How do you know such a perfect match,But it was already in Lu Menglin’s defense,I saw him take a deep breath,Depressed lower abdomen,Dangerously and dangerously avoided the blade of the dark-skinned youth。

Followed by,Lu Menglin leans forward slightly,With a sudden blow, the dark-skinned young man spit out blood,Fly straight out。
“on!Kill him for me!”Bakuo sees things revealed,Yelling。
The backbone of the Vietnamese gang who are close to the King of Baku have long been mentally prepared,Hula surrounded him。
While Lu Menglin snorted coldly,Force under your feet,Burst out,Do not retreat,Greeted everyone。
In an instant,Lu Menglin rushed into the crowd,Like a tiger like a flock,Punch and kick,Wide open,Unfold the five elements,Cannon Fist、Collapse fist、Drill punch、Punch,Quadruple Concurrency,Powerful,Fist and fall。
In a flash,The Vietnamese gang was beaten up by him alone,Defeated。
If not for seeing,Jay Chou can’t believe it,In reality there would be such a fierce play,Ten times more exciting than watching an action movie,hundred times。
The Vietnamese gang fell to the ground,Although they rely on a large number of people,But I can’t stand Lu Menglin’s elegant body,Thunderous,Punch one,Can’t capture his movements at all,Even if someone has a guy in his hand,Can only chop the air。
In chaos,All the attention of the Vietnam Gang is on Lu Menglin,No one pays attention to Jie Zhou,And he sees the opportunity quickly,Take a look at this hands-on posture,I immediately found a corner to shrink up,Reduce presence。
Seeing that the famous Vietnamese gang was taken care of by Boss Lu alone,Like rice in the field,Was harvested so badly,Chou Jielun is now in shock,I finally realized how thick a thigh I was,Too damn exciting。
quickly,Dozens of people lie down in the warehouse,The Vietnamese gang was destroyed today,And caused such a brilliant result,But only a mere person,Just a pair of fists。
“Do you want to continue?I won’t keep my hands anymore!”Lu Menglin stood among the fallen crowd,Speak without hurries,Momentum like Yue Linyuan。

A confrontation of less than two minutes,Combat drone formation of the fourteenth mechanic,Over a hundred drones were lost,This is also since the 14th mechanic guarded the Jinghu line of defense,The biggest loss suffered。

Fortunately, Master Ji Deming’s order was timely,So that the drone swarms that have suffered a surprise retreat in time,Fight and retreat,Barely maintained a fairly complete formation,Returned to base。
but,Everyone in the 14th Mechanic Command,My heart is dripping blood,Because they rely on naked eyes,Know without statistics,The fourteenth mechanic’s baby bump,Ace killer drone formation,Actually lost more than half。
The battlefield is full of black smoke,The drone that crashed on the spot,Who would have thought that the battle would suddenly change to this point。
And the most troublesome thing is,The capital and military are currently being controlled by the Sandstorm City Legion,Since the fourteenth mechanic has chosen to sing the opposite,In that short time,These lost drones,Want to refill,That’s too difficult!
unfortunately,They don’t have time to think about these side matters,Because the battle continues。
Those strange bees shining with metallic luster in the sky still exist,They were shot down far fewer than the combat drones of the Fourteenth Mechanic。
and so,The staff of the command quickly reached a surprising conclusion.,Is the actual combat power of those strange bees,Also strong overnight Korean combat drones。
And the more desperate conclusion is,In this unknowingly moment,The air supremacy on the Jinghu drop line battlefield has changed hands。
One thousand two hundred and seventy seven chapters fall
“Don’t panic!Those monster bugs have no ranged weapons!Armored Corps dispatched,All ground personnel hid in the underground trenches。”Master Ji Deming gave the order without hesitation。
The soldiers of the Fourteenth Mechanic got into the heavy tank one after another,Move to the front of the line of defense。They instinctively chose to avoid the giant bees that fell from the sky,Instead, he aimed the muzzle at the few boar monsters left in front。
Seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages is the human instinct,The reason why these fighters made such a choice,It’s reasonable。Cannon on heavy tank,Can only hit ground targets,Can’t hit high altitude,There is no deterrent to those giant bees flying in the air,The machine gun on the tank has limited power,Although it can shoot into the air,But obviously can’t hurt。
Instead, it’s the more than 300 heavy anti-aircraft guns on the line of defense,Exerted his power in time,Strings of tongues of fire rose to the sky,Bullet rain cut through the sky,Rising like a sharp arrow,Intertwined in the sky into a huge fire net。
Those giant bees began to fight back in the gunfire,They rushed to the artillery positions,With lightning speed,With a near suicide attack,Hit the fort。
boom!Boom!Boom boom boom!

Hu Yang said thank you,Then pick up a spherical bottle on the stall,The bottle is not as big as an apple,Very delicate。

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen Is it a manhole cover??
porcelain,As a popular collection variety,There are many kinds of it,Just a porcelain bottle,There are many types。
In front of,Hu Yang got this one for free,Is a celestial bottle。
It has a small mouth、Straight neck、Shoulder、False ring foot、Sand bottom。Because of the big belly,Like falling from the sky,Hence the name。
The celestial bottle is a porcelain shape deeply influenced by West Asian culture,Created and burned in Yongle in the Ming Dynasty、Jingdezhen Kiln in the Xuande Period。
“Such a small celestial bottle,Rare。”Old Shen said。
Rao is that he has been playing for so many years,See you too many celestial bottles,But rarely see such a small,One palm can control,It’s something to play with。
“It’s a bit like a bottle used to hold pills in ancient times。”Fitch looked at it for a while。
This guy,Martial arts、Xianxia watched too much, right?
Old Shen looked down:“Who would charge this stuff?ill。”
Populus pulls the cork off the bottle,The bottle was originally without a stopper,It should be someone behind。
At this moment,A scent of medicine came out。
Fitch immediately returned a strange look to Old Shen,Seems to be saying:Look?I was right?Let you watch more TV,I slapped my face this time?Some fairy tales,Is this stuff a prop??
Old Shen blushed with a rare face,Quite speechless。

Probably this is a symptom of fainting。

Suddenly,Hear voices and footsteps,Getting closer。Thought,Finally someone came,It seems,I’m saved。
“Xiao Zhu,You go look ahead,Like a person sleeping on the ground,what’s going on?”Xiao Zhu, Assistant Commanding Officer Ding Keran, will go over and take a look。
Ding Kelan, who has done official business, has sharp eyes,I saw employees wearing our work clothes from afar,Whether for the purpose of saving people or taking into account what happened in the company,Should come forward to understand the situation。
Xiao Zhu squat,Grabbed her body,See the face clearly。“is her?”Ding Kelan followed,Yell unconsciously。
Put Xiao Zhu’s hand into the bridge of her nose,Said:“Angry!”I heard Tian Lu emit a weak gas,Squeeze between teeth:“water、water。”
Ding Kelan ordered the service desk staff,Hurry up and pour a cup of warm water,Then tell Xiao Zhu,Call the ambulance。
The attendant immediately called for a glass of water,Xiao Zhu half supported Tian Lu’s body,Ding Kelan personally feeds her and drinks water。
Drank half a cup,Tian Lu slowly opened her eyes,It’s the power to relax the body,Gradually clear before the eyes。
Ding Kelan squat,Pick her up and lay down on the sofa in the service hall。Assistant Xiao Zhu is preparing to call the ambulance,Ding Kelan said decisively:“How about this,First call Dr. Zhang from the company’s dedicated infirmary for a diagnosis,It’s not too late if you really need to go to the hospital。”
Tian Lu can already open her eyes to see the person in front of him,Just feel weak,I closed my eyes weakly。
After Dr. Zhang learned the news,Ran here,I also brought a temporary medical device,On-site diagnosis and treatment。
Doctor Zhang touched Tian Lu’s forehead,Auscultation with instruments、Take the pulse,Said:“No problem,Hang a bottle of drip infusion to replenish energy。”okBar
Then asked Tian Lu:“Are you hungry if you didn’t eat much today?”
Tian Lu nodded。Doctor Zhang said:“I know why,Please ask Xiao Zhu to buy some light soup to warm the stomach,Give her first,I’ll hang some glucose solution for her。”
Ding Keran nodded to assistant Zhu Zhu,Assistant Zhu Zhu knows how to handle it。
Doctor Zhang said:“akey,I want to trouble you to move this girl to my infirmary。”
Ding Kelan frowned,Said:“Come to my reception room,Where is heating,be quiet。”
“This is the best。”Doctor Zhang replied。

“Yes,Everything is going well now,According to the current progress,MD-12The fuselage will be manufactured next month,After inspection,The static test can be carried out next month,”Talking aboutMD-12,Little MacDonald suddenly smiled:“Dude,I must thank you for this。”

Little MacDonald really must sincerely thank Chen Geng,you can say so,Without Chen Geng’s help,MD-12Is it possible to cut the first aluminum plate now?。
“What about the interior decoration,Is it done??”
Talking aboutMD-12Interior decoration,Little MacDonald suddenly smiled:“almost,Will be completed at the beginning of next month,You know,We are following1:1Ratio of,Otherwise it can actually be faster……”
The two chatted all the way,The topic came back to Jacques again naturally-130Above,Jacques of COMAC-130very interested,Although Chen Gengwan rejected him just now,But little Macdonald still said,I hope to experience this aircraft。
“Your body can do it?”Chen Geng is skeptical about the physical condition of Little MacDonald:“Dude,You are already60Many years old。”
For this idea of Little Macdonald,Chen Geng is somewhat despised:Do you think you are General Lin,71I can still drive Su when I was 10 years old-30Fei Pugachev Cobra’s difficult maneuvers。
“It’s ok,I can not fly too intense maneuvers,”Little MacDonald looked very excited:“I just want to experience this airplane。”
understood,Little MacDonald just wanted to experience Jacques-130Flight experience,If it’s just a preliminary experience,That’s fine,Anyway, the flight instructor in the back seat can lock the operation authority of the student pilot in the front seat.,Just let Little MacDonald sit in the front seat and watch the scenery。
As for letting little MacDonald go to Jacques-130Whether it is suspected of violations and leaks,This is not really a problem,Jacques of COMAC-130The project is a self-funded project between COMAC and Yakovlev Design Bureau,Is self-funded rather than a national project,So although there is a certain level of confidentiality,But because the project was positioned at the beginning“International Advanced Jet Coach/Junior fighter”For the sake of,The level of confidentiality in the country is not high,As long as the identity is similar,The kind that you can visit and experience after applying,As little Macdonald,Of course there is no problem。
The truth is also true,Because of the identity of Little MacDonald,Two days later,This experience flight was quickly approved,Wear an anti-G suit、Little MacDonald with a flying helmet in his hand followed Chen Geng to Jacques who was on the mission.-130In front of,Can’t help but whistle:“Cool。”
Chen Geng did not speak,Turned his head and looked at Little MacDonald。
“The cockpit of this plane,Give me the feeling andT-45almost,”Little MacDonald didn’t look at Chen Geng,Two eyes are shining for the Jacques produced by COMAC-130Said:“Can provide students and coaches with excellent vision,And it feels very good……You know,”Little Macdonald shrugged:“Nice airplane,Must be a good plane。”

and,With my unique martial arts,Can have a physical effect,The body is as hard as steel,Sword can’t hurt。

Qin Feng embraces Jiang Yan,Kissed,:“When,Wait for you to break through,I’ll personally comfort you,With your ice body,Maybe it can reach a level that ordinary people can’t reach。”
“why?”Jiang Yan stared at Qin Feng with big eyes in Qin Feng’s arms and asked。
“Ice body,As the name suggests,Although it is water,But the water can be firm and soft,Your ice body is the softest side。”Qin Feng said according to the records in the 13 Needles of the Big Dipper,The 13 needles of the Big Dipper are Paul’s everything。
“Is that strong?”Jiang Yan pouting her mouth,Speak slowly。
“correct,Qin Feng,What physique are you?”Jiang Yan asked curiously。
“I am Hunyuan,This system is a very powerful physique in ancient times,Known as the nemesis of all systems,Because of this,Became king,King of all bodies,This is his other title。”
“If it can reach the later stage,People with this physique,You can look down on the world,Can be king。”Qin Feng said with recollection。
“Wow so powerful。”Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng incredulously,I didn’t expect Qin Feng to have such a good physique。
“Yan Yan,You have the largest market for medicinal materials,Let’s go later,I’ll find the elixir for you。”Tianlongzi always gave Qin FengjianghMainland China,Is something he experienced back then。”
Although technology will rise again later,But things in the cultivation world,All flowed down,Just before,Basically everyone is a cultivator,Even if not,Also know this way,It’s just that it was said that the monks almost disappeared in a big battle.。
The rest are living mortal lives,Developed like this for thousands of years,Formed the current civilization,And the surviving modifications are extremely rare,Also began to live in seclusion。
“That’s it。”Jiang Yan nodded as if listening very seriously。
“Yan Yan,Let’s get up,Stop lying in bed,Go find the elixir,found it,I help you refine medicine,Give you a refreshing pulse。”
Qin Feng pinched Jiang Yan’s nose and said,This is now,When I first met,How dare Qin Feng do this?,Jiang Yan has become her own woman now,Become a little bird。
“Ok。”Jiang Yan finished,Came out of Qin Feng’s arms,Start dressing,Qin Feng watched this scene,If it wasn’t for the sex with Jiang Yan just now,,otherwise,Qin Feng can bear it。
Qin Feng watched for a while,Jiang Yan the man in clothes,Suddenly said,:“Why don’t you wear it,Hurry up。”Finished,And threw Qin Feng’s clothes over。
“Ok。”Is Qin Feng a male god?,Of course the clothes wear quickly。
Qin Feng puts on the clothes first,Waiting for Jiang Yan。
“I said why you put on your clothes so fast,I wore it before you,You actually finished it before me。”Jiang Yan just finished wearing,Then acted like a baby。

Thought for a while,Even though the road ahead is full of dangers,But as an international center,Indeed an indispensable market,For this market,No matter how big the risk is,In Robinson’s opinion, they are all worth trying。

Inquiring look to Evincent,From the beginning he was painting,It seems that Robinson and Ragon have heard nothing of the conversation between them.。
Both Ragon and Robinson looked at Evincent quietly,Nothing else matters,What two people care about now,What does Evincent want to play next,The idea he came up with is interesting!
There was no sound around for a long time,Ivincent also looked up at Lagon and Robinson,Silently speeds up the progress at hand。
Did not make Lagon and Robinson wait too long,Evincent raised the plank to the two。
Compared to Robinson, who was confused when facing Ivancent’s plank,How could Lagon forget Xiang Chen who almost left himself in China?
Grow up mouth,Frowning,Lagon doesn’t know how to describe Xiang Chen, who is vivid on the wooden board。
“I have studied art just fine,Sometimes cultivate sentiment,Sometimes entertain yourself!”
Evincent smiled and explained,Then he threw the board aside。
“It’s his words,Everything is explained,He is a fun person!”
Evincent looks east,Eyes full of longing,Muttered:“Don’t be played easily!”
“Why throw away the portrait?Since there is his portrait,We can find him or his family,Let him know the disadvantages of nosy!”
Ragon looked at Evincent in confusion,Although I know that the person in front of me is a genius among geniuses,But I couldn’t help but ask。
“Paradise Island Yaomen Gate Master,No need to check his information!As long as you can knock down those lunatics on Paradise Island,A message from the master of a remote door is not at your disposal?”
Evincent looked at Ragon with a smile,I want to prove myself several times,But think of the old and young people on Paradise Island,Ragon still give up。
Most people have a limit,And those houses on Paradise Island,I don’t talk about routines when I try my best。
“What shall we do now?New medicines are very popular in markets all over the world,Are you planning to stop so early??”
Robinson looks at Evincent,After all, the numbers on the account are still a little bit short of what they originally planned.。
“of course not!”
Evincent stretched lazily,Stretch your body as long as possible,And then continued:“Let’s find the equator and latitude and longitude first,Solve the problem of new drug dosage,Later, let’s see what this world can be like!”

Aunt Liu will be a bit embarrassed,She really never thought that Lu Menglin knew the big leader,And this big leader actually knows Chunqin very well,This makes her even more unexpected。

She’s also a little confused this time,Dumbfounded,I don’t know if I should stay,I should go out with Chunqin mother and son。
At this moment,Daughter Chen Qing finally recovered,Yanked mother’s sleeve,Motioned her to chase out with herself。
Chen Pinxing saw his wife and daughters go with him,This mood immediately feels like drinking honey,Don’t mention how sweet it is,Even walking with your head held up,Sweep away the depression before。
Among the officials,How many people have recognized,I was with the mother and son just now,Isn’t it Chen Pinxing’s wife and daughter??
Everyone can’t help but admire Chen Pinxing’s way of drilling camp.,He got even such a hard relationship,It seems that this old guy is really going to be promoted!
Jiang Zhou watched Lu Menglin and Lu’s mother leave,Only then took his gaze back,The soft expression on the face becomes cold and ruthless again,Put on a posture。
Section Chief Gu tentatively asked,“Jiang Ju,Those two are?”
“God of Wealth!”Three words came out from Jiang Zhou’s mouth indifferently。
All the officials are bright,Nodded thoughtfully,Then they all turned their attention to Chen Pinxing。
Chen Pinxing faced the envy of his colleagues,I just feel happy,Haven’t been so happy in the past ten years。
Outside the laurel restaurant,parking lot。
Chen Qing blushed,I don’t dare to look at Lu Menglin and her son again,Recalling the cynicism and contempt for them before,I just feel like the stupidest fool in the world。
Aunt Liu is heartless,Asked with surprise:“Chunqin,How do you know the big leader just now?He seems to know you very well!”
Mother Lu smiled:“That’s Menglin’s friend,Stayed in Liufang for a while,Often come to our house to talk about things。He has a cousin,He Menglin is very good。”
“Great!You have friendship with big leaders,Have the opportunity to say something nice for my old Chen。Old Chen has a basic foundation in the game,But he is willing to do things。”Aunt Liu said enthusiastically。
She is such a person,No thoughts,Say whatever you think,Don’t say I like to show off before,Actually, it’s because there is no city。

Hu Ge Niu!

Even the curator of the museum is his audience,This is a bit interesting。
of course,Hu Yang’s old audience knows,Hu Ge and the director of the Provincial Museum are very familiar,I went live to the Provincial Museum before。
“Fucking!The curator is here。”
“real or fake?Isn’t it a fake??”
“I care,That treasure is really from the Old Summer Palace?”
“What’s weird?People took out two beast heads just now,Isn’t it also the national treasure lost in Yuanmingyuan??”
Curator Fang saw the treasure in that photo,It is a square porcelain vase with blue glaze。
This bottle is dignified and regular,Painted traditional flowers,Pastel painter is vivid and natural,It belongs to the exquisite work of the Qianlong Dynasty Caiguan,Should be made for the Qing Dynasty Emperor Gaozong’s appreciation and appreciation。
The bottle is square,Round mouth slightly,Long neck,Straight belly,Round foot。Turquoise green glaze applied to the bottle。The outside of the bottle is decorated with blue glaze and gold flower patterns,neck、Each foot is decorated with gold leaf pattern。There are rectangles on all sides of the belly of the bottle,The paintings of mandarin ducks and lotus flowers are painted in pastels.、Peach bird illustration、Asparagus mantis illustration and peony chrysanthemum illustration。
Although the photo can’t see the bottom of the bottle,But from the appearance,Curator Fang guessed it was fired during the Qianlong period,Complex process,It is quite difficult to make。
This kind of blue glaze square porcelain bottle,In the Qing Dynasty,It is also the best of the best,In record,There is such a porcelain in the Old Summer Palace。
If auction,Can sell for ten to twenty million。
Hu Yang asked:“that’s it?”
“not enough?The value is definitely more than these chips in your hand。You take it to the auction house to auction,Must make a lot of money。friend,Trust me,Won’t suffer。”Said Yoshida Masaichi。

Advice to them,Take care of them,So these things are actually mutual,If you really treat each other sincerely, then all the warmth will be remembered,And there will be no other conditions。

Or suspicion and suspicion happen,So they are all mutually,Xiao Fan treats them both well,The two of them are good to Xiao Fan,So these things are actually natural,And there is no purpose or benefit at all。
Both of them really want to do,So it is actually the most precious memory for both of them,Hope to pass this opportunity,Let the two of them truly feel the affection。
The two of them have not felt the real warmth since they were young,But when I came to Xiao Fan,I thought it was hellish destruction,Or you can only rely on your own ability to do what you want。
I didn’t expect Xiao Fan to give them,The greatest warmth in the world,At least the greatest warmth in their personal world,So they will repay Xiao Fan with their best ability。
I will never doubt Xiao Fan easily because of some trivial things or because of some episodes.,In that case, they really don’t know Taishan or they really don’t know what to do.。
So actually Yiming and Chu Yao can really understand distractions sometimes,To know what he wants to do,That’s why Xiao Feng calls them two of his best assistants。
In fact, the abilities of Shen Lin and Su Ran have been continuously improving over the years,But the two of them always owe something,Sometimes it may be immature,After all, it’s not that Yiming and Chu Yao stayed with him for so long。
So in fact, Xiao Fan didn’t have any partiality to the four of them,For the four of them, they are treated as their own siblings。
But sometimes Yiming and Chu Yao deal with tasks to make Xiao Fan more satisfied.,So many things are not as complicated as they think。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Two Return home
After a day off,Yiming and Chu Yao’s spirits are much better than before,Both of them are in good condition,So Xiao Fan can relax and let them continue to do some other things。
Actually Xiao Fan didn’t want to squeeze them,But the country does accumulate a lot of things,Although Shen Lin and Su Ran can handle part of,But it can’t handle it all。
Because the two of them really have a lot of things they can’t really get started,Still needs constant experience,Xiao Fan and Chu Yao know this。
So the three of them will not blame Shen Linglin and Su Ran for not helping them or blame them for being lazy when they go out.,But in fact, everyone knows that some things are clearly divided。
If the two of them really understand what they should do,They will not be lazy or do not do some things they should do,They know this well,So they are very clear about these things。
I won’t be suspicious,Let alone blame each other,That’s why they can get along,So that we can always live in peace,And love each other very much,After Xiao Fan returned to China with Yiming and Chu Yao。
Shen Lin and Su Ran also knew they were back,The two of them also sighed,After all, they know that the task this time is also relatively onerous,If you deal with Yiming and Chu Yao yourself,May really be overwhelmed。