If I don’t delay time,Things won’t be so troublesome!

Lin Youwei seems to see Qin Feng’s abnormality,Speak:“As long as you find Liu.Xiaowei,I should know who took it。rest assured,There is still hope。”
“Can you provide me with some information?”Qin Feng asked suddenly。
“What are you doing?”Lin Youwei is in professional habit,Will not easily agree to others to provide information。Even if you want to provide,Then you must first ask about the role。
“It’s nothing,I just want to know suddenly,Where does Liu Xuesheng live?。”Qin Feng thinks of a person,This person is suspicious,Very likely to have something to do with behind the scenes。
“Liu Xuesheng?You mean that person,how,You suspect this matter has something to do with him?”
“But I investigated him,He finished the meal,Then left directly,We investigated from surveillance video,He went directly to his company。”
“How can you prove that he is innocent?Even with these proofs that he is not present,But if he is the one behind the scenes?”
Qin Feng’s tone was very aggressive,quickly,Are a bit hostile to Lin Youwei。
After listening,Lin Youwei cursed directly。
“Are you stupid?What do you think a stupid person like you thought of,Didn’t we think of it?But now you are looking for this guy for no reason,Is it a bit unreasonable??”
“If everyone is like you,Think it’s possible,Go arrest people,That has to be proved
According to why!”
“amount……”Qin Feng suddenly felt that he was really stupid,Why should I say my thoughts?