Popular American fitness games

Popular American “fitness games”

Dancing blanket helps to lose weight. The game car takes the legs and kicks the game pedal to let the children ride while playing games.
  ABC News reports that some game machine manufacturers have combined game machines with fitness equipment to develop fitness games, which are loved by adults and children alike.
  Game consoles help kids keep fit. A study showed that one-third of children in the United States are overweight.
Many people blame this phenomenon on video games: children are “chained” in front of the game machine, lack of exercise, and naturally become fat puppies over time.
However, in a middle school in Delaware, physical education teachers combined video games with exercise and fitness, which allowed children to exercise and play well.
  Sports teacher Sandy at Brandy Wein High School in Wilmington?
Kapcek asks students to make choices during class: they can play traditional sports, such as baseball or basketball, or play games in the fitness room.
The games here are not something you can play with your thumb. They require you to move your whole body.
Students can compete on the dance mat and play “game pedaling”.
Game pedalling requires an exercise bike connected to the game machine. Players play games while pedaling, and achieve exercise while entertaining.
Students’ enthusiasm for this kind of physical education is unprecedentedly high, and some students who did not love sports have moved.
Some students also buy the home version of this interactive fitness game and play it at home.
  Adults are also fascinated by not only children, but some adults have also begun to try game fitness as a novel fitness method.
Matt, North Carolina?
Gini is one of them.
He is 20 years old and he weighed 162 kg two years ago.
He tried many ways to lose weight, the effect was not obvious.
  At this time, a friend introduced him to “Dancing Revolution”, a dance blanket game.
“We played a few times in the arcade and thought it was fun.
After every play, I sweat a lot, thinking that this is not fitness?
“So he bought a home version of the game and included it in his weight loss plan, controlled calorie intake every day, and insisted on playing the” dancing revolution. ”
After 8 months, he lost 36 kg.
  Bring vitality to the game. At present, there are several fitness games on the market.
One is dancing blankets such as “Dancing Revolution”, which achieves fitness through dance steps in simulation games; and various pedaling games. Players play games while riding a bicycle.There is a fighting game. Players put on special equipment and can enter the game to compete with their opponents.
No matter what kind of game, players can get exercise all over the body, instead of traditional video games can only make people’s palms sweat.
  Compared with the traditional sense of exercise, game fitness is more fun, not boring, and it is not affected by time, place, and weather, and can be played at home.
Therefore, major game manufacturers are stepping up the development of such games, their slogan is “inject more vitality into the game.”

Wrong tutoring triggers child rebellion

Wrong tutoring triggers child rebellion

Children often disobedient and uncontrollable, parents will have a headache.

“Unfortunately,” many parents find that as their children continue to grow older, their disobedience becomes more and more serious, and under the constant continuation of their parents, their children even develop rebellious psychology.

Strangely, whenever parents tell the kindergarten teacher how their children are stubborn, the teacher may not agree with it; when parents tell other acquaintances they have contacted with their children, they often express surprise: “Your child is very goodYeah!

Not as troublesome as you say!

“When parents heard others say that, they were really comforting and confused.

This is the case for Shan Shan who has already attended the kindergarten class. In front of the teacher and children, Shan Shan is enthusiastic, loves to learn, and is easy to get along with. She is willing to do as the teacher asks, and is often praised by the teacher.

But at home, Shanshan is always awkward, especially when she says something to her dad, she usually has to oppose it, so that her dad is not happy.

The same child has different evaluations due to different people. Is the child’s performance really so different from that of his parents and others, or is there another reason?

Why did the child say “No” A few years ago, there was a necessary elementary school survey of “Not satisfied with the place of parents”. Statistics show that there are 58 places where children are not satisfied with their parents.: I lose my temper at every turn; I do n’t understand my heart; I ‘m too strict and the standard is too high; I do n’t accept my opinions; I do n’t count on speaking; When I want to do my own thing, they never let it go; When I scold mePraise others and more.

Seeing the dissatisfaction of elementary students with their parents, what do you think?

First, this is a survey of primary school students, and what does it do with my child’s parents; second, even if there is a place where the numbers are up, I’m afraid you don’t want to connect this kind of parental image together.

However, when we calm down and think about it, none of our parents are perfect, and the dissatisfaction of the above children will be reflected in us to some extent.

Don’t think that the child is still young and don’t understand anything. In fact, although the child didn’t say anything, these dissatisfaction is already in his psychology, and it has been reflected in his behavior.

Indeed, these children’s dissatisfaction can be a reason to say “no” to parents.

Adults do not lead by example. When the child has some problems, we always have to ask the previous question, “What’s wrong with this child?

“Be used to finding reasons from children.

In fact, many problems are caused by parents.

Some of the child’s rebellious psychology and behavior may be precisely caused by the disadvantages of family education.

Parents who are strict with their children but loose with themselves, can children be willing to listen to them?

Even if the parents say everything is logical, the child still refuses to obey. The older the child, the more obvious this phenomenon is.

For example, Shanshan’s father has this problem. He doesn’t let Shanshan eat while watching TV, but he often does.

Shanshan can’t stand giving advice to his father several times. Whenever he is happy, he says that he will change next time. When he is not happy, he not only does not listen, but also loses his temper and poses his parentsShelves press people.

At first, Shanshan just didn’t agree with this issue. Gradually, this dissatisfaction spread. What Dad said was unwilling to listen, and Shanshan’s rebelliousness became more and more serious.

Treating the child as a small child Some parents grow up ignoring their children and always treat the child as a small child. This is not allowed to be done, then it is not allowed to be done. This is another important reason for the child’s rebellious psychology.

For example, in a kindergarten, teachers often educate children to “do their own things”, and after listening to it, they want to do something they have n’t done before.

One day, Shanshan proposed to wash her own bowl after dinner.

But my mother thought about it, or she said, “What if the bowl breaks?

“” What if the fragment pierces the hand? ”

“Rejected her for other reasons.

Nothing happened, Shanshan was unhappy. When she was sleeping, she refused to go to her own crib informally. She lay on her parents’ bed very late, and her father wanted to be aware of her.

The next night, the Shanshan family went to the aunt ‘s house as a guest, and Shanshan brought up the dishwashing again after dinner. The mother repeated the reason of yesterday, but she did not expect that the auntie said cheerfully: “It is a good thing to want to wash the dishes yourself!

I ca n’t reach the faucet. I ‘ll give you a small stool. It does n’t matter if the bowl breaks. Auntie buys a new one.

“As soon as Auntie finished speaking, Shanshan yelled excitedly:” Thank you Auntie.

“Then I went to do the dishes right away, and I did it very carefully and carefully.

The children are all good children. Parents really have to think about it in turn: they always repeat the child’s disobedience. Is the child born a disobedient and trouble-making child?

Does the child really want to be a person who goes against his parents everywhere?

In fact, it should be said that children are good children, and parents are not necessarily good parents.

Put another way, what is the real reason why parents like children?Why do we not like children to oppose ourselves?

In fact, to put it bluntly, it is not for your own peace of mind and effort!

Is it a bit too selfish and short-sighted to treat children with self-conscious germination, independence and autonomy flourishing in this mentality?

The newest OL-approved new skincare tricks


The newest OL-approved new skincare tricks

Lead: Face the computer all day, I believe you are also afraid of the harm of the computer radiation to the skin.

Netizens specially brought in the latest and most recognized radiation protection coups by white-collar workers, learn their experience.


hzh {display: none; }  现在的“白骨精”女们每天上班八小时要对着电脑,被电脑包围,下班后又可能“扑”在电脑上玩游戏,日生活、夜生活都以电脑为伴,彻底的变成 “辐射女”了。
Although I am not a “Bone Essence” grade, I am also a little demon who is actively training, and at the same time, I am also training in radiation protection. Recently, I saw a small survey on radiation protection tricks on a website.Moved over.

  The first trick: eating fruit. From this survey, everyone still accepts conditioning from the body to resist radiation.

The best way is to eat more fruits and vegetables every day and add a lot of vitamins, but it is not easy to eat fruits, vegetables and fruits in the office anytime and anywhere.

I and my sisters realized one of my little recipes, that is, drinking Mengniu fruit and vegetable yogurt, which is a perfect combination of pure fruit juice, multiple vegetable juices, and fresh milk. It has a multivitamin supplement and is a multi-nutrientThe scientific ratio will bring comprehensive nutritional assistance to the sisters. When they are healthy, their radiation resistance will become much easier!

I can’t live without this!

Drinking skin is not dry in winter, it is always tender and supple!

  The second trick: wearing radiation-proof clothes is actually quite good. The reason why it is not ranked first is that wearing a coat every day is really inconvenient. Maybe others will mistake you for a pregnant woman.Besides, wearing protective clothing will not protect our faces at all. For us who love beauty, that is a taboo!

Over time, we will still become “yellow-faced women”.

  Third place: Cactus must look at the cacti, big and small, we can see that a lot of “bone spirit” women are still using this trick to fight radiation, I believe everyone thinks this is the easiest way?
Or it will not be included in the top three.

This method is also not advisable, but it is impossible to verify the specific effect.

Advise the little demon who cultivates like me to put cactus on the left side, it is best to put Mengniu fruit and vegetable yogurt on the right side, both inside and outside!

  Fourth place: The reason why I often apply skincare creams is that I can whiten skin and prevent the effect of isolation. Now MMs are getting more and more “lazy”.

Haha, I did the same before. I have to do skin care and isolation work before going online every day, and apply a variety of barrier creams to form a protective film. In fact, it can still effectively block the adsorption of dust and use computersAfter washing your face with water in time, the radiation will be reduced by more than 70%!

I am also constantly trying various products to find this effect.

Do n’t use this general dish when drinking

Do n’t use this general dish when drinking

Many people choose some appetizers when drinking, but did you know that there are some foods that are not suitable for instant appetizers?

  1. Carrots Carrots have a high health effect and medical value, but American food experts warn and guide people: eating carrots and wine is not healthy.

Because the rich carotene in carrots and alcohol enter the body together, it will produce toxins in the liver and cause liver disease.

  Where, people should change the traditional way to eat carrots. Carrots should not be eaten with wine. Do not take carotene nutrients when drinking alcohol, especially after carrot juice, so as not to endanger health.

  2. Jelly powder should be added with appropriate amount of white staff during processing, and white staff has the function of slowing gastrointestinal peristalsis. Using jelly powder to add alcohol to prolong the staying time of alcohol in inhalation, thereby increasing the absorption of alcohol and increasingIt stimulates the adrenaline stimulation of alcohol, slows down the blood flow speed, prolongs the residence time of alcohol in the blood, promotes drunkenness, and endangers health.

  3. Smoked foods contain a large amount of nitrosamines and pigments, and react with alcohol, which not only damages the liver, but also damages the mouth, esophagus and gastrointestinal mucosa, and induces cancer.

  4, barbecue Many people like to go to food stalls with friends and relatives, drinking skewers while drinking, fun.

However, the use of grilled food for drinking while drinking alcohol is not good for health.

  During the grilling process, not only the degradation of protein in the food is reduced, but also the carcinogen benzopyrene.

In addition, genetic mutations produced by the decomposition of nucleic acids in meat by heating may also cause cancer.

When excessive drinking leads to an increase in blood lead content, the above-mentioned substances in grilled food are combined and combined, which easily cause digestive tract tumors.

  For one reason, alcohol is an organic solvent, which can dilate the blood vessels of the digestive tract and dissolve the mucus proteins on the surface of the mucosa of the digestive tract, making the carcinogens easily absorbed by the human body.

  Second, alcohol can reduce the detoxification function of the liver and cause carcinogens.

  In addition, alcohol can suppress the body’s immune function and enhance the activation of carcinogens.

Therefore, it is best to drink in moderation.

The carcinogenicity of barbecued foods is related to the amount of ingestion. It is recommended not to exceed twice a week, not more than 100 grams each time.

4 Symptoms Choose Winter Tonic

4 Symptoms Choose Winter Tonic

“This year’s winter supplements will be strong next year”-Winter is the best time to supplement.

However, people with different constitutions have different ways of tonic supplements in winter.

Which winter tonic is more suitable for you?

  Fear of cold chives fried walnuts Fear of cold is the most painful thing in winter.

In fact, the fear of cold is mainly caused by yang deficiency.

In addition, people with impotence will have symptoms of cold pain in the waist and knees, cold limbs, replacement of urine, thin stools, and premature ejaculation.

Winter is the best time for tonics.

  Best dish: Leek.

Leeks are also known as yangcao, sweet and warm, can nourish the kidney and help the yang, warm the appetizer, lower the Qi, and disperse silt.

Leeks are convenient for cooking or stuffing.

  Best Fruit: Walnut.

Walnuts are sweet, warm in nature, can nourish the kidney and help the yang, nourish the lungs and constrict the lungs, and moisten the intestines and defecate.

It is rich in fatty acids, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients.

Raw food, cooking, porridge, and soup are all good.

  Best Meat: Lamb.

Lamb is best for winter.

It is rich in protein and trace amounts and can be well absorbed by the body.

It has a good effect of warming and tonifying yang, and has a therapeutic and tonic effect on general cold and cough, cold and pain in the abdomen, physical weakness and cold, waist and knee weakness, and post-ill or postpartum physical deficiency.

In addition, dog meat and pigeon meat are also good.

  Best drink: wolfberry black tea.

People who are afraid of cold in Yang deficiency can drink some black tea instead of green tea, because green tea has the effect of reducing heat and reducing fire.

If you want to increase the “Buyang” effect, you can add Chinese wolfberry and red dates to black tea.

  Recommended Diet: Fried Leek with Leek.

Fry walnut kernels to brown, add leek, salt, and stir-fry until cooked.

  Anemia brown sugar jujube poached eggs are pale, often dizzy, palpitations and insomnia . these all mean that you belong to a group of blood deficiency.

People with blood deficiency, what should I eat in winter?

  Best dish: black fungus.

Black fungus can nourish blood and make your skin ruddy.

In addition to fungus, celery, canola and other green leafy vegetables, you should eat more.

  Best Fruit: Jujube.

Jujube has the effects of nourishing the body, nourishing the blood and soothe the nerves.

It is good for frying water, cooking soup, and making porridge.

  Best Meat: Duck Blood.

Contains rich animal heme iron, and is very easy for human body to absorb.

In addition, pig blood and animal liver are also good.

  Best drink: Brown sugar jujube tea.

Put red dates and black tea in the pot, add water and brown sugar and cook until the dates are ripe and soft.

This tea can effectively help to nourish blood and strengthen the spleen and stomach.  Recommended diet: brown sugar jujube poached eggs.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add brown sugar and jujube and cook for 2 minutes. Add poached eggs and cook on low heat.

If conditions permit, the effect of adding Ejiao is better.

  Boredom is often a sign of weakness.

People with qi deficiency often experience general weakness, tiredness and discomfort, shortness of breath, low laziness, poor diet or diarrhea, and often catch colds.

  Best dish: Yam.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said that yam can “reinforcing kidney qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, relieving diarrhea and dysentery, resolving phlegm and breathing, and moisturizing the skin.”

It has good therapeutic effect on weak spleen and stomach, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

  Best Fruit: Longan.

The longan is warm and sweet, beneficial to the heart and spleen, nourishes qi and blood, and has a good therapeutic effect on insomnia, forgetfulness and dizziness caused by insufficient qi and blood.

Eating raw or soup, porridge is good.

  Best Meat: Chicken.

Sweet and slightly warm.

Can warm the spleen, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and nourishing essence, and stew soup is the best.

  Best drink: longan red dates tea.

Cut open two red dates, add five or six longan meat, and rinse with boiling water.

  Recommended Diet: Black Chicken Soup.

The black-bone chicken is washed with blood foam, wrapped in a pot, and simmered with green onions and ginger.

If conditions permit, you can add Codonopsis, Angelica, Astragalus and other food supplements.

If you don’t have a black-bone chicken, you can use chai chicken instead.

  Huo Da Honey Tremella Steamed Lily has dry mouth, throat, hoarseness, constipation and dryness . Many people will have the symptoms of “fire” in winter, mostly because of yin deficiency.

In addition, yin deficiency is also manifested as fever in the hands, feet, and heart, especially at night, backache, night sweats, and so on.

  Best dish: Tremella.

Tremella is known as “civilian’s bird’s nest”.

It not only has the effect of nourishing the spleen and appetizing, but also has the effect of nourishing qi and intestines, and can also nourish yin and nourish the lungs.

  Best Fruit: Sydney.

Sydney is sweet and cold, contains malic acid, citric acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc., has the effect of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

Pears can be eaten raw, steamed, and made into soups and ravioli.

In addition, kiwi, apple, etc. are also very helpful for tonifying.

  Best Meat: Duck Meat.

Duck meat is cold and sweet, which can tonic tonic, nourish the viscera of the five internal organs, clear the toil of heat, tonicate blood and nourish the stomach.

Duck soup with seaweed can soften blood vessels; soup with bamboo shoots can relieve hemorrhoids and constipation.

In addition, goose, tadpoles, turtles, etc. are also very suitable for Yin deficiency.

  Best drink: Chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum tea tastes sweet and bitter, and has a slightly cold nature. It has the effects of evacuating wind-heat, clearing liver and eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying.

If you want to increase the effect of weight loss and fat reduction, you can add a few slices of hawthorn to chrysanthemum tea for better effect.

In addition to chrysanthemum tea, green tea and honey water are also excellent drinks for those who are yin deficiency.

  Recommended Diet: Honey Tremella Steamed Lily.

Mix 120 grams of lilies, 30 grams of honey, and 30 grams of white fungus, and steam until cooked.

This dish tastes sweet, clears the heart and lungs, and is suitable for those with yin deficiency.  After editing: Although we have mastered the right way, too many people have accidentally made up for “over-the-top”.

Let me tell you three signs of “make up”: one is always excited and unable to sleep; the other is a sore in the mouth with a bad smell in the mouth; the third is that the stool is dry or diarrhea.

In addition, winter tonic should start from a small amount, and gradually increase the amount according to your feelings. It is advisable to have sufficient energy, normal appetite, and not dry or hot, so as to achieve the purpose of scientific tonic.

Perfect Makeup Remover

Perfect Makeup Remover

Of course, beautiful makeup will give us extra points, but if you do n’t know how to remove makeup properly, it will not hurt your skin!

Make-up remover is indispensable for the skin to return to freshness!

Today, Xiaobian will take you 3 big mysteries of makeup remover.

  First, to avoid the sequelae of cleansing oil, the beauty BBS of the online women’s forum is discussing the use and effect of cleansing oil. Some people were pleasantly surprised: I did n’t expect the water to be clean and the skin was very moisturized.The greasy thing is my nightmare. I have been fighting acne for several times.

Some people start to develop acne after using makeup remover oil, which is probably because the product itself is not completely emulsified and is still caused by lipid residue.

  Different brands of cleansing oils have different degrees of emulsification due to different surfactants. Some products have poor emulsification effects and require multiple rinses, otherwise the cleansing oil will remain in the residue.

Residual unsafe ingredients can irritate the skin and even cause allergic reactions.

If you are worried about the emulsification of makeup remover oil, you may wish to use cleansing oil after cleansing oil to completely clean the remaining sweat and eliminate the sequelae . Be a smart makeup remover.

Generally speaking, cleansing milk, cleansing mousse is suitable for light makeup.

Cleansing oil, cleansing cream with high oil content, suitable for removing heavy makeup.

  Although cleansing oil is suitable for almost everyone, the following types of skin care should be used with caution: first, acne skin.

Because of the inflammation of the skin surface, if you use too much cleansing oil, acne may grow longer; second, oily skin.

Because the skin itself is prone to oiling, the use of makeup remover oil may make the face more greasy.

  Makeup remover oil is more suitable for people with dry and normal skin. Makeup remover oil is used for people with oily or acne skin. Pay special attention to secondary cleansing.

Also, watch your skin carefully.

After 1 to 2 weeks of use, if the skin condition becomes significantly worse, even if acne or allergic symptoms appear, it should be replaced quickly and seek medical treatment to prevent the situation from continuing to worsen.

  Second, you need makeup remover water, makeup remover, makeup wipes . There are many makeup removers. So, under what circumstances do we need to use makeup remover?

  When you apply a lot of color to your makeup.

When using waterproof, long-lasting makeup, or applying a lot of color on the face (that is, stained with many pigments), a large amount of makeup remover oil is required to completely dissolve and lift off.

  To be precise, makeup remover oil is for people who have a habit of applying makeup or who like to make heavy makeup.

But our daily light makeup (that is, not using waterproof, long-lasting makeup and excessive color), just use ordinary cleaning products.

You can also use a cleansing oil topically, some with a cotton swab and mascara and long-lasting lipstick, and then clean your entire face with regular cleansing products.

  When you sunscreen.

Sunscreen products, barrier creams (especially products with modified skin tone functions) are very dense in size, especially the physical sunscreen ingredient is an oil-soluble powder (hence the index of the sunscreen, the more oil), you must rely on makeup removerClean it up.

  Third, the two tricks to identify cleansing oils Cleansing oils caused by poor quality or improper use of skin problems caused the attention of dermatologists.

So, how to identify the pros and cons of cleansing oils?


Try to remove the lip makeup on yourself before buying. If the lips are uncomfortable or the tip of the tongue feels a bit tingly after touching, you ca n’t buy such a cleansing oil.


When you get the trial pack, do a small experiment, evenly apply the makeup remover oil to the inner wall of the glass, and then spray water against the wall until the white emulsification is completely gone, then observe whether there is still one on the wall.If there is a small drop of water, it means that there is still incompletely emulsified oil on the glass, and the quality of this cleansing oil is not good.

Test your open mind

Test your open mind

If you go deep into the woods, what do you think you will encounter?

  A, Person B, Animal C, Native D, Fairy Choice A: You are a person who sticks to the rules, and you will not do things that harm medical school, let alone affair.

You will also ask your lover to treat you from beginning to end, so you in love are an abnormally contracted person.

Ask someone without a doubt, can anyone bear it?

  Option B: You are a temper tant, so it’s easy to get along.

The way you like to be in love is a relationship that gradually develops over time.

You can tolerate everything about your lover, even if the other party does something wrong, you don’t want to argue with him.

But blindly swallowing one’s voice may encourage the other party to gain an inch.

  Choice C: You are good at interacting with people, you have the amazing charm of your love at first sight, and a lot of love experience.

Your tolerance for lovers is only because you want to experience how you feel when dealing with people of different personalities.

This love psychology seems to be a little too confident and proud, careful to mistake people.

  Choice D: Although you indulge in the realm of complete self, but also your charm, you also have your own specialty, so you are proud of it.

Therefore, you will never associate with people with different personalities, and the requirements for lovers are very strict.

Tips for stovepipe for stovepipe

Tips for stovepipe for stovepipe

When riding a power bike, the upper body has two postures, while the lower body is in a fixed position, that is, the feet reach into the pedals, use the heel to exert force, and press the feet in parallel. If you use the toes to exert force, it is easy to increase knee injury.

The following will tell you the correct posture of cycling, maintaining the correct posture will have a good weight loss effect!

  One or three sitting postures: The torso of the upper body is straight, the arms are held with both hands, and the waist is properly closed.

  Application: short-distance exercise (10 to 20 minutes) Purpose: Effectively exercise low back muscles and modify leg lines.

  Cross type: Cross-type and seated cross-training. Simple sitting-type riding will increase the burden on the waist and can be adjusted by the side-type to effectively protect the lumbar spine.

  Lying down: Similar to the position of an off-road bike, the forearm rests on the armrest and the waist relaxes.

  Application: long-distance cycling (riding time is 30 minutes to an hour).

  Objective: To relax the waist and avoid long-term riding damage to the waist.

  Second, aerobic equipment mode There are many function keys on the aerobic equipment display, such as manual mode, mountain climbing mode, fat reduction mode, special training, etc. For public fitness, you can choose manual mode and mountain climbing mode.

Other models are designed to meet special requirements and are aimed at professional groups.

The fat-reducing model belongs to the “vase” role.

  Manual mode: It is suitable for beginners in the first stage of training.

  Mountaineering mode: suitable for people who expect physical fitness and expect to meet certain requirements.

  Levels 1 to 20: numerical values, tolerance values.

  1 to 5: Easy level, suitable for warm-up and poor people, usually 15 minutes.

  6 to 10: Intermediate level, suitable for mass fitness people. Adjustable interval exercise (5 to 10 minutes) can be used to increase the effective exercise heart rate. As a simple aerobic exercise, it is recommended to exercise for 40 minutes and consume 400 calories.

  11 to 15: Difficult level, suitable for short-term training for people with higher physical fitness, can enhance leg strength.

  16 to 20: Not suitable for the general public, it is a professional level training.

  Third, aerobic arthritis 1.

Large muscle groups throughout the body participate in exercise 2.

To improve cardiopulmonary function 3.

Maintain proper strength 4.

Reduced duration, more than 25 minutes of uninterrupted exercise.

Workplace into high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dead angle

Workplace into high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dead angle

The family of the workplace is the new force of society and the pillar of the family.

In modern society, many office workers’ bodies alternately sound health warnings.

  Mr. Liu, a 35-year-old working in an advertising company, usually has a working time and has too much entertainment. He basically turns around and rarely has the opportunity to exercise and relax.

At the end of last year, in the physical examination of the unit organization, he always thought that he was in good health, and his blood pressure reached 170/120 mmHg.

  ”In recent years, the incidence of hypertension in young people has been increasing year by year, and the increase is very obvious.

Chen Weiwei, director of the Office of Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Research Center of the Ministry of Health, and professor of the Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said.

More and more young adults are joining the high blood pressure team. This disease, which was once the old age, has begun to “rejuvenate”.

  Chen Weiwei conducted a health study on 73 units in Beijing and nearly 30,000 occupational groups aged between 18 and 65. He found that among the office workers with an average age of 40, hypertension was transmitted.

7%, much higher than 18.

8% of the national average.

Today’s young and middle-aged people are generally working, their life rhythm is tense, their mental stress is high, and they cannot be solved in time.

Coupled with the majority of office workers, entertainment, smoking and drinking is a common occurrence.

There are also some people who have a very irregular diet, staying up late, lack of exercise, and high salt content in their diet. Various factors have been culminating in chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

  It is worth noting that many young people are physically strong and strong, rarely go to the hospital to see a doctor, and are not aware of whether they are suffering from high blood pressure.

Even if there is no discomfort, most people think that it is too tired to work, and rarely think of going to check the treatment.

Even if someone has seen a doctor with a medicine, it is usually three days of fishing for two days. After eating for a day or two, the blood pressure drops and the drug is stopped.

The status quo of “unwilling to check, unwilling to cure, and unwilling to use drugs” has made the workplace a cornerstone of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cardiovascular infarction, hypertensive nephropathy, and complications of stroke.

  ”The clinical symptoms of young patients are not exactly the same, and some people don’t even have any symptoms.

Therefore, regular physical examination is very necessary,” Chen Weiwei outstanding.

If you often have dizziness, headache, palpitations, or physical exhaustion after physical activity, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., you should be aware.

  Experts remind that the smaller the pressure, the more work and rest, keep the mood cheerful; use more walking, housework and other opportunities to exercise; at the same time pay attention to low-salt low-fat diet, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction.

In addition, it is very important to use the physical examination, medical examination and other opportunities to measure blood pressure, and to find problems as early as possible.

For modern workplace people with a high level of knowledge, it is not difficult to detect and control blood pressure in time as long as the family self-test blood pressure is actively carried out.

Common psychological decompression methods abroad

Common psychological decompression methods abroad

Common methods of psychological decompression in France:-Sports anti-gassing France has emerged a new industry: sports anti-gassing center.

The center has professional coaches to teach people how to yell, twist towels, hit pillows, slap sofas, etc., to do a lot of exercise “decompression and aerobics exercises.”

  Common psychological decompression methods in the UK:-Watching horror movies Some experts in the UK believe that some people feel that work is stressful because of their sense of responsibility for the work. At that time, what they need is to awaken their spirits and use the method of “attack poison with poison”They face stressful situations, such as going to a horror movie.

  Common psychological decompression methods in Europe and Japan:-Scented sesame oil is popular in Europe and Japan.

The sesame oil extracted from fragrant grass or other plants can stimulate or calm nerve cells in the limbic system of the human brain through the olfactory nerves, which can help people relax nervous tension and relieve psychological stress.

  Common psychological decompression methods in the United States:-When snacks come in contact with the skin of the mouth, the sensory information can be transmitted to the center of the brain through the skin nerves, thereby creating a solace that allows people to eliminate their inner heart through contact with external objectsStress; eliminate, when the mouth comes into contact with food and chews and swallows, it can divert people’s attention to tension and worry, creating another excitement zone in the brain feeding center, suppressing the tension and excitement zone, and finally relaxing the physiology.

  In fact, these decompression methods only serve as an auxiliary, and to truly decompress, you must change your cognition so that you can truly “relax” from your heart.