[Do Durian Milkshakes Poison]_Impact_Danger

[Do Durian Milkshakes Poison]_Impact_Danger

Milkshake is a popular food. It has a sweet and sour taste and can be paired with a variety of fruits. It sells well and has many types of taste.

The fruit of durian must be familiar to everyone. It smells a little stinky but tastes very good. Many people like it. However, durian has too many foods that cannot be eaten together.Poisoning, can durian and milkshake be poisoned?

Let’s introduce it below.

Durian is not poisonous when eaten with milkshake.

Durian and sea cucumber cannot be eaten together.

Durian is a hot fruit, while seafood is cold, and both are high-protein foods. When eaten together, it is easy to cause harm to health.

Durian eats with seafood and causes diarrhea. Durian contains vitamin C. Seafood is rich in sodium and other metal elements. When eaten together, vitamin C replaces the metal elements in seafood and is reduced. If people with poor gastrointestinal functions eat it, it can easily causeCase of diarrhea.

Eating durian with seafood causes food poisoning. Most seafood contains chemical element impurities, and if the seafood has been polluted by the environment, the content of impurities in the body may increase. The impurities in the seafood body are pentavalent. Generally speaking, there is noHarmful, but once combined with high doses of pentavalent fatty acids and vitamin C, food poisoning may occur.

Eat durian and seafood together to increase the cholesterol burden. Durian and seafood are rich in high protein. If eaten together, it will easily lead to high protein intake in the body, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Taboos to pay attention to when eating durian 1.

Durian cannot be consumed with wine, because both are hot foods, and at the same time, it is easy to cause fire and even alcoholism; if people with diabetes eat it, it may cause stroke.


Durian and beef, mutton and other warm foods cannot be eaten at the same time. These foods are hot and dry foods, which can easily lead to mildew after eating.


Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases may easily block blood vessels, even burst blood vessels, and strokes, so it is best not to eat them.


Thermal constitution, sore throat, cough, durian constitution, eating durian can easily lead to aggravated conditions, which is not good for the body.