On the next chance of Lu Si, there is no heart to street.,She looked at Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin’s back,Quick turn to leave the supermarket。

Supermarket,Mu Ziying, Mu Zi, Mu。
Cold wind,Constantian hair,Half-cheek covering,But I still can’t hide her.。
The phone is quickly connected,Constanting is a little nervous when holding a phone call.。
“Aunt,it’s me,Grace。”
Although Lu Si He is on the phone,But still laughing and gentle。
“Oh!Grace!Do you have anything??”
Opposite sound,Very kind。
Lu Si, laughing,Because I like Muzi,She and Mu Zizi’s relationship is also good.。
“Aunt,Is such that,Mu Big Brother did not go home during this time??”
Lu Si He stretched straight,Quietly listen quietly。
“Grace,Actu is busy with the company.,I haven’t time to come back,You can play his mobile phone if you are looking for him.。”
Lu Si He listens,Watching smiles,That enchanting red lips,Plenty,Her chance came:“Aunt,It seems that you still don’t know,Mu big brother has an accident,Still in the hospital now。”
Surpected sound。
Lu Si:“Aunt,Don’t worry first.,I just listened to my big brother.,It seems to be a car accident for a woman.,Aunt,Don’t worry,I am coming to the hospital now to go to the hospital to see Mu Big Brother.,But I don’t know which hospital he is.?”
“Grace,Where are you?
If it is too far,I will tell you the location of the hospital for a while.,You go directly to the hospital。”
Lu Si He looked around,Say:“Aunt,I am very close to your home.,Just Mu Auntie,Don’t you tell Mu Big?,This thing is that I tell you.,Mu Gong did not tell you this matter,Just don’t want you to worry,But I just worried about it.,Tell you this matter.。”
“Grace,I have to thank you for this matter.,Then you come here now,I called the Au,Can you know which hospital he is in?。”
“it is good,Aunt,Don’t worry too much.。”
Lu Si, hanging up the phone,It is a gloomy。
Muzi has a car accident.,Why do you have a car accident?,Who is it??
She is busy with my fitness this time.,How to not pay attention?
There is a woman appears by the big brother.。
Now she is close to Mu big brother.。
Lu Si He stopped from the roadside to stop a taxi,I will go straight to Master in the villa of the Jiangpu District。
Mujia in Jiangyou,It is also a face with a face.,Mujia is a business of drinking,Have your own factory,Mu Ziqi’s father is also a successful entrepreneur。
This is the cause of Lu Siyuan has been writing to Mu Zi.,Muzi’s honor,Sometimes it’s also windy,I have lived with him.,I don’t think I feel stuffy.。

“Senior White,are you feeling better?”I wish Minglang come,Looking up sitting on a bench,Bai Qin’an, whose eyes are still godless。

She is not wearing a saree at this time,But haggard,Can’t see the slightest blood。
“Zhu Minglang,Did you send the letter back,Has Head Meng received it??”Bai Qin’an asked。
“I have passed the letter,Tell me about your situation again。Just now I heard some people who escaped from Guanglin City said,Guangshan Zizong Forest was destroyed,Is this true?”Zhu Minglang speaks slowly。
The moment I spit out this sentence,Bai Qin’an’s pupils are dilating,Fear covered her cheeks,The whole person was shaking with anxiety,Sweat oozes from her pale skin。
“Zi Zonglin was trampled out,It’s a fairy,It’s a mountain fairy,we……We saw the mountain fairy,The people in the hall are dead,Elder Feng is also dead……”Bai Qin’an said incoherently。
died,Many people died。
Bai Qin’an kept repeating the names of those who died,Those are well-known in the four major forests,But none of them survived under the arms of the gods。
Those with superior bloodlines,A purple dragon born with magical powers,Being like a loach by that mountain fairy、Pinched to death like a worm。
Great Mountain,But can’t withstand the collision of the mountain fairy and ghost,Night and earth,The mountain fairy stands among them,Makes the world seem a bit narrow!
That is not a creature at all,Is a god and demon!
“Mountain fairy??”
I wish Minglang groaned。
Killed a so-called river fairy not long ago,Zhu Minglang thought that the strength of other fairy ghosts should be the same,It is indeed a very terrifying existence among monsters,But never thought of the river fairy、Sen fairy ghost is just the weakest of fairy ghosts。
Earth fairy,Once killed a master-level supreme martial master。
Mountain fairy,It crushed Guangshan Zizong Forest last night!!

“grandfather,grandmother,Will people really have a boyfriend??”

“you’re so dumb,Such a good girl, you feel like a small farmer?
I am with your grandfather, I have not experienced the life of farmers.,Face the loess,I am busy a day for a day.,There is no ideal thing in life inside.,You feel that Xiaoyi will like a small farmer who is not ideal.?”
Be said by Wang Peiyun,Li Wu Tian also feels some unlikely。
“Hey-hey,Still your grandmother,I don’t think so much.。”
Seeing your own grandson Changshuyi。
Wang Peiyun is also laughing:“how?
Is it a heart??
Heartbeat,Nothing is shameful。”
“Hey-hey,Indeed,But you still need to understand.,After all, marriage,Not a child。”
Li Wu Tian is a serious look that there is no cause of provoke Wang Peiyun overlooks the eyes。
“Bringing home before you with your boy is a jade?”
Just finished this,The waiter also puts a few dishes.。
“Little handsome guy,Ask you something,Do you have a boyfriend??”
The waiter heard this,Also a glimpse。
After all, Xu Ruzhen like this best beauty,And still boss,To say that men in the store don’t feel moving, they are all fake.,But the heart is a heart, but there is no one dare to go to confession or to inquire about each other.,It’s all fear of being blown。
As for Xu Ru, there is no boyfriend, he really doesn’t know.。
“Forehead,I don’t know this.,But I haven’t heard of any of our bosses.,And the boss is also alone。”
Say this,He felt more,Hurry and retreat。
But his words are letting Wang Peiyun laughed.。
“Wife,Still you are amazing.,It is indeed a boyfriend that Xiao Xiao’s hoe is indeed.,But how do we create conditions for Xiao Tian??
Such a good bids, but it is going to be early.,If you are robbed by others,That’s our loss。”
I heard the words of Li Kai Fu.,Wang Peiyun is directly white.:“What words?
Does Li Jia is a place where a woman is lacking??
But you can make our tricks and make Xiaotian Zhongxiang very little.,Just this gimmick we like,So try it out.,If the other party doesn’t mean,We don’t have to,Young people doing this old thing less,Hurry。”
So Wang Peiyun said,Li Kai Fu also feels very reasonable。
“Xiao Tian,Your grandmother,You are all listening,We will not help.,eat first,These dishes are given separately.。”
Looking at the table a few simple can’t make a simple dishes,Li Wu Tian asked some curiosity:“grandfather,The price of these few dishes is very expensive.?”
“Um,Let it eat,Every dish is not less than699of。”
Hear this price,Li Wu Tian is also a glimpse,He suddenly felt that his grandfather was cheated.,Perhaps the grandfather’s sick is not a good meal.。
A plain tomato is a sear look.,The above white sugar sprinkles look good。
This is the same as a common cucumber.,Exquisite,Garlic mud sprinkles just right。
A plate of potato,He didn’t see any colorful place。
Just a few dishes in the ordinary hotel one hundred dollars, it will be absolutely taken.。
“grandfather,Is it this price??”
Wang Peiyun also laughed Lish Tiandao:“how?

Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian,So I added some of her favorite dishes。Xia Jian can’t figure out what medicine is sold in this mother and son’s gourd。

Li Lan is eating vegetables,Talking to Qin Xiaomin happily,As if the things just never happened before。Xia Jian thought,No one cares about this,What’s so scary about him pretending to be someone else’s boyfriend。Thought of here,He relaxed,I picked up the chopsticks and ate it。
“Your name is Xia Jian?Really the boss of a startup group?”Li Lan suddenly asked Xia Jian,She wanted to ask Xia Jian by surprise。
Xia Jian swallowed the food in his mouth,I just nodded and said:“Xiao Min is right,I’m Xia Jian, the general manager of Venture Group“Things have reached this point,Xia Jian thinks there is nothing to hide。
“Ok!The young man looks very energetic,So young is the boss of the entrepreneurial group,Looks promising。I just don’t understand,A good person like you,The beautiful girls around you should be in line,Then why did you choose to associate with our family, Xiao Min??“Li Lan praised Xia Jian first,Then the topic changed,Straight to the topic。
Xia Jian is most worried that Li Lan will ask this question,I didn’t expect she still asked。Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Our venture group has project investment in Donglin Township,I accidentally got in touch with Xiao Min“
“Is it just contact between you?“Li Lan asked again。
Qin Xiaomin looked at Li Lan and kept asking,Xia Jian will definitely show up,So she laughed and said:“mom!Are you asking too much?This involves our privacy“
“okay!Also privacy,Just your business“Li Lan’s face changed slightly,I couldn’t help but scold Xia Jian。
Xia Jian has a look,Busy with a smile:“What does Auntie want to ask,Just ask。Anyway, I will tell you what I know“
Li Lan glanced at Qin Xiaomin,Suddenly lowered his voice and asked Xia Jiandao:“Did Xiao Min say what I do??Is to tell you the situation of my family?”
“No!Xiao Min didn’t say,I am too embarrassed to ask,So till now,I don’t know what Auntie does”Xia Jian smiled and said。But what he said is really true。
Li Lan took a deep breath and said:“it is good!I ask you one last question,You have to tell me the truth,No lie。last night,Min did not go home,Is she with you?“
When Li Lan asked this,,Two beautiful eyes staring at Xia Jian,Lest he would lie。Xia Jian couldn’t help but glance at Qin Xiaomin,Qin Xiaomin lowered his head at this moment。
“Don’t look at Xiao Min,To be honest“Although Li Lan’s voice is a bit small,But full of sternness。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Xiaomin and I drink beer together,Drank too much。She dare not go home,Stayed at the hotel outside”Xia Jian’s answer is very smooth,Not listen carefully,I really can’t tell what’s wrong。
“I asked if I was with you?”Li Lan asked again,Kind of breaking the casserole。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The wine she drank with me,I took her to the hotel”Xia Jian is still playing the side ball,Don’t say directly,I was with Qin Xiaomin in one night。
At this time,Li Lan’s phone rang,She frowned,But the phone is still connected。Just listen to her laugh:“President Wang!Your son said his stomach hurts,Your stomach hurts again,Why did you follow him??”
“Let me ask you,This is the one that you played,Since I made an appointment with us for dinner,Shouldn’t let Xiao Min bring a man,Do you think you are doing this a bit too much”There was a woman’s very unhappy voice on the phone。

Last time it was because the dean personally invited,And Fang Yu passed by with conditions。

Now let him take care of these troubles!
Really unnecessary!
Qiu Tian lightly sighed。
really,Fang Yu is still unwilling。
“I’m still busy!Goodbye……”
Finished,Fang Yu saw a person falling down at the pharmacy。
It looks like,Already dying。
“Call the ambulance!”
Fang Yu quickly shouted。
“Who will save my son……”
At this moment,A woman holding the young man on the ground in despair,Shouting loudly。
“Xiaoyu……Nosy!Not doing this kind of thing……You have to be responsible!”
Fang Deyun saw that his son was going out to take a look。
Hurriedly pulled!
He is just such a son,I don’t want any baskets。
This man fell in front of their pharmacy,Very strange!

When Jiang Waner was helpless,Jiang Yiyun walked in,Asked with a smile。

Jiang Wan’er displeased。
Dissatisfaction in the eyes!
Pouting and don’t want to say more!
The servant glanced at Jiang Yiyun helplessly,Retreated。
“daughter,What are you looking for??People are busy……I have to go to the hospital to save people。”Jiang Yiyun said seriously。
“you’re lying!He is now at Hu’s house!”
Jiang Wan’er displeased。
“Hu Jia?”
Jiang Yi was shocked。
Why did Fang Yu go to his old friend again?!
“You can’t come here either!”
Jiang Yiyun said seriously。
“I’ll go to Yili!”
Jiang Wan’er snorted coldly。

Five heavens and pseudo heavens as pillars,And it’s born through mind,The incredible power formed by the combination of mind and mana,Itself lies between false and true。

But at this moment of its reality,The power that was conceived,They are all considered half-step world gods,With that trace of chaos。
True God Yin Jie failed to resist,In fact, when Li Ming’s heart and energy merged into the big array,,The ancient breath suppressed him and he couldn’t move。
The tip of the gun penetrated his body,Although it is instinctively turned into shadow resistance,But that shot is like the birth and death of a world。
Candle dragon,Create the World with a Gun!
Mere shadow,How can exempt。
The wound is only a trace,But from the wound,The body of the true god Yinjie began to collapse irreversibly!
Didn’t even leave a word,The body of the true god Yinjie turned into powder and floated away。
Chapter Twenty Four Full load
This is really a good harvest!”Although the two chaotic alien races have fallen,But their treasures are left。
“Unfortunately, just under the blow,The treasures under the Chaos Lingbao are all shattered。”
Xiaoyao Tianzun spreads his hands,Take out the treasure。
Li Ming just shot,A lot of treasures scattered,Xiaoyao Tianzun, Kuafu and others rushed up to talk about the treasure retrieval。
Seeing the power burst out by Li Ming,The two old friends, Xiaoyao and Kuafu, couldn’t help feeling a little in awe。
Leadership level alone,Xiaoyao Kuafu controls the big array,It can also explode with considerable strength in the Three Realms。

in fact,For such things。

Zhao Sikang didn’t feel anything。
Even when he looks,In this case,It’s actually a good opportunity。
So looking at these,Now,Zhao Sikang is more so,While seeing here,deep in the heart,Is quite excited。
“All right,Now words,I won’t say so much for now,If you can,Just come。”
When Wang Teng was talking here,At this moment,The people around see here,It’s completely free of money。
Now that I have decided to do it,So let’s just come。
Anyway,Looks at Wang Teng,These things,In itself,Actually, I didn’t feel any problems at all。
And after watching for a while,Now,Wang Teng looked at him,The more so,Actually speaking here,Wang Teng’s heart,I’m very excited。
But at this moment,For the moment,obviously,What will these things represent,In fact, it is still very obvious。
See these,Those people around,I’m also willing。
“Everyone together,Killed Wang Teng。”
“That’s right,If it’s not because of Wang Teng,How could we become like this?”

Sunset,There is only one contour of a city in the distance,Is that blur。

However,This is it“shadow”,See the segments!He glanced at Danshui, which was not frozen in the river bank.,I also looked at the snow and ice residue on the ground.,It seems to understand what。
Duan Zhao did not hold back,A blood spray in the horse,Double eyes,The enthusiastic attack is from the horse.。
“Large manager!”“Large manager!”
The alliances have panicked,Seven hands and eight feet have to help it,Then with the team disappeared in the night in gradually。
NS1004chapter Ice and snow(superior)
Night,A team of cavalry is looking at fire,Come to the center of Fuyang。Here is originally a town,Be destroyed in war,But the strategic status is very important。
It is exactly the export of South Taihang Mountain,Positive center in open zone。
“Public auxiliary Li Delin,Where is this?”
Gao Boyi refers to the city path of Yang Su’s construction。
“This place is a northern part of 怀,According to legend, the girl is caught here.。It was originally called Mountain Zhuangzhuang,Unfortunately, it is already destroyed in the war for many years.。”
Li Delin is interested in。Gao Boyi is this,Not ashamed,Through the person to deal with such people,Still some sense of accomplishment。
Gao Boi nodded,I didn’t talk about the light of the light.。
If you don’t think that the Light has a few brush?,He just pokedly,That is, such a key place。certainly,This“Casual”,It is just Gao Bo Yi。
A general person,If you don’t understand the geography, I don’t know the battle.,That will only take three thousand soldiers and horses.。
Watching a brain,Knowledge is also a kind of brain。
Mountain Kings!
This place can’t help but remember Gao Biyi“Tianyu Mountain Battle”。
It seems to be implied。
Gao Bao is sighing,I don’t know if I will bring my soldiers.。If he comes to the night,That is really dangerous。
In order to deal with the sneak attack of Section,Gao Biyi arranged a big army in Danshui tonight.,Prepare to play a hard battle without advantageous!
It is to sacrifice with life,To change the city in Yang Su,possible,This is called“Zhong Zhi Chengcheng”Bar。So he has to come tonight.。
Success or failure,In fact, it is not in the future two armies.,But fighting tonight!Whether this city can be built successfully,Even decided to North Qi this country,What kind of road is going on in the future。
Even the wheels of history,Do you want to be a little biased?,Take a healthier road。
If Gao Biyi said that he is not nervous at all,That is definitely ignorant。
Everyone came to the edge of the city of the hot fire.,I heard Yang Suhauca.,The sound of the iron speaker,Extra harsh!
“The action is too slow,This will not be finished tomorrow.!If you are coming,We have to die!Even Yucheng must die a big pile!You run, no place to run.。
Build the city,This win,What do you want??what?”
He is like a reader.,Repeat again over and over again。But it is clear,“There must be a brave man under the reward”,Yang Su, the carrot, the carrot is sweet enough to be enough。
For the progress,He really killed a few negligent people now hanging there is still not completely built.!That sentence“Before I die,Will cut your head one by one”,Not like a joke。
This is indeed a lot of people.。
Gao Baoyi remembers that he is very clear in the Skille.,The army will like Yang Shu.。Not because this love is like a child,But because he means that it is very generous to give military power.!

First47chapter Ancient Dragon Combat Skills

“I eat this one head and it’s against the seven heads!”I wish Minglang joy,Hong Hao really didn’t lie to himself,Come here to hunt and harvest!
Zhu Minglang has determined his prey,I was about to call the Tyrannosaurus black mosasaur behind him,A sudden gust of wind,The fir tree was blown and swayed,Many cedar fruits fell to the ground like hail。
The big black wild boar immediately became alert,Its head is turning,Looking for the source of this strange wind。
suddenly,A giant white-haired shadow ran towards the large black wild boar at a very fast speed,Zhu Minglang only feels that the forest in front of you is shaking。
“Oh fear!!!!”
The big black wild boar screamed again and again,I saw the white furry Kuangying snatch it up,When lifted into the air, bite directly on the neck of the black wild boar!
Black wild boar was bitten open aorta,The blood is sprayed down like a spring,And the white-haired creature opened its mouth,Started drinking the blood of the black wild boar……
Under the fir forest,White-haired monster holding high black boar,Let it struggle wildly,The more you struggle, the more blood it gushes out,And the white-haired monster drinks more happily!
After a few minutes,The blood of the black wild boar is running out,I saw the white-haired monster throwing the fat black wild boar on the ground.,Not even interested in its meat。
The black boar is not dead yet,Limbs twitching,Swinging,Still trying to escape,But its life has come to an end。
“Blood Drinking Beast!!”Zhu Minglang recognized this creature,The face is even more surprised。
I’m here waiting for the blood-drinking fur beast to leave,Let Black Tooth come over and eat the pig,Will it be a bit spineless?
Just when Zhu Minglang was thinking about how to do it,The blood-drinking hairy beast that was all over red turned his face,A pig face is facing the fir tree where Zhu Minglang is。