Ye Jing’s new film We Are So Unfamiliar wants to present the reflection of their generation

Ye Jing’s new film “We Are So Unfamiliar” wants to present the reflection of their generation
Director Ye Jing, as a well-known director of the Beijing circle, uses multiple autobiographical film and television works as man-made.Recently, he took his new work-the movie “We Are So Unfamiliar”, and accepted an interview with Sauna and Yewang.Ye Jing recalled his creative career, and reflected and summed up their generation just like the content of “We Are So Unfamiliar”.Ye Jing, who was born in the army compound, only made substitutions related to his own experience, from “The Place Where Dreams Begin” and “Days Related to Youth” to the unreleased movie “Remember the Song of a Teenager” and “We Are So Unfamiliar”, heEach of his works has a strong autobiographical color, which is the story of the big courtyard children he has experienced.The autobiography of the young people in the compound completes the “Dream of Red Mansions” in our time. Ye Jing was born in a military compound in Beijing. He served as a soldier and went to the sea. His life experience is rich.When he was middle-aged, his father’s death made him quite sentimental and turned to become a writer, screenwriter and director.In 1999, Ye Jing’s debut novel “The Place Where Dreams Begin” came out, and he was 42 years old that year.Seven years later, in 2006, another TV series “The Days Related to Youth” hit the popular disc market, letting more viewers know the name “Ye Jing”.”Where Dreams Begin”.The picture comes from the Internet. Both of these scripts are more than Beijing in the 1970s. A group of army courtyard children met and fell in love in the torrent of the times. The dream-filled youth encountered hard reality, beauty and ugliness, and all came out.Many characters in the play can be found in Ye Jing and his friends; many plots are also their real experiences. Fighting, stubborn ice, and filming a wife . “We were fighting, where was the noisy thing?He was arrested by the police station there for a night. Wasn’t Wang Shuo also entered the Dongfeng Market Police Station?”The Days Related to Youth” also has this plot, which are all true things.”The Days Related to Youth.”Every piece of the picture from the Internet Ye Jing is related to his own experience. This is the biggest difference between him and other directors.”It’s all related, it doesn’t matter. I won’t write at all.”Ye Jing said,” The place where dreams begin “is to commemorate the family connection of the parents’ generation, and also bring a kind of show-off;” The Days Related to Youth “shoots the life of their generation before the reform and opening up,” ThatAt that time, we were already at a loss and lost. “” Remember the Song of a Teenager “had the experience of being transferred to Yibin with his parents; another unreleased” We are so strange “is for our own generation.Reflection and summary.Ye Jing said that he could write accelerations other than those he experienced, but some of them were prioritized.”Even if I can’t finish writing about that, how can I have time to write about others?I’m afraid I won’t remember it in a few years.”He admitted that his works have a profound autobiographical color.”It can be said to be an autobiography.”Ye Jing said that his ideas coincided with Wang Shuo:” He (Wang Shuo) has always said that he especially wanted to write a “Dream of Red Mansions” of our time.For me, I used film and television works to complete the “Dream of Red Mansions” of our time.”The memory of Beijing in the 1960s and 1970s throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the Shichahai Ice Rink and the Moscow Restaurant (Old Mo) were at the forefront of fashion in the minds of Beijing youth, and they were also places for entertainment, love, and struggle, leaving a generationYouth memory.Shichahai stubble ice, old Moxi food, Beihai white pagoda, and millions of village streets, these images appeared many times in “The Place Where Dreams Begin” and “Days Related to Youth”, together with young men and women wearing military coats and red scarves,, the symbol of Beijing in that era.Both dramas were shot on site in Beijing.Ye Jing said that everybody knew that they were filming, looking fresh, but no one stared at the onlookers.”The place where the dream begins” opened two yards in Shichahai, and the crew rented the ice rink in the first body to let the actors learn now.”Ding Zhicheng and Zhang Hanyu were already very good at skating, and they can shoot the ice directly. How dare others?Like Fu Biao, they have to practice.”Looking back now, Ye Jing feels that many actors in” Where Dreams Begin “do not meet the skating standards.”Where Dreams Begin” Stubborn Ice.The picture comes from the Internet and tells the story of the young people in the Beijing compound. Ye Jingxuan’s actors also favor Beijing nationality, and it is better to have a military background.The preference for Beijing nationality is because of the language. Ye Jing values the authenticity of the lines, at least in standard Mandarin, but also understands the tone of Beijing dialect.In the two plays, nearly half of the leading actors are Beijing-born actors, including Chen Yufan of the “Yuquan Group”. “Yufan was too busy to come and find me to play, saying if he could act in a playof.Many children singing in Beijing have looked for me, but I am useless.”Not every role can choose actors who are both suitable and Beijing-born. Tong Dawei, who plays dialect in” Days Related to Youth “, is from the Northeast, and the excellent article is from the Northwest.Ye Jing found someone to train the lines and taught it personally when filming.”Basically, I teach one by one, and I will learn from them.There are many changes to the accented and accented tone of Peking dialect.Your tone is not the same, it means completely wrong.”At that time, the article was training here every day in Ye Jing. Tong Dawei worked very hard to overcome language problems, but the show still revealed some Northeast flavor, and was therefore criticized by the audience.Ye Jing likes to use rookie actors. “If you use wrists, the first is that you can’t afford it, and the second is that you can’t afford to lose time with them. They all have schedule restrictions and they don’t experience life.”After looking at the script he filmed more than ten years later, the newcomers of that year became wrists, and Ye Jing ‘s vision was terrifying: Zhang Hanyu, Yongmei, article, Bai Baihe, Chen Yufan . Time witnessed growth and witnessed impermanence-some peopleBecause of the affair of the drama, they eventually parted ways, such as Chen Yufan, Bai Baihe; some people have worked hard for many years and become famous, such as Yongmei; others have left the scene before half a year, such as Fu Biao and Ban Zan.”The place where the dream begins” shooting scene.The picture comes from the Internet. The generation of Wang Shuo and me belong to the prodigal son. Since the 1990s, Wang Shuo, Ye Jing, Feng Xiaogang and other literary and film creators who have grown up from the Beijing military compound have become famous figures in Chinese literary circles.The style of their work is highly related to the region and culture of Beijing, and is considered to be the representative of the “Beijing Circle” (Beijing Literature and Art Circle).However, in Ye Jing’s view, their children in the courtyard are always separated from the real old Beijing by a wall.”We have a weaker sense of Beijing’s hometown and identity.The parents are not from Beijing, they are foreigners, and they were brought to Beijing from Tiannan and Haibei.We have a gap with old Beijing, that is, the cultural gap between the wall and the wall. We are inside the wall, and they are outside the wall.”What identity did Ye Jing recognize?”He used a word to describe “brainless”.He is so big-hearted that he ca n’t wait to liberate the whole world and all mankind. He feels that he is carrying such a mission of the times, but he is easy to be impulsive.In his view, the compound is like the Grand View Garden in “Dream of Red Mansions”. It can have a so-called leading culture because many things have been touched earlier and played earlier than others.”Enjoy various advantages, including cultural superiority.We must have seen many popular cultures in the West initially.How can ordinary people see it?Where can I afford to eat old Mo, Xinqiao Restaurant, or even who dares to eat Western food?”A wall blocked the big courtyard students and the real old Beijing.The children in the courtyard have not suffered much since they were young, and they do not know what it means to survive.Ye Jing ‘s father was expelled from Beijing and his family was transferred to Yibin, Sichuan. Only then did he see the world outside the wall.”That’s Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan!My father took me to the restaurant and ate a bowl of jelly or Dan Dan noodles, and asked Hanako to make a circle beside him . “And on the other side, although his family was out of luck, his father had Wuliangye special for drinking, and Hongta Mountain smoked.During the reform and opening up, Ye Jing also went south to Guangzhou for business, and even opened a Sichuan restaurant with Wang Shuo in Beijing.But he thought it was just a joke, never serious business.”Don’t think I am serious about doing business. My process of doing business is” blind tossing “in Beijing.”Ye Jing said that their children in the large courtyard did not live so rigorously, nor would they plan their lives for themselves.””Me and Wang Shuo, our generation belongs to the prodigal son.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing