“I’m not a deal,At most it’s a gift,I just don’t know if they can take it!”

&bsp;Xiang Chen spit out a cloud of smoke,You Zai Zai said,not far away,Duan Hu is still persuading Duan Bao to give up the few instant noodles that he couldn’t finish.。
“My Duan Long is a rough person,But you can also see that Mr. is different,If anything,Here is a gift for you……”
Duan Long learns from Xiang Chen,Also spit out the tasted smoke,Smiled,The next half sentence was not spoken。
Enjoy the cigarette in your hand,Duan Long only then reexamined Xiang Chen。
“Mr. I’m afraid he is not as old as I am!”
Maybe because this is the last time we meet,Duan Long after enjoying a cigarette,He speaks a lot more boldly。
Seeing Xiang Chen nodded noncommittal,Duan Long showed such an expression as expected,Keep saying:“Then I will buy an old man in front of my husband,Sir, don’t despise me for being wordy!”
Duan Long smiled,Seeing Xiang Chen nodding casually,I also lost my cigarette butt,Sighed:“You can guess by looking at your husband’s skill,You have experienced life and death,Different from us。I have better luck than my husband,I’m not lucky,I chose the wrong way,Can’t look back。But according to Mr.’s ability,I think it’s easy to turn around,There must be many choices at that time,I hope Mr. Can choose the right way,Then live well!”
“I take this passage as your blessing to me!”
Xiang Chen waved his hand to Duan Long,Count as farewell,After a while, this guy will say something sad。
Duan Long smiled,No longer verbose,Take my two brothers to say goodbye to Xiang Chen again,Then indefinitely……
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighth Night talk
After the three brothers of the Duan family left,Xiang Chen sat alone in the warehouse for a while again,Only then got up and walked out。
I looked back at the warehouse that was already devastated,Xiang Chen has put his hand on the warehouse door,Smiled and shook his head。
Go back to the warehouse,Clean up all traces of the three brothers of the Duan family,Then turned around and left。
“I thought you fell asleep inside!”

The conflict between the two sides can be said to happen too fast,The guests in the lobby are all dumbfoundedbī)Up。Why would anyone dare to make trouble on the gambling boat??To know,The gambling king Fukai Yuanichi’s gambling boat is very well-known。

At least no one has dared to make trouble here in recent years.。
So some regular customers looked a little sluggish。As for the newcomer,I was too scared to play again,But stay away,I’m afraid to involve myself。
But this battle is coming soon and ending soon。Even if Jinjiu sees that the people here are official,But they are so few!There are at least three or four times as many people as the opponent,In addition, there are some weapons such as electric batons。
After a fight, I don’t directly press Jinjiujian and others on the ground and rub?
And Qin Feng at this time,I’ve seen Ozawa in the Supreme Box。
“brothers,You said you want to go back by helicopter?”
“Yes indeed,I have more than 1.5 million chips,All for you,Can’t you send me back to China??Not very far。This trip can cost more than one million,You should be happy if you make this money。”
“Hehe I said the faceless man,What happened to you in the island country,We probably know。Once we send you away。That is completely opposite to the Miyamoto family。This for us,Something not worth the loss!”Ozawa is not without wisdom,Also measure gains and losses。
Otherwise, he might have already agreed when Jin Jiujian made a request。
“Ha ha,Ozawa,You call the king of gambling。Let me talk to him!”
“you?What share do you use?You are just a criminal wanted by the island nation now。”Ozawa had already found someone to understand that daytimeDWhat happened in Jing。In addition, even Jinjiu has come to see these sea patrols。This is enough to prove that the island officials want to kill Qin Feng。
If the king of gambling gets mixed up,Qin Feng might not escape death even if he has any share。This matter is also of no benefit to them。There are people on the top of the gambler,But it’s hard to say that the faction really dares to head-on with the Miyamoto family。
“Ha ha,Don’t worry about so much。Anyway, just call your boss。You hit now,If this matter is settled,Your boss must treat you differently。But if it fails,It doesn’t hurt you。Am i right?”
What Qin Feng said and Ozawa think it makes sense。But the problem is,Why does Qin Feng impress their boss??To know,On the island side,The position of the Miyamoto family cannot be shaken。of course,Because Miyamoto Musashi died,So maybe there has been some movement recentlydàng)。

Because he heard about it before,One team in the special forces team was beaten again。As for Tamron,The captain also sacrificed。

So how many people still have the power of the captain?Probably the four captains?of course,Chu Xiao’s strength is not at the captain level,Even the Eight Great Wars will require two or three people to besiege Chu Xiao before it is possible to let the latter fall。
Rao is so,In terms of high-end combat power,The special forces are indeed at a disadvantage here。the most important is,Only poison among spiders makes a branch so terrible,The whole spider group,How many strong do they have?
“Forget it,Since there is such a big gap in high-end combat power,Then why can we hold on for so long here?”
“Because the people here use guerrilla fighting。It’s basically broken up into parts long ago。In the subsequent battle,The death rate of the poisonous general is two or three times higher than ours。After all they
Many of the people are local military personnel。So dealing with their special warfare members is a lot easier。of course,We also have a lot of barracks here.”
Speaking of which,Lan Fenghuang can’t talk anymore。Because she vaguely remembered how those ordinary deaths were guarded desperately in order for them to have a chance to escape。
Although she is a member of the special forces,But this is the first time I participated in such a tragic large battle。I still feel a little uncomfortable inside。
Or,For a whole month or two,All she has left is“Sad”This one。
“or,I’ll send you out of here。”Qin Feng can’t stand it anymore。After all, when Lan Fenghuang talked about the previous battle scene,There is something wrong with the whole person。
It’s like suffering from traumatic sequelae。Although they are members of the special forces,But after all, it’s just human,Naturally, there is no way to ignore all senses。
Qin Feng feels,This special team member is afraid that he is going to see a psychologist for treatment。That’s why I suggested sending her out。
“I do not go,I want to smash the poisonous man。I can’t fight the Eight Great Wars,But since they are all dead,Then it is possible to continue to kill the second person and the third person。Aren’t you there,You have this ability,you help me。”
“tear——pain,You let go!”
At this moment Lan Fenghuangxu is a little excited,I just grabbed Qin Feng’s hand and begged。
But the latter’s right hand didn’t fully recover,Even the time to remove the plaster is earlier。In addition, Qin Feng’s previous gunshot wound was not completely complete。Being so hard by Blue Phoenix,The whole person is a bit unbearable。
Lan Fenghuang was frightened and let go,Then the whole person panicked。
At this time she is a helpless girl,Tears are falling,Can’t stop at all。
The scene became awkward。People who don’t know think Qin Feng is a bad guy,What did you do to sorry the blue-haired woman in front of you?。

Mother Lu hurried forward,Seeing that game console did not respond,Had to say to him:“Maybe something is wrong!You go play something else。”

I don’t know if the voice is over,Several other high school students also yelled。
“Aunt boss,The machine doesn’t work!Can’t start。”
“My side too,what happened?Can’t play!”
“My station is also black,It’s useless if the power is restarted。”
I heard so many machines are all having problems,Mother Lu has a bad heart,Suddenly a heart hung in my throat。
Or these high school students who skipped classes to help,Ran to the street the first time,I found the brothers that Pangdun and Feng Nan were playing with,Everyone got the news,I rushed to the Jiehuang Game Hall soon。
now,Mother Lu is at a loss,Really helpless,She doesn’t know how to repair game consoles,I knew that all four of the machines in the store suddenly became unusable,And the people who came in the morning are very doubtful,It’s a pity that people go to the house empty,Don’t know where to find someone。
Feng Nan hurried to the game hall with his four brothers,Among them are two buddies with strong hands-on ability,Work together to take apart one of the game consoles with a black screen,Check out the problem soon。
“Damn it!Who of Dog Day stole the card version?”One of them shouted。
Everyone gathered here,Understand or not,All staring at the disassembled game console。
original,Someone removed the baffle behind the game console,Remove the core inside。
Every game console is a motherboard,And the card core is the most expensive,Different card cores,Can become another game。

so,Just before Song Haiyang had time to be happy,Song Haiyang said to Xiao Fan warily:“This is natural,But now you say something like this to me,What do you mean?”

Xiao Fan saw Song Haiyang’s nervous look,I feel a bit funny in my heart,Without those two troubles,Don’t come out and install it,It’s really funny!
but,Xiao Fan didn’t show his inner thoughts,He just smiled faintly,Then said:“What else do i mean,Don’t think too much about it!”
“That’s the best,Then tell me,What are you gonna bet with me?”Since Xiao Fan said that he said that to himself, there is no other meaning,Song Haiyang is relieved。
As long as he doesn’t dig himself,Then everything else is easy to say,Just relying on someone like him who has no job and no salary,I don’t believe that he can bet with myself what other flowers can be。
“We’re limited to three days,Let’s see who can raise more money for our heart-warming home,what do you think?”Xiao Fan said。
For Xiao Fan,Nothing is more important now than the heart-warming home.,Because he can see,Lin Yoona really wants to do something for the heart-warming home。
If Lin Yoona brought him here at first, it was because of Tian Xing Yao, right?,But I and the two of them came here,After listening to Dean Wang,I saw these poor children,Lin Yoona wants to do something for the children in Heartwarming Home from the bottom of her heart。
Since this Song Haiyang is always provocative,Why not use this as a bet,After all, no matter who wins or loses in the end,It will be the heart-warming home。
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four Brain trouble
Song Haiyang looked at Xiao Fan with a stupid expression on his face,He really doesn’t understand Xiao Fan now,Obviously a poor dick who doesn’t even have a job,No salary,Now I dare to bet with him to see who raises more money。
In Song Haiyang’s opinion,Xiao Fan’s pure brain is faulty。
Xiao Fan watched Song Haiyang not speak,then,Just ask:“how,Are you telling me,You don’t have the guts to make this bet with me!”
Song Haiyang heard Xiao Fan’s words,Laughed immediately,Wait till after laughing,Just said:“What are you kidding me?,I am a son of the Song Group,Am I afraid to bet with you??I’m afraid it will be too ugly if you lose!”
Xiao Fan smiled,Then said:“how could be?I think what you said is wrong,I think it’s you who should say it the other way around,I’m afraid that you will lose then it’s ugly!”
“Hahahaha,You said this is like laughing at me,It’s ugly that I will lose,You are a poor boy who doesn’t even have a job,Do you dare to say such big things in front of me,it is good!Then I will tell you solemnly now,I accepted this bet,Who dare to grandson。”
“it is good,Then we will see the true chapter in three days,See who can raise more donations for Heartwarming Home。”Xiao Fan also said。
“What about the bet?What happens to who loses?”Song Haiyang said to Xiao Fan disdainfully。

Those are the least conspicuous places from the inside,A few fairy costumes appeared,That’s how some pretty beauties appeared。

When Lin Yoona saw these fairy-like characters,There was a sentence in her mind——This woman should only be in the sky,It’s rare to hear it in the world!
“Xiao Fan,This.This.This too.too.”
that’s it,Lin Yuner squatted for a long time,There is nothing to say。
Seeing Lin Yuna’s surprised look,Xiao Fan just smiled faintly,Then I said to her:“OK,Yoona,Don’t surprise them,You still have to prepare your stomach,Enjoy the deliciousness of this world!”
After Xiao Fan finished,Then he snapped his fingers in the direction of those fairies,This is strange,Those fairy-like characters,when starting,Just stand in place respectfully,It looks very alike, like waiting for someone to give them some instructions。
Just after Xiao Fan’s second snapped finger,Lin Yoona noticed the changes in the movements and expressions of the fairies。
Because at this moment,The whole restaurant has undergone many changes。
Not only the round table rises,Even the bell orchids on the round table have changed。
at the same time,Those fairy tales who were ecstatic also began to take further actions。
Xiao Fanlin Yuner’s eyes that are almost like beads,I was really happy in my heart。
Because Xiao Fan can see it,When Lin Yuner’s eyes stretched out,Except for the surprise,There is still a little hidden touch。
What Lin Yuna didn’t know was,Where was this scene familiar,This scene used to be exclusively for him and Yoona Lin。
“Xiao Fan,This.What is this place?”When Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan this sentence,I was really puzzled。
Because now Lin Yoona’s brain finally shows some sense,She intuitively feels that this place belongs to a place like Yunshi,And where exactly should he belong,She can’t tell。
so,She is really confused about this matter!

and so,Is it good to live well?,Why should I be so stupid to offend a man with profound power、A powerful wizard who can bring his own money……Do not,Is a mage?

Even thinking of this level of traders have already made a decision in their hearts:Tell your partner about your thoughts after a while,I will not make mistakes,But if there is an idiot in your class who can’t think of this level,That would be troublesome,Who can guarantee that the powerful Fernandez will not be blamed for this?
For the sake of my own life,Individual idiots must be stopped!
First897chapter Tracing the source(4000word)
Chen Geng found,After this,Everyone saw that their eyes were different from before,in22Days before,Make a decision yourself,Although Ji Shengcheng won’t talk to himself“Argue with reason”,But occasionally express my own opinions,but22After the false alarm between Iran and Iraq in Japan(Iranian and Iraqi soldiers did not fight because of this,There was only one brief exchange of fire between the two sides),Ji Shengcheng is almost brainless to follow any instructions,Not only Ji Shengcheng,The same goes for the traders who have hired them at a high price。
Know why they react like this,Chen Geng was quite dumbfounded。
Back to the stock and futures markets,Iran and Iraq are22This brief exchange of fire,Become the last straw to crush the confidence of the stock markets of all countries,From22Noon11point40Minute(Washington Time)Start,Investors in the world’s major stock markets have begun to sell U.S. dollars,Switch to the futures market,Snap up gold、silver、oil、Hard currency like rubber or even sugar。
Because a large number of investors from all over the world、Because of the centralized shipment,The dollar has depreciated sharply,Just two days,The dollar has depreciated by as much as22%,Created the largest dollar depreciation after World War II,at this time,Even if it is a desperate tray of Western developed countries headed by the United States,Can’t stop the entire market from crashing at an avalanche speed,Only fortunately,23Day is friday,when23After the day has passed,Governments and central banks have two days to close the market、Discuss countermeasures。
Ji Shengcheng asked Chen Geng humbly:“boss,You say,Can governments of various countries come up with strong rescue measures??”
“Choking,”Chen Geng shook his head,Outspoken:“Our ancestors said‘Follow the trend’,There is another sentence called‘Praying man’,It depends on whether governments can successfully rescue the market,It’s not about the rescue measures that governments will take,It depends on how the crisis came about,Only find the source of the problem,To know where the roots are,To prescribe the right medicine,Instead of getting a headache like this、Foot pain。”
Chen Geng said this,Not only Ji Shengcheng thoughtful,The traders on the side also pricked their ears。
This week,Everyone heard too much bad news,I have heard more about the endless rescue measures from governments around the world,I have also heard more urgent announcements by various companies、Identical“Jiuxin Wan”Financial report and development plan,But I haven’t heard anyone say the cause of the stock market crash,Then the problem is coming,This big stock market crash,How did it form??
“thatboss,How did this stock market crash come into being??”Kelly·Hicks asked。
“Mainly for three reasons,”Chen Geng didn’t sell Guanzi,Be a good teacher if you ask questions:“First of all、But also the most important reason,Is the west、It is also the world’s largest economy:America’s huge fiscal and trade deficits,”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng looked at everyone and asked:“Who knows in the past1986year,What is the U.S. fiscal deficit and trade deficit?”

Okay,Satellite phones can still be used at this time。

Qin Feng called out immediately,“Hey,Big head,The opposite party didn’t keep the promise。They use airplane,Bombing us。The previous agreement is still valid?The Chinese Air Force hurried out!Beat him!”
The chief head naturally heard the bombing sound from above through the satellite phone。Precisely because of this,So he feels very speechless。of course,At this time, he is also making other judgments,At the same time, he also asked the Ministry of Technology to help him contact the members of several consular countries。
“Everybody,Qin Feng reported that,The opponent dispatched a fighter jet,But because Qin Feng kept the promise,So I didn’t dare to fight them in the air。that’s it,The more than 300 fighters in the Qinfeng Barracks were basically wiped out.,Now I’m still in a hole in the ground and I’m bombarded。Since we made decisions on behalf of the United Nations,Whoever tears up the contract first will attack。So now, can we deploy the air force in China??”
“This one.”The U.S. side is definitely not willing to see China contribute!But the evidence is so abundant!And Qin Feng was said to be miserable,And this result is purely to comply with the so-called treaty,If they unilaterally tear,What credibility does their United Nations have??
When the treaty was signed,Qin Feng also took a copy。If they don’t contribute,Qin Feng then published the document to websites all over the world,Then they can only step down。
So the chief executive doesn’t care about other people’s opposition,Anyway, let the Chinese Air Force play first。
“Head of Hua Guo,you can not do that!”
“Ha ha,I just notify you,You can disobey the agreement,But i can’t。I’m here to inform you all,If none of you respond,At that time, I will publish the documents together with Qin Feng,Then reprimand your behavior。”
Hua Guo unilaterally hangs up communications,The representatives of other countries are depressed。After all, they are a long way from Southeast Asia。
Even if I rush over now,Basically the battle is over long ago。
Which is China
Still catch up。
Qin Feng hiding in the air-raid shelter is very depressed,Because the opponent’s fighters are too arrogant,He didn’t leave after being bombed for 20 minutes。
He has never seen a fighter like this,Simply deceive。
But at this moment,A different voice appeared。

After all working together for some time,Han Genji and Yan Xiaoyi still have this tacit understanding。

Step aside,Said that he would not interfere in the conversation between Yan Xiaoyi and Wang Yufei。
“Is enough money?”
Yan Xiaoyi no longer sits,Stand in front of Wang Yufei。
Maybe it’s because the distance is relatively close,Or because of other reasons,Wang Yufei subconsciously pushed Yan Xiaoyi away。But after pushing Yan Xiaoyi away,Wang Yufei regrets it again,She didn’t really want to push Yan Xiaoyi away,I just feel that I don’t deserve to be embraced by him,It’s a pity that Yan Xiaoyi doesn’t seem to understand,Wang Yufei admits that she has no right to let Yan Xiaoyi understand,After all, she pushed him away first。
“I just want to ask if you still have enough money,Has no other meaning。”
When Yan Xiaoyi was talking,Very sad,He doesn’t even know how the smile on his face came out。
Standing in front of me is my legal wife,But Yan Xiaoyi can no longer be like before,Hugging her proudly。
Maybe because of this,That’s why I laughed a little sad。
“enough……Enough,Enough gifts from Yuhang’s girlfriend,My father’s illness,My salary can be maintained,As for the wedding room,It’s almost renovated。”
Wang Yufei lowered her head,As for the purchase of the wedding room, the money has been renovated,Naturally, it is inseparable from Yan Xiaoyi’s support for rice and mustard。
Yan Xiaoyi wanted to say if the money was not enough,Can tell myself,No need to go this route。But seeing my wife,Yan Xiaoyi suddenly discovered,at this point,It’s too late to say this。
“You should know,As long as you speak,No matter what,I will work hard。”
Yan Xiaoyi sighed and said。
Wang Yufei wants to speak,But Yan Xiaoyi raised his hand to stop。

Wang Shaoxiao doesn’t need to say anything,The complacency on his face is obviously almost too concealed。

For a long time,My brother Lu came to the Shenzhen Vocational College to stand for me!With his appearance today,From now on, Wang Shaoxiao will be in Shenzhen Vocational College,Can definitely walk sideways。
really,Everyone looked at Wang Shaoxiao’s eyes again,Has completely changed。
This fat man can have friends whose wealth is so exaggerated,Has far exceeded the level of students,Became an awesome existence。
Especially when you think of,School starts next year,This fat guy will drive a Porsche to school,Many girls present could not help but feel a little hot,This fat guy is actually quite nice,Good personality,If you develop with him,It’s not impossible!
The funniest brother Zeng,This will have completely forgotten the cynicism I just made,He took the initiative to run to Wang Shaoxiao’s side,Nod and bow,So affectionate。
“Wang Shaoxiao,Awesome!You friend,Will he really give you a Porsche?”Brother Zeng smiled。
Wang Shaoxiao learns from someone,Shrugged,Smiled:“Ah!From small to large,He hasn’t said nothing!See you next year,I’ll take you for a drive!”
Talk about it,Wang Shaoxiao looks ignorant,Happily patted Brother Zeng on the shoulder,Like the boss caring for the little brother。
There was a girl next to seeing the virtue of Zeng Ge,Really upset,Said sourly:“It’s great to be rich!I still prefer talented boys。”
When Wang Shaoxiao heard this,,I laughed so hard that I narrowed my eyes,Hugging Zeng’s shoulders with a smile,Low channel:“Do you know what my buddy does?”
Brother Zeng is nervous,And shook his head curiously,Made the light blink。
“Haha!That kid made money by writing when he was in high school,There are still several magazines under my hand!”Wang Shaoxiao said half-truth。
What he said,Ge Zeng was immediately excited,Yelled:“what!Great!That’s amazing!I can also write something,When the time comes, Mr. Wang will recommend him a lot!”
“Ok,We are buddies,Easy to say!Easy to say!Let’s talk about this again next year。Ugh,The dust in our school is quite big,My car gets dirty when it comes。”Wang Shaoxiao smiled。
“understand,I know!Next semester,The car wash fee for your car,I have all inclusive!Proper!”Brother Zeng is already red at this meeting,Bite the bullet and posted it up。
This shameless conversation between the two,Especially Zeng Ge’s cheeky face,It really made the students next to me sick。
And the one who was robbed of the limelight,President Tong who even flew off the cooked duck,After a long pause,,I walked to my bodyguard with a gloomy expression。