“correct,Let alone Xiao Xiao,I have a talk with Wang Shuai,Also wrote the contract,You help me see。”Take it out,Said again:“This should be illegal?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s legal,You signed and agreed,Voluntary again,Wang Shuai has a basis to force you to take responsibility。Do you think he went to court with you??He can use this righteous as a basis to trouble your parents,You can catch him if you call the police?”Chen Wenjin took a look,I knew Wang Shuai hadn’t made a proposal,In fact, this looks far less sinister than the future Wang Shuai’s mind,So he returned the contract to Abao and said:“You can sign here, what else can I say?Within three years,If you have money to redeem yourself, it is a breach of contract,More than double the price,Plus, I was called by him for a while before redemption;You have no money to redeem,He paid you to be a slave for three years,During the period, you can do something valuable to pay off debts。”
“I’m counting on buying stocks with you to make more money!Wang Shuai will really use me as a slave,Drove away at night,Tell me to run and follow!He is not a good person,We were all cheated by him before,You have to guard him。”A Bao looked back,Reminded in a low voice:“Especially now,Xiao Xiao seems to like you more than him,You have to worry about Wang Shuai making insidious tricks,I will remind you if I find out。”
“Want to make money,In the future you will treat yourself as a robot,I buy you buy,I sell you。Let me talk first,I stopped after earning three hundred,You only have time for summer vacation。”Chen Wenjin knows Abao’s temperament,It may not be useful to remind me like this,But if Abao is still acting,He doesn’t care。
“Okay!Originally, Wang Shuai and Xiao Xiao, I thought so!”Abao thinks it only takes a few days,This debt is not a big deal,He put all the remaining money in,Sure to turn over the book soon。
Talking,They got off the taxi when they saw the tank。
Chen Wenjin reminded Abao:“How much did Wang Shuai make from buying a car,Remember to tell the truth,Can’t hide it。”
“I remember your reminder,Tell the truth,That middleman is a bastard,Earned so much!Fucking!”Leopard is very annoyed。
“I’m so weird,Why didn’t you think of contacting Xiao Gao and Da Xiong to buy a car??”Chen Wenjin is really puzzled,Obviously these two also understand the market,Also know people,And good character,Deep friendship。
“How dare i?The peach matter, what if the bear deliberately cheated me?Moreover,Can Xiao Gao promise to make a fortune from it??He must not do this,How can i make money from the middle?”Abao has his own reasons,Even if this reason makes Chen Wenjin heard,I think he has known Brother Xiao Gao for so long for nothing。
Abao is speculating on the two brothers from his own perspective,It’s not based on understanding the personalities of the two brothers.,Then only when you meet someone who thinks like Abao,A leopard can guess exactly。
“Believe it or not。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t bother to say more,The tank and a group of them also came up。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Come back home
They didn’t mention anything for Wang Shuai,The tank did not show much to Abao,The other people just met Abao,There is no difference in attitude as a comparison。
After Wang Shuai came back,Go to the room and chat with the tank and two other people,After coming out,Nothing else。
But this evening,A Bao was not very polite at the command of Wang Shuai,Friends around Wang Shuai guessed,No one is surprised,Even when the tank is on the balcony,Smoke gone,Also shouted directly:“Leopard,Get me a pack of cigarettes。”