First is Wei Xiaoxing,Although he keeps that silly smile,But people still see,He can’t stand it anymore,The smile on that guy’s face is more twisted than crying,After all, he is a guy who wants to transform such a large area of battle environment with mutation ability,Can last till now,In terms of his mutation level,It’s absolutely super level。

The ground on the duel stage,There are many places where ice can no longer be kept,But turned into a pool of water stains。
Then this result will directly cause He Bu’s high-speed movement to almost end.。
Because even if he can sprint at high speed on the remaining ice,But his movement direction has been restricted by the terrain,Cause the attack direction to be easily Predict,The deterrence has naturally become weaker。
Many people outside the court held their breath unconsciously,Because they know,Match point is coming,Maybe the winner will be decided in the next second,So no one wants to miss it,Naturally have to keep your eyes open,Look carefully。
Even those off the court have realized this,Maosen is even less aware of it,He has been holding back long enough,Waiting for a long time,Just waiting for the best time。
at last,Just when the thin layer of ice on the ground almost turned into water,Wei Xiaoxing behind He Bu also slammed,Fall to the ground。
Many people couldn’t help but exclaimed,I also admire the perseverance of this little guy。
He can hold on for so long,It’s beyond everyone’s expectations,This little guy who doesn’t seem strong,Actually changed the battlefield environment,And lasted a few minutes,If his ability is wisely used on the battlefield,Maybe it can change the course of the whole battle,Surprisingly Win。
Talent like this,There are already many people secretly watching,After the duel,Are you going to get in touch with this little guy?。
Wei Xiaoxing fell to the ground,The ground is no longer freezing,The location is almost lost。
And He Bu’s feet at this moment,Only the last ice track is left,In other words,He only has the last chance,If this blow still fails to knock down Maosen,Then he will have no chance of winning。
He Bu slowed down,His look focused,As if to gather all the mind into the blade,Entered the subtle realm of the unity of man and knife。
The real match point is here,The next knife,Is the time to decide the outcome!Many people present couldn’t help but have this feeling。
Maosen also felt this change in atmosphere,He broke his wrist,Open arms,Inject all remaining energy into the defense。
Hard as iron,Surging power,This is the strength of Fu Longfei, the first auxiliary of the Fifth Military Region, plus rookie Wang Maosen.。
He Bomo silently,There is nothing in front of him right now,Only the long knife in the hand。
He remembers clearly,Teacher Lu once told him,In addition to the knife,The state of nothing outside,Even the opponent doesn’t care about it,Only in this way,To be truly one,Kill the enemy with the feel of a knife,Instead of using human power。