“The remaining one,Donate it in everyone’s name,Contribute to the society,how about it?”Populus interrogation,No hard requirements,Just a negotiating tone,If someone objects,forget about it。

Everyone listened,No comments。Don’t talk about donating to society,Even if Brother Hu took the other share,Everyone feels taken for granted,I even think Brother Hu is too fair。
The audience in the live room,Some people felt uncomfortable,Watching others get rich,Somewhat uncomfortable,Say no envy,That’s self-deception。
but,Brother Hu takes out 10%,Donate to society,Everyone has calmed down a lot,Admire,Sure enough, the Hu brother everyone knows。
For a time,The live broadcast room is full of sighs、Voice of praise。
It’s them,It must be impossible。If it’s not Hu,,Wen Wenhao must be equally divided,Impossible to share with society。
“Since there is no objection,Then it’s so decided。Move out first,I will calculate,Find a buyer,Ten million or more is definitely okay。”Hu Yang said。
“More than ten million?”Xiaowen surprised。
so,She can get more than one million?
Thought of this,Her little heart beats wildly,The first time I have so much money,I don’t know how to spend it anymore。
“There must be more than ten million,Gold is worth 50 catties,Just this gold,Already around 8 million。So much silver,There are five jadeware,Three wood carvings,Isn’t it worth two million??”Valuation of ten million,Wen Wenhao has no doubt。
“so much,Sell directly to jewelers、Bank or something,Will hurry up?”Jinhua asked。
Populus disagrees:“Sell like this,Value is going to be bad,I can only give you the market price at most,under most circumstances,Below market price,So people can make money。”
Talking,Populus picked up a bar of fifty silver:“Like this ingot of silver,More than three catties,Sell to gold shop,Which is about 7,000 yuan。If you find someone in the antique circle,It can sell for at least 20,000。We have to sell it as an antique to be the most valuable。”
A word to wake everyone up。
Yes!Simply sell gold and silver,It’s not the same as selling antiques。
These silver,Have history,And it’s very well preserved,Have not flowed through,The money is clear。This silver bullion,Still popular in the antique circle。
In this way,The value of silver is more than twice as high as everyone predicted。
“These ones,I’ll take care of it,Don’t worry,Move out first。so much,We better not put it in the village。Brother Zhou,Meet the owner of a truck?After moving out,Transport away immediately。”Populus reminds。