Four seeded teams under the leadership of Qing Wang,Enter the imperial city one by one。

No one asked why Princess Fantasy Sea went,Why didn’t you join them in the ceremony of fusion of gods and soldiers,Maybe in the eyes of most people,Regardless of whether the princess takes this place or not,,Are all qualified to enter the Temple of Miracles,Your Highness is not with other people,It’s also a matter of reason。
At this time,Lu Menglin finally understood,Why in the final,Why do elite teams like Bai Rimen easily give up their qualifications for the championship?,That’s because they have already won the ranking,Have the opportunity to participate in the fusion ceremony,Of course there is no need to fight for the first place,Not to mention,They can’t compete。
With the Azure King entering the inner city of Tianzun God City,After the imperial city,Obviously feel that the surrounding sounds have become much quieter。
Within the imperial city,It seems to form a very sharp contrast with the Tianzun God City outside,The hustle and bustle outside,The solemnity inside,It makes you feel like you are in a completely different world。
When everyone stepped into the hall of the gods,,Lu Menglin finally understands what it feels like to keep lingering in his heart。
The temple of the gods in front of you,Feel for him,Just like those temples in the earth world,Full of religious atmosphere,It’s just that it’s not gods enshrined in the hall,It’s just one weapon statue after another。
And the clergy that appeared in the temple of the gods,Mostly female,All covered with yellow yarn,Beautiful body,And it’s full of inviolable sacred breath。
These people who entered the palace of the gods,All staring intently at the weapons enshrined in the hall,Especially what weapons I am used to,Of course there will be more attention to that kind of weapons。
“First place,Team Aoki,Please follow me!”A priest said softly,Her voice is nice,So beautiful。
In the envious eyes of other teams,Lu Menglin and Huang Shaotian、Tu Shanming,And Liu Wenzhang,Four people follow the priest,Entered the first room where the soldiers were selected。
Qing Wang introduced it just now,The first team,Will be eligible to enter the innermost room,Challenge the best quality soldiers。And others have to be selected after they choose,Just started picking。
Quality,It is related to the light pattern fit after the fusion of the gods,The higher the fit,After the forty level, the stronger the light pattern power is,Represents the greater the potential for cultivation。
So for the masters of the gods,Incorporate magical soldiers at level 40,Is an extremely important event。