“Why are you hurt so badly?”

Xiangyang frowned,It’s hard to imagine that Xiang Chen and Yao Yao would be injured because of these punks。
“If it is normal,Your father must have sneaked in quietly,Then one after another assassination。But today he seems to be in a bad mood,Hard front will inevitably lead to injury!”
Explanation for Yao Yao,Xiangyang expresses understanding,Two fists are hard to beat four hands,It’s not that no master was beaten to death by a group of ordinary people.,Xiangyang saw Xiang Chen hurt,I feel like my heart is being grabbed by something。She is afraid of the collapse of the building that shelters herself from wind and rain,Even though the odds are still relatively low。
Mo Mo helped Xiang Chen and Yao Yao heal and relieve the pain in the fastest time,I cleaned up the makeup of the two,Yan Jun took someone to the second floor。
“team leader,If you don’t speak, you’re already a blockbuster!”
Yan Jun leads people to Han Yuxiang,First nod to Xiang Chen,Say hello,Then Yan Jun walked to Han Yuxiang and began to report on the situation of Yuan and Man San’er.。
I thought that by catching a gang of pickpockets and a fake monk, the workload of today has been completed.,But I didn’t expect to see the real big scene immediately。
Unconsciously glanced at Xiang Chen’s direction,But Yan Jun quickly retracted his sight。
The wife and the husband follow this,It’s already a tacit secret in the Hanyuxiang team,After all, half of my military medal is half of mine and half of yours.!
“That monk’s hand broke,I don’t know if I can connect it,But send his information back to the nest,I found out that he was a killer!”
Seeing Korean Xiang became angry because of his jokes,Yan Jun immediately corrected the topic。
Look at the look of Korean Xiang,Obviously it didn’t happen after a man’s hand was cut off,As for who is holding the knife,No one is going to study,No one would believe what a killer said anyway。
“My hands are broken?”

First is Wei Xiaoxing,Although he keeps that silly smile,But people still see,He can’t stand it anymore,The smile on that guy’s face is more twisted than crying,After all, he is a guy who wants to transform such a large area of battle environment with mutation ability,Can last till now,In terms of his mutation level,It’s absolutely super level。

The ground on the duel stage,There are many places where ice can no longer be kept,But turned into a pool of water stains。
Then this result will directly cause He Bu’s high-speed movement to almost end.。
Because even if he can sprint at high speed on the remaining ice,But his movement direction has been restricted by the terrain,Cause the attack direction to be easily Predict,The deterrence has naturally become weaker。
Many people outside the court held their breath unconsciously,Because they know,Match point is coming,Maybe the winner will be decided in the next second,So no one wants to miss it,Naturally have to keep your eyes open,Look carefully。
Even those off the court have realized this,Maosen is even less aware of it,He has been holding back long enough,Waiting for a long time,Just waiting for the best time。
at last,Just when the thin layer of ice on the ground almost turned into water,Wei Xiaoxing behind He Bu also slammed,Fall to the ground。
Many people couldn’t help but exclaimed,I also admire the perseverance of this little guy。
He can hold on for so long,It’s beyond everyone’s expectations,This little guy who doesn’t seem strong,Actually changed the battlefield environment,And lasted a few minutes,If his ability is wisely used on the battlefield,Maybe it can change the course of the whole battle,Surprisingly Win。
Talent like this,There are already many people secretly watching,After the duel,Are you going to get in touch with this little guy?。
Wei Xiaoxing fell to the ground,The ground is no longer freezing,The location is almost lost。
And He Bu’s feet at this moment,Only the last ice track is left,In other words,He only has the last chance,If this blow still fails to knock down Maosen,Then he will have no chance of winning。
He Bu slowed down,His look focused,As if to gather all the mind into the blade,Entered the subtle realm of the unity of man and knife。
The real match point is here,The next knife,Is the time to decide the outcome!Many people present couldn’t help but have this feeling。
Maosen also felt this change in atmosphere,He broke his wrist,Open arms,Inject all remaining energy into the defense。
Hard as iron,Surging power,This is the strength of Fu Longfei, the first auxiliary of the Fifth Military Region, plus rookie Wang Maosen.。
He Bomo silently,There is nothing in front of him right now,Only the long knife in the hand。
He remembers clearly,Teacher Lu once told him,In addition to the knife,The state of nothing outside,Even the opponent doesn’t care about it,Only in this way,To be truly one,Kill the enemy with the feel of a knife,Instead of using human power。

“The remaining one,Donate it in everyone’s name,Contribute to the society,how about it?”Populus interrogation,No hard requirements,Just a negotiating tone,If someone objects,forget about it。

Everyone listened,No comments。Don’t talk about donating to society,Even if Brother Hu took the other share,Everyone feels taken for granted,I even think Brother Hu is too fair。
The audience in the live room,Some people felt uncomfortable,Watching others get rich,Somewhat uncomfortable,Say no envy,That’s self-deception。
but,Brother Hu takes out 10%,Donate to society,Everyone has calmed down a lot,Admire,Sure enough, the Hu brother everyone knows。
For a time,The live broadcast room is full of sighs、Voice of praise。
It’s them,It must be impossible。If it’s not Hu,,Wen Wenhao must be equally divided,Impossible to share with society。
“Since there is no objection,Then it’s so decided。Move out first,I will calculate,Find a buyer,Ten million or more is definitely okay。”Hu Yang said。
“More than ten million?”Xiaowen surprised。
so,She can get more than one million?
Thought of this,Her little heart beats wildly,The first time I have so much money,I don’t know how to spend it anymore。
“There must be more than ten million,Gold is worth 50 catties,Just this gold,Already around 8 million。So much silver,There are five jadeware,Three wood carvings,Isn’t it worth two million??”Valuation of ten million,Wen Wenhao has no doubt。
“so much,Sell directly to jewelers、Bank or something,Will hurry up?”Jinhua asked。
Populus disagrees:“Sell like this,Value is going to be bad,I can only give you the market price at most,under most circumstances,Below market price,So people can make money。”
Talking,Populus picked up a bar of fifty silver:“Like this ingot of silver,More than three catties,Sell to gold shop,Which is about 7,000 yuan。If you find someone in the antique circle,It can sell for at least 20,000。We have to sell it as an antique to be the most valuable。”
A word to wake everyone up。
Yes!Simply sell gold and silver,It’s not the same as selling antiques。
These silver,Have history,And it’s very well preserved,Have not flowed through,The money is clear。This silver bullion,Still popular in the antique circle。
In this way,The value of silver is more than twice as high as everyone predicted。
“These ones,I’ll take care of it,Don’t worry,Move out first。so much,We better not put it in the village。Brother Zhou,Meet the owner of a truck?After moving out,Transport away immediately。”Populus reminds。

Liu Lixin couldn’t think of it,There is such a relationship between Xiao Fan and his big boss,And what Liu Lixin can’t think of is,The age of my boss is obviously much older than Xiao Fan,But it was his own boss who was helped by Xiao Fan first。

and,Wen Tianli’s status in society today can be said to be pivotal,That means,Before my big boss has risen,This young man named Xiao Fan helped him,So it seems,The strength of this person named Xiao Fan is really not so powerful。
Liu Lixin is also a smart man,and so,After getting the boss’s words just now,I never spoke again。
Wind chime island is not big,and so,It didn’t take long,Wen Tianli and Liu Lixin’s car arrived in front of Ouyang’s villa。
After the car is parked,Wen Tianli did not get off the car,Liu Lixin got out of the car very sensibly,Came to the door of the villa,After the security at the door saw,Just ask:“Excuse me,Who are you looking for?”
“Hello there,I came to see Mr. Ouyang,Please go report。”Liu Lixin said politely。
The security looked up and down Liu Lixin,Looked at the car parked at the door again,To know,This wind chime island does not allow foreign vehicles to enter,and so,There are only a few people who are qualified to drive on this wind chime island。
Of course,No matter which one,Those are things that the little security guard can’t afford。
and so,After a short thought, the security guard,Said to Liu Lixin:“it is good,but,I’m not quite sure whether our old man Ouyang is at home,and so,All I can do is go and pass the message。”
Liu Lixin nodded,Said with a smile:“Ok,thank you!”
When the little security guard turned to leave,Suddenly asked:“So who are you?If the owner asks me,How should i answer?”
“You just say it belongs to Xihai Auction Company!”Liu Lixin said。
The little security guard was taken aback,Said:“Ok,You wait!”
Soon,The security guard is back,And behind him is the Patriarch of Ouyang,Liu Lixin recognized this man as Ouyang Jianfeng’s father,It’s not Ouyang Wuji, the real head of the Ouyang family。
“Manager Liu,Have missed,You have missed far away,I don’t know what wind is blowing today,To blow you to our house。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Five Tell you face to face

“correct,Let alone Xiao Xiao,I have a talk with Wang Shuai,Also wrote the contract,You help me see。”Take it out,Said again:“This should be illegal?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s legal,You signed and agreed,Voluntary again,Wang Shuai has a basis to force you to take responsibility。Do you think he went to court with you??He can use this righteous as a basis to trouble your parents,You can catch him if you call the police?”Chen Wenjin took a look,I knew Wang Shuai hadn’t made a proposal,In fact, this looks far less sinister than the future Wang Shuai’s mind,So he returned the contract to Abao and said:“You can sign here, what else can I say?Within three years,If you have money to redeem yourself, it is a breach of contract,More than double the price,Plus, I was called by him for a while before redemption;You have no money to redeem,He paid you to be a slave for three years,During the period, you can do something valuable to pay off debts。”
“I’m counting on buying stocks with you to make more money!Wang Shuai will really use me as a slave,Drove away at night,Tell me to run and follow!He is not a good person,We were all cheated by him before,You have to guard him。”A Bao looked back,Reminded in a low voice:“Especially now,Xiao Xiao seems to like you more than him,You have to worry about Wang Shuai making insidious tricks,I will remind you if I find out。”
“Want to make money,In the future you will treat yourself as a robot,I buy you buy,I sell you。Let me talk first,I stopped after earning three hundred,You only have time for summer vacation。”Chen Wenjin knows Abao’s temperament,It may not be useful to remind me like this,But if Abao is still acting,He doesn’t care。
“Okay!Originally, Wang Shuai and Xiao Xiao, I thought so!”Abao thinks it only takes a few days,This debt is not a big deal,He put all the remaining money in,Sure to turn over the book soon。
Talking,They got off the taxi when they saw the tank。
Chen Wenjin reminded Abao:“How much did Wang Shuai make from buying a car,Remember to tell the truth,Can’t hide it。”
“I remember your reminder,Tell the truth,That middleman is a bastard,Earned so much!Fucking!”Leopard is very annoyed。
“I’m so weird,Why didn’t you think of contacting Xiao Gao and Da Xiong to buy a car??”Chen Wenjin is really puzzled,Obviously these two also understand the market,Also know people,And good character,Deep friendship。
“How dare i?The peach matter, what if the bear deliberately cheated me?Moreover,Can Xiao Gao promise to make a fortune from it??He must not do this,How can i make money from the middle?”Abao has his own reasons,Even if this reason makes Chen Wenjin heard,I think he has known Brother Xiao Gao for so long for nothing。
Abao is speculating on the two brothers from his own perspective,It’s not based on understanding the personalities of the two brothers.,Then only when you meet someone who thinks like Abao,A leopard can guess exactly。
“Believe it or not。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t bother to say more,The tank and a group of them also came up。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Come back home
They didn’t mention anything for Wang Shuai,The tank did not show much to Abao,The other people just met Abao,There is no difference in attitude as a comparison。
After Wang Shuai came back,Go to the room and chat with the tank and two other people,After coming out,Nothing else。
But this evening,A Bao was not very polite at the command of Wang Shuai,Friends around Wang Shuai guessed,No one is surprised,Even when the tank is on the balcony,Smoke gone,Also shouted directly:“Leopard,Get me a pack of cigarettes。”

Arnold listened to the side with brilliant eyes,Can’t help but interrupt:“boss,This story sounds interesting。”

“Ok,Is kind of interesting,”Chen Geng nodded calmly,To Jim·Thomas asked:“Jim is right?Can i call you that?This story is interesting,Can you tell me the creative source of your story??”
“of course,of course can,”Jim·Thomas nodded hurriedly,Mr. Fernandez is willing to call his name,This is an expression of appreciation for oneself,Jim·Thomas certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to refuse:“Is such that,Mr. Stallone’s next month《Lodge4》Coming soon……”
“Wait,”Chen Geng interrupted Jim in surprise·Words of Thomas,Asked:“Your story,With Mr. Stallone《Lodge4》There are relationships?”
“Is a little bit related,”Jim·Thomas explained:“《Lodge4》It’s the story of Mr. Rock’s battle with the Soviet boxing champion……”
Say here,Jim·Thomas paused slightly,At the same time carefully watching Chen Geng’s reaction。
Chen Geng nodded。
As many years later,Need for publicity,Before shooting a movie,The general storyline of the movie will always be communicated to the audience through the media.,Let everyone have a general impression of the storyline of this movie,And arouse the curiosity of the audience、Let them go into the cinema to buy tickets after the film is officially released,《Lodge4》This movie is of course no exception,Although the film will not be officially released for more than a month,But the general storyline of this movie is already known by everyone。
Jim·Thomas then continued:“After knowing the general plot of this movie,There was a joke in Hollywood,Said that Mr. Rocky could not find an opponent on earth,He is in the next《Lodge5》The opponent in the game is probably only aliens,This joke gave our brother some inspiration,We just want,Why not write a story about the elite warriors of the Earth’s special forces fighting aliens??”
Hear here,No doubt in Chen Geng’s heart:That’s right,The script in front of me is《Predator》,Absolutely nothing wrong。
“Sounds interesting……”
While talking,Chen Gengcong·Lester took over the script。
The Thomas brothers were relieved。

If I don’t delay time,Things won’t be so troublesome!

Lin Youwei seems to see Qin Feng’s abnormality,Speak:“As long as you find Liu.Xiaowei,I should know who took it。rest assured,There is still hope。”
“Can you provide me with some information?”Qin Feng asked suddenly。
“What are you doing?”Lin Youwei is in professional habit,Will not easily agree to others to provide information。Even if you want to provide,Then you must first ask about the role。
“It’s nothing,I just want to know suddenly,Where does Liu Xuesheng live?。”Qin Feng thinks of a person,This person is suspicious,Very likely to have something to do with behind the scenes。
“Liu Xuesheng?You mean that person,how,You suspect this matter has something to do with him?”
“But I investigated him,He finished the meal,Then left directly,We investigated from surveillance video,He went directly to his company。”
“How can you prove that he is innocent?Even with these proofs that he is not present,But if he is the one behind the scenes?”
Qin Feng’s tone was very aggressive,quickly,Are a bit hostile to Lin Youwei。
After listening,Lin Youwei cursed directly。
“Are you stupid?What do you think a stupid person like you thought of,Didn’t we think of it?But now you are looking for this guy for no reason,Is it a bit unreasonable??”
“If everyone is like you,Think it’s possible,Go arrest people,That has to be proved
According to why!”
“amount……”Qin Feng suddenly felt that he was really stupid,Why should I say my thoughts?

really,The gongs and drums in the stairwell are getting louder and louder,The Lu Family’s door is full of people,The neighbors are all open,Poked his head out curiously。

I saw three lions shaking their heads and waving their tails,Appeared in the stairwell in front of Lu’s house with a sullen expression,They do all kinds of pleasing actions,vivid,I squeezed into the door of the Lu family。
Everyone is happy,I haven’t seen dragon and lion dances for years,This year this is a sign of good luck!
The Lu family is really lively this year,First, so many people came to visit,Now even the lion dance has entered the gate of Lu’s house,It’s a good sign!
Lu Menglin took a closer look,These lion dancers,All are brothers of the Menglin Legion,Hurriedly and cheerfully took out the big red envelope,Slam into the lion’s mouth。
Wang Shaoxiao in a red dress said loudly:“Happy New Year to uncle and aunt!”
All the lads of the Menglin Army in the living room shouted in unison:“Happy New Year to uncle and aunt。”
The three lions lay obediently between the living room of the Lu family and the door,Shake your head,This is really great。
Lu Youshan also came out of the room,See this scene,I’m so happy。
Mother Lu also poked her head out of the kitchen,Elated,Sore nose。
Really poor, no one asks in the downtown area,Rich in the mountains and distant relatives!
Last year’s Lu family was not so lively,My parents were still worried about Lu Menglin’s study,I’m afraid he won’t go to university,I’ll be bored in the future,As a result, there was a big turnaround this year,He even thrives with the whole family。
Kim So Yeon also looked curiously at the big lion lying on his stomach in the living room,Think it’s so fun,There is no such excitement in Korea。
“Excuse me,Is this Lu Youshan’s home??”At this moment,But from the gate of the Lu family came a very uncomfortable voice。
This voice is full of majesty,There is even a hint of unkindness in it,Everyone in the living room of the Lu family heard this voice,Turned their heads and looked at the door。
Three men appeared at the door,The old man headed by has a horoscope,About fifty years old,Wearing a long yellow trench coat,There is a dusty feeling on his face。
Standing behind the old man,Are two young descendants,Straight,Cold-eyed。
The sudden appearance of these three,Incompatible with the harmonious and happy New Year atmosphere in the house,There is even a deep chill。

Four seeded teams under the leadership of Qing Wang,Enter the imperial city one by one。

No one asked why Princess Fantasy Sea went,Why didn’t you join them in the ceremony of fusion of gods and soldiers,Maybe in the eyes of most people,Regardless of whether the princess takes this place or not,,Are all qualified to enter the Temple of Miracles,Your Highness is not with other people,It’s also a matter of reason。
At this time,Lu Menglin finally understood,Why in the final,Why do elite teams like Bai Rimen easily give up their qualifications for the championship?,That’s because they have already won the ranking,Have the opportunity to participate in the fusion ceremony,Of course there is no need to fight for the first place,Not to mention,They can’t compete。
With the Azure King entering the inner city of Tianzun God City,After the imperial city,Obviously feel that the surrounding sounds have become much quieter。
Within the imperial city,It seems to form a very sharp contrast with the Tianzun God City outside,The hustle and bustle outside,The solemnity inside,It makes you feel like you are in a completely different world。
When everyone stepped into the hall of the gods,,Lu Menglin finally understands what it feels like to keep lingering in his heart。
The temple of the gods in front of you,Feel for him,Just like those temples in the earth world,Full of religious atmosphere,It’s just that it’s not gods enshrined in the hall,It’s just one weapon statue after another。
And the clergy that appeared in the temple of the gods,Mostly female,All covered with yellow yarn,Beautiful body,And it’s full of inviolable sacred breath。
These people who entered the palace of the gods,All staring intently at the weapons enshrined in the hall,Especially what weapons I am used to,Of course there will be more attention to that kind of weapons。
“First place,Team Aoki,Please follow me!”A priest said softly,Her voice is nice,So beautiful。
In the envious eyes of other teams,Lu Menglin and Huang Shaotian、Tu Shanming,And Liu Wenzhang,Four people follow the priest,Entered the first room where the soldiers were selected。
Qing Wang introduced it just now,The first team,Will be eligible to enter the innermost room,Challenge the best quality soldiers。And others have to be selected after they choose,Just started picking。
Quality,It is related to the light pattern fit after the fusion of the gods,The higher the fit,After the forty level, the stronger the light pattern power is,Represents the greater the potential for cultivation。
So for the masters of the gods,Incorporate magical soldiers at level 40,Is an extremely important event。

Qiao Anan pouted,Said:“I followed your advice,Changed all those clothes before,Just one sentence is not bad,This will send me away!”

“My advice?What do i suggest?”Xiao Fan asked without knowing it。
“You said let me change my dressing style,Didn’t you say that my previous clothes were too ostentatious?”Qiao Anan said。
Joan’s mention,Xiao Fan remembered it,Because of Fourth Master Huang,He did tell Qiao An’an to ask her to pay attention to her dress,Don’t seduce people casually。
But I didn’t expect Qiao An’an to actually take this sentence to heart,And did it。
“Forget it,I won’t tell you,One piece of wood,I am leaving!”Qiao Anan finished,Turn around and walk out。
After arriving at the door,Stopped suddenly,Turned,Said to Xiao Fan:“thank you,since that day,Fourth Master Huang never harassed me again!”
Finished,He left Xiao Fan’s office without looking back!
Xiao Fan shook his head,A woman’s heart is really elusive,After a few words,Never give myself a chance to speak,Then left。
Forget it, just go,I’d better read the information quickly!
But I haven’t waited to see the information,The office door rings again。
“Come in!”
Hear the sound inside,Xia Qing opened the door and walked in。
“Xia Qing?How did you come?”Xiao Fan asked。
Xia Qing said:“Is such that,I called me just now in the summer,I came here to thank you!”
Xiao Fan smiled,Said:“You don’t have to worry about it,It’s all trivial!”