“Why are you hurt so badly?”

Xiangyang frowned,It’s hard to imagine that Xiang Chen and Yao Yao would be injured because of these punks。
“If it is normal,Your father must have sneaked in quietly,Then one after another assassination。But today he seems to be in a bad mood,Hard front will inevitably lead to injury!”
Explanation for Yao Yao,Xiangyang expresses understanding,Two fists are hard to beat four hands,It’s not that no master was beaten to death by a group of ordinary people.,Xiangyang saw Xiang Chen hurt,I feel like my heart is being grabbed by something。She is afraid of the collapse of the building that shelters herself from wind and rain,Even though the odds are still relatively low。
Mo Mo helped Xiang Chen and Yao Yao heal and relieve the pain in the fastest time,I cleaned up the makeup of the two,Yan Jun took someone to the second floor。
“team leader,If you don’t speak, you’re already a blockbuster!”
Yan Jun leads people to Han Yuxiang,First nod to Xiang Chen,Say hello,Then Yan Jun walked to Han Yuxiang and began to report on the situation of Yuan and Man San’er.。
I thought that by catching a gang of pickpockets and a fake monk, the workload of today has been completed.,But I didn’t expect to see the real big scene immediately。
Unconsciously glanced at Xiang Chen’s direction,But Yan Jun quickly retracted his sight。
The wife and the husband follow this,It’s already a tacit secret in the Hanyuxiang team,After all, half of my military medal is half of mine and half of yours.!
“That monk’s hand broke,I don’t know if I can connect it,But send his information back to the nest,I found out that he was a killer!”
Seeing Korean Xiang became angry because of his jokes,Yan Jun immediately corrected the topic。
Look at the look of Korean Xiang,Obviously it didn’t happen after a man’s hand was cut off,As for who is holding the knife,No one is going to study,No one would believe what a killer said anyway。
“My hands are broken?”