Arnold listened to the side with brilliant eyes,Can’t help but interrupt:“boss,This story sounds interesting。”

“Ok,Is kind of interesting,”Chen Geng nodded calmly,To Jim·Thomas asked:“Jim is right?Can i call you that?This story is interesting,Can you tell me the creative source of your story??”
“of course,of course can,”Jim·Thomas nodded hurriedly,Mr. Fernandez is willing to call his name,This is an expression of appreciation for oneself,Jim·Thomas certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to refuse:“Is such that,Mr. Stallone’s next month《Lodge4》Coming soon……”
“Wait,”Chen Geng interrupted Jim in surprise·Words of Thomas,Asked:“Your story,With Mr. Stallone《Lodge4》There are relationships?”
“Is a little bit related,”Jim·Thomas explained:“《Lodge4》It’s the story of Mr. Rock’s battle with the Soviet boxing champion……”
Say here,Jim·Thomas paused slightly,At the same time carefully watching Chen Geng’s reaction。
Chen Geng nodded。
As many years later,Need for publicity,Before shooting a movie,The general storyline of the movie will always be communicated to the audience through the media.,Let everyone have a general impression of the storyline of this movie,And arouse the curiosity of the audience、Let them go into the cinema to buy tickets after the film is officially released,《Lodge4》This movie is of course no exception,Although the film will not be officially released for more than a month,But the general storyline of this movie is already known by everyone。
Jim·Thomas then continued:“After knowing the general plot of this movie,There was a joke in Hollywood,Said that Mr. Rocky could not find an opponent on earth,He is in the next《Lodge5》The opponent in the game is probably only aliens,This joke gave our brother some inspiration,We just want,Why not write a story about the elite warriors of the Earth’s special forces fighting aliens??”
Hear here,No doubt in Chen Geng’s heart:That’s right,The script in front of me is《Predator》,Absolutely nothing wrong。
“Sounds interesting……”
While talking,Chen Gengcong·Lester took over the script。
The Thomas brothers were relieved。