to help MM open water, eat rice, buy snacks, etc., and when MM wants to abuse you, it is also a good way to let MM straight leg, clenched fist, noHappy?

  4, 110-meter hurdle: You can use it when shopping with MM or when hiking in the wild.

When shopping, MM wants to eat sorbet, and immediately replaces Liu Xiang ‘s hurdle to run across the trash bin, fruit stand, etc., to buy back sorbet with lightning speed; it ‘s more magical when climbing, to protect MMFrom the left to the left, right-click on the MM, crossing the bushes and small trees, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also enough oil and water!

  5. Weightlifting: Gradually strengthen your own arm strength, although it is not as strong as a monk, but you should learn a little success. The armor can adapt to the brilliant part-time work environment and working conditions of MM personal removal workers.

The weightlifting exercise is used in practice to help the MM to carry large bags and small bags, to help the MM to lift dozens of pots of boiling water and so on.

  6, shooting: for the purpose of training eyesight, hit a hundred hits, and even reach the high-level realm of listening to the wind.

When MM shouts your name among millions of people, you can find MM at once, and not be counted down by MM afterwards, transformed, and even used to pick up MM at train stations, bus stations or airports.Obtaining is the necessary “skill” for chasing girls.

  7. Gymnastics: This sport can exercise flexibility and coordination of the body. In this way, even when it is bleak to be ruthlessly abused by MM, it will not break the hands and break the bones.Yoga!

  8. Volleyball: The block for practicing volleyball can make you effectively block the powerful and colorful “hidden weapon” from MM with red eyes. A pass can effectively block precious “hidden weapon” (such as vase,Mobile phones, laptops, etc.), the second pass can help you organize a counterattack against MM, and finally, the smash can allow you to completely surrender to MM.

  9, baseball: physical fitness, can be used to protect MM, can also be used for heroes to save the United States, how many heroes heroes from ancient times to today, but this is the case .”byebye”, and when looking for her incense, the practice of handover baton is equivalent to the practice of handover MM, which allows you to have MM company for a long time. This is one of the 10 essential sports for girlsThe most powerful killing, practicing this technique will definitely make your life endless!